15 Hilarious Meme Reactions From Fans Who Have Already Seen 'Avengers: Infinity War'

We've watched 18 Marvel Cinematic Universe films over the past decade, and they've all led to this—the very highly-anticipated release of Avengers: Infinity War! Marvel's most ambitious and biggest crossover film ever was everything we hoped it would be and so much more.

We laughed, we cried, we screamed, we panicked and we spent over two glorious hours on the edge of our seats cheering on Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy as they faced off against the Mad Titan Thanos and his Black Order.

Since the Internet is filled with hardcore fans like us who have already seen Infinity War several times in theaters, it's no big surprise that there are countless new memes making their way around social media that spoil some of the film's most hilarious and dramatic moments. If you haven't seen Infinity War yet, what are you waiting for?!

You definitely aren't ready to see these, so you should just save this article to your bookmarks and go watch it ASAP. But if you have seen it and you're still freaking out over all the action, laughs and tragedy in the film, check out these awesome, spoiler-filled memes and be sure to share your favorites with your friends (only if they've seen the movie too, though, because #ThanosDemandsYourSilence)!

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15 Not you, Star-Lord!

In Avengers: Infinity War, the countless heroes of Marvel's Cinematic Universe came together to try to stop Thanos from gathering all six Infinity Stones and becoming powerful enough to wipe out half of all existence with a snap of his fingers. There were so many amazing scenes in the film, but our absolute favourites were the ones where original Avengers (minus Hawkeye, for some reason) joined forces with their best friends. As well as some newcomers like Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight the Mad Titan and his Black Order.

The heroes weren't able to stop Thanos in the end, but we appreciate each of them for doing everything they could to save the universe. Everyone other than Star-Lord, that is!

In an extremely pivotal scene toward the end of Infinity War, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and a few members of the Guardians of the Galaxy battled against Thanos on his home planet Titan to try to steal his nearly complete Infinity Gauntlet. Thanks to their combined efforts and Mantis' ability to render those she touches immobile, Tony and Peter were seconds away from pulling the Gauntlet off of Thanos.

That is until Star-Lord swooped in and ruined everything! After finding out that Thanos had to sacrifice Gamora to acquire the Soul Stone, Peter Quill absolutely lost it and started attacking the Mad Titan. This helped Thanos snap out of his Mantis-induced slumber, and he snatched the Gauntlet back from Spidey the second the wall-crawler pulled it off his hand. All Star-Lord had to do was wait a few more seconds to start attacking his girlfriend's dad and the movie could have had a happy ending. But no, he selfishly put his desire for revenge over trillions of innocent lives. That doesn't sound very heroic to us.

14 Marvel fooled us all

Far too often, movie trailers spoil everything that happens in a film. Jokes are no longer funny because we heard them a million times in the trailers, action scenes are underwhelming because we knew they were going to happen and major twists become predictable because the trailers basically spoil the entire plot of a film. Marvel appeased their neediest fans with a whole lot of footage and several trailers leading up to Infinity War, but it seems like half of the scenes they "spoiled" didn't even actually happen in the film!

In one of the trailers, it seemed like Gamora was talking to Tony Stark about Thanos' mission to bring balance to the universe, but that was just the result of some clever editing—she never even shared a scene with Iron Man in the film! Clips spoiling the final battle at Wakanda featured Thanos with only two Infinity Stones in his Gauntlet, but by the time he made it to T'Challa's kingdom, the Mad Titan had gathered every Stone other than the one lodged in Vision's forehead.

And in several promotional images, Hulk was seen battling the Black Order and the Outriders, but everyone who watched Infinity War knows that the "strongest Avenger" didn't show up again after he got his butt whooped by Thanos in the film's opening scene! Since Hulk is the muscle of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and is one of the only Avengers that Thanos fears in the comics, we definitely didn't see his absence coming and we give Marvel a whole lot of credit for throwing a whole lot of fake spoilers at us to throw us off their scent.

13 Good move, T'Challa

The majority of Marvel fans low-key sided with Black Panther "villain" Erik Killmonger when he tried taking over Wakanda and using the technologically advanced civilization's countless resources to help improve the rest of the world. He went about things the wrong way, sure, but his heart was in the right place and even T'Challa acknowledged that by telling the world the truth about Wakanda at the end of the film. We thought that was a great and heroic idea...but we may have been very, very mistaken.

Not long after T'Challa opened Wakanda to the world, the Avengers showed up at his doorstep.

