15 Hilarious Mistakes Made By Netflix That Are Too Funny To Ignore

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world currently, and they have millions, if not billions, of viewers using their service. So it makes sense that they could be overwhelmed by their audience occasionally, leading to some little fixable mistakes. Of course, the way the Internet works, however, is that little mistakes form into bigger mistakes for the sake of making jokes. Which is one of the funniest parts of the Internet. For example, typos in tweets are often mocked by the Twitter community and used to make memes. Any chance there is to create a meme, the Internet is on it.

But back to Netflix. Netflix commonly makes a mistake by misplacing movies (as in putting a comedy in horror, or a cartoon movie in thriller) or even worse (or better if you ask us), they put the wrong subtitles or movie descriptions with movies. You're left wondering why a description of Titanic is talking about someone who "lives in a pineapple under the sea," and whether or not you've misunderstood what Titanic was about this entire time. It's funny and a whole lot of fun to see where Netflix has gone wrong. So let's take a look at the top 15 Netflix gone wrong moments!

14 Shrek 2

Shrek has become somewhat of a meme itself, as people have taken to calling the Shrek movies "classics" or citing the movies as "serious" movies that deserve to be treated as masterpieces, rather than as movies about a giant green ogre and a talking donkey.

Seriously, the Shrek movies are ridiculously silly, and they're meant to be! Unfortunately for Netflix, they must have missed that memo. The description for Shrek 2 on this tweeter's TV read, "cancer, sexual abuse, deadly weapons of war: absolutely nothing is off the table with this philosophically minded comic," coupled with an angry picture of Shrek. We think they meant to put that caption with a different movie or documentary, but you can never be too sure! Maybe we just need to watch Shrek 2 again!

13 A Deadly Glitch

Parks & Recreation is considered one of the homiest, funniest, and warmest shows one will ever watch. Its inclusion on Netflix is a welcomed change from some of the more serious, and even horrific shows, that the streaming service boasts. So color us surprised at what happened to @fiveburger on Twitter.

Apparently, when you try to screenshot Netflix - the screen turns black, and at the time @fiveburger screenshotted Parks & Recreation, he happened to pull one of the few moments the show took a darker turn. "Death is inescapable" the line simply reads, a line said by one of the most optimistic characters in Chris Traeger. Still, we can't see any of that, all we can see is pitch black and a reminder about death always winning. Yikes. Netflix got a little too dark on us this time!

12 Winnie the Romantic?

Winnie the Pooh is a classic children's movie that has been a pillar of the "Children's Movie" section since Netflix came to be. Of course, every once in a while Netflix can get a little mixed up, so that's how Winnie the Pooh ended up in the "Romantic Movies" section. We haven't seen Winnie the Pooh in quite some time, but we remember it well enough to know that it is not a romance, but rather an animated classic that works well for children and teaches some valuable lessons. But we don't see Winnie going around and romancing different characters in the movie, so Netflix has some explaining to do with this gaffe! Shoutout to the tweeter for the play on "Netflix and Chill" as well!

11 No Country For A Family

When thinking of family movies, one usually conjures up names of friendly, warm movies that everyone can watch together without feeling anything too heavy. Maybe once in a while a family will watch something a bit more serious like, Les Miserables, but for the most part, families watch movies like Cheaper By The Dozen that remind them of calm, happy family moments. No Country For Old Men, Lovely Bones, and The Usual Suspects do not quite fit that bill! No Country For Old Men is one of the darkest movies in recent times, The Lovely Bones tells the story of a dead girl, and The Usual Suspects is a classic, but in the sense that it's meant to be watched by an older crowd and includes plenty of crude references and scenes that you would not want to watch with your family. This Netflix error leaves us wondering how the heck they got these mixed up!

10 Netflix Goes Current Events

We don't think this was intentional, but yowza this one is a doozy! Netflix accidentally put the synopsis of popular comedy Police Academy in the spot where the synopsis was meant to be for popular crime thriller Making a Murderer. The Twitter user wonders aloud if Netflix is "woke AF" because of the current events regarding police, but we can't help but wonder how this keeps happening! One is a comedy regarding zany police members, and another is a documentary surrounding one of the most interesting criminal cases in recent history. One is for funnies, another is for the serious watching closely. Netflix sure bumbled their way through this one, but at least it provided us with some laughs! I wonder if Police Academy had the description for Making a Murderer in its place, too... Hmmm.

9 Jessica Winnie Jones

We don't know when Winnie the Pooh and friends decided to join Jessica Jones and company, but there's one collaboration we sure would like to see. Netflix must have something against the cartoon character, as he's been misplaced a couple of times now! Jessica Jones, a Marvel hit, is a serious tale about mental manipulation and how far people will take things to get what they want. Winnie the Pooh, is, well, Winnie the Pooh! It's a kids show! For kids! The idea that Winnie the Pooh is the next hero that joined a place called "Hell's Kitchen" is one of the funniest ones we've heard in a long time! Someone working for Netflix clearly has something personal against Winnie the Pooh or family flicks in general, geez.

