15 Hilarious Kid Costumes That Are Seriously Goals

It's that time of year again, time for kids to dress up and go trick-or-treating. There will be countless princess and superhero costumes roaming suburban sidewalks, but you want your kid to be something really cool and memorable. After all, one of the perks of having kids is to have a good laugh at their expense, right? And if they can have fun while you get a good laugh, then it's a win-win! Sometimes the best costume ideas are easier than you would think to bring to life. From movies and pop culture to personifying bodily functions, we've compiled a sample of really cool kid costumes. So if you're looking for original, fun costume ideas for kids, then you're sure to be inspired by these 15 hilarious creations.

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15 Wee little Wilson

Via: cheezburger.com

Anyone who has seen Castaway knows that Tom Hank's character would have literally gone insane had it not been for his beloved Wilson that was there to keep him company. You sometimes feel the same way about your little one (though if you're a stay-at-home parent, the baby may be what leads you toward insanity on certain days!). Either way, you love your little nugget and want a cute costume for that bundle of joy. All you need is a puffy white bodysuit decorated like Wilson for your tot to have an equally cute and comfy costume. This idea is perfect for baby boys and girls alike, and fellow parents will get a nice chuckle from the Tom Hanks movie reference. Not only that, but in a sea of pumpkins and animals, you're sure to have the only baby volleyball on the trick-or-treating circuit.

14 Live lawn ornament

Via: ellentv.com

It's fun to dress little kids in something small, like a volleyball of course, but nothing is quite as cute as a garden gnome roaming around the neighborhood, and toddlers are the perfect size for such a costume. Best of all, you need nothing more than a pair of suspenders, an elfish hat, and a fake beard to pull off this look. Since stores start putting out Christmas décor as early as September now, it shouldn’t be too hard to find an elf hat. Just add some dress pants and a plaid shirt to achieve that old man attire, and you've got an instant little garden gnome!

13 Dwight Schrute, Assistant to the Regional Manager

Via: pinterest.com

If you've got a little guy with feathery brown-blonde hair, then you can have a little fun portraying one of TV's most hilarious characters. Anyone who has ever seen or even heard of The Office is familiar with Dwight Schrute, Assistant to the Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin paper company. Although Dwight omits a few words from his title and would like for everyone to believe he is Assistant Regional Manager. You can choose what title your kid claims when making a name tag to go on a dress shirt, as Dwight always dresses to impress. Then, add a tie, some slacks, and a pair of glasses for an instant Dwight lookalike. You could even take it a step further by putting some beets in the little guy's back pocket, since Dwight lives on a beet farm.

12 Playing up his looks

Via: moolf.com

It's common to have a kid with hair like Dwight Schrute, but some kids look almost identical to a character on TV or in a movie. For instance, this little boy happens to be a dead ringer for Russell on Up, the animated award-winning movie. All his parents had to do was buy a yellow shirt, hat, and bandana. Stick him in some khakis and make a makeshift sash with badges to show off his Wilderness Explorer expertise. This costume could be even more fun if the boy's grandpa was the one to take him out trick-or-treating. Then, the grandpa could be Carl on Up to complete the main cast of the beloved Pixar movie. Another cool idea would be for the little guy to carry around a couple of balloons to help make the movie connection.

11 It's Jake from State Farm

Via: twentytwowords.com

What if you're running short on time and your kid looks nothing like anyone from anything? You don't even have a yellow bandana to fake the Up theme, and all you really have is khakis. Well, guess who wears khakis? Jake from State Farm, of course. Put your son is a red polo with khakis, and add a name tag so that everyone will know he's not just headed to private school or church. For an added bonus, give him a headset like a real customer service representative. Chances are that you have headphones or even a gaming headset on hand someplace in your home. If you're really feeling festive (or lazy), you can be the woman in the bathrobe who asks Jake what he is wearing. Just carry a phone with you and don't bother to do your hair. Sounds easy enough!

10 Crazy little pet detective

Via: costume-works.com

When going with movie or TV characters, there are some that stick out in everyone's mind, like Wilson the volleyball. Your child can look nothing like that character and still look just like them with a little styling because it's all in the costume—and the hair in this case! Nobody can forget Jim Carrey's iconic hair in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. He makes his hair even crazier for one scene in which he is playing crazy for real. He also dons a ballerina tutu and some clunky army boots. These parents win Halloween with this hilarious idea that didn't take much more than a tutu and some hair gel to pull it off. They also went a step further by wearing Miami Dolphins jerseys to match the theme, since Ace's job in the movie was of course to save the Miami Dolphin's dolphin.

9 Creepy as Sloth

Via: Pinterest.com

Today's parents most likely grew up in the time when a little movie called The Goonies quickly became a household name. It's still a cult classic, and one character even looked a little like something from a cult. Truth is, he was dropped on his head. But that didn't stop him from loving Superman and Baby Ruth candy bars. That's all the props you'll need to dress your kid like "Sloth" from the goonies. Well, besides a Sloth mask, of course. The movie character is still popular enough to find one, especially around Halloween. Speaking of dropping a child on his head, if your kid has a "boo boo" of sorts during Halloween, the Sloth mask is a more creative option to help hide a bruise for sake of pictures than the usual Zombie makeup.

