15 Hilarious Memes Only Best Friends Will Understand

They say friends are the family you choose. And let's face it, without your best friends, life would not be nearly as fun. But what is it exactly that sets a best friend apart from just a friend? Well, naturally it all starts with how good they are at keeping a secret. If after spilling one too many private things to a person, they prove themselves to be tight-lipped, they become an excellent candidate for a best friend position. Secondly, the individual would need to be down for just about anything and also a troublemaker, so there is never judgment, only joining. Thirdly, the person has to have the same enemies as you if they want to become your bestie. (Nothing bonds two people quicker than hating on the same person.) And lastly, they have to be the type of person that totally gets the friendship code, which includes but is not limited to: getting far too excited when they see a crush approaching, giving sass to anyone who annoys their best friend and always being there to laugh with them and at them. Yes, it is certainly a blessing to be able to find a partner in crime in the form of a best friend. So if you manage to find one of these best friends, never let them go (because they know far too much about you).

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15 Best friends laugh at everything

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If you want someone who will offer you a helping hand and ask if you are okay after falling over, you have come to the wrong place. You see, a best friend would not be doing their job if they acted sympathetic towards your clumsy ass. Like every best friend knows, the only natural reaction to have when your friend falls over is to burst into laughter before helping them up. Besties will always be there for one another, but they also know you so well that they feel comfortable enough to laugh in front of your face whenever a life fail of any sort occurs. Best friends are there for the worst of times, the best of times and most of the other times, so you better get used to sharing all of your emotions with them. From laughing at your lame jokes (sorry, we're sure they're great) to crying when you get to McDonald's for a Big Mac only to learn they are already serving breakfast only, best friends will be there for you through the thick and thin.

14 Just like an old married couple

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You know you are in an epic best friend relationship when you go through ups and downs like an old married couple who bicker their way through everything. A best friend would not be a best friend if you did not threaten each other at least a few times a week. But just like an old married couple, you have also come to learn that no matter how mad you are, you still love each other and thus your plans must go on. Sure, you might hate them at the moment, but that does not mean you have to cancel the sleepover you have planned for yourself at their house in a day from now. Chances are, you can barely remember why you are mad at them, but it's likely that it's got something to do with the fact that they did not "Like" the selfie you posted immediately. You were already on the fence about posting that selfie so when it's been up for two minutes, and you have no likes, well then, your best friend is clearly not doing her job. Come on Sally, step up your game.

13 They're always on flashing duty

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In most dynamic bestie duos, at least one of you has a tendency to get a little too drunk or not make the best fashion choices for a windy day. So as any good best friend would, the other picks up the slack and jumps onto flashing duty. Meaning, anytime the wind blows your skirt or you trip because you're tipsy and your dress does not want to stay down (or up), your bestie leaps in to save the day. It's really quite beneficial to travel with a best friend as you know you can be far more relaxed about what you are wearing, fully knowing that your best friend will do her very best to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. Fortunately, you are also there to return the favor when it's her turn to be face down on a nightclub floor after not seeing that very obvious "Caution: Wet floor" sign.

12 When territorial is an understatement

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It's a free country, people can talk to whoever they want in the room, but if for one second, someone else thinks it's okay to claim your best friend as their best friend, all hell will break loose. We get it; it's not that you're territorial, it's that you're possessive and your bestie is yours and yours alone. You have spent years cultivating this friendship, so isn't it just the worst when someone new comes along and tries to take over all of your hard work? Do they not realize how much snot you have had to clean off your shoulder after your bestie cried all over you? Or how much vomit you have cleaned up after a particularly rambunctious night out? Nope, you're not playing. You've earned the best friend title, so everyone else better back it up if they know what's good for them.

11 It's not narcissism if there are two people in the photos

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One of the best things about having a best friend is that you can use each other to take selfies and not look narcissistic. While some people use their unwilling dogs who now run and hide under the bed at the sight of your phone, others use their friends. There's also no better way to spend countless hours than trying to nail the perfect Instagram photo that captures the very essence of your beautiful friendship. Although nothing takes up more time than trying to nail the perfect selfie, it certainly helps if your "good side" is the opposite of your best friends. In fact, one of the qualifying factors for a best friend position may just be that you have the opposite "good side" (don't pretend like you don't know what we are talking about). Even though it may take hours to get just one good photo out of a bestie selfie photography session, at least you're wasting time with your best friend.

10 Best friends know nothing about limits

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A good best friend does not know much about limits other than that they are there to be pushed. So naturally, if you are at a party and your best friend is in charge of pouring the drinks, you can thank her for all of the questionable decisions you are about to make. See, your best friend just wants you to have fun and if that means making each drink stronger than the last, then she is prepared to stand up to the challenge. The little dude's face in the meme above is a pretty accurate depiction of how you feel every time you take a sip of her latest concoction, but hey, she's just looking out for you, okay? While you may not be thanking her in the morning, at least you will give each other plenty of material to talk about at brunch the next day. However, the next time you want to avoid a hangover, perhaps don't let your friend take charge of the drink pouring if she's drinking herself. For the drunker you get, the weaker the drink tastes (trust us on that one).

