15 Hilarious Kids Crying For No Reason

Kids lead a pretty easy life: they have parents looking out for their best interest 24/7, they have no bills or emotional baggage just yet, and their biggest worry in life is what toy they're going to play with that day.

So, it can be pretty eye roll-worthy whenever a toddler loses his or her's sh*t over absolutely nothing. And it can be pretty damn hilarious, too. Enter: 15 hilarious photos of kids crying for no reason.

15 Young Bride

Via: pinterest.com

Aww, what a daddy's girl!

14 The Shopping Duo

Via: pinterest.com

I don't think anyone ever told him that sharing is caring.

13 The Future Shopaholic

Via: boredboard.com

I'm just impressed that she's such a conscientious shopper. Always keep your receipts.

12 The Dog Lover

Via: pinterest.com

Obviously this kid is going places and that dog is just derailing his plans.

11 The Future Mr. Clean

Via: imgur.com

He very well could be preparing for his future role in Mary Poppins.

10 The Bride of Chucky

Via: pinterest.com

Seriously, that is one "dolly" you do NOT want.

9 Dr. Poopy

Via: pinterest

I hope his mother tells all his future girlfriends about this.

8 Ms. Ambitious

Via: pinterest.com

Don't laugh, we've all been there.

7 "I wouldn't let him lick the doormat..."

Via: pinterest.com

I'm going to go with he believes he's claiming his territory. People do that, right?! Lick things to claim them as their own?!

6 Ms. Bacon 2016

Via: pinterest.com

This is a legit reason to cry. In-fact, I am pretty sure I have had a similar hissy fit.

5 The Incredible Hulk, er...

Via: pinterest.com

If only it were that easy, kid.

4 Ms. Dirty Mouth

Via: pinterest.com

Apparently, she is NOT happy about having her face washed after dinner... maybe she's keeping it for leftovers?

3 The Adventurer

Via: pinterest.com

All I can think of when I see this photo, is the movie, Taladega Nights and the famous quote, "I wanna go fast!"

2 Pretty in Pink

Via: pinterest.com

"I like big butts and I cannot lie..." You can't hate a girl for trying to be helpful.

1 Fly Boy

Via: pinterest.com

Maybe he was just worried that he was going to steal his cookie?!

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