15 Hilarious Mom Memes Every Mother Will Relate To

People think that being a mom is fun and easy, and they think that everybody can raise a kid. Well, newsflash, it's not as easy as it seems! Being a mother is tough and demanding. Like, you have to make a lot of sacrifices and you have to make sure that your kids have a good life. Moms have to say goodbye to sleep, manis and pedis and ever catching up on their favorite shows. But motherhood struggles often result in hilarious internet memes. And toady I will show you some of the best ones. Even though these memes are super relatable, moms don't mind them because they love their kids to the moon and back.

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Here's a list of 15 hilarious mom memes that unfortunately every mother can relate to.

15 This eternal struggle

For some reason kids think that stores are places where they can scream as loud as they can, especially if they find something ridiculously expensive that they want you to buy them and you say no. Then usually all hell breaks loose and you're lucky if they don't end up throwing themselves on the floor and roll around and cry really loudly. As if this whole thing isn't embarrassing enough, it always happens when the stores are crowded the most. Yeah, it's pretty painful for a mom so every single one can relate when she sees stuff like this happening to other fellow moms in a store. You can just stand there and silently offer your support and compassion to the one that's struggling. So non-moms, next time you see a toddler making a scene, screaming, and crying in a store, try not to laugh because chances are that one day you'll end up with one of those just like that.

14 And this Heaven on Earth

Going to Target is probably every mom's highlight of the day. Until kids came along, that is. We can assume that after that shopping probably became one of their biggest nightmares. Let's be real, it's difficult to deal with kids at home, let alone in Target where you have to chase them all over the place and be judged by other customers. (Don't worry, they don't understand now because they don't have kids, but the time will come when they'll be in the same situation.) But sometimes, if they're lucky enough, moms get to relive those peaceful days when they they were able to go to Target alone. True, it happens rarely, but when it does, it literally makes a mom's day (sometimes even a week)

13 You know that song "A Thousand Years"?

It is safe to say that you don't actually have to be a parent in order to relate to this meme. I mean, I don't have any kids, but I can totally understand it because I myself was one of those kids whose room was always messy AF and yeah, my mom was literally begging me to clean it. And let's be honest, almost every kid's room is untidy.  OK,  sometimes parents luck out and their kids end up being really neat and tidy, but let's be real, those are such rare exemplars, they could literally fall under a myth category. Like, do they exist, do they not exist? We really don't know! But seriously, kudos to those kids who keep their rooms clean and by doing that help their moms. Good job kids!

12 This very common parenting mantra

Everybody knows that being a parent means making a lot of sacrifices. And when I say 'a lot', trust me, I mean it. Having kids means that everything you own (literally everything) goes into making your child's life the best it could possibly be and all you do (yup, ALL you do) goes into making sure your kid is happy and has what it needs. But what's in it for you? Well, honestly, all you get in return is that your broke AF and tired AF. But it's totally worth it. At least you know you're providing your kid with a good life. And also remember that it is OK to send your kids to their grandparents' place once in a while and take a whole day just for yourself, to rest and recharge your batteries.

11 Sleep is every mom's biggest luxury

This is probably the biggest sacrifice a mom has to make. Sleeping is such an essential part of everyone's lives, but nope, that does not apply to moms. Listen, it's not like moms won't sleep at all, they definitely will, but it's more like they won't sleep much until the kid basically grows up and goes to college. Yeah, so moms pretty much have to say goodbye to nice all night sleep for about 18 years (minus the few weeks they may send their kids to camp, which btw, is the main reason moms send their kids to camp). And yeah, it's absolutely true, unless you're one of those people who call 2 hour naps sleep, because if you are, then yeah, moms definitely sleep.

10 And mornings are their biggest enemy

If you're a night owl and soon-to-be mom, sorry for breaking it down to you, but watching Orange Is The New Black till, like, 2 am is definitely something you'll have to say goodbye to. Moms sleep when their kids sleep, and their kids (especially the super young ones) wake up pretty much at 5 am. Every. Single. Day. So that basically means you gotta get up at 4 so you can have some peaceful 'me' time to shower, drink your morning coffee and prepare everything you need for your kid. If it makes you feel any better, according to most moms you get used to it after a while (even though I don't see how that's ever possible). And if you don't ever get used to it, there's always the thought of them leaving for college one day that will give you strength through the dark times.

9 You know something's up if they are too silent

Honestly, moms don't know whats worse. The constant loud yelling and crying or the extremely suspicious silence. Like, you don't want your kid to sing, yell and scream all day, but at least you can then easily locate them and you kinda know what they're up to. As beautiful and calming as the silence is, if you have a toddler, it can never result in anything good. As far as kids god, being silent means they're either cutting your TV cords or flushing your credit cards down the toilet. Never, I repeat, never trust kids when they're silent, they have definitely been up to no good. So I guess as annoying and stressful as the constant noises can be, at least you know nothing bad is happening. Hopefully.

