15 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Just Too Flippin' Accurate

Overwatch is the stuff of legends. If you’re a gamer and you haven’t played, we can’t help but wonder why. The game is fun and easy for the random casual player to get started. It's also highly complex and competitive for the player who works hard to be ranked, and as leet as possible. Not to mention, there’s so much more to Overwatch than great gameplay. These heroes are funny and big-hearted. Some are intensely cool and others are adorably awkward - but one thing they all have in common is that they're always genuine. They give you the sense that you’d want to be friends with them in real life.

With all of this glorious awesomeness, there are some universal truths we have to acknowledge. Soldier 76? You must mean Dad 76, having to look after all these rowdy babies. Mercy? Yeah, this lady doesn’t have an easy time of it with heroes leaping all over the place, running out of range and screaming for heals. Bastion? Fueled by your salty, salty tears every time he gets Play of the Game. We’ve rounded up 15 of the funniest memes that encapsulate the Overwatch experience, no matter which hero you relate to.

15 Being Hacked By Sombra. Pathetic.

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There’s something very satisfying about playing Sombra and hacking someone, especially if they’re about to pull a great move. She can hack certain types of Ultimates, and she can even stop healing while in progress. Sombra is the perfect hero for those who enjoy frustrating their enemies. Sombra deals a fair amount of damage, but her shining moments come from thwarting plans and finding the most opportune moments to disrupt her opponents.

One of our favorite hacks is playing Sombra and seeing Pharah rise into the sky - of course she’s going to unleash Barrage and pummel everyone in sight, but not on Sombra’s watch. With a few taps on her conjured screen, Sombra has hacked her ability and rendered her useless… and left like a sitting duck for everyone to aim at and annihilate.

14 Heroes Never Cry!

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Healers. The unsung heroes of group content. Playing a healer means putting others first. Of course, it would be great if those “others” remembered that as a healer, you’re typically less powerful than the enemy, you’re a constant target of the enemy, and destroying you gives the enemy enormous satisfaction.

Thinking of the healer isn’t always at the top of anyone’s list. There are Ultimates charging up, ice walls to create, turrets to build, and a constant desire to blast enemies into oblivion. The result? A beaten and battered healer who spends as much time scrambling for life as sending out heals. When a healer finds an ally who remembers to think about offering protection now and then, it feels like a match made in heaven. If not, what else can a good healer do except suck it up and save the day. After all, heroes never cry!

13 What If Bastion Isn’t The Real Killer...

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Ganymede, the little bird that brought Bastion back to life, seems like a sweet fellow. He was just looking for a safe place to build his nest, and the slumbering robot offered the haven he needed. It all seems so innocent… unless you wonder, why is Ganymede staying with this war robot? Is it loyalty to his new mechanical friend, or has he grown fond of the sight of carnage that Bastion creates when blasting enemies with his cannon of doom?

There’s another interesting fan theory rolling around: what if Ganymede is somehow controlling Bastion? All of that pecking could very well be Ganymede interfacing with the massive robot, giving coordinates or determining objectives. For all we know, Ganymede is a robot, too!

12 So, Which Is The Real D.Va?

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Which D.Va is the real deal? Dorito-feasting, Mountain Dew-guzzling, smack-talking gremlin… or ultra-girly mecha-commanding vixen?

Why not both? D.Va is extremely competitive by nature, with an egotistical side that drives her to show off and bask in her victories, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t also love and appreciate her fan base. Livestreaming her combat missions, her popularity continues to grow. She takes selfies and thanks fans after winning, and although she loves the limelight, she’s a loyal teammate.

Three years ago, at age sixteen, she was the youngest StarCraft professional gamer to achieve top player in the world, going undefeated for three years running. Now at nineteen she’s taking names as one of MEKA’s elite army of mecha pilots. Maybe she’s earned the right to be cocky.

11 Genji. Hanzo. Hug And Play Nice This Instant!

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Hanzo and Genji. These brothers need to be shut in their room until they can get along. Except, if these two were put in the same room, they’d end up needing emergency medical care. Hanzo thought he killed his little brother once. The guilt tore him apart and drove him to abandon his legacy and everything his father trained him for. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do it again. He was raised in a powerful mob. When someone goes against the family, they have to be taken out. No matter what your personal feelings are.

