15 Hilarious Life Lessons We Actually Learned From ‘That’s So Raven’

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15 Hilarious Life Lessons We Actually Learned From ‘That’s So Raven’

That’s So Raven graced our screens from 2003-2007 on The Disney Channel allowing us to share the magical and wonderful world of teen psychic, Raven Baxter (played by Raven Symoné). But more than being a psychic, Raven was also a sassy teenager, master of disguise, upcoming fashion designer, queen of the on-spot one liners, and consistent pain for her little brother. Got all that? She was confident and strong in herself. She was an early 2000s fashion icon and fearless friend. And she happened to be able to see into the future, which created an endless amount of hijinks for her and best friends, Eddie and Chelsea. Throughout it all, Raven learned how to navigate her own life and in turn, taught us some important lessons about our own. Read on for all of Raven Baxter’s infallible wisdom!

15. It’s Important To Cut To The Chase


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Think how awesome it would be to have Raven Baxter as your English teacher. She just taught Shakespeare’s entire “Romeo & Juliet” in 14 words. And she pretty much captured the essence of it TBH. Sorry William, but Raven’s version is just a little more easier to follow. We don’t have to pull out a dictionary or try to keep ourselves awake during a painfully long play. Can you imagine how fast we’d get through high school English with Raven at the helm? Probably a week or two, tops. Which would give us more time to sit Raven down and discuss how she manages to rock so many bright and furry coats all the time. Or maybe she could lead some hair tutorials. Or take turns looking into our futures and giving us predictions. Either way, whatever we do with Raven will be way more fun than going over Shakespeare plays in English class.

14. Keep Your Money For Yourself


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Okay, so technically it wasn’t Raven who taught us this lesson, but it was her brother Cory. Yes, sometimes Cory was an absolute pain. And the boy definitely couldn’t rap. But he had his good moments – namely, his affinity for making and keeping money. You have to admit, he was a little entrepreneur. What kind of 12 year old is rolling in the dough like Cory Baxter? None that we know of. So yeah, we could probably take a few finance tips from this pint-sized money mogul. Cory says to never use your own money, but presumedly his parents money instead. Okay Cory, we’ll buy it (not physically of course). But if we can’t use our own money then whose money do we use? If it’s not dear old mom and dad’s then its no one where know because all of our friends are in debt in from school. So, Corey, can we get some of your money? Just a loan, we swear! We’ll repay it soon-ish….

13. The Power Of Make-Up


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Eddie, don’t ask a girl that question! What a woman can do with a swipe of this and a dab of that is to remain a mystery. Don’t insult her by asking what she really looks like! A woman never reveals her secrets. She looks however she wants to look. Whether it’s a full face of make-up with the help of contouring and a bold lip or not a speck of make-up besides her chapstick. Then that’s her look. It’s not for you to decide and ask, Eddie, so take this as a warning. And another thing, Eddie – why is makeup so weird? Welcome to 2016! Everyone is allowed to wear makeup. In fact, Covergirl just featured their first Coverboy and he is rocking a full face of flawless makeup. So maybe you’ll think twice about being so judgey the next time you get a giant zit and need Raven’s help.

12. Get Your Priorities Straight


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C’mon Chelsea, what were you thinking? Raven has spent all day putting in the hard work at school. She went to mulitple classes, she took notes, she kept a glazed look on her face while staring at the board. She has had to carry books to and from her locker multiple times. The woman is exhausted! So no, of course she doesn’t want to go home and do more work. That would be ridiculous. Why would she do homework at home when she could do it at school? So let’s try this again, Chelsea. Retail therapy and some much needed spa time is exactly what one needs after a long day at school. Even in high school. Let’s max out some cards and pick some polish colors! Hurry up Chels, the mall waits for no one!

11. Stick To Your Lifestyle Choices


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Oh Raven, say it ain’t so! We know that you are adamant about your junk food eating. You need a balanced diet of carbs, fast food, candy, and pop. Start the morning with some whipped cream covered waffles and end the day with a bucket of fried chicken and box of fries. And don’t let anyone tell you differently! So yes, it is cause for alarm if you almost accidentally eat something healthy. Someone tries to sneak some spinach into your morning “smoothie” that’s actually just chocolate ice cream and a banana. Tell that person to try again. And don’t even get me started on trying to substitute kale chips for potato chips – not the same thing, people! Get out of here with your quinoa, flax seed, low-fat, no sugar piece of cardboard you’re trying to pass off as food.

10. Remember, You’re A City Girl


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Raven Baxter is a city girl through and through. She was born and raised in San Francisco. She is more about hailing cabs than going canoeing. She prefers to get her exercise by doing a few laps of the mall than going on a hike. Food is cooked in an oven or the microwave, not over a campfire. We sleep in beds, not in tents. We spend our time in places with walls and central air, not trees and lots of bugs. So forgive us for being turned-off by the word “nature.” It’s just really not a place we want to be. We probably wouldn’t do too well out there anyways, so it’s probably best if you leave us behind. You go on ahead with that “camping in nature” talk and we’ll kick back with a magazine at the hotel.

9. Sometimes You Have To Take Justice Into Your Own Hands


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Sometimes the situation just calls for you to take matters into your own hands and deliver some much-needed justice. And there’s nothing we can’t do without the help of our best friend! Sometimes you need to bust out the 70s style afros, platform boots, and wide legged pants. It’s also okay if you need to make fake badges and show off your best martial arts moves. All in the name of righting wrongs and making the world a better place. Raven knew exactly when the situation called for some drastic measures (theatrics included). And she knew that she needed her best friend by her side. One person in a hilarious get-up? Pathetic. But two people in hilarious get-ups? Powerful. So follow her lead and be sure to always have your power pantsuit in the back trunk. And regularly brush out your afro wig because you never know when you’re going to need it!

