15 Hilarious People Who Beat The System

It’s like the old saying goes, “Rules were made to be broken.” If there's anyone who doesn’t agree with a certain rule, then they have to get a little creative. They need to think outside of the box and take matters into their own hands. And if that means having to undermine the system to do it, then so be it. Whether it involves faking an engagement to get a free dessert at a restaurant or swapping out a tire that has a boot on it, these clever thinkers were able find loopholes most people wouldn’t think existed. So the next time anyone's faced with some silly rule, just remember that there’s always a way around it. Here are 15 hilarious people who beat the system.

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15 Congratulations!

Ah, it’s the old “fake proposal in order to get a free dessert” scam. Works every time!

What’s better than a free dessert? Go ahead, I’ll wait… See? Nothing.

And if getting a free dessert means having to fake propose to your significant other, then so be it. But does this mean that these two always carry around a fake wedding ring with them? That’s commitment to their craft if you ask me. I’m just a little upset that these people decided to share their secrets with everyone. Sure, now we all know how to get a free dessert, but now restaurants are going to be on the lookout for this kinda thing. It’s just a shame that this scam doesn’t work at car dealerships, jewelry stores, and banks. Or does it? Maybe I should give a shot.

14 The Boot

Well, that’s one way to do it. Getting a boot on your car is the worst. And there’s no way to get it off other than to pay the fine… or is there?

This next clever guy decided to take matters into his own hands and just swapped out the booted tire for a new one.

I mean, I guess technically, this is okay, right? Are there any rules against this? Nothing really comes to mind. And it’s probably a heck of a lot cheaper just to change the tire yourself than it would be to have than whole boot taken off your wheel. Everyone just needs to make sure that they have a spare tire on them in order for this to work. This guy deserves a medal for this.

13 No Unicycle Riding?

No bicycles, no rollerblades, no roller skates, no skateboards, no scooters, no problem.

Is riding on a unicycle not allowed? Gee, I must have missed that. Maybe I should read the sign again. Oh, that’s right; it says nothing about not being able to ride a unicycle. You can tell how adamant the people who made this sign were about not having any wheels riding on that sidewalk. They made sure to cover every single base. And who would think to include both rollerblades and roller skates? I thought those were pretty much the same thing? That’s how serious these people were about that sidewalk.

Unfortunately, it would seem that they missed one form of wheel riding. It just goes to show you that learning to ride a unicycle can indeed come in handy.

12 Buy One Get One Free

Okay, first things first. Why would this festival not be allowed to sell water? That seems like the most obvious thing to sell at a festival. What do they expect people to drink? Nevertheless, the wonderful purveyors of this food stand were able to work around these ridiculous rules. And it’s actually pretty brilliant.

At first, you might think that one dollar for a single peanut might seem like a bit much, that is, until you discover that you get a free water bottle with each purchase of a peanut.

How great is that? And the peanut shell is included! Can this deal get any better? Let’s all be glad that there are people like this who are willing to beat the system and stand up for the little guy. We salute you.

11 Street Smart

This next kid is definitely going places. Case in point: this boy's parents seems to have very strict rules when it comes to different rooms in the house. Their first rule being that food isn’t allowed in the living room. Fair enough, that should be easy to follow. The second rule is that you can’t use your tablet in the kitchen. Why? I don’t have a clue, but it’s their house, so it’s their rules. However, when these parents made these rules, they didn’t take into account how clever their kid was, because he found the one loophole in those rules.

This kid decided to set up shop at the border of his kitchen and living room.

That way, his food is still in the kitchen, his tablet is in the living room, and his parents are none the wiser.

10 Send Pic

Ughhhhh… what is with people like this? Stop asking for pics! It’s enough already. Nevertheless, I don’t think that people are going to stop anytime soon, so let’s all be thankful that there are people like Denise who not only beat the system, but are putting people in their place at the same time.

This person, or should I say “creep,” asked Denise for a pic of her in her bra. So what did Denise do?

She sent Marcus a picture of her bra that just so happened to have a little 3x5 school picture of herself in it.

This is so great. First off, this is exactly what Marcus asked for. Second, the fact that she put a school photo of herself in the bra, and looks much younger in that pic, just makes this even better. (If that were even possible.)

9 Parking Ticket

I like to go by the philosophy of: if it works, it works. And this next one definitely works. I absolutely despise parking tickets. I don’t think that’s taking a bold stance, but I feel it should be said. And what better way to avoid a parking ticket, than by pretending that you have already received one?

If you think about it, it’s not your fault that the meter person didn’t think to open the ticket up and make sure that it was real.

If there happens to be something that resembles a ticket sitting on your windshield, so what? It happens.

