15 Hilarious Marvel Memes That'll Make Fans Love The MCU Even More

When news started spreading a few years ago that DC Comics was implementing a "no jokes" policy for their cinematic universe, we couldn't believe it. Sure, we all love the nonstop action in our favorite superhero films... but hearing our favorite heroes joke around like they do in the comics is what keeps our butts in the seats! That's why Marvel films are without a doubt our favorites—they're serious when they have to be, but they're never afraid to have some fun every now and then! When the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't treating us to some epic battles, romantic love scenes or heart-breaking deaths, it's absolutely hilarious. We all need some Marvel humor to hold us off until the next film graces our theaters, and these funny memes definitely do the trick.

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15 Can Luis be in every MCU film?!

Via: tumblr.com

Let's be real: Even though Paul Rudd did a great job in Ant-Man, his character's best friend Luis absolutely stole the show. Luis couldn't seem to answer a simple question or get a point across without telling the world's most in-depth, over-complicated story, and while we're sure this is annoying AF for his friends, it was absolutely hilarious for us viewers. We can imagine his ridiculously complex response if Helmut Zemo had asked him for the details of Winter Soldier's tragic 1991 mission report. It might have been annoying enough to make Zemo just give up, and the whole Civil War between the Avengers could have been avoided! Where can we sign a petition for Luis to be in every MCU film from now on?

14 Bucky seriously needs to watch a makeup tutorial

Via: tumblr.com

We've all spent hours watching countless makeup tutorials, in hopes of learning how to master the smoky eye that so many celebrities don on the red carpet. Unfortunately, our attempts to pull it off often fail miserably. Bucky tried to make his eyes pop with some makeup in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but his smoky eye was just as bad as ours always turn out to be. We always end up just giving up and wiping our failures off, but he stood by his messy mascara with confidence. The more we look at him, the more we realize that Sebastian Stan looks totally hot regardless of how sloppy his makeup is, and...well, his eyes did pop in the film. Maybe he was onto something.

13 How to spot a true Marvel fan

Via: pinterest.com

Whenever we watch a Marvel movie in the theaters, we find ourselves laughing at the casual "fans" who leave the second the credits start rolling. Haven't they learned by now?! There's always an extra scene at the very end of the credits, and Marvel often throws in a mid-credits scene to make sure people don't leave yet. In fact, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had five scenes after the "end" of the film! Some of the Marvel bonus scenes are just for fun, but some of them are important and give exciting details about the next MCU film, so you can't afford to miss them. This is the perfect use of the classic Lord of the Rings "one doesn't simply" meme...walking out of the theater early is just as ridiculous and insane as walking into Mordor!

12 The dangers of online shopping

Via: twitter.com

Everyone who has ever attempted online shopping knows this struggle. You found the perfect outfit online, excitedly whipped out your credit card to order it, and impatiently observed its shipping progress until your purchase finally arrived at your doorstep. Then you put the clothes you bought on and found that they looked nothing like what you had expected, and didn't fit remotely well. Your new outfit is as much of a fashion disaster as Spidey's ill-fitting costume on the right, but he's got a Stark Tech button that makes his suit perfectly contort to his body dimensions. Sadly, you can't say the same about your purchase. There's no Tony Stark in the real world to help with your style issues. Instead, you get to deal with a frustrating customer service representative and beg him for a refund.

11 No takesies-backsies, Tony!

Via: facebook.com

Tony Stark has a number of well-known negative qualities. He's a certifiable narcissist, he's got some serious anger issues, he's got way too high of an opinion of his intelligence and his alcoholism has been a problem in the comics plenty of times over the years. Not many people realize his worst personality flaw of all, though—he loves taking gifts back from his friends! He took over his BFF Steve's film in Captain America: Civil War, but then demanded Cap give him back the shield his father gave him. This summer, he's going to storm into Spider-Man: Homecoming to make Spidey give him back the suit he gifted to him. What's next, is he going to force his way into a Hulk film and make him hand over his pants?! You're a billionaire, Tony...stop taking stuff from your teammates all the time!

10 The power of pre-workout

Via: facebook.com

You never feel more motivated, aggressive and powerful than right after you take some pre-workout. That stuff may taste awful, but it makes you feel like the Hulk and helps you crush all of your sessions at the gym. Unfortunately, when it eventually wears off, your focus fades away and you look in the mirror to realize that you aren't a jacked member of the Avengers after all...if anything, you're more like Steve Rogers before he took the super soldier serum that turned him into Captain America. Scrawny, small and slightly socially awkward. Unless you're willing to spend your whole life in the gym and give up on all of your favorite junk food, you should probably abandon your dreams of attaining a superhero body up for good.

9 Yondu is forever our favorite Mary Poppins

Via: tumblr.com

We liked Yondu in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, but the blue Ravager didn't truly win our hearts until the sequel. We spent most of the movie thinking he was a total badass (especially because his little mind-operated arrow may have low-key made him the most powerful hero in the entire Marvel universe), but that went away quite a bit when he floated down to the Guardians and proudly proclaimed that he was "Mary Poppins, y'all!" It wasn't his fault—Star-Lord convinced him that being compared to the infamous Disney nanny was a serious compliment, but it's still hard to take a grown man seriously after he says something like that. Hilarious moments like this make us so glad that Disney owns Marvel and can make these sort of references in their superhero films!