Genji was saved by Overwatch and given a robot body that makes him more machine than man, but that doesn't change anything. He didn't die the honorable death that Hanzo thought he had - which means Hanzo is left feeling furious with himself and ravaged with mixed emotions for having to finish the job, once and for all.

10 Hey McCree! What Time Is It?

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Hey, McCree! What time is it?

Party time? Adventure time? Time to get a watch?

Nope. It’s High Noon! McCree is the epitome of Cowboy badassery and we absolutely love it. The joy in his voice declaring his Ultimate ability makes blasting away at enemies even more fun. For anyone who’s played Overwatch long enough, there are only two ways to feel about the phrase, “It’s high noon,” and that’s either utter elation or complete panic. Seeing that red skull flash over an opponent is better than riding your horse into a Texas sunset, because those insta-kills are glorious. Those of us who main a McCree live for those perfect shots, and even if you only play him casually, it’s impossible not to eagerly anticipate the moment your Ultimate is charged and ready to decimate anyone in sight.

9 An Icicle That Raises Hell

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Mei always makes us think of that phrase, “You’ve got to watch out for the quiet ones.” She seems so shy and unimposing. Just a nerdy little scientist researching climatology, looking adorably frumpy in her parka and big glasses. Overloaded with gadgets, sure, but she can probably explain what each one does in tech-speak that will make us reach for a dictionary. She can also cheerfully freeze-blast enemies with her frost stream gun and shoot deadly, razor-sharp icicle projectiles. If someone causes her harm? No problem! She’ll encase herself in ice and not only gain invulnerability for the duration, but heal up while she waits. So yeah, having bombs and a crossbow aimed directly at her is probably fine, because when Mei unfreezes, she’ll have regained health and be ready to throw an ice wall up where it will hurt enemies most.

8 Die, Die - Nope! Mercy Says Live, Live, Live!

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Mercy’s Resurrection is an Ultimate that has changed many games and thwarted countless plans. She has powerful heals, but it’s her ability to revive team members that makes her so special. Her name, Mercy, seems to have a bit of a double meaning. She offers mercy to her allies, but she can leave enemies secretly begging for mercy after she brings her entire team back to life with full health and temporary invincibility.

There isn’t much you can do if Mercy negates all your efforts with a well-timed Resurrection. Reaper’s gruff voice calling out, “Die, Die, Die!” might invoke fear and panic, but if Mercy’s on your team with a fully charged Ultimate, you could hear the sweetest sound in the game: “Heroes never die!”

7 D.Va Doesn’t Give A Crap If You Think She’s OP

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A lot of people whine and bellyache about D.Va robbing them of Ultimates or killing them too quickly, but she’s a tank, and if she’s chasing you down and causing your demise, she is doing her job. If, on the other hand, her enemies work as a team and take her on with a solid strategy, she is going to have a difficult time. Yes, she can take out a lone sniper or other support team member who’s hiding out with no cover, but what kind of tank would she be if she couldn’t?

From the lore we’ve seen, D.Va is one of the most skillful, talented mecha pilots the world has ever seen, so it makes sense that she’s a formidable foe in the game. But she isn’t without her weaknesses. When she’s using her defense matrix, she can’t shoot. She has a crit box a mile wide. And teams who learn her mechanics can neutralize many of her threats and win the day. Those teams that don’t might find themselves a bit salty.

6 Heal You… Sure, I’ll Get Right On That

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Okay, so we hope no one actually takes it to this extreme, but Overwatch is about teamwork. The healer can save your life, but needs protecting. The tank can take out major threats, but needs support allies to finish off weakened enemies who typically run away. So when someone decides to be all gung-ho, racing ahead and refusing to play as a group, they shouldn’t expect the healer to go out of his or her way to heal. Even so, most healers won’t completely ignore someone’s call for help. They’ll toss out a heal to annoyingly reckless players, and if they can, they'll still heal those who don’t group up. But not if a player goes out of range, and most definitely not at the expense of helping someone who’s playing as a team.

