15 Hilarious Memes About Midterms That We Can Totally Relate To Right Now

Even though it feels like just yesterday we were sitting by the pool during summer vacation, somehow we're already halfway through the semester and midterms are upon us. This is undoubtedly the most stressful time of the year, because let's be real... we were all way too busy partying and catching up with friends for the first few months of college to pay attention to anything our boring professors said in class!

We know that we should probably be studying right now to better prepare ourselves for those dreaded exams, but we unsurprisingly can't stop searching the Internet for memes that will bright a little joy back into our stressful lives. These memes perfectly (and hilariously) capture the struggle we're all going through this time of year!

15 Time flies

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They say that time flies when you're having fun, and nothing is more fun than the first few months of a new year at college. The past several weeks have been filled with reunions with your school friends and countless frat and Halloween parties, so it's no surprise that the semester's going by so quickly. It is, however, definitely shocking that midterm season is already upon us... especially since you haven't even ordered most of your textbooks for each class yet! This meme totally gets it, and Zach Morris' perplexed expression here totally matches the one you see in the mirror every time you think about where you went wrong this semester. If only you also had his superhuman ability to snap his fingers and freeze time so you could get a few extra hours to study!

14 Tag yourself

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During midterm season, we're all either Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley or Harry Potter. The Hermione's of the world look at their study materials or exams and confidently realize, "Oh, I know this." The Ron's stare at their tests slightly dumbfounded, and desperately scramble their brains for some memories about the content... they paid attention in class every now and then, so surely they must remember something! Then there are the Harrys, who are utterly clueless and know for certain that they don't know anything. There's a reason The Boy Who Lived dragged "the brightest witch of her age" around with him everywhere he went—there's no way he would have been able to stop Voldemort without her help. Post this meme on Facebook and tell your friends to tag themselves in it. We're Ron.

13 Thanks a lot, Stranger Things

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Okay, Stranger Things 2 just hit Netflix, and it's making studying for midterms way too difficult. Who can possibly focus on boring equations or statistics when the A.V. Club kids are busy fighting off an army of Upside Down creatures and Steve Harrington is developing into the best character in television history? We also have to watch that Mindhunter serial killer show everyone's been talking about, and we still haven't finished watching The Defenders! Okay, it may be possible that our sudden fixation on all the awesome content Netflix is currently offering might just be because we love procrastinating and need an excuse to take a break from the textbooks. Maybe. Either way, as long as we have a Netflix account, there's no any studying is getting done.

12 It never ends

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All you want to do right now is take your mind off your midterm-related stress by going out with your friends, but they're all totally lame and keep telling you that they can't hang out until midterm season is over. That'd be okay... if midterm season wasn't so ridiculously long! It seems like any time it's not midterm season, it's finals season. So when are we supposed to be able to actually have fun at college?! We've seen people use the Confused Girl meme for a variety of things, but this has to be the best and most relatable use of it ever. Sadly, friends who say they're "free after midterm season" are basically telling you not to hit them up until after graduation.

11 The motivation we need

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God bless the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme. Pretending that the dreamy star of The Notebook is staring us in the eyes and complimenting us personally has gotten us through a number of crummy situations, and this meme says exactly what we needed to read to get us through midterm season. We spend way too many nights each semester staring mindlessly at our notes and books hoping to retain enough information to pass our midterms, and it has drastically hurt our social life. While most students are out drinking and having fun without a care in the world, we're wasting our lives away studying. It's all good though, because apparently, Ryan Gosling finds that really sexy. And let's be honest, his opinion is all that really matters.

10 Second midterms

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We thought Pippin from Lord of the Rings was incredibly relatable when he asked Aragorn "What about second breakfast?" because we totally love food and are down to eat pancakes and bacon several times each day. Then someone changed the quote a bit for this meme and now he also describes the great tragedy of our lives. When one midterm ends, it always seems like another appears to take its place! We used to feel bad for the Hobbits because they went through a lot of seriously rough stuff in Tolkien's epic series, but there are definitely times when we'd be down to swap places with them and bring the One Ring to Mordor if it means getting out of some of our exams.

9 Prioritizing what really matters

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Sometimes in life, it can be difficult to properly sort out your priorities. They say that spending time with friends and family is important because it reduces stress, but going out and having fun with loved ones instead of studying can make you fail your midterms, which then causes a lot of stress. So what are you supposed to do?! We've come up with a decent compromise—stay in your dorm room with all of your books, notes and other studying materials... but take breaks every now and then to post hilarious memes that will bring a smile to your face and help you relax. There's a possibility that you'll get too distracted by those memes to ever get back to studying and being productive, but that's just a risk that you have to take!

