15 Hilarious Kylie Jenner Memes That Will Instantly Improve Everything

I know we shouldn’t be making fun of people, and I know bullying is wrong. But come on, memes are awesome. I honestly doubt there is a single person out there that doesn’t like memes. I mean, these things are one of the greatest inventions of our time! There are memes for absolutely every situation and we are just one click from getting them. It’s so much fun and nobody can deny it. Actually, one of the most amazing things about memes is that they totally allow you to laugh about something or someone. Especially when any of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is involved. I mean, it is totally a mean thing to do, but I don’t think they were expecting full discretion from us when they decided to come up with their reality show. So that being said, let’s start with this countdown because Kylie Jenner’s Meme Library has enough material to keep us entertained for a long time. Ready?

15 When Her Face Was An Entire Family

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We all know by now that Kylie Jenner is not what she used to be anymore. We met her when she was a cute innocent girl, and we can testify to her complete evolution. And I’m not saying the old Kylie was better or anything. I’m just trying to say that as she gets older, we get to see more and more of her changing styles, and we truly love that. But there is probably something we love more about Kylie Jenner, and it is not her wide range of hairstyle possibilities (which is by the way super awesome). Yes, we are talking about the many faces she has had with only 18 years in this world. How weird is that! A lot of people can make fun of her, but let’s be honest, how many of us don’t wish to look like her?

14 When She Looks Older Than Caitlyn Jenner

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Oh, bad angles are probably what you need in order to create the perfect meme. I mean, of course we know she doesn’t look this bad in real life. We all know that Kyle Jenner has put a lot of effort (and dollars) into her looks. You know, it’s a family thing. Spending thousands and thousands of dollars to look like a doll is an all time favorite Kardashian activity, and we cannot blame them for that. What do you think you would be spending your money if you were another member of this family. There is absolutely nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but I don’t think that looking like one of your parents is something you have in mind when you ask the doctor for a little help. What do you think?

13 Clearly She Wasn’t That Happy

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Seriously Kylie? Is this a joke? Why are you acting as if the entire world didn’t know you since you were a child! We all know your dark secret, and you know what? It’s totally fine! We accept you just like “God created you”, if you know what I mean.

Ok, let’s not discuss the fact that we already lost track of Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgeries, I guess that is just old news. But let’s focus on this funny tweet she made. She is saying that she’s happy with the way God created her. Well, I don’t know about you but I don’t think God was really planning to give Kyle those fake AF doll eyelashes, or those big lips that have already their one challenge. I mean, clearly she wasn’t that happy!

12 The Clone Conspiracy

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Let’s be honest, shall we? Kylie Jenner doesn't have a natural anatomy anymore. A mean, if clones were already a normal thing these days, I totally would buy this theory. It’s not a secret that Kyle has chanced a lot in the last couple of years. And although we cannot say that she looks bad, she certainly looks like a completely different person. I mean, look at her. She has a completely different face and body. Actually, she looks more like her sister Kim Kardashian than like herself. That’s creepy, don’t you think? I hope one day technology will get so good that we all could be able to have at least one clone that looks as attractive as Kylie’s clone. That’d be sweet!

11 Why Doesn't Snapchat Have The Kylie Jenner Filter?

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It is weird to think about it, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if Snapchat had different Kylie Jenner filters? I’d absolutely love that. Probably as much as I would love to meet the artist behind this great work of art. I mean, this is just hilarious.

I wonder how Kylie Jenner feels when she sees something like this. Do you think her friends send her these creative memes and then they have as much fun as we do? To be honest, I don’t think so. I’m sure having Kylie Jenner as one of your closest friends could be cool AF. You know, hanging around with the rich and famous sounds nice, huh? But, if I had to decide between enjoying these awesome memes or be friends with her, I think I’d go for the memes. Yeah!

10 When She Didn't Realize What Her Dad-Hat Was For

Via: Gurl

Everyone knows that the sun in California can be pretty bad, but when you’re Kylie Jenner there is no need to worry about the weather conditions, or anything in general to be honest. I mean, she can get whatever she wants in a matter of seconds. There is nothing impossible for this 18 year old girl. However, most of the times there is no need to leave a place when the only thing you want is to hide from the sun. In fact, there are so many solutions to get this problem solved. The first possible solution, you find a nice shady spot to cover you from the sun. The second possible solution, you find yourself a pretty hat. The third possible solution, you wear that hat the right way so it can actually do its job. Not that hard.

9 She Never Seems To Find What She Is Looking For

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I'm not sure what keeps Kylie Jenner so busy. It seems like she lost something a long time ago and she has been very focused trying to find it ever since. Doesn't look like she is having any success in that department. Some would say Kylie is not really looking for anything and in reality she is just posing. I don’t know. I really doubt it. The girl looks pretty concentrated. Always with her eyes on the floor. Maybe she lost her earring? Maybe she can’t find her eyelash extensions? You know what? Maybe she is really faking and this was the pose she gives every time someone asks for her ID. Makes sense, right? Anyway, we hope this year Kylie Jenner finds whatever she is missing.