8 Unbreakable Walking Dead

One of the most popular dramas in the past decade has been The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is so popular that AMC has tried to schedule shows they want to succeed around it in hopes that their loyal followers will leave the channel on after they're finished watching the episodes. AMC even added a talk show specifically regarding the show itself called The Talking Dead. On the other hand, Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt is an indie comedy sensation that recently found the airwaves via Netflix. Somehow Netflix managed to include the picture of Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt with the show The Walking Dead, so now we're left wondering if Kimmy and company are now zombies. What a plot twist! She would be the happiest and brightest zombie we've seen so far.

7 Pokémon Goes Dark

Pokémon has always been popular for it's unique combination of animation, battling, and fun for kids. It's been a TV show, a movie, a game, and more. That being said, the TV show's inclusion on Netflix got the streaming site a bit confused in the past. We don't believe Pokémon is actually about "his tortured time as a POW was a lifetime ago, but he can't forget. Confrontation or forgiveness - there's no easy fix." Remember, Pokémon is primarily made for kids! So we don't think this one is quite right. And while we have a lot of respect for Pokémon, we also don't believe Colin Firth played any role in the animated kids show. Let's, instead, chalk it up to another funny Netflix mistake! Keep 'em coming, guys!

6 It's Always Sunny In Space

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a highly touted comedy show that's been good enough to go on for over 14 seasons now. Netflix streams each and every season after they are completed, so it makes sense that Netflix would really love the show. That being said, they allowed themselves to go a bit overboard with the love in the past. Netflix went through a stretch where they would repeatedly put the summary for the show, "One Irish pub. Four unapologetic narcissists. Infinite varieties of hilariously offensive behavior" on the wrong Netflix properties. This time it was Star Trek, and while Star Trek does have some funny moments, it is hardly a comedy like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We also don't believe Star Trek takes place in an Irish Pub....

5 Tacos Are Hard To Find

Okay, this one may have gone too far, Netflix. The very serious, highly rated Escape From a Nazi Death Camp is NOT in any way, shape, or form about "dating, career, finding a great taco - it's all hard. But becoming a mature adult is a whole other degree of difficulty." We're not sure what show or movie that description is actually from, and though it does sound like an interesting show or movie, but is is NOT fitting for this occasion! Yikes! Netflix should really check themselves before more of these go up on the streaming service, as this one certainly could be taken the wrong way or swerve towards the offensive! Can you imagine kids looking for things to watch and stumble upon a horror film with another Winnie the Pooh description?

4 Turbo

Alright, back to the misplaced animated movies. Maybe Netflix doesn't love the concept of animation and they're trying to make it more exciting for the viewers? We aren't completely sure. But at a certain point it stops feeling like a coincidence and starts feeling like a trend! This time it's the popular kids movie Turbo coupled with the description "Hotel sex. Flying first class, eating yourself out of breath. His life isn't as glamorous as it sounds." Listen, we don't know the movie Turbo that well, but considering it's about a fast snail, we really don't think it includes sections regarding hotel sex. Color us skeptical of whether or not this description fits the movie title! If Netflix wasn't batting .1000 before.... This is one for the books.

3 Rugrats Is Dark

Aaaaaaand more animated mistakes by Netflix! Rugrats was a popular Nickelodeon hit in the 90s, and any 90s kid will tell you stories from specific episodes that will make you roll over laughing or have your heart melt. It is a perfect encapsulation of the idea of an animated kids show that the whole family could enjoy. Instead of giving a description to capture that, though, Netflix describes The Rugrats Movie as "In the wake of a brutal rape and murder, a horrified world wants to know: is society responsible for her death?" You know what, we don't think that's what the Rugrats is all about, or we must have missed that episode. Let's hope it's just another Netflix mistake! Otherwise, Rugrats got a lot darker than we remember, and kids should probably be avoiding the Nickelodeon classic!

2 Mickey And Minnie Get Tragic

We don't think any part of the Mickey and Minnie Mouses plot includes their being a "grief-stricken couple" that "returns to their homeland after their infant's death, only find that their deluxe high rise is haunted by sinister spirits." Especially considering the picture next to the caption is of Mickey and Minnie looking awfully happy together! Honestly, without trying to show too much shade at Netflix here, the guess here is that they made a mistake.....again. Listen, it's possible that Mickey and Minnie Mouse went through a tragic portion of their lives that we missed, but do we really think they were haunted by sinister spirits? Did they have a child we didn't know about? There's too much wrong in this one, so once again, Netflix gets the blame.

1 Oh, Christ

We don't want to get overly religious here, but for contextual purposes, Jesus Christ's story is that he does not live forever, and is resurrected after three days spent dead. It's a heavy tale that was attempted to be captured in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. Of course, the description we would give for that movie would not be "living the fairy-tale dream isn't always perfect, but there's more than one way to live happily ever after." Nope, that's not right. Jesus' tale is one of pain, deceit, and more. It's a long-winded story with many difficult portions, and in the end people are supposed to be left with faith, but there certainly isn't a "happily ever after" that we should automatically take from it.

In addition, we do not believe devout Christians would take too kindly to the story being called a "fairy tale!" Regardless, we all know Netflix botched another description, as it's a common thing to happen. Wait, you didn't know? Where have you been for the last 14 items on the list!

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