8 Biggest mistake ever

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Beware, students—this will happen to you at least once in your collegiate career. You'll pull an all-nighter cram session to ensure you're adequately prepared for a big midterm exam, and after eight consecutive hours of studying, you'll finally feel ready. Then you'll take a short power nap to make sure you're able to see and think properly once you get to the dreaded classroom and start the test... but your alarm won't go off or your extreme exhaustion will cause you to sleep right through it. All that studying will thus be for nothing, because you'll miss your midterm and your cold-hearted professor won't let you schedule a make up exam. You can set multiple alarms or ask a friend to make sure you wake up on time to try to prevent this... but somehow, something will happen to screw everything up. You've been warned!

7 We are the Happy Leo meme

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After hours of frantic studying and staring at your notes like they were written in some sort of foreign language, you walk into the classroom for your midterm with complete confidence. Confidence in the fact that you know absolutely nothing and are going to tank your exam, that is! You mindlessly select "c" for every multiple choice question, and write "I don't know" for every response question (because technically, that is a correct response!). When you're finally done, you look around the room to discover that everyone else is still hard at work. Whoops! You pick up your test and walk up to your professors desk to hand him what is most assuredly an F. Don't worry, we've all been there, and if you walk with as much swag as Happy Leo, none of your peers will know that you had no idea what you were doing while filling out answers... they'll just think you're a genius who breezed through that midterm.

6 I heard you like midterms

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It wouldn't surprise us at all to discover that college professors are all part of a super-villain society that gets together and schedules their midterms in the most inconvenient way possible to torture their students. One midterm in a week is stressful enough, but your professors seem to always schedule them one after the other after the other, so it'll be literally impossible to properly study for and ace every exam—at least one of them is going to be neglected, and the diabolical scheduling and resulting lack of preparation is going to cause you to fail. Is this a way to ensure students won't possibly be able to pass all of their required courses in the standard four years, or are professors just extremely twisted and sadistic?

5 Secret Society of Evil Professors

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You know that secret society of evil professors we were just talking about? Well, this meme gives us a pretty good idea of what one of their meetings might look like. All of your cruelest professors get together and laugh maniacally as they discuss all of the horrible things they're putting you and your peers through. Those times where your professor told you "the tests will look just like what we've covered in lecture" but the tests ended up being filled with content you'd never even heard of? Yeah, that was totally a part of their evil plan, and they found your confusion and failure to be absolutely hilarious. Marvel and DC Comics seriously need to consider making these guys their next big super-villain team up, because they're way more terrifying and cruel than Thanos or the Joker!

4 It's like defusing a bomb

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Multiple choice questions absolutely suck, because they're purposely written in a way that can confuse and trick test takers. "Select all that apply" multiple choice questions are infinitely worse though, because there's the potential for several correct answers—they all may be right, only one may be right, who knows?! Every time we come across one of these torturous questions, we feel like a soldier defusing a bomb in a war zone. One wrong move, and everything falls apart. One improperly selected answer, or one correct answer left unselected, and it's all wrong. Midterms are stressful enough, do professors really have to throw so many "select all" questions into their exams and make things that much worse? It just seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

3 Worst semester so far

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Homer Simpson's horrible attempt to help Bart cheer up in this meme is basically an echo of our annual inner monologue. Every midterm season, we roam around the hallways of our college complaining "this is the worst semester of my life." Then the next midterm (or finals) season comes around, and we realize that, just like Bart here, we were wrong. The previous semester was just the worst up until that point... professors find creative ways to make their exams more stressful and impossible every single year, so every new midterm season is worse than the previous one! It's hard to be optimistic about midterms, but maybe we can find some comfort in knowing that things aren't as bad as they inevitably will be next semester.

2 Yeah, you're doomed

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We don't always walk into an exam room thinking that we're going to do a terrible job. Sometimes, we actually spend several hours studying and, as a result, we walk into the room with a degree of confidence. Unfortunately, that confidence often disappears as soon as we look down at the test and realize that we didn't look over all the materials we were supposed to, and that we're completely and utterly screwed. Michael Jordan totally gets what that feels like in this meme—he looked nervous but prepared at first, but then the flood gates opened and tears of defeat streamed down his face. While we occasionally are able to hold our tears back while taking our midterms, inside, we are all like Mike.

1 The classic midterm attire

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Even though we don't spend as much time trying to look good for the classroom as we do trying to look good for the club on Friday nights, we do spend several minutes every day doing our hair and make-up so we don't have to hide our faces in shame from our classmates. That definitely isn't the case during midterm season, though. During this time of year, we're totally content going out in sweats, with no make-up and a hasty ponytail. Any free time we have gets dedicated to studying or panicking about our impending exams, so we don't even have a second to spare to try to look nice. Whatever, it's not like we're going to meet our soulmate during midterm season anyway, right?!

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