They basically made his homeland the battleground for Earth's final fight against Thanos. Okoye joked about how she hoped T'Challa's big decision would result in Wakanda becoming home to the Olympics or maybe just a Starbucks, but instead, it became home to an extremely bloody, high-stakes war against an alien Outrider army! Countless Wakandans lost their lives, and that was before Thanos snapped his fingers and instantly wiped out half of the survivors. Now Wakanda is left without the king that opened up their kingdom to the world in the first place and a bulk of their best warriors. Maybe they should have just stayed hidden.

12 Why we all love Thor

All of the Avengers have suffered heavy losses over the past decade of MCU films, but Thor has probably had the worst experience out of all of our beloved heroes. In Thor: The Dark World, his mother Frigga was terminated while trying to protect Jane Foster. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, it became pretty clear that he and Jane Foster are both far too busy to stay a couple. In Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Thunder's sister destroyed his hammer mere moments after Thor had to watch his father pass on. Later in that film, Hela blinded one of his eyes and he had to destroy Asgard just so he could stop her.

Then, in the very first scene of Infinity War, Thor watched helplessly as Thanos made his brother Loki bite the dust along with his best friend Heimdall and half of the Asgardians on his ship!

We assumed that Thor would spend the rest of the movie moping about all that he's lost, but he is way too heroic and amazing to let his sorrow and his need for vengeance keep him from having a good time. He was still able to joke around with Rocket and Groot (who he still seems to think are named "Rabbit" and "Tree") and be the lovable hero we've grown so fond of over the years.

11 How it should have ended

Everyone who is even slightly familiar with Marvel comics knew what was going to happen at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Despite our favourite heroes' best efforts, nothing and no one could have stopped Thanos from gathering all of the Infinity Stones and snapping his fingers to eliminate half of the existence in the entire universe. We spent every night leading up to the film's release worrying that it would end with that inevitable finger snap cliffhanger, but now that we've seen Infinity War and know that there were a few more scenes after that. We can't help wishing that we were right!

We don't really want to complain about the movie because we absolutely loved it, but we have some serious problems with the ending.

Instead of going right to the credits after the snap, we had to sit and watch as several of our beloved Avengers and Guardians slowly turned to ashes. This could have made the film more shocking and intense...if Marvel didn't write off characters that we know have solo films coming up in the near future! Now that Spidey and Star-Lord are "gone," it's pretty obvious that one of the heroes will stop Thanos and use the Infinity Stones to undo the events of Infinity War. If the screen went black after the snap, who got eliminated and what might happen in the sequel would be more of a mystery. You messed up, Marvel!

10 Thanks for nothing, Hulk

You know that "things that always disappear when you need them the most" meme that's been circling around the Internet for ages? Most people edit it to include stuff that they always seem to misplace, like their cell phones, friends, car keys and wallet.

We can totally relate to all of those because we lose those essential items on a daily basis. But this version of the meme has to be our all-time favourite, because someone edited it to include the one thing that seemed to vanish right when all of existence needed it the most—The Hulk!

After Thanos pummeled the big green Avenger at the start of Infinity War, Hulk refused to come out to play for the rest of the movie. It didn't matter that his fellow heroes (or all of humanity, really) needed him, he was just too afraid of getting hurt again to even try to fight.

Bruce Banner did everything he could to turn into Hulk—he slapped himself in the face, he put himself in a ton of stressful situations and pleaded with the giant rage monster on numerous occasions—but the most he got out of his angrier half was a loud "NO!" Here's hoping he doesn't disappear in the sequel because there's no way the few remaining Avengers can stop Thanos without him.

9 Drax's secret superpower

We really didn't expect to laugh so much while watching Avengers: Infinity War. In a movie where countless heroes have to band together to stop a bunch of ridiculously powerful aliens from taking trillions of innocent lives across the galaxy, there probably shouldn't be much time or too many occasions to stop and tell jokes. But this isn't DC, it's Marvel...so of course there was a bit of comic relief thrown in! Characters like Spider-Man, Rocket Raccoon and even Okoye had us cracking up, but no one stole the show quite like Drax the Destroyer.

Drax doesn't ever intend to be funny, but somehow, he always ends up being the most hilarious hero in every movie he's in!

His inability to sense sarcasm and tendency to take things far too literally always results in accidental humor in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, and we're glad the Russo Brothers kept him the same way in Infinity War. Immediately after a very serious scene where Gamora made Star-Lord promise to end her life if Thanos aver got to her and the fan-favorite couple finally shared a kiss on screen, Drax butted in to make us fall out of our seats laughing. He was standing a few feet away throughout their entire conversation, and was under the impression that he was quiet enough to actually become invisible! If Magneto ever shows up in the MCU and needs an Invisible Man, we're sure he'll give Drax a call.

8 Even Deadpool loved it

As much as we love the official Marvel Cinematic Universe, we still have to admit that we have a serious soft spot for Fox's Marvel films. Their X-Men movies basically started this whole superhero craze, and Deadpool is one of our favourite movies of all time!