8 When you see one of those moms who have it all together

You know those moms who seem to have it all together? Yeah, the ones who always have homemade cookies ready to serve, and who actually make stuff from their Pinterest boards? Well, neither do I tbh, so they might as well just be a myth, I don't know. Because who the heck has time to actually make anything when there's a million errands to run, plus making sure your kid is happy, fed and clean pretty much solely takes up the whole day. Hmm, let's just say until non of us can confirm, we shall call those moms a myth. At the end of a classic mom day it is a big success if the kid is happy and a sleep, if no phones have been broken, and if the mom even has some time for a nice relaxing bath. And to be fair, even that is sometimes a myth.

7 When your instructions have been crystal clear

Do you know that moment when you tell your kid not to touch something and they look you straight in the eyes, give you that one tiny mischievous smirk and do exactly what you told them not to? Yeah, neither do I because i don't have kids yet, but that's basically what every mom goes through on a daily basis. I mean, we all know how stubborn some kids can be and how they will do whatever they want to, regardless of whether they have your approval or not. It's safe to say that negotiating with kids is basically impossible and meaningless, so next time don't even bother trying, just let them do their thing.

6 When your whole household transforms according to your kids needs

Once you get kids, forget about having nice things. I mean you can still have them, but chances of them getting ruined, or used for kid things are pretty damn high. This one is mostly heartbreaking for all you interior design fans out there, because getting nice furniture and making sure it all matches and looks perfect together will just result in all of it being pretty much your kids playground. There's gonna be toys everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean "there's a Bratz doll taking a nap in our pantry" everywhere. But as annoying as all of that sounds, somehow it doesn't really matter to moms. As much as they love having nice things and decorating, seeing a smile on their kid's face is definitely worth giving all of it up.

5 Remember when I said sleeping is a luxury? Well, here are a couple of other mom luxuries.

Let's be real, every mom is a superhero. I mean, I can't figure out any other reasons to justify all of their multitasking abilities. Seriously, how do they do all of that? But being a great mom has some consequences. I already mentioned how sleeping will become a mom's luxury. But unfortunately, that's not all. For example, you don't get to shower as much as you want to (let's not even talk about taking long relaxing baths). And you can forget about wearing earnings, necklaces and other jewelry — it will either get lost somewhere among your kids toys or broken by them. Another luxury for you will be heels — you will probably only wear that in your dreams (or, if you really like them, you can wear them at home, just watch out for those LEGO cubes that are scattered all over the house).

4 Not now Satan, please not now

OK, one thing we know for sure is that moms live for those miraculous moments when their kids finally fall asleep. That's  their time, when they can finally lay down on bed to rest and recharge. You must know, being a mom is very demanding and exhausting and not everyone is able to do all the stuff that moms do. Anyways, it's not easy to put a kid to bed, you know. They will usually try to do whatever they can to stay up longer, I mean, they might even cry once they hear the word 'bedtime'. Don't fall for it, that's just one of their tricks. However, what moms hate the most, well at least my mom did, is when you tuck them into bed and they suddenly become very hungry, like they didn't eat an hour ago... But what can you do? Nothing but quickly make them something to snack on.

3 When the realization hits you

Remember that nice feeling of looking forward to the weekends so you can finally relax and get some rest? Well, I'm sorry to break it down to you, but moms don't have that. They don't have weekends because they're constantly on duty, and taking care of their kids is an actual full time 24/7 job. So next time when you think of being a mom as not an actual job, think again, because moms work harder and longer than anyone else. But it's OK, because moms never really complain, they love their 'mom' jobs. Anyways, if you're still not a mom, please cherish every single day off, weekend and holiday you have, because one day, when you finally become a mom, all of those moments will become nothing else but distant memories.

2 Haters back off

Can we all take a moment and appreciate how much moms do in just one day. I mean, we're not gonna lie, dads do a lot too, but moms are the absolute multitasking queens. And sometimes all of that stuff goes by unappreciated, and we cannot let that happen anymore. Moms do so much during the day, regardless if they have a job or if they're stay-at-home moms, the amount of love they offer their kid, together with the amount of things they clean everyday is unreal. Kids get stuff dirty at least 10 times a day, and moms somehow handle all of it gracefully, without absolutely freaking out. So can we all just stop asking stay-at-home moms what they do all day, because they definitely do a lot more than all of us combined.

1 Every moms' favorite part of the day

Speaking of never sleeping and waking up super early, your kid's bedtime is literally the happiest moment of your day. Like it's what you basically look forward to since the morning. Don't get me wrong, you love your kid, your sacrifice everything for them, but seeing them peacefully asleep means you can take a deep breath and relax for a a few hours. And if you're lucky enough and have a kid who just loves to nap, then BINGO! Anyways, bedtime is your time to do whatever it is that you love — watch a romantic movie, do your nails or just enjoy a nice cup of tea. That is, if you don't pass out from all the tiredness yourself. And let's be real, that unfortunately happens more often than it doesn't. But that's also OK, because there's nothing wrong with your kid's bedtime being your bedtime too.

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