15 Hilarious Parenting Fails You Need To See

Parenting—it's a joy and a burden all in one. While you love your little angels, sometimes they are anything but angels. That's why parenting is known as one of the most thankless jobs in the world, not to mention that the pay often puts you in the red. Still, you wouldn't quit this job for the world, even if it sometimes causes you to take drastic measures. You know, like going to the gym just so you can take a shower while your toddler is in childcare. Or, renting an hourly motel on a rare date night to actually take a nap. Sometimes, even the best parents can fail, which should make us all feel a little better. So, if you're having a particularly stressful day parenting, let these 15 hilarious parenting fails brighten your day and make you feel better about your job.

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15 Pull not push

Via: tumblr.com

The older kids get, the more fun they get, too. But, with lots of playing and fun comes lots of energy, as well. That can cause them to be quite a handful, especially since you won't be able to match their energy level for too long. So, what do you do when your little girl wants to swing some more, but you need to sit down for a while with a cold drink? You could suck it up and push her anyway, or you could tell her, "later honey" and feel bad when she pouts. But maybe, just maybe, there's a third alternative in which everyone wins. This dad seems to have figured out that everyone can win if he pulls instead of pushes the swing. He even found a rope long enough so that he could sit in the shade. Genius!

14 That should hold

Via: architecturendesign.net

There's one common problem that has existed among all dads of every generation, since the beginning of time. It's the dreaded day when mom is gone and dad is left to do the daughter's hair all by himself. Of course, it always happens during that awkward stage after the daughter has enough hair to worry about, but is not yet old enough to fix it herself. This dad decided a ponytail would be a safe choice, but he obviously didn't know what to use to hold her hair. He just so happened to have a zip tie, and you know what, it holds better than most elastic bands! Maybe this dad is on to something. Who knows? He could be the same genius behind the swing pull.

13 Running out on dinner

Via: vitamin-ha.com

Anyone who has spent an entire day with a toddler knows the struggles of trying to get anything productive done around the home. It's hard to watch a baby and actually do household chores, especially when the baby is old enough to walk around and climb on things (but not quite old enough to sit still when asked). This mom was trying to cook dinner for her family and watch her young child at the same time. Judging by the crayons on the kitchen counter, she obviously had good intentions of keeping him close by her with activities to entertain him. Yet, that was not enough. At some point, he got bored and decided to sneak out the back door and scale the backyard fence. Could anyone blame this woman if she never cooked again? This is just one more reason why takeout exists.

12 "Knot" so fast

Via: groundzeroweb.com

As clearly seen in the photo prior to this one, babies are great escape artists. They are small, sneaky, and not very loud (except when they want to be), which allows them to move around without you noticing. You look away for literally one minute and the kid is suddenly across the room (or yard) and into something dangerous. It gets even worse when they learn to climb out and over the crib. Fortunately, it may be a while before they learn to untie a knot. This parent tied a quick knot in this baby's pajamas, securing the child to a furniture leg. It doesn't look like this little explorer is going anywhere soon! The mom trying to cook dinner could take some pointers from this parent. Obviously, tying a kid down works better than bribing him with crayons!

11 The road to Legoland

Via: failblog.cheezburger.com

Anyone who has a kid with a set of Legos knows the pain of accidentally stepping on a random Lego—or a few hundred random Legos—when casually walking around the house. So, we all know that Legos are not safe for walking, but apparently, they are not safe for driving either. Thousands of Legos spilled on the highway, causing traffic to shut down for a while. This poor mom took to Facebook to explain the matter as it was her son's Legos that caused the problem. She had put her son's Legos in tote bags and strapped them onto the hood of her vehicle. A strap came loose, and lo and behold, the Legos flooded the highway. The saddest part of all is that she went back and tried to pick up as many as possible, since replacing all of these Legos might cost her an arm and a leg.

10 Want fries with that?

Via: facebook.com

Spilling a bunch of Legos on the road and stalling traffic can easily be classified as a freak accident. It's highly unlikely that most parents will have to experience that little conundrum while driving, but feeding kids in the car is an issue common to all. It's hard enough to get some kids to eat at home, let alone on the road. Maybe you're lucky enough to have a kid who isn't picky and has a good appetite, but that just means he or she is probably impatient. Few things are more annoying than a snappy little voice from the backseat crying, "I want my nuggets!" This one mom finally had enough of her daughter asking for fries before they were cooled down. So she found a solution that would cool down the fries quicker and leave her to have both hands on the wheel. Not only that, but she now has an instant French fry air freshener.

9 This baby tastes like ketchup

Via: feedaura.com

What goes better with fries than a burger? And what goes better with a burger than ketchup? And what goes better with ketchup than a baby? Wait, what? Parents get hungry too, and we're not always patient either! Sometimes, you can't wait to put down the baby before biting into that juicy burger. This guy got a little carried away with that first bite and left a little bit on the baby. Since he doesn't want to put his burger down, or the baby, he simply let his tongue do the dirty work. Surprisingly, the baby doesn't seem one bit bothered that his dad is licking his cheek. Should we assume that this has happened before? It looks like the dad should wear a bib next time.

