15 Hilarious Memes About Being Healthy That Are Real AF

When we think of being healthy, we imagine all of the positive things that will come into our lives. We will have more energy, we will fit into our old favorite jeans and basically, we will live a more productive life. What we don't think about are the obstacles that will be in our way of our healthy lifestyle mission. What are we talking about? The obstacles of all the great things we crave in our life right now: greasy food, sleeping in and avoiding the gym for happy hour, instead.

We all want to maintain a better lifestyle, but actually doing so is the hard part. The 15 memes below perfectly describe us all when it comes to the struggles of living our lives, while trying to be healthy.

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15 When we need Jesus to avoid junk food

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We go to the grocery store mainly to sustain our food supply at home. We certainly make more trips than we care to, but that probably won't end anytime soon. When we decide to venture out to get ourselves some food, we make mental notes (or actual notes) of what we need to find when we get there. We make sure to eat before we go to the store, because—let's be honest—nothing is easy on an empty stomach. We plan to make healthy, but delicious meals, with the ingredients we pick up, so we can stay on track and be mindful of what we put into our bodies. But, the one aisle we try to avoid at all costs, always seems to stare us right in the face. And it's conveniently placed in the middle of the store, so we have to go right past it. We know we need unbreakable self-control not to go down that road and it's definitely easier said than done.

14 When we want to be healthy, but not before...

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When we start on our stint of healthy living, our first step is to rid ourselves of all the bad food in the house. Depending on who you ask, it's not necessarily bad food, but it's not food that will get our bodies bikini-ready for the season. We feel the sense of urgency to grab the trash cash and with one swift swoop, throw it all away. But then, as we sit there and look at all the food that can tempt us, we realize that we aren't millionaires and wasting all of that that food would be blasphemy. So, to make ourselves feel better about our finances, we give ourselves a couple more days to consume the bad food, so there isn't anything wasted. After all, what's one or two more days of crappy eating going to do? Put us back a few pounds, obviously.

13 When our perception of health is wrong

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When we prepare for a healthier lifestyle, our brains immediately travel to the fact that we won't be able to enjoy the food we are used to eating. While most food is OK, with a little portion control, we like to tell ourselves that we basically get to eat quinoa and broccoli for the rest of our lives. Once we settle down, we realize that being healthy means a lot of things and we can succeed, while splurging once in a while too. We often want to have everything as fast as we can and losing weight or noticing a change in ourselves is no different. While almonds and apples are good for us, we can definitely indulge in a little more than a couple almonds and a lick of an apple.

12 When our cravings go rogue

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The word 'hangry' is one word we can use to describe ourselves when people are wondering why we are acting differently. Hopefully, we don't always act this way, but when we do, it's bad. Being healthy sometimes means we need to sacrifice some of our food choices and at first, it's the end of the world. No sugar? Yeah, right. Skipping dairy? But, what about cheese? While we know cutting certain foods out and skipping on dessert once in a while is painful, we often don't think about the end result. We skip right to our 'hangry' stage and don't look back until we are well fed and satisfied. Not indulging is no way to live. Who knows? We may end up eating the drywall.

11 When it feels like being healthy never ends

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When we switch our diets, time seems like it stops and we are often thinking more about food than we usually do. Our cravings get to us and the exhaustion from working out is enough for us to think that this whole 'healthier me' thing isn't quite what it's cracked up to be. While we try to be as loyal to our diet as we can, by eating food that fuels our body, we also want pizza and donuts to make our taste buds scream. And when we see our fellow co-workers or significant other nonchalantly inhaling the exact food we want to eat? It's painful, annoying and makes us wonder what we did to deserve such unfortunate karma.

10 When expectations aren't quick enough

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Just like anything else, we want results fast and with no lull in between. As technology continues to make that possible, our mindset is to constantly attempt to get things done right away. We all know by now that making healthy decisions and seeing results isn't something that we can expect suddenly. But, when we pat ourselves on the back for actually having self-control and motivation, we think we deserve to see results right then and there. We look at ourselves in the mirror, hoping to see a completely changed person. But, we pretty much look the same after a couple days of better life choices and we cannot understand why. Being healthy has its perks, but seeing results from living that lifestyle is as slow as a snail with a broken shell.

9 When we feel great after a banana or two

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If we aren't used to eating the recommended servings of food in a day, then actually doing so will blow our minds. Not eating pizza and take-out everyday will give us the energy we didn't know we had and will make us feel better throughout the day. So, when we consume fruits and vegetables specifically, we feel like the health goddesses we are and tell ourselves that we are on the road to victory. Eating foods, such as fruit, should be a given, but some of us just can't get into the swings of things. When we feel especially healthy once in a while, we totally start feelin' ourselves and can't get enough of that healthy glow we seem to possess. What is really happening is that our mind is telling us to feel this way and eating one little banana doesn't really change a whole lot.

