15 Hilarious Pet Messes That Are So Funny Their Owners Can't Be Mad

Pets are great. They keep us company, entertain us, protect us and love us unconditionally. Friends may come and go, but pets love their humans forever. Owning a pet is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. It’s not all kisses and cuddles and pet owners put in a lot of work to teach their pets to behave properly. Not all pet owners have the time to do so though and for some pets, it doesn’t matter how much they have been disciplined, they still do what they want.

One of the hardest parts of pet ownership is cleaning up pet messes. All pets are messy in their own way and even the most well-behaved critters can get into trouble sometimes. Of course, some messes are worse than others. The pets in these photos have decided to test the patience of their owners. They didn’t just make small messes, they turned their homes into disaster areas. Still, their owners love them. It’s hard to be mad at a pet to start with, but when they create an unbelievable mess, owners just have to find the humor in it. Check out these 15 hilarious pet messes that are so funny their owners can't be mad.

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15 Oh Wow! That's Pretty Bad

When you leave your pets at home, you trust that they won’t make too much of a mess. What’s the worst that can happen? They tear the pet food bag? Knock a few picture frames off the end table with their tales? Make thousands of adorable black footprints all through the halls of your home, and all over your furniture, walls and belongings? Say what? How could one dog manage to make such a mess. If his owners didn’t die from shock when they walked in the door and saw this, I bet they had to laugh. I’m sure those laughs were followed by tears when they realized they had to clean it all up. I think I would just move and consider crate training Fido. I hope they didn't plan on getting their deposit back on this apartment.

14 How Did He Get In There?

You know how you feel when you are on a diet for a couple days and you are starving! When you finally cheat or make it to a cheat day you just want to go crazy and eat everything in your refrigerator. That’s how this dog felt. I don’t know how he got into the fridge, but it looks like he wasn’t too worried about making it back out. He just took his time going through all the food and making a mess. I imagine his owners were just relieved to find him alive, and weren’t that worried about their food. Who could be mad at a face like that?

13 Look At That Sad Face

Via BoredBug

A lot of people get dogs for protection. Even young puppies can bark to alert you when someone is around and maybe even scare off a potential intruder. Another thing dogs are good as it tearing up their owners’ stuff. You can always count on them to chew up a shoe, stain up the floors and maybe even destroy a bean bag chair every now and then. You didn’t need a bean bag chair anyways right? Nah! This little guy looks like he knows he made a mistake and feels bad about it, but there’s no going back. At least it’s on the kitchen floor so it’s easy to clean up right?

12 That's One Bad Bird

Via Ranker

Some people get birds as pets because they figure they are easy to take care of and they can’t make messes. I mean what’s a little birdseed on the ground under the cage? They can’t chew furniture or destroy your blinds like cats and dogs. Who would have thought a little bird could tear up a computer this badly? Why would it even want to? That’s a pretty expensive mess for a bird to make so I'm sure his owners weren’t too happy about it. The bird doesn’t even look like he feels bad about it. In fact, he looks like he’s proud of it. Maybe his owners did something to make him mad? Something tells me they will get it fixed and get over it pretty quickly. A bird cage would probably ensure this doesn't happen again.

11 He's Knows He Messed Up

Why do pets love to tear up toilet paper and paper towels? What do they have against these things? Do they really hate them or do they just have fun shredding them? It seems like no matter what kind of pet you have, they always attack rolls of paper. I wonder if they know how hard they are to clean up and that’s why they do it? This little pup was caught in the act or at least caught right after the act and he knows that what he did was wrong. He’s got a guilty and apologetic look on his face that says, “Please don’t make me sleep in my crate tonight.” That would be enough for me to forgive him. Maybe they should just put the paper towels up out of reach next time.