5 Bastion: Fueled By Your Tears

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When Bastion gets Play of the Game, players are quick to say that it’s because he’s OP. Cry us a river! Bastion has weaknesses like every other hero in Overwatch. Besides, he’s an bastion unit, which means he’s equipped to mow down humankind. Playing a robot that transforms into a moving cannon is a huge source of joy for many of us. When we’re in the mood to use agility and cunning, we’ll play Tracer. When we feel like firing from afar with a bow, we’ll play Hanzo. When we feel like terrorizing enemies as a battle-tank, we’ll play Bastion and love every second of it.

For those who don’t like being taken down by Bastion, it’s time to research his mechanics and learn how to counter him. Crying about it only fuels Bastion mains as they queue up for another match. And don’t forget Ganymede! He might be the mastermind behind it all, anyway.

4 Oh? You Were Supposed To Be OP?

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Countering Bastion isn’t impossible. It does take some research and practice - and the right hero to get the job done. One of the best heroes to go up against this defense robot is the nimble Genji. Not only can he quickly escape if needed, he can face Bastion head-on and deflect many of his attacks. The Deflect ability rebounds projectiles back at enemies, including Bastion’s bullets. A clever Bastion player will realize Genji is using Deflect, and stop firing until the effect is over - especially knowing there’s an eight second cooldown on it - but a skillful Genji player will have no trouble with this strategy. For all of those people who keep saying Bastion is too OP, watch some Genji versus Bastion videos and enjoy.

3 Let This Turret-Obsessed Dwarf Tell You A Tale...

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Torbjörn, you crazy bastard. This hammer-wielding, turret-obsessed dwarf isn’t exactly best buds with Bastion, but there’s a friendship simmering. He was sent to destroy the last bastion, but when he saw the giant omnic, he realized something was different about this supposed killer robot. First of all, Ganymede was perched on his shoulder and he seemed determined to protect him. Secondly, Bastion ran away from Torbjörn when he tried to engage him in a fight, which goes against everything Bastions are programmed to do. And Torbjörn should know, because he was the one who designed them.

When Torbjörn finally saw Bastion observing a family of badgers, he defended Bastion and restrained the forces sent in to kill him. In a weird way, Torbjörn is kind of a father to Bastion. He did create him, in a way. We can totally imagine him taking Bastion under his wing and telling him grand stories of all the turrets he’s built in the heat of battle.

2 Genji, Calm Your Crits!

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Genji is awesome both as a fighter and as a hero, but there is a huge tendency for those who play him to call out for heals. Like, ALL the time. Playing a healer, if you see a Genji on your team, you’d best prepare to work. Genji’s low health pool doesn’t help, since even small hits can make him pretty vulnerable. Ultimate abilities almost always send him back to the spawn room. But he makes up for this with speed and a powerful attacks of his own.

His speed can work against him when he needs healing though, since he could put himself out of range of his healer’s abilities. Playing Genji, if you run for safety and need healing, the last thing you want to do is return to the chaos of battle to get in range of the healer. But all the spammed “NEED HEALING” in the world won’t take a good healer away from the rest of the team in a critical moment.

1 Dad 76 Always Has You In His Sights

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There is a LOT of fan art depicting Soldier 76 as the stern, gruff father of the unruly babies running wild in Overwatch. The seasoned war veteran is usually wearing Hawaiian shirts and telling dad jokes like a true champ, and it’s the best kind of comedy. There’s something sweet and endearing about this image. Even though we love the killing and mayhem of the game, the Overwatch community has taken ownership over the heroes in a way that’s not typical of other first-person shooter universes. Dad 76 is only one fraction of the fan-fueled content. There’s also Reaperfield (the Garfield-esque cat(, and gremlin D.Va (the Dorito-faced brat). An entire article could be devoted to Dad 76 on his own. Whether he’s ordering D.Va to put on a jacket, or asking if everyone has all the juice and healing they need, he’s always got the Overwatch kids in his sights.

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