15 Hilarious Life Hacks From The Laziest People On Earth

Thanks to the internet, we've learned about some genius life hacks over the years that saved us a lot of time, money and energy when completing everyday tasks. Some adults like to make fun of us millennials for always putting as little effort as possible into things, but we choose to believe that our ability to still get things done without having to try too hard is proof of our creativity. Besides, we aren't half as lazy as some of the people who came up with these more ridiculous life hacks. As soon as we're done laughing at these hilarious fools for their extreme laziness, we're going to give them a round of applause for going above and beyond to discover tricks to make even the easiest tasks on Earth even easier.

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15 Holding a burger takes way too much energy

Via: lifehacker.com

Even though we fully understand that it's not good for us, we all love fast food. It's just so much easier (and cheaper) to grab a burger from McDonald's than it is to make one in our kitchen. Going to a drive-thru to have dinner in our hands in a matter of minutes was already a great way to save time, but some lazy mastermind actually came up with a device that makes fast food consumption even quicker. With this mechanism, we could devour a burger without even having to use our hands. That pretty much changes everything! We had planned on giving up fast food this season for our beach body's sake, but just think of all the multi-tasking we could do with this baby. It almost seems irresponsible not to use it for every meal.

14 We're buying a glass table ASAP

Via: pinterest.com

Adults who grew up without technology think we're super privileged and spoiled for being able to watch videos on our phones, but surely they're underestimating how difficult it can be to do so! If you want to lay on your back and simply look up while watching, you have to awkwardly hold your phone with your arms extended, something you can't possibly do for long. If you hold your phone against your stomach, you're required to tilt your neck up, which causes neck pain pretty quickly. Sure, propping your phone against something so you can watch hands-free is an option, but that often requires you to lay on your side to watch, and that position can also get uncomfortable after a while. This boy genius found the perfect solution—lay your phone on a glass table, put that table on top of you, and enjoy!

13 We'll never turn a doorknob again!

Via: tumblr.com

If you added up all the time you've wasted turning doorknobs over your lifetime, you'd probably have at least five minutes. That's five whole minutes that you could have spent doing something more fun, like eating pizza or sleeping! If that outrages you (like it should), try this hack out—you'll never waste another precious second of your life turning the doorknobs in your home ever again! Just strategically wrap a rubber band around both sides of your knobs in a way that covers up the door's locking system, and you'll be able to open and close doors without having to actually turn the handles. This trick doesn't just save time... it also lets you enter rooms more quietly, so you can navigate your home like the ninja you are.

12 Standing is for fast food amateurs

Via: facebook.com

When you're at a Burger King, ready to chow down on some fries and a double cheeseburger, you don't want to think about your bad back or your achy knees. You want to focus on filling your hungry belly! That's why this clever woman simply grabbed a chair and waited in line from the comfort of her seat. We laughed like crazy when we saw this woman's innovative life hack, but now that we're thinking about it, we're super surprised more people don't do this at fast food joints. Pretty soon, she'll be able to order, but she never had to expend the energy needed to stand up and wait for her food. Can everyone please follow suit and embrace this "sitting in line" trend so we'll look less embarrassing when we do it?!

11 No more triple-knotting our shoes

Via: pinterest.com

If you've ever tripped over your shoelaces or complained about how many times your laces came untied in the span of one day, we found a solution to your problem. Why continually loop, swoop and pull (or recite that old rhyme about bunny ears that your parents taught you several decades ago) when you can just super glue your shoelaces?! A little glob of glue can make your knot permanent, which means the time you typically spent every day tying and retying your laces can now be spent elsewhere. Just be aware that after you glue your knot, adjustment won't be possible anymore... you're going to be stuck with your shoes' level of tightness forever. Not everyone is cut out for that level of commitment.

10 Putting his crawling to good use

Via: lifehack.org

Parenting a baby is extremely difficult, especially once your child starts learning how to crawl. You're way too busy feeding him, bathing him, dressing him and changing his diaper to worry about the cleanliness of your home, but... there may actually be a way to take advantage of your little one's newfound love for crawling all over your hardwood floor. Just glue some mop fragments onto his onesie and enjoy a nice glass of wine as he explores your house—the more he crawls, the cleaner each room will become! It's a win-win for everyone. Your baby gets his exercise, and you get to take a much-needed break from your chores for a change. We recommend gluing mop pieces onto your husband's outfit as well, so he can ensure your baby's safety during his crawl and get your cleaning done even faster.

9 A truly innovative way to snack

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Anyone who has ever lived on their own knows how great finger foods are. People may call you a caveman for abandoning plates, bowls and utensils and using your hands for every meal, but those ignorant fools clearly aren't considering how much money you saved not buying dishes and how much time you saved never having to wash any! This college student couldn't afford a nice bowl, and didn't want to bother cleaning one anyway, so he turned his hoodie backwards and filled up its hood with popcorn. This allows him to enjoy the snack without having to waste time cleaning after he was done, and it keeps his treat nice and close to his mouth—he could dive face-first into his popcorn if he really wanted to!

