15 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up The Disaster Of Our 20s

When we were teenagers, we couldn’t wait to reach our 20s. We imagined that being 20 was this grand thing, and we wouldn’t be told what to do anymore. Our 20s signified that we would be adults who would finally be taken seriously. Well, we were certainly in for a surprise, huh? Our 20 turned out to be one decade-long disaster that we hopefully learned from on our way to full adulthood. This is the decade where you find out who you are and start your first real job. You meet new people and experience new things. It should be the time of your life! But the truth is, being in your 20s can be a total train wreck. Check out these 15 hilarious memes that pretty much sum up what a disaster it can be!

15 So much stress, so little hair

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Have you noticed an abundance of 20-something guys who happen to already be going bald? Male pattern baldness will sometimes strike as soon as a man reaches his 20s. While it might be hereditary, the early baldness is a metaphor for surviving our 20s. We have all of these new stressors in our lives. Stressors like jobs, bills and dating can make losing your hair much more of a possibility. There might even be times when you’re literally pulling your hair out when trying to figure out how you’ll make rent on your apartment! And having to choose between whether to eat or pay some bill can also cause a lot of stress. So, while we can’t really explain why so many 20-somethings seem to be going bald, we can definitely see how it would happen. Being in your 20s can be totally rough.

14 Because the reality of paying bills just plain sucks

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It can be so exciting to finally begin receiving decent paychecks. But all of that hopefulness takes a turn for the worse when you sit down to do your bills for the month. You have to worry about rent, utilities, internet and phone. There might be credit card bills or student loan payments to make. By the time you finish calculating what needs to come out of your paycheck, there’s nothing left. Nothing! That big paycheck has dwindled to nothing, and you’re back to being as broke as you were when you were a college student. This is especially true when you live in a city where money doesn’t go very far unless you’re making millions a year. Being broke for a decade can be a horrible experience. Ramen noodles and PB&J sandwiches stop tasting so good after a while.

13 And you have no choice but to find unique ways to solve problems

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When you’re on your own, you can’t always afford modern conveniences like ovens and microwaves. That means you have to get creative when you want to heat up some leftover pizza. We suspect that this is not very safe, but it does qualify as clever. Irons and hair dryers would provide enough heat to warm that pizza to a desired temperature. But sometimes you just have to come up with unique ways to get things done when you don’t have much money to go around. These trial and tribulations just made us stronger as we slowly outgrew our 20s and headed toward our 30s. It helped to shape our worldview. But it totally sucked at the time. No one wants to heat up their pizza on an iron and with a hair dryer.

12 When you realize your mid-20s is nothing like your early 20s

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You might’ve been able to party like it was nobody’s business in your early 20s, but things change when you reach your mid- to late-20s. What happens between 24 and 25 that changes us so much? It’s like our bodies begin to rebel against all of the rebellions of our youth. Instead of having fun, we just puke everything up the next morning. We might not even make it until morning before the vomiting starts. The alcohol just doesn’t sit so well anymore. Now we might start going to bed early and forgo the partying altogether. It’s not so fun to be getting sick, and we prefer to keep our food down, thankyouverymuch. But as long as we have someone to hold our hair, it might not be so bad to go out every so often.

11 And finding out that you're not so grown up after all

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By the time you reach your 20s, you discover that you’ve been misled all this time. You might be a legal adult once you’ve reached your 20s, but the truth is, you’re still immature AF. It takes some time to shake off that high school mentality and to learn how to stand on your own two feet. You struggle to be sure of yourself and have yet to figure out what you want out of life. So, you reach your 20s and still feel very much like an overgrown child. Older adults still treat you like one, too. It can be difficult to maintain that line between child and adult, but try we must. People expect you to make mistakes in your 20s, so you’re not alone at all.

10 Childish things still called to us

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One of the reasons that we still feel like children is that childish things still call for us. Sure, some of us might have 401Ks now, but we’re still a total mess and need to play with those claw machines. Who can resist the opportunity to win an adorable stuffed animal? You’re never too old to have good, clean fun! And when you’ve hit your 20s, you can find that you’re a bit nostalgic for childhood. It now seems so easy in comparison. The sad thing is that we just can’t go back. Our 20s are going to force us into adulthood whether we want it or not. It can be such a painful process. So, go ahead and play the claw game or rolling skating with friends. It can be a great stress relief to give into your childish side sometimes. Just, you know, don’t throw tantrums at work or play with dolls when you’re in your cubicle.

9 Learning the rules of dating in your 20s through trial and error

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Dating at any age can be hard, but it’s even more so when you still don’t know what the hell you’re doing. We worried what a long wait between texts meant. Sometimes we would make the mistake of over-texting and scare some guy off. We would get overzealous in our flirtations and just end up alone anyway. If only we’d known to just move on when someone we liked had not shown any signs of interest or bothered to communicate with us! Dating in your 20s is an absolute disaster. You have to go through trial and error period of learning what works and what doesn’t. You also begin to learn your own boundaries. So, yeah, if you don’t get a text back after that second one, definitely move on. That person just isn’t worth the pain we put ourselves through in our 20s.

