15 Hilarious People Who Take "Extra" To A Whole New Level

There are certain people who have turned the simple, common word, "extra", into a lifestyle. They are the people who, when you see them, cause your pulse and breath to quicken and demand that your eyes be cast upon them and them only. You see, the art of being extra takes work. Hard work. And tons of dedication. We all know at least a few of these people, who may have formerly been known as “attention grabbers” or “drama queens/kings” among other titles. But even among this group of extraordinary people, there are some that stand out. These few magical people are not satisfied with simply being extra. They have crossed over that and have become extra to the extreme. And, just like the people you are about to see, deserve a medal for being extra AF.

15 The extra AF kid who knows that it's all about that lighting

Here is a little intro about James Charles. He is a YouTube sensation and an absolute magician when it comes to makeup. The word “subtle” does not exist in his vocabulary, so it really wasn’t all that surprising when he brought a ring light and about a pound of highlighter to his senior photo shoot. He also deserves a gold medal for being extra AF. Just take a look at his YouTube channel and you’ll see what I mean. You can also follow him on Twitter for a daily does of sunshine. Not that he wasn’t gorgeous to begin with (or the rare occasion that you see him “au naturel” he is still 100% b-e-a-u-tiful) but the makeup transformations are simply astounding. Slay on, James Charles!

14 This extra AF angel of a son

When the holidays roll around, people tend to go a little bit overboard with the whole decorating thing. It’s become so commercial that we forget what it’s all about *insert Linus’ meaning of Christmas speech from “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” here*. But in all honesty, isn’t the most important part of Christmas being around the people we love? Sure, presents and food come in at a close second, but family and friends come first. So, in the spirit of the most extra of holidays, Twitter user @GeorgeTweetings took it upon himself to remind his family just how important he was by taking his rightful place at the top of the tree as the angel of his family. This angel certainly deserves a gold medal for being extra AF.

13 This extra AF guy who specifically said NO ONIONS!

Getting a screwed-up food order can be annoying at best and meltdown-inducing at worst. Especially when you don’t see it coming. Your order comes, smelling like it was sent straight from God’s personal chef, and you take a bite only to find the one ingredient you asked the server to omit. What are you to do? Well, if you are anything like Twitter user @FET_BAMMY, you spell it out. Literally. Now, as someone who has worked in the service industry, I can confirm that it sucks balls to be on the receiving end of a customer's complaint, especially when you did your job properly and have to deal with the cook’s screw up. But, a known side effect of being extra AF can be pettiness and @FET_BAMMY pettiness level is at 100%.

12 This extra AF ice dancer

We all have that one friend who constantly goes above and beyond to make sure that they are the most over-the-top person in the room. Or, in the case of this man, rink. Twitter user @pancake2983 shared a video of a man in midst of an act of extreme extra-ness. This is clearly not a professional arena, it appears to be one of those pop-up ice rinks they put in malls. A bunch of average Joes put on skates, wobbled around the ice, having a grand time whilst slipping and sliding around when this guy happened. This guy saw an opportunity and he grabbed it. I’m only surprised that he didn’t take a bow or sprinkle some salt on to the ice at the end.

11 This extra AF sore loser

Okay, let’s be real here: it sucks to lose. I’m not even all that competitive and I can admit that winning feels much better than losing. Especially when it’s against an SO. But something that they try to start teaching kids in kindergarten is how to lose gracefully or, in other words, how not to be a sore loser. Unfortunately, it looks like Twitter user @jorgeinerarity’s girlfriend never really learned that particular life skill. When he beat her at 8-Ball, she belittled their entire relationship and called it a war zone. Huh?! She also says, “the only time I beat you is when I grind my teeth and sweat blood”. First of all, if you are sweating blood, then honey, you have some bigger problems that you should be dealing with.

10 This extra AF chair owner

As it turns out, they actually make furniture for extra AF people. Well, it might not specifically be made for them per se, but Twitter user @itgirlcree certainly has an eye for picking out furniture that perfectly mirrors her personality. Because when a person’s personality is that big, then they had better get the furniture to match it. Makes sense, right? Well, @itgirlcree makes it quite apparent that she loves herself and rightfully so. And when you love yourself that much, what do you do? Treat yo self! And if you are anything like @itgirlcree, you buy a giant, pink, velvety-looking chair that looks like it weighs at least 50 pounds. Need some more @itgirlcree in your life? Follow her on Youtube channel here.

9 This extra AF insurance fraudster

via: funnyjunk

Listen, I get it. Sometimes people do pretty crazy things when they are hard up for cash. And, apparently, insurance fraud is becoming an increasingly popular way for certain people to put their, ahem, “acting talents” to good use. Like this guy. Who never even saw that car coming! You can see him clearly jump on to the car (while it was going approximately 2 miles per hour) and slide to the ground where I’m sure he experienced “the most excruciating pain anyone could possibly go through”! Was he never taught to look both ways before crossing the street? I guess not. But even still, you go through all this trouble to concoct this “brilliant plan” and THAT’S THE BEST YOU CAN DO?! I’m sure he went around after and told his friends about his harrowing tale of how he stared Death straight in the face and walked away…

8 This little girl with an extra AF personality

via: buzzfeed

As someone who works with kids, I can promise you that you will never witness a tiny person be as extra as they are when confronted with a shot. No one likes needles (at least, I hope not), but it takes only a second and if you aren’t paying attention to it the chances are that you’ll barely feel it. But to a kid, it is akin to a total leg amputation without any painkillers. But this kid in particular seems to have gone through every possible emotion while getting a flu shot from her doctor. Fear, sadness and mirth all felt within the span of one minute and thirty-three seconds. I would love (or potentially, hate) to see what she’s like at the dentist.