This is a great way to beat the system. You see what I mean when I said, “If it works, it works”? If only this worked on speeding tickets...

8 Breaking The Seal

It’s that seal. That ridiculous seal. Anytime you get something of importance, they put those little stickers where the package opens that tells you that if you open it, you accept the end user license agreement.

What that basically means is that once you break the seal, it’s all on you now.

If it’s gets damaged, too bad, you already broke the seal. However, when these high paied lawyers wrote up this “End User License Agreement,” they didn’t expect someone like this next person to beat the system by opening it up from the other end. Sure, they ripped the bottom open, but they absolutely did not break that seal. And I’m no lawyer, but this looks like an open and shut case to me. If the seal is not ripped, you must acquit.

7 Tow Zone

You have two options: you either pay for parking or you get your car towed. Well, if you are like this next person, you decided to take matters into your own hands and create a third option.

This person decided to sneak their motorcycle in between the 'pay for parking' and the 'tow zone.'

If that isn’t a clear example of beating the system, then I don’t know what is. Why these two parking poles weren’t closer together? I have no idea. It really makes you wonder though. The city could have easily combined these two parking rules onto one pole, therefore ensuring that no one parks there for free. I guess that’s local government for you. All I know is that this person has a free parking spot from now on.

6 Chips And Salsa

Well played. Very well played. It would seem that this bar is legally obligated to offer food. Why is this bar legally obligated to offer food, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. But the law is the law, so you have no choice but to follow it. But what if you owned a bar and really didn’t want people ordering food? Is there a way to get around this issue? You better believe there is!

This bar’s simple solution was to offer chips and salsa on the menu for $200.

How great is that? First off, they are complying with the law by offering food. Second, they aren’t going to be serving many people, if at all, because of the price. And third, if someone does buy them, they just spent $200 on chips and salsa!

5 Receipt

Speaking of exclusive release parties that you can’t get into unless you are on the guest list, we get this…

This next guy was able to get into an exclusive Volcom release party by wearing a wrapped up grocery store receipt on his wrist.

Yes, you read that correctly. He got into an exclusive party by wearing a receipt. Just look at that thing. That is definitely a receipt. This is how you beat the system, folks. You act like you belong at the party and no one will bother you. I think I am going to have to give this one a try the next time there is an exclusive launch party. All I need to do now is find out about an exclusive launch party… and go to Trader Joe's.

4 Name The Shape

How is it that these young kids are so darn clever?

If I was looking at this math test and was asked to name all of the 2-D shapes, I would have never thought to do what this next kid did.

Instead of writing down the exact names of the shapes, this clever kid decided to literally “name” them. And the last time I checked, giving each shapes a first name is what it means to name them. So guess what? This means that this kid should get all of those answers correct. Instead of blaming the kid for beating the system, why not blame the teacher who came up with this question. Why not ask the kids to draw a circle, triangle, octagon, etc…

Don’t dislike the player, dislike the game.

3 Dogs In Bags

Really, New York City? Really?! You’re really going to ban dogs in the subway unless they can fit in a bag? What kind of rule is that? Have you even seen the subways? I’m pretty sure the dogs are cleaner than most of the people you’ll find down there. And I know this from firsthand experience. So what do you think the great people of New York City did? Do you think they just accepted this ridiculous rule and left things at that? Of course not! They decided that if dogs have to be in bags, they were going to put their dogs in bags. It didn’t matter if it was a five pound chihuahua or a seventy pound husky.

If they had a bag that was big enough, those dogs were going in it.

2 Please Check

I still can’t figure this next one out. Why would someone want people to put a checkmark on that paper if they flushed the toilet? Doesn’t everyone flush the toilet after they use it? So wouldn’t that mean that there would be a ton of checks on that paper? Unless, whoever put this sign up wanted people to make sure that everyone flushed the toilet, but people ended up beating the system by literally putting checks on the paper instead of checking with their eyes to see if they flushed.

That would make a lot more sense, wouldn’t it? Sure, it makes more sense, but it’s not nearly as funny.

And by the way, there are 25 check marks, an “X”, and a smiley face. Yeah, I counted them all. You’re welcome.

1 Dogs Allowed

What kind of monster can say “No” to a face like that?

Just look at those beautiful eyes and that giant tongue. How could anyone create an area that says “No Dogs Allowed”? Well, regardless of what that floor says, this cute pup decided to beat the system and take matters into their own paws. By simply plopping themselves down on top of the “No,” the floor now effectively reads, “Dogs Allowed.”

What? Look at the picture. Where does it say “No”? I know I don’t see it. And if I can’t see it, then it’s not really a rule. And believe me when I say that I will fight you tooth and nail on that. And more importantly, now, because of this gorgeous pup, all dogs are allowed. Take that!

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