15 Hilarious Memes All '90s Kids Will Understand

Back in the '90s, life was completely different, wasn't it? We were kids back then. We didn't have mobile phones and couldn't use the dialup Internet and phone at the same time. Instead, we had VHS tapes, Walkmans, and computer mouses with balls inside. All these things might seem to be weird to today's kids, but for us, they were the best things parts of our childhood.

When we recall on our youth, it's hard not to love the '90s. This time period was awesome, wasn't it? And only those who got to live during this decade can understand how great it was (even though it also had its challenges).

Now prepare to plunge back into the past and recollect on all the coolest things from our childhood, because we're about to see 15 funniest memes about the 1990s!

15 Worst Thing Ever

Remember how bad it felt when you bought a CD you wanted to listen to, but when you took it out of the package, it turned out to be all scratched? Or, sometimes it happened when you lent your favorite CD to your friend, and it returned in this marred condition.

We all knew what it meant; it meant that never again it would sound perfectly, and the songs would skip from time to time. What's even worse, it was most likely impossible to re-record the music from this CD to a new disk, because of all these scratches. The only good thing to do in this case was to pull yourself together, throw the scratched CD away, and buy (or record) a new one.

No one wanted anything like this to happen to their favorite CD, so we all prayed for our CDs to be in perfect condition. Hey, we didn't even touch the mirrored part to make sure we wouldn't scratch them accidentally!

14 My Whole Life Is A Lie

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We all had this "no tears" shampoo when we were kids, right? And most of us wanted to know whether it really couldn't make you cry if it got into your eyes. If you were as crazy as the Tumblr poster above, you probably also tried to squirt the shampoo into your eye and check whether there were going to be any tears. And let me guess, there probably were a lot of tears and pain.

Now, how life-changing is the realization that by "no tears," the manufacturer meant no tears, as in "no tangles in your hair"!

At first, it's hard to understand how it was possible, because we all thought that it meant "no tears" from our eyes. But after a few years, we finally took a look at what the bottle said, and it says "No Tears! No Knots! No Split Ends!" The latter two statements refer to your hair, so why would the first one refer to your eyes?

13 We All Did

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When we went to school, most of us had these multi-colored pens, right? It was the best thing ever; we had all the pen colors we wanted in a single pen, which was so convenient. This meant we didn't have to carry several pens at once!

Besides, it was easier to use it, as we didn't have to put one pen down and take out another whenever we wanted to write in a different color. We just needed to make a quick click, and we were good to go!

But this awesome pen came with a huge temptation. We all wanted to know what would happen if we pulled two (or more) colors at once. And while doing it, it was oddly satisfying to see two refills trying to make their way outside and let us try to write with them.

12 Yaay!

It was such a huge struggle to wait all day for our favorite song to play on the radio, only to then record it. But so often something happened that prevented us from getting a perfect record.

It either didn't start from the beginning or didn't have the ending. Or, what's worse, a DJ would start speaking in the middle of the song! After so many frustrations on the way, the day when we finally managed to get a perfect recording was the best day of our lives!

Today's kids will never know this struggle, because all they have to do to get their favorite song is go to iTunes. But, since they get it so easily nowadays, they don't appreciate it as much as we did. We felt like we truly deserved having this song recorded after everything we'd been through.

11 VHS Tapes Were Awesome!

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Today's kids can just go to Netflix and watch a movie or whatever series they want. But back in the '90s, we had to go all the way to a rental store and rent VHS tapes.

Today's kids might think that it was too hard to do it, but, in fact, there was some sort of pleasure in the whole process. It was kind of a challenge, because we never knew if we would find the movie we wanted there. While going to the store, we'd think about it, guessing whether it was going to be there or not... And if felt so good when we did find this movie!

Then, when we came back home with the VHS, we'd open it and feel this strange but pleasant odor of the tape. And then we'd start preparing to watch it, thinking that the life was great!

10 But Not Always...

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Following from the precious blurb, there was a drawback to renting the VHS tapes. Sometimes we rented them after shameful people who didn't even make an effort to rewind the tape. This was a huge disappointment, because we couldn't just start watching the movie right away — we had to wait for it to rewind first.

Imagine how bad it felt when it was Titanic, or an equally long movie we wanted to watch! We'd have to wait for the entire film to rewind for, like, eternity!

All of us thought that there had to be some kind of law that would make everyone rewind the rented VHS tapes before giving them back to the store. Some shops had this rule and actually fined those who didn't rewind, but it shouldn't have had to be a rule in the first place. Just rewind your tapes!

9 Watching Movies In The Classroom Was So Cool!

Back in our school days, it was awesome to come to class and learn that instead of a lesson, we were going to watch a movie.

We watched so many movies back then. Have you watched Jumanji? Or Parent Trap? Or Charlotte's Web? What about Free Willy? Or Babe? Most likely, you've seen all these films not at home, but in school. And, you know what? It was awesome!

It makes me sad that nowadays teachers want students to focus on studies so much that they don't let them watch films once in a while. It was so great to distract ourselves from learning something new every once and a while, and just spend some quality time with our classmates, teachers, and a TV screen. And then we'd get to discuss the movie, share our opinions, and learn something new.