We were worried that Infinity War being released only a few weeks before Deadpool 2 would cause the two franchises to butt heads, but it seems like even Ryan Reynolds was a huge fan of Marvel's massive crossover film! After Infinity War broke the record for the biggest opening and highest ticket sales in box office history, Ryan Reynolds himself posted a tweet congratulating the Avengers.

"From a guy who never knows when to quit, I'm glad you guys never did," he wrote as the caption for a hilarious picture of a Avengers rejection letter that Deadpool received from Tony Stark. The image is just a joke for now, but since Disney is currently working out a deal to acquire Deadpool distributor 20th Century Fox, we may not be too far off from seeing the Merc with a Mouth become a member of (or at least fight alongside) Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

7 This is just messed up

The Infinity War cast was absolutely filled with ridiculously attractive heroes and villains. We didn't think Marvel could find people as hot as Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson to star in their films after the original Avengers came out, but since then, they've hired gorgeous actors like Tom Holland, Lupita Nyong'o and Elizabeth Olsen! We weren't sure what to think when we found out the Olsen twins' younger sister was going to be portraying Scarlet Witch in Age of Ultron, but since then, she's surpassed all of our expectations!

She's as talented as she is beautiful, and she's definitely done the beloved character of Wanda Maximoff justice.

Someone compiled a bunch of Elizabeth's more attractive pictures for this meme, to prove that "Scarlet Witch is such a bae." There's a red carpet image, a promotional image of her in her costume from the films, a modeling shot...and then there's a picture of a pile of ashes. Wanda was one of the casualties after Thanos snapped his fingers, so this technically is what she looked like at the end of the film, but this is still seriously messed up! We don't want to remember Scarlet Witch that way, and it's far too soon to make these types of jokes.

6 The film's true villain

That's right, another anti-Peter Quill meme. We're still not over blaming Star-Lord for the elimination of half of the life in the galaxy, and we probably never will be!

We loved Gamora, and when Thanos pushed her off that cliff so that he could prove that he was worthy of the Soul Stone, we were angry, too. Especially since she and Star-Lord finally started admitting their feelings for each other and acting like the perfect couple we always knew they could be. But we weren't angry enough to put our thirst for revenge over the lives of countless innocent people!

The plan to momentarily disable Thanos and strip him of his Infinity Gauntlet was mere moments from being successfully completed before Peter Quill went rogue and lost his cool.

Thanos told him he "had" to sacrifice Gamora, and Star-Lord just couldn't stand by and hear a lie like that. "No you didn't, no you didn't," he repeated before punching the Mad Titan hard enough to break Mantis' hold over him. Star-Lord admitted to the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy that he was an a-hole, but we had no idea how very true that statement was until he basically caused the unhappy ending of Infinity War. Forget Thanos, Star-Lord was the true villain of the film.

5 No context spoilers

Marvel did everything within their power to keep Infinity War from being spoiled for their biggest fans. They forbade the cast from giving away too many details about the film in interviews, and most of the cast never even saw the full script! They filled trailers and promotional images with red herrings to throw fans off and keep us guessing. They came up with a clever hashtag, #ThanosDemandsYourSilence, to remind people to stay quiet about the plot and avoid ruining it for their friends on social media. But now that the movie is in theaters, spoiler prevention is officially out of their hands. Now, it's on us.

It's totally not cool to give away major details about Infinity War on social media yet.

Because there's still a lot of people who haven't had a chance to see the film, so leave it a surprise for them! There are, however, a few loopholes that you can exploit to talk about the film without ruining anything for anyone! This meme is a perfect example—it's filled with images that totally spoil the plot of the film, but you wouldn't realize that unless you've watched it! There's Peter Dinklage, who made a surprise cameo as the giant dwarf who made Thor's new weapon, the bubbles Thanos created when he used the Reality Stone, a pile of ashes, Squidward (because Ebony Maw seriously resembled him), and a bunch of other images that give away the plot without really giving away the plot. If you can't identify them all, you should probably head to a theater and watch Infinity War again!

4 Adorable introduction

We absolutely freaked out every time one of our treasured superheroes met another one of our favourites for the first time in Infinity War. We loved it when Doctor Strange just showed up out of nowhere to tell Tony Stark that the entire universe needed them to work together, right in the middle of Tony's serious conversation with his fiancée.

We couldn't stop laughing when the Guardians of the Galaxy stood over Thor's unconscious body and everyone (minus Star-Lord) drooled over how tough and muscular he looked. Seeing Spider-Man team up with the Sorcerer Supreme and Mantis was basically every comic book lover's dream come true. But one introduction stood above the rest as our absolute favorite.