8 Why walk when you can drive?

Via: tumblr.com

Everyone claims that they want a pet, but not everyone is ready for how big of a responsibility pets really are. Being a dog owner, for example, isn't just about taking hourly selfies with your pooch and showing them to all your friends on Instagram—you also have to feed him, play with him, clean up after him and walk him. Okay, apparently, you don't actually have to walk him. This picture proves that if you're really lazy AF, heading to some abandoned street and holding your dog's leash as you drive alongside him very slowly is also an option. A ridiculously embarrassing option, for sure... but an option nonetheless. We have to wonder if this guy at least got out of his car to pick up his dog's poop.

7 Putting that gym membership to good use

Via: twitter.com

Every January, countless people buy memberships at their local gym in hopes of fulfilling their New Year's resolution to get in better shape and lead a healthier life. That resolution typically falls apart in a matter of weeks, and by summer, if those would-be fitness enthusiasts are even still going to the gym a few days a month, they're taking it very easy there. This woman didn't want to put all the money she spent on a membership to waste, so she kept driving to her gym... but she really didn't feel obligated to put in any actual effort. So she grabbed a chair, sat it on top of a treadmill and relaxed. We're sure if she moved her feet every few minutes, she burnt a few calories, but we're also sure this is not what you're supposed to do on a treadmill.

6 A night's worth of s'mores, made in seconds

Via: pinterest.com

S'mores are definitely one of summer's absolute best deserts. Chocolate and marshmallow are a fantastic combination, and when they come together in between two graham crackers... it's just perfection. It doesn't take too much effort to search the woods for a proper stick and hold it above the fire to cook your marshmallow, but some people don't feel like repeating that process every time they want another s'more. So they apparently pull a rake out of their garage, (hopefully) clean it, and put a marshmallow on each prong so they can cook a dozen in one go. We definitely aren't lazy enough to come up with something like this, but now that we realize this method means more s'mores, we plan on trying it at every cookout this summer!

5 When the kitchen is just too far away

Via: tumblr.com

When you are in the middle of an extremely interesting Reddit thread or are busy watching Netflix on your laptop, you can't just get up and walk to the kitchen to grab a knife to cut your food with. The internet waits for no one, so you have to search the room for something to use as a makeshift utensil. If nothing catches your eye, you move on to plan B—weaponize your laptop. The edges of your computer are likely sharp enough to get the cutting job done, and with practice, you'll be able to use your laptop as a knife without ever taking your eyes off the screen. We're sure experts would say this isn't the best way to use a computer, but those experts aren't considering your hunger and extreme laziness.

4 Breakfast, without all the clean-up

Via: lifebuzz.com

Like we discussed earlier, not everyone has the money to afford bowls or the time required to clean them after you use them. Sadly, if you don't use a bowl, you can't possibly enjoy cereal, right? Wrong! Cereal comes in bags, and if you pour the milk directly into them, you can enjoy your delicious and sugary treat without every having to pour it into a different container! All you'll have to wash is the spoon, but even that can be rendered unnecessary if you just drink the milk and cereal mixture straight from the bag! Your friends already made fun of you for continuing to eat Lucky Charms as a young adult, so you might as well go all the way and try this humiliatingly lazy life hack out, too.

3 Not quite Father of the Year

Via: twitter.com

When some super dads get home from work, they can't wait to go outside and play with their kids. That's great, but you just don't ever have the energy to be one of those dads... all you want to do after a stressful day is relax and enjoy a cold beer. Well, thanks to this ingenious life hack, you can still kick back and have some you time while playing with your little ones! Just tie a rope up to the swing in your backyard playground, and "push" your child from the comfort of your lawn chair. This sort of laid-back parenting won't win you any Father of the Year awards, but your kids still get to have fun and you're getting your much-needed relaxation... so who cares?

2 A must-have for dorm rooms everywhere

Via: tumblr.com

If your parents have you stuck in a bedroom with a sibling or you're living in a dorm room with a roommate, you're probably familiar with the hassle of climbing or jumping down from the top of a bunk bed. Okay, maybe that "hassle" only requires about 10 seconds of effort every day, but that adds up after a few years! Put an end to all of the acrobatics, and just install a kiddie playground slide to the top of your bunk so you can merely slide your way down to the floor! Now instead of dreading getting out of bed every morning, you can look forward to a fun ride. Just look at how ridiculously happy this dude is with his new sleeping situation.

1 The poor man's selfie stick

Via: facebook.com

The invention of the selfie stick pretty much changed our whole lives. Instead of having to go through the effort of extending our arms and holding out our phones, now we can get a great wide shot for our selfies by merely holding onto a stick! This guy wanted all the benefits of that miraculous tool, without having to go to a store and spend money on a real selfie stick... so he just went to his closet, grabbed a hanger, and attached his phone to it. It looks extremely ghetto and he probably shouldn't use it in public if he doesn't want people to point and laugh at him, but it gets the job done and will be sufficient for all those daily at-home Snapchat selfies!

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