8 When health day turns into spaghetti day

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This especially pertains to those of us who hit the snooze button more than once in the morning. Pre-planning meals is a thing and it's very effective. For us snoozers, we can easily open our fridge, grab our meal and take on the day. Even if there are morning people among us, this is pretty accurate, as well.

Delicious, unhealthy food is usually easy to make and takes up less of our time than a healthy meal would. So, when we are strapped for time, that type of food is definitely more accessible for consumption. After we get over the guilt of not planning ahead, we sit there and inhale the food we actually wanted to eat in the first place. After all, we still need to indulge once in a while, right?

7 When junk food tempts us

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When we promise ourselves that we are going to start our New Year's resolution of getting our butts to the gym and eating a salad or two during the week, we want to keep it. At first, our self-control seems to be abiding by the rules and we actually welcome the healthy into our lives. We buy the appropriate items to make healthy meals, we put on a workout video more than once a week and we get down to business. We cannot be more focused on the task at hand and we are pretty proud of ourselves for it. Then, it happens. Lunch time hits at the office and we hear the sweet, sweet melody in the distance of someone crunching on the goodness that was meant for us. We try to ignore it, but it's like the noise itself is drawing us in.

6 When the gym isn't ready for us

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Working out in the morning is great. We get up early, feel like we have the whole day ahead of us and sweat a little before it's time to be social. We then have all the time in the world after work to sit on our butts and watch re-runs of our favorite show. There are many pros to getting our butts out of bed and exercising early, but it's easier said than done. For us night owls, this is probably one of the hardest tasks to master and we are super jealous of those that actually make this a daily routine. Also, when we need to show our faces at a public gym, we think we look like a creature from The Walking Dead and that alone causes us to stay at home and lift a weight or two in our living room. While working out in the morning seems great, our comfy beds on a cold winter morning sound way better.

5 When we deserve one last cheat meal

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When we deprive ourselves of the better things in life (such as hot wings and beer), we almost start to feel bad for ourselves and think we deserve a cheat day or two. Or, when we are just starting out a new health regimen, we want to get our specific food cravings out of the way, so we don't drive ourselves crazy later. Even though we might have to give ourselves a little bit of a pep talk, our healthy ways start after the weekend and we might as well go out with one last 'hurrah' in mind before we dive into the world of Pilates and quinoa salads. After all, we know we deserve this, even if we regret the decision later.

4 When we want to eat healthy, but also want bad-good food

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When we swear to ourselves that we will maintain self-control like there's no tomorrow, we don't think about the temptations that are lingering below the surface. Case in point? Festivals with great greasy food, popcorn at the movies and epic happy hours (pretty much all the fun stuff we usually like to do when we aren't on a healthy lifestyle mission). When we are out in public with friends or family that aren't particularly watching their diet, the cravings appear and we want nothing more than to take a big bite out of whatever they are noshing on. We know they are going to ask us if we want any and we will try our darnedest every time to say no. But, then we think, "YOLO" and dig into the heaven that is right before us. Bad influences are the worst.

3 When vegetables give us all the feels

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Again, when we aren't used to eating the healthiest of the healthy, we take pride in our ways. Our mindset changes, we start posting hundreds of health-related things on Pinterest and we start being one of "those" people on social media. Every day, we start to update our statuses and upload pictures of ourselves with our running shoes on. Maybe, we will even take a mirror-selfie at the gym, just to give everyone a chance to see the changes we are making in our life. We feel like we can do anything and we won't stop until we are satisfied. Then, when we make healthy dinners, we can't help but Instagram the crap out of the beautiful dish we just prepared. If that's what gets us through the day, then so be it.

2 When naps win

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More often than not, we find ourselves complaining over small things in life, such as wanting our ideal body, but never finding the actual time to work towards it. Everyone wants to be in shape and actually enjoy healthy incentives. But, we want to do this, while putting in the least amount of work as possible. We think that if we buy the gym membership, the cost alone will motivate us to exercise more. If we spend money on expensive, organic food, it will make us more attracted to the idea of actually eating it. Whatever our road blocks are, we can definitely make good excuses in our heads as to why we shouldn't follow through. A lot of times, these excuses are merely first world problems and if we really thought about it, we would tell ourselves to get over it and start our day with a run around the block.

1 When we are our worst enemy

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Finally, if anyone could successfully stop us from being a health machine, it would be ourselves. If we aren't used to it, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard work and it requires a lot of patience, self-control and lettuce. Getting into the groove of exercising multiple times a week, after being out of shape, takes time and multiple sore muscles. Skipping pasta and opting for a salad isn't something that is usually desirable. So, we can completely relate with Kermit (us) and sadistic-hooded Kermit (also us) when it comes to making good life choices, while maintaining them for more than one or two days. We like to think that we will be happier in the end if we punish ourselves with a tight meal schedule and exercise that requires a lot of time and energy. But in the end, we weren't made to be perfect. Sometimes, we just need a cheeseburger to live a little and get back on track on what matters most: binge-watching Hoarders, while successfully not eating a damn vegetable all day long.

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