8 Our life just feels so out of control

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Our lives just feel so out of control! Maybe they haven’t gotten as crazy as Girls or we’re not that messed up, but it can still feel as if we can’t keep up with the world around us. Our early 20s might have been one long party, only to become one worry after another in our later 20s. We’ve reached the end of this decade and wonder what we’ve done with our lives all this time. It can be so upsetting. So, what better way to deal than to get up really early (or stay up really late) and make pudding? Mixing the ingredients could be so soothing because you can control at least that one thing. It’s also a delicious way to work through your doubts! Our 20 can be such a train wreck, and we find ways to survive it.

7 But everyone else we know is getting married and having babies

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Another aspect of our 20s is that so many of our friends are having babies. ON PURPOSE! So, our Facebook feeds are just announcement after announcement of new babies. We will have to go to so many baby showers that our poor wallets can’t even handle how much baby stuff we’re having to buy. Our credit cards probably think we’re going to be a parent when that’s not the case at all. And if you actually want to have children someday, it can be so depressing to see all of our friends just popping out babies like it’s nothing. But there’s no rush to mark parenthood off some sort of divine adulthood checklist. It’s great when your friends are having all their babies. You still have time to get your life in order before taking on the life of some innocent little person!

6 Our 20s were all about repeating mistakes

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Why do we have to repeat our mistakes so much? It seems like we’re just a glutton for punishment when we’re still in our 20s. We will take that ex back or give that toxic friend another chance. Or, we will get drunk the night before a big presentation at work. These mistakes are just SO stupid, and we make them anyway. It’s bad enough that we commit these mistakes once, but we don’t stop there. It must be encoded into humanity that you must be totally stupid in your 20s and good for you to make it out alive. It’s such a disaster that we continue to do this. Our friends will even tell us that we’re being foolish, but does that stop us? Hell, no. We’re in our 20s! Doing foolish things is like a badge of honor at this point.

5 When you discover getting a job after graduation from college isn't easy

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So, you’re 22 and have finally graduated from college. Now it’s time to begin looking for that first “real job” in your field or something at least relative to it. But employers just aren’t lining up to hire you, despite your impressive GPA, long resume of internships, extensive portfolio and degree from a top school. In the real world, employers just don’t care. Really. Employers DGAF at all about any of that. There is a fundamental misunderstanding of what your education should entail, and employers make the mistake of wanting you to be a ready-made employee specifically for their company instead of doing their job of training you, but hey, who’s bitter? As a 20-something, you have to find some way of convincing an employer that you’re worth the risk. It’s an uphill battle and can really wear you down.

4 And your coffee addiction gets worse

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You’ll risk being late to work if it means getting your favorite latte from your favorite coffee shop. In fact, you’re at the point in your life where you plan all of your trips around coffee shops. It’s a rat race, and you want to be able to stay awake for all of it. So what if you’re jittery and talking a million miles a minute? You have so much to get done! And there’s so little time! That’s why coffee saved you when you were in college, and it’s a huge part of your life now that you’ve reached your 20s and have to navigate adulthood. The coffee addiction is real struggle, y’all. And it’s only getting worse as we age and gain more and more responsibilities.

3 All your friends are getting married, so you're like...

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So many weddings! Some of your friends might have begun getting hitched in your early 20s, but it’s like everyone is getting married by the time you hit your late 20s. How many times can people ask you when you’re going to get married? You go to these weddings, and that’s what people start asking. Listen, we just want to get a little buzzed from the champagne and dance with a cute person. Stop pressuring us to get married already. Maybe we (hiccup) like being single! Or, you know, we could just marry ourselves if we absolutely have to do the whole marriage thing. Finding the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with is no easy task. And older adults are asking fresh-faced, idiotic 20-somethings about finding a life partner? We’re a disaster. Calm down.

2 When you're so broke after paying bills that it's exciting to find money, any money

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Being a broke 20-year-old is not anyone’s idea of fun. Imagine still being broke by the time you hit 25, and hell yeah, you’re going to get excited when you find some forgotten cash between the couch cushions! Nickels can’t buy much these days, though. But you can certainly put that nickel in a coin bank and watch your spare change turn into larger and larger dollar amounts. That spare change could buy gas or food. Spare change begins to mean something with you’re broke and in your 20s! Not even joking. People sometimes forget how rough being in your 20s can be, and we’re here to remind everyone that it’s a total disaster. Cut us some slack. Hand over that nickel and no one gets hurt.

1 A good summary of what our 20 were like

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And finally, this sign alone can sum up our entire 20s. We just didn’t realize that most of what made our 20s such a disaster is that we were still stupid AF and made such horrible decisions. Our 20s happen to be the time when we do our real growing up. This is the first time we’re expected to do things for ourselves, and of course we are bound to make mistakes. Some people also just take longer to grow up as well. Being young means that we just don’t know things. Sure, we should understand life a little better in hindsight, but we’re only aware of what’s right in front of us when we’re still in our 20s (if we’re aware at all). And when you finally hit 30, you’re like, “Where the hell did all that time go?”

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