15 Hilarious Parents That Are The Real MVP

Being a parent and not totally losing your sanity or patience is a gift that doesn't come easily for some people. Bringing a child into this thing called life is a huge responsibility and parents are

Being a parent and not totally losing your sanity or patience is a gift that doesn't come easily for some people. Bringing a child into this thing called life is a huge responsibility and parents are the ones who pave the way for a child to blossom. There are all sorts of parenting styles and each parent lives by one or the other. But once in a while, they can show us their "cool" side and completely blow us all away. Rest aside, the "cool" side may not be so great for their kid, but in the end, the lessons they try to pass on to their kids is valuable (whether the execution is nerdy or not).

When we were younger, we had social media all to ourselves and it was like a small world without parents. Now, parents love social media just as much as us and continue to surprise us with their skills. Besides social media, they also continue to find ways to show us they are the real MVPs in this world.

15 Moth-man prophecies, part two

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It doesn't matter how many times we tried to handle things on our own when we were younger, we still somehow came to the conclusion that we need our parents more than we let on. There are certain situations in which we especially need them, so we suck it up and accept the fact that they are our parents and that's what they are there for. So, when there is a flying monster buzzing around our house, we absolutely need back up in retrieving the pest and putting it where it needs to be. But, instead of this dad coming to the rescue right away, he decides to be a pest himself and make fun of his daughter for being scared of an insect. Hilarious response and perfect execution. Hopefully, the dad helped his daughter out afterwards.

14 Babies on board

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We've all been there—we need to board a plane to get to our destination and we are dreading it. There seems to be a good amount of people on the airplane and we just want to get to our seat. It seems like we always manage to be in the screaming vicinity of one of the babies on board, though. This shoots our dread to an all-time high. We know that babies are fussy and they will most likely be making noise or crying the entire flight. We are well-aware that the parents just want to get to their destination too and realize that traveling and being around a baby in a confined space is not favorable. So, the fact that these well-aware parents bring little treats and a note letting those around them know their baby might be vocal just proves that they are some great people.

13 Chores galore

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Chores—most of us had to do them to get our allowances for the week or to be able to leave the house that day. Rightfully so, since our parents probably bought everything we needed while we were young. So, the above statement is a great one that parents can slyly use when they realize that their children should put a little effort into make their living space, well, livable. Parents always have snarky comments tucked away for the perfect time and it makes sense since kids can sometimes be a bit entitled and feel like if their friends don't need to do chores, then they don't either. Lucky for them that their parents want to instill morals and a work ethic before they leave the house! Parents unite!

12 Heading to the naughty list

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We will never understand how kids can be ungrateful when they are given the world. It is so sad that kids these days feel as if they should write things on social media outlets to get a like or two from friends. There's some sort of unspoken rule among kids that this is cool, even though it makes them look like spoiled brats. Acting like they are the victim and making a situation much bigger than it is might be a cry for help, but in this case, it seems like the kid was just bored and decided to complain about something. We've all been there and we've all done that, but realizing what we are doing before we post it to social media? That's the kicker right there. This mom did the right thing by calling their kid out on social media. Hopefully the kid learned their lesson.

11 Selfies at a school conference

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It's quite the trend these days for parents to finally cave in and adapt to social media. They then proceed to embarrass their kids in the best ways and it's hilarious to watch. But this one takes the cake of the ultimate selfie. It's awesome that parents can joke around in good fun like this, while also getting the daughter's teacher to literally sit in on it. After all, if teenagers can have fun with technology, why can't their parents? If we can think back to being a teenager, we would agree that this would have been painfully embarrassing if it happened to us. But, hopefully in years to come, the daughter can admit that her parents are super cool.

10 My sibling isn't human

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Throughout generations, parents have used different tactics and rules to help their kids become decent, upstanding people. Then, when something works, they stick to it until the kid picks up on it. Case in point: the parents above. How clever is it that these Grade-A parents used the threat of their kids turning into a mushroom by not practicing healthy hygiene? Very clever. First off, no one wants to be a mushroom and that would be completely terrifying as a kid. We don't know many kids that actually liked mushrooms when they were young, so it's a perfect item to choose. They really took it home by going as far as putting their children's other "sibling" in photo albums for an extra touch of realism. Hey, whatever works for them!

9 Psyche!

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Kids—they do the darnedest things...such as ignoring their parents until something that benefits them comes up. If we were all honest, none of us wanted to do chores or homework when we were younger. We wanted to hang out with our friends, play video games and avoid being responsible. So what better way than for parents to call their kids out on their own game than by spinning it around on them? Parents eventually learn the trick to speaking their kids' language so that the kids will respond. Everyone has been bad at getting back to people that have called or texted them, but apparently bribing teenagers with a car works. Applause all around for these parents finally getting their kid to talk by using a little white lie.

