15 Hilarious Perfectly Timed Pictures With Animals

You always want your pictures to turn out well, but there are some things you simply can't plan. No matter how hard you try, some things only happen once. If you happen to click your camera in that instant, you have pure gold on your hands. Pictures like that are things you will pull out again and again to show friends and family members, get a good laugh yourself, and stare at in awe. Take a look at these 15 animal pictures that were timed to perfection.

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14 Dogs with bubbles

Via: BoredPanda.com

Dogs are fascinated with a number of things and apparently, bubbles are one of them. Whether the dog is inside the bubble or eating it, these pictures are as good as they get.

While it looks apparent that this this dog loves chasing bubbles, do you think he enjoys being inside one? His paws are just leaving the ground—perhaps he isn't aware of his journey yet. Where will he float? We dare his owner to try to pop another bubble big enough to fit a dog!

Via: Mnn.com

Dogs eat a lot of strange things, but bubbles are not usually among them. Does this dog think it’s a ball? If so, she’s in for a rude awakening and a strange taste in her mouth very soon!

13 Run, cats, run!

Via: PerfectlyTimedPhotos.com

Cats are graceful beings and when they run, they can go really fast. These cats have been caught mid-run and the motion is amazing. Some appear to have legs, others none. But they’re both getting where they need to go fast!

This cat is caught in mid-air with no legs. Where in the world are his legs?! And where will he roll next? Cats are known for being fast and sneaky, but this cat looks like he defies even those stereotypes. He’s running so fast, his legs completely disappear between strides.

Via: Flickr.com

This picture is impressive because the cats are both caught in the middle of their run, nearly in the same position. Perhaps they should enter the sport of synchronized cat running. If that isn’t a real sport, it should be.

12 Longest cats ever

Via: Pinterest.com

Wiener dogs are long. You don’t normally think about cats being all that long. But these perfectly timed pictures seem to show otherwise! And prove that cats apparently come in all breeds, styles, colors, shapes, sizes, and lengths.

We assume there are two cats here. Otherwise this long cat would be in the world record books. But we'd like to see if he can catch his own tail. Can you imagine if cats were actually this long?

Via: Pinterest.com

Now this cat actually IS that long. His owners likely didn’t even know how long he was until they picked him up to remove him from the desk and someone snapped this shot. Did they have to use a wide angle lens? He just goes on and on!

11 Dogs with horns

Via: BoredPanda.com

Dogs don’t normally have horns of any kind, but both of these perfectly times pictures show that some dogs CAN have horns. Either on their heads or on their paws, both types are impressive.

This would be quite a rack on any deer or elk. Put it on a dog and it's even more impressive. Have you seen a thirty pointer? Deer are large and strong and might be able to handle horns this big. This dog would feel rather weighed down, don’t you think?

Via: Facebook.com

Either someone left this dog in the car too long and he started honking the horn out of boredom or he drove himself to the store to get more dog biscuits. Either way, he is clearly in charge of this horn.

10 Cool cats with glasses

Via: Cheezburger.com

Cats can see in the dark. That doesn't mean that they can see well during the day. Some might need help from prescription lenses while others at least want UV protection from the sun. Their eyes have to last through all seven lives, after all!

This cat looks to be testing out his new prescription. Do you think she’s near or far-sighted? Without the glasses, her eyes simply get tired and she has to take more and more cat naps during the day. We suppose she doesn’t mind since cats seem to enjoy naps quite a bit.

Via: DailyPicksandFlicks.com

This picture captures the essence of this cool cat. Not only is she wearing shades, as cool people do, but she’s leaning on one paw and giving a totally “whatever” attitude to the camera.

9 The horse people

Via: Pinterest.com

Horses and people have always been the best of friends, but these pictures take it a little too far and not far enough. The horse-like creature and the person are too close in one picture and way too far away in another.

It's a hard life for a lady who is a centaur. Car rides are tough. She gets funny looks wherever she goes. People talk about her constantly. They either want to pet her backside or talk to her front side. It’s confusing! And that’s not to mention how hard it is to find a decent pair of pants that fit.

Via: DamnCoolPictures.com

This poor horse! That poor person! But what a cool picture. We wish we could freeze this moment in time and not allow it to continue for the good of both the person and the horse.

8 Right from the horse's mouth

Via: Pinterest.com

Horses are big and their mouths are no exception. It’s amazing some of the pictures that can come from that one part of that large animal. Whether they look like they’re laughing at us or eating others, it’s all in good fun.

It looks like this horse ate a pony and is now coughing it back up. Yikes! We know bigger horses might feel like they’re better simply because they’re bigger, but that gives them no right to go around eating smaller ponies.

Via: FunnyStack.com

Horses have a good sense of humor, right? It’s only a matter of time before they belt out a big belly laugh. The fact that this human and this horse found the same joke funny and happen to have the same facial expression is priceless.

