15 Hilarious 'King Of The Hill' Memes That Prove Just How Underappreciated It Was

“Say h-what?”

“Say h-what?” is probably the first thing that would come out of Hank Hill’s mouth when informed that he’s generated a truckload of hilarious memes and “quotables” since the popular show’s inception in 1997. “What the hell is a damn meme?” he’d probably ask with Boomhauer chiming in with “Yeah man, on that dang ol’ internet, man, that dad gum thing, man, they’d be makin’ n’ pokin’ fun at people, man, it’s a damn shame, man, that ol’ thing.” One thing for sure is that this good ol’ Texan family man that “sells propane and propane accessories” might damn near have a heart attack from all the shuckin’ and jivin’ that’s going on about ol’ Hank on the world wide web. Then again, he might even get a kick out of it, but it really depends on how many beers him and the boys have downed while standing out on the lawn that evening. You can be the judge…

15 The white knight

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It may not be literal, but given Hank’s passion for propane, you wouldn’t be surprised is the man himself was born and raised playing with liquid propane regulators and adapter kits instead of fire trucks and jacks. No, not the jacks you use to lift your truck for an oil change, the game jacks. The only thing wrong with this meme is that the propane fumes would be filtered through the mask, and the scent of propane is like aromatherapy for Hank Hill. If he could, he would probably make sure the scent of propane lingered in the household with propane scented candles and air fresheners. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass, as we will see, but the smell of fresh cut grass and propane is a man’s man’s potpourri.

14 Stay off the grass?

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It’s the truth, though. The vitamins from the sunshine, the aroma of the freshly mowed grass and the smell of the gasoline from the mower are impossible to deny. Cut grass on the weekend and you might get lucky with the added aroma of a neighbor’s cookout. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect summer day? Stay on the grass, and make sure you do it often. It’s good for your morale, and it’s very relaxing. It’s really fun and you might get an allowance for doing it. Wait, what are we talking about here? Okay, let’s put it like this: pull weeds, don’t burn it, cut grass, don’t smoke it, and it’s okay to breathe in gas fumes, as long as it’s not intentional and you’re making your lawn look good. Does that clarify things? Okay, so just don’t do drugs, and do your chores kids, now how bow dah?

13 Just some nut…

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It’s kind of an archetype, isn’t it? The paranoid conspiracy theorists are usually always really interesting characters that have similar demeanors. They often hide behind sunglasses, they’re usually very high-energy and they’re physically defensive. The frustrating thing from their point of view is that they really believe what they’re saying. Who’s to say they’re wrong? The world is a crazy place, and Dale Gribble knows it, damn it. He’s sure that something’s up. We all know a Dale. Some of the stuff they say actually makes sense, in a scary way, and some of it falls through the cracks, but nonetheless it’s interesting stuff, and entertaining at the very least. Just like this next quote that’s lifted directly from the show.

12 Mark of the beast

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Ah, hell. Doesn’t everybody kind of feel it in their gut? We’re building a giant, artificial, synthetic cyborg that’s plugged into the internet and receiving information from our Google searches in order to learn our thought patterns, start thinking like us and rise up above humanity to enslave us by implanting computer chips in our hands and foreheads. Revelation 13:17, anyone? Dale is even doing the 666 hand signal in the meme. He’s a double agent. He’s a paid government shill hired to be a distraction! Oh, no. He’s rubbing off on us. Dale, you crazy son of a b*tch, take your crazy somewhere else. Looking at Hank and Bill’s faces reveals how fun these people can be at parties. The doom and gloom can be enjoyable though when it’s coming from someone like Dale. He makes it…entertaining.

11 The Google doctor

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Yep. Everyone’s been there. We’ve all laid down our heads to sleep at night completely convinced that there is a chance we won’t be waking up the next morning. A mosquito bite is skin cancer, a headache is a brain tumor and too many trips to the bathroom is prostate cancer, even after a few beers. To be fair, the doctor in the meme is Dr. Leslie, who is a vet, but nonetheless, if you’re checking the diagnosis of your dog or cat, you’re going to end up with a similar effect. You’ll think that your dog Lady Bird is dying from a rare blood disease, but in reality, she’s just being lazy. Dogs have it easier though because they don’t have Google. If they did, imagine the effect: pacing around the room, checking their tongues and eyes in the mirror and begging for a body temperature reading, even if it means doing it rectally, just to be sure they don’t have a fever. Luckily for dogs, these things don’t even cross their minds.

10 Sad but true

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Yeah, we’ve all been here too on occasion. Sure, life can get dark from time to time, but it’s not that bad when the dust settles. Everyone can relate though, especially at Bobby’s age. Some more commonly asked questions with this response can be as follows. “Is it okay that I hate my job? Is it okay that I’m tired of having sex with the same person after 2 years? Is it okay that when I lifted a mattress last week that I heard a cracking sound and now I can’t bend over?” Well…the last one isn’t normal and you should probably get it checked out if you have health insurance. If not, we wish you the best, and hope that you’re not currently asking Bobby’s question in this meme.

9 Soy tonto

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Have you ever embarked upon an endeavor that you really have to go out of your way to fail? Could you follow the plot in The Force Awakens? If not, stop reading and start reading. Wait, what? The shock on Hank’s face is justifiable here. Speaking fluent English and getting an F in English is almost like taking an advanced level culinary course where the only requirement is being able to cook in a microwave. You can pull off a turducken and make it look photogenic and virtually perfect to the trained eye, but Easy Mac is just too much of a hassle, so you failed the class. Boomhauer failing English would be excusable, but come on, Bobby, ya little bastard.