8. The Truth About Physical Activity


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Yes, Raven! You tell them, girl! Forcing students to climb a rope in gym class is cruel and unusual punishment. People aren’t meant to climb up ropes. They are thin and there’s no good place to put your feet. Plus, it sounds like it would require a lot of upper body strength, which we don’t have. So that will be a hard pass on the rope for us. And while we’re at it, we’d also like to turn down running around the track, dodge ball, push-ups, and pretty much any sort of organized activity where we are forced to sweat. Just a big no thanks to all of that. How about instead of gym class, we all go to a juice bar? That’s healthy, right? As long as they don’t try and sneak any of that green stuff into my juice, then we’re all good to go.

7. How To Keep Your Man In Check


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Raven is a top notch girlfriend. Not only is she witty, well-dressed, and full of fun – she’s also sweet and adorable. And if you ever forget it, she will be sure to remind you! Raven will be right behind you whispering compliments (about herself, of course) into your ears. And you better agree with them, or else things are going to get nasty. Sure she’s understanding, but even Raven has her limits. Don’t we all? How many sweet and adorable girls are you hanging out with? It better only be one. Because she may be sweet and adorable now, but just you wait. If you answer wrong, you’re in for a world of pain and probably without a girlfriend. Seriously, it would not be pretty. Just watch how quickly sweet and adorable turns to evil and snarky. And you do not want to mess with Raven Baxter’s snark – no, no, no.

6. The Power Of A Truth Bomb


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Sometimes you just have to drop the honest to goodness truth on people, even if they are not ready to hear it. You have to be blunt and maybe, a little offensive. And yes, you may step on a few toes and hurt a few feelings, but that’s the price you pay for honesty! And don’t worry, those people will come around eventually. Once they hear your harsh words and take your advice, they’ll realize you were doing them a favor. Because if someone really does smell worse than a two-week deceased hamster, they need to know about it. Like, immediately. And then they need to head straight to a shower and stay there for a very long time. Or maybe we’ll have to send in a special team in hazmat suits with power sprayers. Then, force them to stand in a Lush store for a long time until that overpowering smell sticks to them.

5. Body Positive Messaging FTW!


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Bravo, Raven! Standing ovation for you sticking up for yourself and sharing that body positive message for everyone to hear. How cool was it that Raven was so proud of who she was and proud to share that message? How awesome was it for little pre-teens in front of their screen to see Raven telling them the truth about beauty and people of all shapes and sizes? I’ll tell you what, this message was early for its time. We could have used a few more Ravens growing up. Actually, we could use a few more right now. We are all for putting more people of every size, shape, gender, race, and faith on TV screens, magazine pages and everywhere else. Let’s listen to Raven on this one. The woman speaks serious truth bombs. She had more wisdom as a teenager than most adults we know.

4. Finding A Bestie To Judge People With


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How wonderful is Chelsea Daniels? She’s quirky, adorable, and just a little bit naive. She’s sweet and always has Raven’s back – like a true bestie should. She’s always down for all of Raven’s crazy schemes. She’s the bestie who ends up sitting next to you in jail instead of the one you call to bail you out. And Chelsea is able to share Raven’s sassy judgmental view on the world, which makes them even better besties. It’s important to have a friend you can confide in and secretly judge people with. We all need this kind of friendship. After all, what are best friends for? If you can’t talk trash about your enemy with your best girl friend, then what are you even doing with your life? We all need to find our own Chelsea Daniels. Just make sure she’d be willing to put on crazy costumes with you after you finish talking crap about your enemies.

3. Having Good People On Speed Dial


First of all, can we talk about these retro home phones everyone is using? How hilarious are those old school bricks? Remember when you used to have one of those lying around? Or should we say, hanging around. Heck, if you’re my parents, you still have a few of those in rooms of the house. But I digress, the real lesson here is not about old technology but about good friends. You should always have your best people on speed dial. Your ride or die homies. Your real friends who will always answer the phone, even if they would just prefer a text. You know someone really loves you if they’re willing to pick up your phone call no matter what. Those are the people we need in our lives. Not flaky friends you can barely get a text back from. Drop those people immediately.

2. What To Do When Your Jam Comes On


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Even if you’re having a heart-to-heart with your brother or you’re in the middle of a super serious project at work, everything stops when your jam comes on. You have to honor the call of your jam. It is YOUR jam, after all. If you don’t dance, who will? You can’t disrespect your jam like that. And we don’t just mean a little dance. You can’t just shuffle, bop your head, or tap your toes when your favorite song comes on. That’s just not going to cut it. No one will believe it’s your jam unless you really go for it. We mean standing up and giving it everything you’ve got. It doesn’t matter who is watching. If they’re not ready to get up and honor the call of your jam with you then who needs them?

1. Calling People On Their Sh*t


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As you know by now, Raven Baxter is all kinds of blunt. Girlfriend tells it exactly as it is. She is not afraid to call you out if you smell bad, and she sure doesn’t mind giving her honest opinion on physical activity, healthy eating, and spending time in nature. So if she is disgusted by something or someone, you better believe she is going to tell you. In fact, she was so used to telling it like it is that “You Nasty!” became a bit of a tagline of hers. And you did not want to be on the end of that insult. Because if Raven Baxter is calling you nasty, you know you have done something despicable. So what did you do? Forget to shower? Stick your gum under a bench? Or worse – try to put something healthy inside of Raven’s lunch? Because that’s just nasty.

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