9 Misery loves company

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If you are single and looking, but then your best friend suddenly goes from single and looking to loved up, it can be an entirely miserable experience. At the end of the day, misery loves company so if we are not in it together then how can we even remain best friends? Just kidding, we are happy for our best friends when they get into a relationship; it's just that we are miserable that we feel like we are in it alone. When a friend gets into a relationship, you suddenly go from being their number one priority to holding the candle on her date with her new man and looking for ways to get alone time with her again. While you may settle into the solo life once more when she leaves you for her new love, it won't take long before you start to think of ways to break them up. It's not you; it's them. How did they not consider you when getting into a relationship?

8 Captain obvious

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It's awkward enough running into a crush when you least expect it, but if you want it to be even more awkward, just take one look at your bestie's face. The truth is that your best friend is just as invested in your love life as you are, if not more, so it's natural for them to get overly excited about the presence of a crush. Now, if you're worried about it ruining your game, you are probably right. People tend to get a little weary when they want to approach a crush and all of their friends are giggling and staring back. It can be quite intimidating for them. But don't worry, your bestie will undoubtedly step in to save the day by spilling her guts about how wonderful you are. And if this scares your crush off, don't sweat it—there are plenty of fish in the sea! At least in the meantime, you will have your best friend to fuel your ego while you look for the next Prince or Princess Charming.

7 No new friends

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One of the cardinal rules of a real best friendship is that you basically have to hang out with your plus one at all times. Once you start making plans with other people and not inviting your best friend, things can get ugly. You are essentially plunging your best friend into a pool of doubt by not inviting them and is that the type of best friend you want to be? How could you? By not inviting them out with you, you are jeopardizing your codependent relationship with them. How on Earth are they supposed to survive, knowing that you are out with other people and that you have a life outside of them? You are basically forcing them to go out and buy a cat. What kind of a friend does that? So the next time you want to think about making plans without your bestie, think long and hard about the consequences.

6 Best friends are dependable

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Whether you need help hiding the body or making someone jealous, your best friend will always be there for you, no questions asked. Now, these two girls may be the ultimate friendship goals. That is a true ride or die best friend, that will dress up as a dude just to pose for your photo. Who even needs a boyfriend or girlfriend when you have such loyal friends? (We may still want one, but let's keep that between you and us.) We have to hand it to this creative duo with this perfectly positioned setup to get back at a boy who's obviously done something wrong. A best friend certainly won't tolerate some dude breaking her girl's heart, so if she needs to tuck her hair in, throw on a hoodie and stand like a dude in the background of your photo; you best believe she'll do it. She'll even go so far as sticking a faux mustache on her face if that's what it will take. You can always count on your number one to pull through.

5 Best friends double as professional photographers

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One of the benefits of having a best friend by your side at all times is that you pretty much have a professional photographer with you no matter where you go. What's even better though is that you don't have to pay them and they are willing to put up with all of your demands because they'll expect the same in return when it's their turn. So soak it all up while you can. She will be patient to get you the good lighting, find the perfect angles and even take a few candid shots because hey, she's your best friend and she cares about your social media game. But be warned—as a best friend, you should probably already know this, but—when it's her turn, she will also expect you to climb roofs, lay on your belly and squat to get the perfect shot. A friendship is give and take, after all.

4 They know how important lighting is

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Best friends know that lighting is one of the most important elements to a great picture, and they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you get it. Take these besties, for example—now they are some real friends right here. Who else would gather around their girl to ensure that she had only the best when trying to take a new Tinder profile picture? No one, other than a paid photographer of course. Also, speaking of Tinder, a best friend will also help you swipe right, left and delete the application when it all becomes too much. So basically, your best friend doubles up as a professional lighting person and a filter on Tinder to weed out the bad, good and the ugly. If you can find yourself a friend that's willing to take on these crucial responsibilities, well then honey, that's a keeper.

3 Besties are always all-in

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No matter how crazy an idea you may have, you know a friend is a best friend when they are right there behind you. While your other friends may try to talk you out of it, best friends are spicy and if anything, they will egg you on even more. So yes, while your best friend may have as much of a clouded judgment as you, at the end of the day, if you are going down, you are going down together. Whether you want to stalk your ex to a bar or go swimming naked in the middle of a public lake, they will think all of your ideas are brilliant. That's the magic of a best friend: they would not for a second think that your ideas are flawed because they are your biggest fan. At the end of the day, as long as you get in and out of trouble together, it's totally worth the ride.

2 It's concerning when a best friend is talking to others

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There is something incredibly worrying about catching your best friend deep in conversation with someone else. What are they talking about? Are they making plans without you? Perhaps they're about to go to another party together, a better party? Why does she not want to be friends anymore? All of these questions are very common and rational when it comes to seeing your best friend being chatted up by a potential best friend thief. That's why you always have to keep a close eye on your friend; you can't risk them getting away. (This is starting to sound like an episode of Stalker, but you catch our drift.) The only natural way to react when something like this transpires is to stare until both your best friend and the conversationalist get uncomfortable. Or you could always go over there and crash the party.

1 When a reality show is in order

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Have you ever had a moment with your best friend where you are laughing so hard, you pee a little? Uh, yeah, same...us neither. But seriously, how funny are you two? One of the prerequisites of being a best friend is that you appreciate one another's sense of humor and acknowledge that you two are the funniest people on the planet. It's true, you basically need a reality television show, and we are just as shocked that no one has approached you yet. The only problem with a show is that while you think you two are hilarious, most people will probably give you a few raised eyebrows. But hey, that's why you and your bestie are so close. You are the same perfect amount of weirdness that no matter what is happening in life, you just get each other.

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