8 Rock n’ roll Jesus

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Why is it that all the good bands seem to be infused with the power of the Devil? Is it a coincidence, or is there really a supernatural thing going on here that explains why Christian bands don’t rock as hard as bands like AC/DC and Judas Priest? Who knows if those bands are actually Satanic, but Hank seems to be a guy who enjoys a little rock n’ roll every now and then. He probably leans toward country a little more, but who hasn’t felt this way? We’re human beings living in a world of sin and debauchery, sadly. Most people don’t want Christian values in their rock music anymore. They want something edgy and unpredictable. Christianity and rock n’ roll are like oil and water in most cases, but sometimes, Christian rock bands can burn up the stage like it’s propane.

7 Netflix and I'll

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This is just the worst, isn’t it? All of those dumb questions you get asked can be enough to make your head explode like a tank of propane. Okay, the propane references will stop now. One of the worst cases of this is at an electronic kiosk where they ask if you need more time as you’re pulling out your wallet. You’ll get a response from me when I’m ready, damn it! What’s worse is that we take these things personally sometimes. The look on Bobby’s face in this meme is so accurate that it hurts. Why do we have to have altercations with technology where the recipient of our frustrations isn’t even aware of its actions? Or is it? Dale? Dale?

6 Crack propane

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This take on the classic Eric Clapton song “Cocaine” is all too accurate for Hank’s propane-based identity. Hell, maybe it actually is a drug for some people. Should Hank appear on “My Strange Addiction” to work through his problem? Is there even really a problem? Or are these memes blowing everything out of proportion? Well, maybe, maybe not, but oh what fun it is to blow up this poor man’s fixation with flammable gas. Hank’s face is expressing so much in this meme that you can’t help but wonder what the actual context is. Either way, he does look like a washed up, middle-aged druggie that only has drugs on the mind, 24/7. This meme is similar to taking a fistful of Flintstones vitamins with a bottle of Jack to make everything seem more badass.

5 Vidja games

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Speaking of context, here’s another meme where the caption steers the photo in a different direction than the “Bobby, you speak English” meme earlier in the list. For anyone who’s ever met a person who lives in the Southern United States, you’ll know that this is kind of how people talk. “Video games” turns into “Vidja games” while “oil change” turns to “ool change.” Fathers who are painfully frustrated with their sons not building tree houses and skinning their knees while riding their bikes have spoken these words all too often. One episode in particular that saw Hank at his most unusual was Grand Theft Arlan where he, instead of obsessing over propane, obsessed about a video game based on his life. Exciting.

4 You might be a redneck…

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One of the recurring jokes about redneck culture is the use of duct tape. Rednecks will fix duct tape with duct tape and open their rusted, camouflage pocketknives with camouflage pocketknives, and then put duct tape on the pocketknife if it’s broken. Another one of Hank’s obsessions is WD-40. This is working class, blue-collar redneck male culture, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a way for generations who have never held a power tool or socket wrench to step inside the world of the working class man. Tim Allen said it best when he said, “I’ve got tools to fix tools.” In the crazy event that there were an inter-dimensional crossover where the cartoon world and the real world merged, Hank, Bill, Dale, Boomhauer and Tim Allen need to get together and get Tool Time back on air.

3 Netflix and Chill

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That’s not exactly how it works, kid. At least he’s being honest though. Turning on Netflix, watching some stuff, and chilling with a bag of potato chips qualifies as “Netflix and chill” because that’s exactly what’s happening here. Although it’s not, and we feel bad for poor Bobby if he’s been using the term in reference to these circumstances. God only knows if Hank knows the slang meaning for the term, but it’s a pretty safe bet that he wouldn’t approve of his son’s actions either way it’s being played out. The conversation with Peggy would probably go something like this: “Dang it, Peggy, all Bobby wants to do is Netflix and chill. That boy ain’t right.” Get out more, Hank. Please, for everyone.

2 Propane blues

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There’s nothing like the smell of burning charcoal on the grill. There’s something nostalgic about it. The flavor that it gives burgers, hotdogs and steaks is just heavenly. The way it fills the air with that aroma of brilliance, unrivaled by other, less effective methods of cooking food at cookouts and parties. It’s superior in every way, unlike, let’s say, propane. Propane just isn’t the way to go. Cook your steaks with charcoal, folks. Do you see Hank’s face? That’s the face of a broken man, madly in love with his propane grill, and someone coming along to smash his passion to pieces in front of his face. Come on, Hank. Lighten up, buddy. We know you love your propane, but why use propane when you could have charcoal? It’s outstanding.

1 Memes?!

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Better get used to it, buddy. When you’ve been around for as long as you have, you never really get a free pass from all the jokes, parodies and memes. The show may have ended in 2010, but you’ve made a lasting impression on not only American audiences, but audiences around the world that responded to your dry sense of humor, southern charm and weird obsession with propane. So many great moments, so many great lines and so many great characters made this show the hit that it was for all those years. In closing, here is one of the greatest lines and one of the most recognizable reactions/quirks in animated television history. “BWAAAAHH!” It’s weird, but Homer Simpson understands.

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