8 No crying over spilled milk

Via: nydailynews.com

When you have a toddler in your home, spilling milk is a common occurrence. That's why it's important to always have a mop or a roll of paper towels handy. That is, of course, unless you live at this house. In that case, the dog would jump on in to lick it up with a little help from the spiller herself. Yep, you read (and saw) that right. The little girl and her dog are equally contributing to cleaning up the mess. And judging from the background, they have some adult supervision to monitor this cleaning process. Her mom is definitely not a germaphobe. Maybe she doesn't care for having to wash soured milk out of her daughter's hair either. While it's nice to see a kid cleaning up after herself, in this case, it would just be best to grab a mop yourself.

7 Baby got back

Via: zimbio.com

It's never too fun riding on public transportation, especially when you have a young child. You usually have to balance a carrier on the floor or hold them in your lap. Well, there is a third option apparently, which is to keep them strapped to your back. This dude seemed to forget that his child was strapped to his back, though we find it hard to believe you wouldn't feel a baby on your back. Still, he seems too wrapped up in his phone to notice. The least this man could do would be sit forward a bit and give that baby some wiggle room! He's also sitting awful close to the woman beside him. You would think that she might notice, at some point, when the child starts kicking or crying. At least he isn't traveling alone. Somebody is bound to notice (like whoever took the photo) and clue him in to the fact that there's a baby on his back.

6 Slow ride, take it easy

Via: parentfails.com

Speaking of balancing a carrier seat, this scenario is just a little too extreme. There's a good reason why these things are called car seats and not bike seats. And there's an even better reason as to why they come with a base to lock them in place! Bungee cords on the back of a bike cannot be safe in any way, especially when there's a baby on board. This also leads to the reason you've never seen a baby helmet. Babies are not supposed to be on motorcycles! The only time this might be acceptable would be when escaping a Zombie apocalypse. So, unless you're Daryl and Judith from The Walking Dead, it's a good idea to keep your baby enclosed. If the weather is nice, consider taking a walk with the stroller and save the bike for your mid-life crisis after your child grows up.

5 A Kodak moment

Via: desi_juncton01/Imgrum.net

There will be a time in every parent's life when they face the dilemma of either saving a child from a disaster or taking a photo first to commemorate the hilarity of it all. This man, however, faced a new kind of dilemma. He had to choose between holding his child or taking a picture of something else that obviously interested him. Instead of making a decision, he let his indecisiveness get the best of him and chose to do both instead. Although this kid looks big enough to walk, and surely stand, on his own, the man must not have trusted him to stay put. So, how do you keep a kid from running off while you take a photo? Just stick him between your legs and squeeze! We can all agree that this is beyond weird.

4 Taking a dive

Via: lizhansenphoto/Instagram.com

Just when you thought you'd seen the worst photo fail of all, along comes a blunder to beat them all. It's always fun to take family photos, especially with little ones. You never know what they're going to do in the photo. And sometimes, you don't know what the parents are going to do either. This poor mom took a misstep in the sand and watched horrified as her baby flipped out of her arms and onto the ground. The photographer snapped the photo just in time to catch this catastrophe. It was obviously a terrifying event for the family, and the baby most likely was done for the day after that tumble. But over time, it's sure to become one of the family's most memorable photos. Thankfully, the photographer noted in her Instagram post that the baby was fine. She did say she sometimes gets hate mail about the photo, though. This is unfortunate, as it was obviously a freak accident that will be laughable when the child is older.

3 Car show pit stop

Via: parentfails.com

Talk about letting him fly! This kid had to let it fly while at a car show. Apparently, there wasn't a bathroom anywhere near him or his parents just thought it would be more convenient to just let him fill a bottle. It looks like a juice bottle, which could lead to some serious confusion after it has been filled with urine. Hopefully, they threw that bottle away as soon as he was finished with it. There's no doubt about it by the look on the car models' faces that he stole the show. The least he could have done would be to keep it behind the car door, like most guys taking a pit stop. Well, at his age, it's clear that someone else is to blame.

2 Baby's first twerk

Via: baklol.com

It's sad how young kids can't control what their parents make them do. Peeing in a bottle in front of a stage is one thing, but learning provocative dance moves before you're even potty-trained is bad on a whole other level. So, here's a most embarrassing moment in the parenting book of blunders. Not only did this woman somehow think it would be funny to teach her daughter how to twerk, but she also posted it to social media, while calling her little one a "b*tch" as well. Since the mom is in the photo, too, that can only mean somebody else was there to take the photo. Was it possibly the dad? Who knows? All we know is that this is not so much a parenting fail as it is a parenting failure.

1 Multitasking mama

Via: failblog.cheezburger.com

Now here's a pioneer woman who can do it all: shoot guns, guzzle a beer, and hold a baby—all at the same time. While most people would agree that guns and alcohol are among the top things not to have around kids, this woman clearly sees no problem with it. In fact, she's probably pretty proud of herself for being able to manage both and still not neglect holding her little boy. Most people would be like, "Let me put down my beer so I can shoot." Not this multitasking mama. She can shoot, drink, and hold a toddler simultaneously. This takes some talent, though not the kind of talent one should be proud of having. Again, we have to wonder if the dad took this picture. If so, we would like to see the man on the other end of the camera. He can probably drink, shoot, and hold a baby as well.

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