7 Nicki Minaj aka The Queen of Being Extra AF

via: tenor

Nicki Minaj is not exactly known her being subtle. She is always slaying in bright and bold outfits and breath-taking hairpieces and doesn’t shy away from making a statement whether it be through her music or through her public platform. She’s caused some controversy but she does not give one single fuck. But actions speak so much louder and when it comes to actions, this feisty little singer never disappoints. Even when it comes to mundane, every day tasks such as boarding an airplane. She demonstrates just exactly how “bad bitches leave London to go to Prague” with a full-on strut, twirl and hair flick before boarding her plane. Good to know. Y’all know how I’m boarding the plane next time I take a trip.

6 This chick who shows her commitment to being extra AF

One of the most iconic (and one of my personal favourites) Disney movies is, of course, Mulan. If you haven’t seen it, for shame! No, but really, go watch it. It’s the partially true story of a woman who disguises herself as a soldier to take her ill father’s place in an upcoming war. But one of the best moments of the movie, is the part when she goes to the matchmaker and, ultimately, screws everything up by setting the matchmaker on fire and causing the matchmaker to, unknowingly, draw a beard on herself. Twitter user @junekyraaa took her love for this scene to a whole new level by taking a picture of herself looking like the matchmaker and using it for her school ID. Now, if that isn’t some dedication to being extra, I don’t know what is.

5 This chick in her extra AF prom entrance

via: complex

I’ve seen some pretty over-the-top promposals in my day, but I haven’t actually seen many grand prom entrances. That is, until now. This chick makes her entrance by having choreographed dancers dance their way out of her house to Beyoncé’s Formation. I absolutely LOVE how in to it the dancers are and how not into it the assumed prom date waiting on the sidelines is. She pulled out all the stops, with a smoke machine and everything. After the dancers have danced their way down the staircase, she gracefully slips out of the house and poses for pictures looking as though she is in her absolute glory. All the while, the poor date stands by, miserably waiting for his date to hurry the hell up.

4 This group of mourning bros

Few things are as sacred as the camaraderie among a group of guys. And you know what the unspoken rule is: bros before hoes. I’m not exactly a fan of that sentence but totally understand the sentiment behind it. It’s the same for chicks. Sisters before misters, am I right? But when a member of this bro squad broke that rule, the rest of the group took it hard. Really hard. So hard, that they went as far as to hold a funeral for their friend. And I get it, we all know the shitty feeling of when one of our close friends starts seeing a new person. You start seeing them less and have to get used to them using “we” more than “I”. It’s an adjustment. But a spectacle such as this could have only been pulled off by a group of extra AF friends.

3 This extra AF BFF

Have you ever had a friend who asks you to be on stand by in case their date goes awry? You faithfully wait with your phone at the ready, so that you are prepared to make an “emergency” phone call to your friend. It’s classic. Well, this BFF took things a touch further when her friend went on a date. She disguised herself as a creepy V-for-Vendetta-looking character and staked out in the restaurant that her friend was having her date in. And while the whole thing is undeniably extra AF, if that isn’t a sign of true devotion to a friend, then I don’t know what is. Honestly, serious props to the chick her went to such lengths to look out for their BFF!

2 These two extra AF pals

You know how they say that, after a while you start to look like your pet? Well, Twitter user @trangnnguyenn took that phrase a little too seriously and went out and bought both herself and her canine companion each a pair of Chaco sandals. And I’m going to be honest, little doggo doesn’t look too impressed. While s/he looks adorable in their teeny tiny sandals, I can’t help but notice the look of “why?” in their eyes. I can only imagine what that pup must look like while walking in them. But this takes some true dedication on the owner’s part. I can only imagine how hard it would be to find a sandal that would fit such a tiny foot (or, paw I should say).

1 This guy who is both extra and coordinated AF

Anyone who is into fashion knows that a proper outfit takes planning. It isn’t just pairing a shirt and bottoms together. You must consider color coordination, appropriate shoes and, of course, the accessories. There are infinite accessories to choose from. Bags, jewelry, hats and sunglasses just to name a few. But there are not many people who would go as far as to coordinate their outfit with the color of their beverage. Not until this guy came along. Twitter user @olddirtyfuckeroo managed to catch this person on camera. And, I must say, I am impressed. He is seriously upping the game. He doesn’t only consider the weather when he plans his outfit, he also factors in what flavor of drink he is in the mood for. Sir, I applaud you.

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