8 What Could Be Better?

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Who doesn't like listening to music? I always say that if someone doesn't like music, there's something wrong with them. Back in the '90s, we didn't have Smartphones with our favorite songs uploaded to them. We only had tapes with music, so we needed a special device to take them with us and listen to them whenever we went somewhere.

The best device of all was the original Walkman, of course. It was created by Sony and it had the best playing quality out of 'em all.

It's kind of sad that today's kids will only really see a Walkman in Guardians of the Galaxy movie (remember, Peter Quill had one). They must have been wondering what it was and didn't understand how it worked. Ugh, the youth! Though they seem...large and inconvenient, they were once the end-all, be-all.

7 The '90s Internet Struggle

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The inability to use the phone and the Internet at the same time was one of the biggest struggles of the '90s. Do you remember how often it happened?! And it was always when you were playing an online game that your parents needed to call their friends, so you had to turn the Internet off and let them use the phone. This kinda thing happened everyday — and it was multiplied if you had siblings who also wanted to use one of these things.

Today's kids will never understand this struggle, because using the phone and the Internet at the same time isn't an issue any more. We can even use both from the same device now! Look how far we've come.

To be frank, the dial-up Internet connection is one of the few '90s things none of us would ever miss. It wasn't only inconvenient, but it also was freaking slow!

6 It Was Huge!

Today, when we have 32 or 64GB—and even more on our memory cards—it's hard to remember that memory cards started from the lowest memory volumes possible. It seems impossible nowadays that eight-MBs could be considered a big storage capacity for video games. But remember, there used to be a one-MB PlayStation memory card, too! For this reason, eight-MBs was a huge deal. Hello, it was eight times bigger than the original!

On the one hand, it wasn't great to have such a small storage capacity on one memory card. But, on the other hand, it was still a nice thing to even have it. I mean, didn't it teach us to appreciate the little things in life?

I also wonder what kind of memory cards we're going to have in another 20 years. Will these 32 and 64GB cards seem to be extremely small, too?

5 Best Way To Text Your Friends

When we didn't have mobile phones in the '90s, we still wanted to communicate with our classmates during the lesson, especially in a way that our teacher couldn't see us. Today's kids might be surprised to learn that we did this by writing notes to each other on small pieces of paper.

I don't know about you, but my school friends and I wrote similar notes to each other all the time! Sometimes, they weren't only notes — they were full-fledged conversations! I still have some of these notes left in my childhood memory box, and I'm sure my friends have some, as well. It'd be so fun to get together after all these years and read them all together!

Now when I recall us writing notes to our friends during classes, it seems to be kind of romantic in a way. It was much more special than texting each other on the phone.

4 What A Pleasure!

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Today, all we have to do with our computer mouse is change batteries in it from time to time. But back in the '90s, we had to clean it once in a while. And to do it, we had to remove the ball from the bottom.

I have no idea what was so special about this ball, but none of us could resist the temptation to roll it around on a hand and just touch it. For some reason, it was a weird—but pleasant—thing to do. All of us did it every time we had to clean the mouse, and some (I'm sure) were ready to clean their mouse more often just to touch this strange ball again.

If it seems to be weird to me, a '90s kid, I can't even imagine how strange it might seem to today's kids; kids who don't even know that mouses used to have balls in them.

3 Just Stay There And Wait

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Today, when all of us have mobile phones that we carry with us whenever we go, it seems strange to go out somewhere without one. If we happen to forget our phone at home, we feel helpless and keep on thinking something like, "What if I need help or need to call a friend? What will I do?"

But not too long ago, when none of us had mobile phones, it was an everyday thing.

We all moved around the city without a mobile connection and with no opportunity to call our friends whenever we wanted to. When we had to meet our friend, and they were late, we didn't know how long we had to wait, because we couldn't call and ask, "Hey, where are you? I'm waiting!" They could be late for a dang hour and we'd have no idea. They even could have forgot about the meeting, leaving us stranded! But, in any case, all we could do is wait for them, patiently...

2 What Phone Did You Have?

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Even we, '90s kids, don't understand how we lived without mobile phones back in our childhood (even though it was awesome), so it's obvious that today's kids will never understand it. Hey, most of them seem to get their first phone in elementary school!

Do you remember when you got your first mobile phone? I got mine when I was 18 years old!

I don't mean that everyone should get their first phone when they're 18. In today's world it seems to be an impossible thing. I also know that parents buy phones for their kids to make sure that they can call them and let them know that they're safe. It's totally understandable. But isn't it too much to give an iPhone to a 6-year-old kid? I mean, a simpler and cheaper phone could be more than enough!

1 Maybe It's Both?

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Every time I see things that were popular in the '90, nostalgia fills me up. I'm thinking about my childhood and miss a lot of things from it. I miss those small notes we wrote to each other, the VHS tapes we rented, and the multicolored pens we used in school...

Gosh, I even miss recording songs from the radio and being able to walk around somewhere without having someone to call you and ask, "Hey, where're you?"

There was something special about this time. But were these things really so awesome, or do we love them only because were kids back then, and life was so much easier? It's a good question! But do we need to answer it now or should we appreciate the good times we had?

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