15 Hilarious Memes Every Single Person Can Relate To

Being single definitely has its perks. You can do what you want whenever you want, without having to worry about what the other person is thinking. And you can make up the rules as you go along. If you want pizza for the third night in a row, what’s stopping you? If you want to watch episode after episode of Sherlock on Netflix, then go ahead and do it. No one is holding you back. But being single isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes you just feel incredibly lonely and long to cuddle with someone. And you have no one. Here are some memes that will either make you laugh, cry, or appreciate your single status a little bit more.

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15 Conflicting feelings


Single people are very confused. We really don’t know what we want. Part of us wants to take a chance and get back in the ‘dating world’ but the other part is telling us that we are perfectly content with being on our own. I mean, what it so bad about being single? We don’t have to worry about what we look like, we don’t have to shave every day (so much effort!), and we save so much money. Instead of spending our well-earned cash on someone who is inevitably going to break our hearts somewhere down the line, we can spend it on more important things; food. Treat yo'self!

14 Overeating


Being single often leads us to eating more than we should. We’re not doing it to deliberately put on weight, but rather to fill the hole in our life. And what better way to fill that hole than with a large cheese pizza? At the time, it sounds like a great idea. Why shouldn’t you treat yourself? Your friends are out having a good time while you’re home alone. They don’t care, do they? Eat that pizza – you deserve it. The problem is that we start resenting ourselves for overeating. We realize that we’re spending too much money on food when we should be saving up for things we really need, like a gym membership to burn off all those unwanted calories.

13 The 'why are you still single?' question


How to annoy someone in one easy step: ask them why they’re single. Or better yet, ask them why they’re STILL single after all this time, because clearly there is something wrong with us. We don’t ask you why you’re still married. What happened to people generally minding their own business? Not to mention that it’s a stupid question to ask anyway. Perhaps we actually like being single. Perhaps we enjoy the freedom and independency. Or maybe we’ve just ended a long-term relationship and need some time to heal our head and heart. Whatever the reason, we’re probably single for a reason. And it really doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves when someone interrogates us over our relationship status.

12 Couples are so gross


Please can you take your PDA somewhere else? Thanks. This is a public bus, after all. Us single people really don’t appreciate seeing lovers with their hands all over each other while we consider what we’re having for dinner tonight; leftover pizza or a meal for one? We’re not completely selfish, however. A kiss on the lips would be fine, but when we have to sit near octopuses embracing as if they will never see each other again, it becomes a little bit too much. Now our thoughts have driven back to the bottle of unfinished vodka waiting for us back at home and suddenly the PDA seems bearable.

11 The pure elation when your crush becomes single


For anyone who is married or have been in a relationship for a long time, they’ve probably forgotten how great it feels to find out that your crush is finally single. And the best part about dating is that everything feels new and exciting. So even though you’ve told yourself that you’re happy being single, nothing makes you shout “I volunteer as tribute!” louder than your crush declaring that they are ready to mingle. We don’t want to come across too keen, but we do want to make it obvious that we’re interested. So how do we achieve that? We’ll just like their tweet and hope that they get the message.

10 Disappointments


When you finally get the opportunity to talk to your crush, it feels too good to be true. He’s single with no baggage, he can cook, and he’s made it very clear he’s interested in you. Where’s the catch? It’s not until you start talking to him that you realize exactly why he’s single. In your head you imagined him to be funny and cool AF, but underneath his good looks he’s just a piece of trash. You decide to never talk to him or even look at him ever again because you can do so much better than that. But a few months down the line, when you’re still single, you start wondering whether he was really that bad. I mean, he did have lovely eyes…

9 Seeing people is too much effort


There’s about a dozen other things we would rather do than be around other people, especially when we’re trying to feel sorry for ourselves. These kinds of friends also like to rub their happiness in our faces. And they always ask the same dull questions. ‘How’s your job?’ and ‘anything new happened lately?’ If that’s a cue for us to open up about our relationship status or talk about how crappy our life is, we’re just going to pretend we didn’t hear. Yep, everything is going perfectly fine. Yesterday I managed to eat a whole pizza to myself while watching Pretty Little Liars. We didn’t choose the single life, the single life chose us.