7 Birds of a feather are sky streakers

Via: BoredPanda.com

Birds of a feather flock together, but this bird desperately wants to be a fast-flying plane instead! Birds are impressive to many other species simply because they can fly. But these birds have an even bigger goal than simple flight…

This bird wants to be a jet and it looks like he joined ranks just fine. Maybe it has always been his dream to fly in formation with the other birds, but he never quite fit in. He feels right at home with these planes, though. He’s elegant and sleek and feels faster than ever.

Via: Pulptastic.com

This large bird is so powerful, it looks like he leaves air jet streaks in his wake. Perhaps he is fast enough to catch the plane just ahead. This bird is taking his imagination to the limits by lining himself up with the jet streaks in the sky and pretending like he made them himself.

6 Close up on the life of birds

Via: Pulptastic.com

Most birds are small and live their lives away from humans. It’s hard to get a look into their daily events, but these pictures show us the inner workings of birds.

When it's time for the little bird to leave the nest, mama bird did not agree on the outing. Hopefully the other bird can jump out of the way before the fleeing bird crashes back down! You have to wonder where the little bird was trying to go. This is a common feeling for human mothers. The babies try to fly away, but the moms try to hold on. Sometimes, it’s time to let go. Mama bird disagrees in this case and holds her grip firm.

Via: Pinterest.com

When baby birds are hungry, mama feeds them. It’s the cycle of bird life. This perfectly timed feeding session is simply amazing.

5 Bugs... big and small!

Via: Pulptastic.com

We think of bugs as some of the smallest creatures around. But have you ever seen one use a common human mode of transportation? Many people fear bugs and there’s nothing more scary than the biggest bug you can imagine flying in your face!

It's not everyday that you get to see a bug riding what looks like a bike. We're pretty sure that bike would do great on the market, though. How much would other bugs like him pay for such a device? This may be the first bug to ever ride a bike, but it won’t be the last.

Via: PerfectlyTimedPhotos.com

This perfectly timed photo depicts a giant-looking bug and a tiny human. This is every person’s worst nightmare if they fear things from the bug kingdom.

4 Animals praying

Via: Pulptastic.com

We don’t generally think of animals as having spiritual lives, but these two certainly do! When they take time from their daily lives to be thankful, they make the rest of us pause and take notice.

This reverent animal is taking his time to face the sky and give thanks for the meal he is about to find and enjoy. Not every animal takes time out of their day to remain thankful. In fact, most just dig in to their treats with gusto.

Via: AnimalsEkstrax.com

This little guy has his priorities straight. He’s thankful in all things and takes his time to savor it all. It looks like a pretty serious prayer. The animals around him are better off not to interrupt him, especially if they don't want to become his next meal.

3 Cat fight!

Via: Pulptastic.com

Cats are often solitary creatures and they don’t always get along with others. Everyone has a beef with someone at one time or another and these perfect pictures are proof that cats are not to be messed with.

Kitty has a mean left hook and the puppy's recoil proves it. The only thing we don't know from this picture is whether the pooch is knocked out and what started it all! You can almost hear the announcer giving a play-by-play of this boxing match. Is there a ring around them or is this a down and dirty street fight?

Via: Mashable.com

Two tigers taking this match in stride. They’re about to tumble over in a big bear hug as their fight continues. With any luck, they’re play fighting.

2 Squirrels caught in the act

Via: Pulptastic.com

Squirrels are sneaky. You can’t put a bird feeder anywhere in your yard and keep them out of it. When you catch a squirrel in the act, whatever it is, it can make for a fun picture.

The squirrel was probably about to jump, but it's more fun to think he was caught doing something illegal and told to freeze. Was he stealing nuts from another squirrel’s stash? The possibilities are endless and the picture is priceless.

Via: ICanHasCheezburger.com

What are the chances of three squirrels dangling on three strings all lined up like this? The perfectly timed photo shows that squirrels really do have a plan to take over the world. After they manage to eat whatever attracted them to these strings in the first place.

1 Bad hide and seek players

Via: Pulptastic.com

Animals might like games, but they are not always good at them. Hide and seek can be fun for a variety of species, but it takes a certain kind of animal or bug to be good at this game.

Does this stick have eyes or is someone bad at playing hide and seek? Since we’ve never seen a stick with eyes before, we assume there’s a bug-like creature hiding behind it, but you never know for sure. It’s not a bad place to hide, but he’s going to need to close his eyes.

Via: reddit.com

It’s hard for a giraffe to find somewhere to hide. They certainly don’t fit behind most rocks! This long pole is about as good as it gets. Now suck it in, Mr. Giraffe!

Animals are always great for photos, but when the photos are timed perfectly, they can make you look twice, widen your eyes, and even laugh on occasion. These 15 are awe-inspiring, silly, and enjoyable in every way!

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