8 Trick-or-treating trap

Via: creative-handmade-gifts.blogspot.com

Maybe your child is still fairly small. Not small enough to warrant being disguised as a volleyball, but not old enough to make the long trek through the neighborhood on Halloween night. The usual solution is to take the kid for a ride in a stroller or wagon. But wouldn't it be cool to also pimp their ride? Of course! That's what makes this mouse costume so cool. Plenty of toddlers dress up as furry little animals, but not every mouse has a trap. This kid's parents happen to have a way with woodwork, because they turned a piece of plywood into the top of a mousetrap and added some cheese to make it look even more realistic. The sweet little mouse even has a pillow tail hanging out of the back. Now that's just adorable!

7 A true legend

Via: costume-works.com

Another route to go with pimping out a ride is to decorate a stroller or wagon like a news station backdrop. Not just any news station, but the home TV station for non-other than the legendary news anchor Ron Burgundy. For his attire, dress your baby boy in a burgundy jacket and striped tie, and of course add on Will Ferrell's iconic mustache. Then, you will need to complete the look with a Channel 4 logo that includes the star anchor's name. If your son is big enough to hold a microphone, then by all means, add that prop to the costume as well. But the smaller the kid, the more hilarious this costume will be of course, and babies are less likely to know they are made to wear a cheesy mustache.

6 Personifying a fart

Via: onsizzle.com

One way to ensure your kid's costume will be the only one on the block is to make sure it is truly something nobody else would think of being, or actually want to be, for Halloween. Like, say, a fart. While this may sound totally gross, you've got to admit that it takes some creative genius to personify a fart. Fluffy brown and green netting is a nice touch to add a chaotic, toxic appearance. Plus, it can be recycled later for fall décor in the home. After all, a fart is just recycled materials anyway, right? This kid not only went for sight, but also for sound by carrying around a blow horn to create fart noises, too. Since this is such an original costume, you might want to also add some sort of scent so that people won't have to guess so hard at what the kid is dressed like.

5 Green's his color

Via: wildinkpress.com

A lot of little boys love to wear camouflage and dress up like a soldier. Some even go the extra mile by wearing a helmet or painting their face, too. But this little guy wanted to be more original than that, so he took a few cues from toy soldiers instead. He's dressed head to toe in green for a plastic look, with even green paint on his face and all of his army gear. He also has a green stand beneath his feet just like the toy soldiers do to help them stand in place. His dad looks pretty pleased at how the costume turned out, and for good reason. This kid's parents spent a lot of time painting everything green, not to mention the genius it took to come up with this idea. We can all salute to that.

4 Crazy little cat lady

Via: thechive.com

If you have a young child, then congratulations on escaping the dreaded future of becoming an old cat lady. One way to flaunt your cooler than a cat lady status is to poke fun at old cat ladies. You could dress up like one yourself, but wouldn't it be more fun to dress up your little girl? All you need to do is put her in a bathrobe with some hair curlers and give her a basket full of stuffed animal cats. This little girl made it look even better by pushing her cats in a shopping cart and having some hang off of her as well. Wearing cat-covered pajama pants is also a nice touch as is having her hair sprayed to look like it is gray. Very creative idea, mom and dad.

3 Vote for Pedro

Via: lilluna.com

By now, you can see that characters from movies and TV are a big hit for Halloween, especially when the character is something other than a cartoon that adults will recognize and laugh about for the rest of the year. As kids get older, they also like to dress like their friends since many times, they go trick-or-treating in groups. If you have two little boys, one with red curly hair and the other with dark brown hair, then you'd be crazy to not take advantage of the coincidence and dress them as Napoleon Dynamite and his buddy Pedro. Since this movie gained popularity, it's not hard to find a "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt. Add some glasses and black boots for an instant Napoleon costume. As for Pedro, all you need is a fake mustache, a bolo tie, and some boots.

2 Recreating Captain Dan

Via: tumblr.com

Speaking of movie characters, one who has stood the test of time and became one of the most quotable in the history of modern cinema is Forrest Gump. All you need is a button-down shirt and a Bubba Gump Shrimp cap. Of course, the movie Forrest Gump is plagued with memorable characters that make for tons of opportunities for kids to dress up in groups. But what if a younger sibling doesn't want to cooperate and walk door to door on Halloween? Then strap that baby in a stroller and ride him around to make his day. As for a costume, just dress him up like Captain Dan and let the stroller be his wheelchair. Dressed like this, your kids are sure to score a ton of candy . . . maybe even a box of chocolates.

1 Breaking babies

Via: glassofwhiskey/Instagram

Breaking Bad is one of the more iconic shows to ever hit the small screen. Plenty of adults dressed like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman after the series became such a huge hit. Of course, every costume is cooler on a kid. That's why it's hilarious to dress your kids like the best drug dealers on television. It's fairly simple to do, too. All you need for Jesse is a hoodie and some loose-fitting jeans. Walt is the perfect choice for a baby who has yet to grow hair, since you can play up the baldness and add a goatee. Then, add some glasses and top it all off with a top hat. Now you have Heisenberg, too! These kids get extra points for carrying around the crystal blue candy, which of course resolves any doubt about who they're portraying.

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