8 No boyfriend/girlfriend = not being cheated on


Nights can feel really lonely sometimes. We’ve got no one to cuddle with, there’s no goodnight text from bae and no warm body to use as a hot water bottle. But as soon as your head hits that pillow, you realize that you should actually be grateful. One of the perks of being single is the peace of mind; knowing that no one is cheating on you. We don’t stay up into the early hours of the morning thinking about our boyfriend or girlfriend, wondering who they are with and what they are doing until it drives us crazy with paranoid thoughts. While other people are obsessing over their partners, we’re dreaming about being accepted into Hogwarts.

7 Questioning why you're still single


It’s been eight months and the closest you’ve come to finding the one is being matched twice on Tinder. And even that has lead to a dead end. So now you start thinking ‘what is wrong with me?’ and despite looking deep inside yourself for the answer, you can’t find one. You know you’re quite the catch. 1) You can make people laugh. No one could ever get tired of your jokes and sarcastic comments. It’s your most redeemable feature. 2) You can cook. Okay, so maybe you can only cook scrambled egg and toast, but it’s more than what some people can do. 3) You’re awesome. Period. Your crush must be playing hard to get, that’s all.

6 Expectations vs reality


People in relationships will say ‘I miss being single’ because they wrongly assume that we’re out getting drunk every weekend, meeting new people and having fun. But in reality, we’re probably at home, still in our pajamas at 2pm, eating ice cream while watching reality TV to make us feel better about ourselves. We haven’t washed our hair in 4 days and neither have we made plans to see anyone this weekend. It may be hard to believe, but we do enjoy our own company. I mean, why wouldn’t we? We are awesome. It’s great getting away from other human beings and be able to watch 16 episodes of Friends in one sitting without being judged. Single people never judge other single people. We’ve all been there.

5 Sleeping with pets


Sleeping with animals never goes according to plan. But since you don’t have a spooning partner, you’ve got no other choice. At first it starts off really well. You hug your furry friend close to your chest and he falls asleep quickly. What an angel! You feel so blessed to have this creature in your life. And then the snoring starts. It keeps you up all night because you’re too polite to wake them up. If it was your boyfriend or girlfriend snoring, you probably would have kicked them by now to make it stop. But your pet it too precious. Halfway through the night you end up on the floor while they have the bed to themselves. So this is how it’s going to be from now on…

4 Getting back into the dating world


It’s been a while since you’ve gone to a bar. It takes a lot of persuading, but your friend finally convinces you to step out of the comfort of your own bed and try to have a bit of fun. After all, you’re single AF and can do whatever you want. And there will be plenty of available men there willing to buy you a free drink. So you go along with it, but you feel completely out of your comfort zone. You haven’t had much practice. Your friend walks up to the bar and successfully flirts with a few guys there, while you’re standing there awkwardly, feeling like the third wheel. You’re just not cut out for the whole dating thing.

3 Stalking before the first date


If anyone says they have never stalked someone online before, they are lying. In fact, it’s a very necessary thing to do before meeting anyone. You need to make sure they are who they say they are. Also, and this part isn’t really necessary, you want to get to know them before actually meeting them in person. I mean, you wouldn’t want to go through the effort of arranging a date only to find out later that they hate dogs. Any chance of a relationship would evaporate in that very moment. So after stalking all of their accounts, and feeling very satisfied, you plan to go ahead with the date. About 15 minutes into the date, you realize that stalking them so hard wasn’t your finest idea, because you’ve already made yourself look crazy by knowing so much about their trip to Barcelona in 2012.

2 More stalking


Somehow you never learn your lesson. Stalking never goes to plan, but it becomes a kind of addiction. And you feel so clever about it. They don’t know you’re stalking them, which is why it’s so fun. You can see what they are doing, who they are friends with, if they are seeing someone new, and they will never know that you have been creeping. It’s all fun and games until you accidentally like one of their pictures from back in 2014. Oh god. Your friends warned you something like this would happen but you didn’t listen, so now there’s only one option left: pack your bags, leave the country and start a new life somewhere where no one has ever heard of you.

1 It could be worse


There are worse things than being single. Many of us simply don’t want to be in a relationship right now. And that’s okay. We have time to figure out what it is we want. We’re probably not going to be single forever, and even if we never find another human being to share our lives with, we can always rely on the love of 18 cats and 23 dogs to keep us company. Or we can end up just like Mark, in a committed relationship with 15 inflatable animals. We’re not really sure how it works, though. Does he choose a different partner each night or… actually, it’s probably best if we didn’t know all the details.

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