8 Way too true, Baby Groot

Via: facebook.com

Baby Groot is officially our absolute favorite MCU character. He made us laugh in virtually every scene he was in throughout Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and we'll never stop crying over how cute he was whenever he waved at Gamora or all those times he tried and utterly failed to bring Yondu his fin. The first scene of the film was our absolute favorite, though. Baby Groot put on some of Peter's classic rock music and just danced around as his friends fought for their lives against a giant monster. He sort of reminded us of our how we handle our own lives—everything's falling apart and exploding all around us, but we just try to ignore that and dance around like nothing's wrong.

7 We might have to bet on Spidey on this one!

Via: facebook.com

Star-Lord's dance battle against Ronan the Accuser has to be one of the funniest Marvel moments ever. The Infinity Stone-wielding villain couldn't keep his eyes off of Peter's excellent moves, and the distraction contributed to Ronan's demise moments later. Clearly dance battles are the best battles in the MCU, but could anyone be a genuine threat to Star-Lord in a dance-off? After seeing Tom Holland absolutely slay dancing to Rihanna's "Umbrella" in his Lip Sync Battle episode against Homecoming co-star Zendaya this month, we have to nominate Spidey...and may even put money on the web-slinger winning! Can Marvel please just make this happen when the two Peters share the screen in Avengers: Infinity War?! Forget Thanos, this is the fight fans really want to see!

6 Thanks for nothing, Claire

Via: tumblr.com

Claire Temple is without a doubt the most well-connected civilian in Manhattan. She's a close personal friend of Daredevil, she's helped out Jessica Jones, she's had a fling with Luke Cage and her friendship with Colleen Wing helped her land the Iron Fist as an ally as well. If she really wanted to, she could call up all of her superhero associates (who will eventually become known as the Defenders) and turn them into a team that could dramatically reduce crime in NYC and possibly even challenge the Avengers if they wanted to! For whatever reason, though, she's failed to do that. Danny Rand spent most of Iron Fist trying to take down The Hand, and Claire could have easily gotten Daredevil to come help him out. Matt Murdock has had a lot of experience with that criminal organization, and would have made for a fantastic partner. Nope, Claire kept her mouth shut and made Danny and Colleen do everything themselves.

5 Cap might not be the best spokesperson for this

Via: instagram.com

We all fanboy'd a bit when we saw Peter Parker and his classmates watch a Captain America's Fitness Challenge VHS in their high school gym class in the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. Finally, a Spidey film that references the other superheroes in the MCU! Then, after we really thought about it, we realized that out of all the Avengers...Cap probably has the least right to tell kids about the importance of fitness. Sure, he exercises pretty often, but he didn't get as fit as he is now by working out. He got all of his muscles and strength from a super soldier serum! "Do drugs to bulk up" probably isn't the greatest message to spread to kids. Maybe they should have asked Black Widow instead.

4 You're not yourself when you're angry, Deadpool

Via: instagram.com

Remember those old Snickers ads, where some crazy guy would have one of his friends offer him a candy bar after saying "you're not you when you're hungry"? The angry dude would then eat the Snickers and turn back into his usual, happy self. Yeah, Marvel and Fox totally should have done one of those ads with Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool as the star. We'll never know what the film studios were thinking when they deprived the regenerating degenerate of his costume and sewed his mouth shut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but luckily they gave us the comic book-accurate version of the Merc with the Mouth seven years later in Deadpool. Maybe Wade was just hungry in Origins, and needed a Snickers to get back to normal?

3 We almost feel bad laughing at this one

Via: facebook.com

You know those classic jokes that always start with some person (a priest, a Republican, or even a duck) walking into a bar? Well, some horribly twisted genius on the internet featured Daredevil in one of those jokes, and the punchline is absolutely savage! "Daredevil walks into a bar. And a table. And a chair." Get it? He's walking into everything because Matt Murdock is blind. Okay, okay, disabilities aren't meant to be laughed at, but we know Daredevil would get as much of a kick out of this one as we did. Besides, his radar powers are way too accurate to ever let him actually bump into a bar. Our favorite lawyer-by-day, hero-by-night can't see, but still dodges punches and bullets better than anyone in fights!

2 This is just way too accurate

We've always thought it was tragically hilarious and incredibly ironic that Black Friday comes just one day after Thanksgiving. Mere hours after we finish talking about how thankful we are for everything we have, we camp out at the mall or Walmart and go crazy trying to buy stuff we don't actually need. This meme captures the comedic comparison perfectly—in the first image, the Avengers are all happy, sitting around a table eating shawarma together. In the next, they're trying to kill each other! Black Friday always ends up looking like the Captain America: Civil War battle scene, and you can't deny that you contribute to the madness. It doesn't matter if it's your friend, neighbor, or even a family member who cuts you in line to get that discounted television... they're going down!

1 An arrow for every occasion

Via: tumblr.com

When the Chitauri were invading New York City, Hawkeye joined his fellow Avengers in trying to take them down, even though he didn't have Hulk's super strength, Cap's combat skill or Iron Man's high-tech suit to help him in the epic fight. All he had was a bunch of arrows. The same thing happened when Ultron's army of robots threatened Earth, but luckily, Hawkeye always seems to have an arrow for every occasion and his bow is all he really needs. Did you leave your keys in your car? It's cool, Clint's got an arrow that can help you. You ran out of condoms? That's fine, one of his arrows has you covered. Oh no, he's run out of arrows?! Hawkeye has an arrow for that, too. LOL!

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