8 Is Lord Farquaad Another Kardashian/Jenner?

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Here's a bombshell. Lord Farquaad could fit perfectly in the Kardashian/Jenner family. Wow, he has pretty much everything to be part of this clan. Can you imagine him hanging around with all of them? That’d be screamingly funny! He was such a good character and we want him back!

If Lord Farquaad was another member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, that would certainly explain a lot of things. For example, look at his eyebrows, they are so perfectly defined and arched. His hair has this absolutely flawless volume, and you can tell by looking at his face that he had enough surgeries to be accepted as another active member of this family. Also, remember his unique style? All his outfits were always on point. Maybe they all have the same stylist. That’d explain a lot.

7 Pepe The Frog Jenner

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You know what’s cool about Pepe the Frog? That he has always a meme for every possible situation. I bet this frog had made you laugh more than once. His face is just so weird that it is hilarious. And I don’t know came up with this amazing Kylie-Pepe the Frog meme, but we should be thanking this person for the rest of our lives. Isn’t it the best meme of her that you’ve seen? I think it may actually be my favourite. Like, we all agree that the girl is f****ng beautiful, and we’re not discussing that here, but look at it! Her huge lips make her look so similar to Pepe de Frog. Also, the rarity thing is incredible. Thank you for this one, anonymous artist!

6 Baby Kylie Jenner

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After looking at this meme, the only thing I am completely sure in life is that human race can be evil. How on earth did people pull this one out? Like, this is certainly the meanest one of this list. However, we still think this is great! You know, an acerbic sense of humor had never killed anybody, right?

Kylie, we know that even though you don’t look like you used to, at some point you were a pretty baby. We really do. And although this has honestly nothing to do with you, we really enjoy it. Don’t worry, you still need a large amount of surgeries to reach this Baby King Of Pop look. Just keep in mind that this is actually something that could happen to you in real life.

5 This Kind Of Puberty Is Called Money

Via: Mirror

Were you that kind of teenager that is always super obsessed with looking perfect? I honestly wasn’t like that. I was more on the geeky side and didn’t really pursue any kind of intentional sexiness until I was much older. I guess sexiness always has a different timing from person to person. Also, there are some people out there that never really care about being attractive, and that is great! Cheers for everyone out there that doesn’t give an actual F when it comes to beauty standards. However, there are tons of people that are literally obsessed to look at least a bit like Kylie Jenner. But have you ever thought that Kylie Jenner doesn’t look like her anymore? This gets pretty interesting, right? So, don’t worry too much about it.

4 The Kylie Lip Kit

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Have you ever tried to pull out the perfect matte lips? Was it a complete mess? Yeah, I thought so. That trend looks so amazing every time you see it on Instagram, but it can get difficult AF. Or am I the only one that is completely incapable of getting perfect lips. Well, I guess I have some other talents, right?

This is funny because it’s actually very accurate. Kylie’s lips are a glorious combination of collagen and huge amounts of her lipstick brand. But you know what, let’s face it, we are not Kylie Jenner and we don’t have enough collagen on our lips to make them look perfect! In fact, we don’t have even one of her lipsticks because every time they come out, they get f****ng sold out in a second!

3 You Are Not Ugly, You are Just Broke

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I guess this is the ugly truth and maybe we needed this Kylie meme to finally face it. I mean, we are thousands of dollars apart from looking like this 18 year old girl that happens to be the youngest person on the Forbes list. Crazy, right? But you know, who even cares? Would you really like to be someone like her? To be honest, I wouldn’t be mad if at some point of my life I end up on the Forbes list, but it’s not my priority either. Anyway, I honestly doubt that could ever possibly happen to me.

Back to the point, we are happy that Kylie Jenner is a successful business woman and that she gets as many collagen and surgeries as she wants. That is great for her. But you know what, don’t stress if you're still ugly. We all know there are some $olution$ out there.

2 Organic Egg Booty

Via: Picdumb2020

Aww, this is probably the most innocent meme on this list. Am I the only one who thinks that it is actually cute? Uhmm, maybe I am. Well, there is not a lot to say about this one. I guess I can say that I never thought an organic egg and Kylie Jenner’s butt could generate such a funny thing. It seems like the Internet still has a lot to teach us. However, while Kylie Jenner’s butt certainly looks like an organic egg, we should accept that it is still very attractive. She pulls the egg look off pretty well, but that is not surprising to us because she is very good at always looking great. On the other hand, the thing that we actually want to know is when does her booty expire.

1 We Legit Don’t Care

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So, we got to the number one on this Kylie Jenner’s meme list. In case you didn’t remember, our only purpose was to make you feel better. I don’t know if it worked, but I hope you had a couple of laughs at least. And if you think this was mean, please don’t worry about it because Kylie Jenner doesn’t give a s**t about what we got to say about her. She legitimately doesn’t care! And that is very convenient for us because that means everyone should keep creating and sharing amazing memes of her. Just don’t get too obsessed with her because that won’t be good for you all. Remember this is just a healthy enjoyable activity. We cannot really wait to have some Kylie Jenner filters on Snapchat! That’d be hilarious.

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