During the Battle of WakandaThor showed up alongside Rocket Raccoon and Groot to help turn the tides of the war in the heroes' favor. He immediately pointed out that Captain America basically copied his beard, and while that had us laughing, we were rolling out of our seats when Cap was introduced to Thor's new friend, "Tree."

"I am Groot," teenage Groot said to Cap while he was attacking a whole pile of Outriders.

Groot probably wasn't telling Cap his name, but Steve clearly didn't know the limitations of Groot's vocabulary and thought it was time to introduce himself. "I am Steve Rogers," Cap calmly responded. Most people would have a stronger reaction to a talking alien tree, but this is Captain America—he cares a lot about having good manners, and isn't one to let shock keep him from making a proper introduction!

3 How are we supposed to wait

We went into Avengers: Infinity War with countless theories about what might happen in the very highly-anticipated blockbuster. We rewatched all eighteen previous MCU films to try to find clues about the true location of the Soul Stone, and concluded that it was in one of two places—with Heimdall or in Wakanda. It'd make a lot of sense for Heimdall to have it, since his eyes are the same orange color as the Stone, and he somehow has the ability to see and even communicate with souls across the entire galaxy. It'd also make sense for it to be in Wakanda, inside of the vibranium meteorite that landed there millions of years ago. You see, the Heart-Shaped Herbs in Wakanda somehow allow Black Panthers to travel to some sort of spiritual plane, so that could totally be the result of the Soul Stone.

We also read the original 'Infinity Gauntlet' story arc in the Marvel comics, so we had some concrete ideas about what might go down.

It turned out that nearly all of our theories were wrong, but that's not stopping us from making theories about the sequel now that we've seen Infinity War! The follow-up film won't hit theaters until next May, giving us a whole year to try to guess what will happen. Did Doctor Strange give up the Time Stone so easily because that's what happened in the one positive outcome he foresaw? Will Red Skull, the surprise protector of the Soul Stone, play a bigger role? Where on Earth were Hawkeye and Ant-Man, and are they finally going to help the Avengers? Will Hulk show up to play? The entire MCU fandom is trying to figure out the answers to those essential questions, and even though our theories will probably be wrong again...we just can't stop ourselves!

2 Poor Spidey

We were first officially introduced to the MCU's version of Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, but according to Tom Holland, Pete's been around ever since Iron Man 2! That little boy wearing an Iron Man mask at the end of the film? Yeah, that was supposedly a young Spider-Man. He certainly grew up a lot between that movie and his debut as our favorite friendly neighborhood wall-crawler!

Over the past few decades, we've seen a variety of different actors portray our friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler, but Holland is definitely the best. Tobey Maguire was a solid Peter Parker, but his Spider-Man was a bit too dramatic and corny for our tastes. Andrew Garfield's Spidey quips were spot-on, but he was just way too charming and too much of a  skater boy to be a believable Peter Parker.

Tom, however, perfectly captures Peter's awkwardness, brains and Spidey's sense of humor and youthfulness. That's why it's been an absolute joy seeing Holland become a full-fledged Avenger on the big screen! And it's also why looking at this meme is so painful!

In the first picture, we've got Peter Parker, sitting in his Spidey costume and thinking about his career as a new and rising superhero. In the next image, we have a pile of ashes... which is what Pete looked like after the Avengers failed to stop Thanos from completing his Infinity Gauntlet and snapping his fingers. We're sure he'll come back in the sequel, but until then, we're going to be mourning the loss of our favorite Spider-Man ever.

1 We were all Thor

We knew Avengers: Infinity War was going to end in tragedy, but that didn't stop us from going into theaters with huge smiles on our faces. We were finally going to see characters like Rocket Raccoon and Thor interact on the big screen for the first time, and the war that basically started the first time we saw an Infinity Stone in Captain America: The First Avenger was officially going to kick off! It didn't matter what was going to happen in the film, we were just so excited to watch it after so many years of waiting. Our smiles were wiped off our faces mere seconds after the film started rolling.

In the very first scene, we had to watch as fan-favorite "villain" Loki was strangled by Thanos.

We figured we'd have to say goodbye to the God of Mischief eventually, but we weren't ready to do it that quickly! Then, an hour later, Gamora was pushed off a cliff. Not too long after that, we had to watch as Mantis, Groot, Spider-Man and several other beloved heroes were wiped from existence and reduced to piles of ash. We thought we were ready for some sorrow and destruction, but we definitely weren't prepared for all that. Everyone in the theater opening night looked just like Thor in this meme—we were happy at the start of Infinity War, but when the lights came back on after that post-credits scene, everyone just stared at the blank screen in shock!

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