8 What's the password?

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It's crazy how things have changed since most of us were younger. All we wanted to do as kids was go outside and watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. We weren't as caught up in technology as kids today are. But, parents these days have the upper hand when it comes to giving their children access to use technology. Whether we want to admit it or not, technology is all around us and it spills into our lives in practically every situation we encounter. So what better way to get kids to do their homework and/or chores than to withhold the WiFi password? Pure brilliance. Parents have all the control at that point and their homes will be clean in no time and their kids will be straight-A students.

7 Doesn't seem like an idiot

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Usually in a situation like this, parents would be super upset to find out that their child has been given detention. They jump to conclusions and imagine the worst. Or, the child doesn't tell the said parents about the detention and the parents get even more upset when they find out from another source. But not this mom. This mom supports her daughter's decision to stand up for herself and these are the types of people we all need in our lives. Clearly, the teacher was in the wrong by calling this girl an idiot and completely deserved the backlash he got from this girl. Huge applause for this mom for sticking up for her daughter and teaching her to stick up for herself when she has the right to.

6 Self-dresser

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There is nothing cuter than seeing a little boy or girl in a store, knowing they have clearly picked out their own outfit. It's very beneficial for parents to let their kids make their own simple decisions such as this and it helps them to adapt a personality of their own. It's important to guide children of course, but to let them take the reigns sometimes is also important. We aren't talking about letting them pick out their own Halloween costume, we are talking about letting them wear it five months later when they have the urge to put it on. These parents are definitely doing it right by letting their kid have their own fashion sense by giving him choices. And they are so cool for dressing up, too!

5 The pet protector

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We all remember dark shadows and the things that went bump in the night when we were younger. Somehow, we always got it in our heads that there was some sort of entity that would jump out of our closets or grab our little feet if we had them slung over the side of the bed. For parents, that must be a nightmare to break (just like potty-training probably is). So when parents find the piece to the puzzle (like this particular parent did), they are winning at life. Children have innocent, delicate minds and things as simple as a pet fish can be used to chase the monsters away. Maybe now the daughter will want fish for the rest of her adolescent years instead of a dog that most kids beg for. Number one dad!

4 More working, less begging

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If we haven't known someone that did something similar to this with their kids, we have at least seen this self-made advertisement on one of our social media pages. Parents use limitless methods to try to get their kids to behave and act like decent human beings. Sometimes the tactics work and sometimes they fail miserably. The parents that belong to these adorable kids up above know what they are doing. First off, the kids don't seem too upset to be holding the sign, like it is a means of punishment. Second, this gives kids the motivation to work hard towards their goals on their own and not for momentous items that will probably keep them happy for a week or two. Parents that work with their kids like this makes for a happier household.

3 A symbol of love

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If this isn't one of the greatest symbols of how much these parents care for their child, then we don't know what is. When kids suffer from a disability or disorder from an early age, it's probably hard to make them understand the gravity of it. Their little brains can't quite wrap around the understanding that they may be different from other kids, but they are just as special. Tattoos are relatively permanent unless a person goes and painfully removes them (but there's a very good chance that these parents will have this memory on their bodies for life and with good reason). This kid has some great parents that want him to feel normal, simply because he is. They want him to know that diabetes doesn't define him and that's an important lesson to learn at a young age.

2 Playing the part

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Sometimes life gets so busy with work, soccer practice and other things that we often forget to stop and appreciate the small things. We know we shouldn't take what we have for granted, but often it seems like it's easier said than done. Whenever we see parents taking life a little lighter than most do, it's a great breath of fresh air. It gives kids the incentive to be goofy with their parents, whom they look up to and love very much. Taking life too seriously is a waste of time and this dad probably has the same outlook. A kid's mind is constantly developing and their imaginations are so expansive that parents need to stop, realize this and play along. This dad has that going for him.

1 Elsa and the gang

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Is there anything more darling that a dad that goes all in for his little girl? In this instance, it looks like this dad is carting around a bunch of Elsa look-a-likes, while he too, is dressed as Elsa from Frozen. What's even better is he looks proud to be in that moment and his little girl is probably so excited to have a dad that is this comfortable dressing like a female Disney character.

Again, it is so important that parents drop everything once in a while and become a bit like a kid themselves. Life is too short to take everything seriously and how fun is that anyways? Hopefully everyone that is a parent (or a potential parent) has the same outlook as well. After all, aren't adults just big kids with responsibilities?

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