10 I Think He Punished Himself

Via EnduraPet

If you don’t have a crate for your dog, but you need to make sure he doesn’t destroy your entire house, you may put him in the bathroom. After all, bathrooms usually have tile or linoleum floors that are easy to clean if your pet had an accident. Most pets will just sleep while they serve time in bathroom jail, but this dog decided he was going to explore. He either started with the trashcan or ended with it, but he was definitely in there. It’s kind of hard to to punish a dog who has already punished himself. He’s trapped in the trashcan lid. Can it get any worse? If you walked in on this mess and this dog, would you laugh or be mad? Tell the truth!

9 That's What You Get For Being Nosey

Cats are always getting into trouble. They are nosey and have to be the center of attention at all times. If you are doing something, chances are your cat will find a way to get between you and it. If you sit something on a shelf or table, they will likely knock it over. Unlike dogs, cats don’t feel guilty when they make messes so you won’t ever see them pouting. In fact, most of the time they are proud of their work. This kitten may have just been curious, but he ended up getting all wet. Now I'm sure his owners aren’t happy about the wet floor, but can you really be mad when your cute little kitten is soaking wet?

8 They Are Both Guilty This Time

Via loffee

It’s hard not to laugh at this one. These two adorable faces know darn good and well that they did something wrong, but they are so cute you just can’t be mad at them. It’s also hard to tell who was really to blame here. I mean it’s easy to say the dog made the mess, but something tells me this kid came up with the idea. At least they are getting along and it doesn’t look like either of them is trying to blame the other. Who knows, maybe the dog was trying to stop the kid from doing it and just got caught at a bad time. No matter what actually happened, this is one mess I wouldn’t want to clean up but I still don’t think I could be mad about it.

7 When Being Bad Feels So Good

Via Ranker

Sometimes it feels good to just let go and be bad and not worry about the consequences. This dog knows that feeling all too well. Apparently he wasn’t happy with his bed or his owner’s bed and decided to make it a little more comfortable. At least he managed to keep some of the blankets on the bed. Some people or dogs just don't like that eggshell padding. The best thing about this pet mess is that this dog has no shame. Not only is he proud of his work, he actually enjoyed making it. He seems to be happy to see his owners too. Maybe he wants to show them what he did or maybe he is hoping they will join in and help him tear off the rest of the padding. I doubt anyone can be mad at a smiling puppy face like this.

6 To Be Fair, That Wallpaper Was Ugly

Have you ever hated something in your home but you couldn’t get rid of it or change it because your partner loved it? That’s probably how this dog felt about this wallpaper. Year after year he had to look at that ugly wallpaper every time he walked through the house. Then, one day his owners left him home alone and he realized it was his chance to renovate. He did a pretty good job getting it off the walls. He did it a lot faster than most people can too. I bet his owners actually rewarded him for doing something that needed done but they dreaded doing. Either way, he’s too cute to punish and that wallpaper was ugly anyways.

5 I Would Just Move Away And Start Over

Via Reddit

The best part of this photo is that the cats are still making the mess and don’t even care that they have been caught. Do cats even care what people think? They just do what they want and everyone else just has to deal with it. It is their world and we just live in it. Even if the owners were to punish these cats would they care? Nah, they would just wait until their owners left and go back to tearing up whatever they were messing with in the first place. Cats don’t answers to anyone and they clearly enjoy driving their humans crazy.

4 His Pride Is Hurt

Via Pinterest

It’s hard to be mad at your pet when you can totally relate to it. This dog clearly messed up. He knows it, his owners know it, so why make a bigger deal out of it and hurt his pride even more? He was probably trying to protect his family from a mailman or a squirrel and accidentally got caught in the blinds. Yes they are ruined, but this pup is at least sorry. His sad little face is so pitiful that it makes you want to hug him and tell him everything is okay. Cats tear up blinds all the time and most of the time they get away with it without a punishment so surely his owners won’t be mad at him. They can send him to live with me.  I could never be mad at that face.

3 That Look Of Desperation

Via Ba-BaMail

This dog is having one of those moments where he realizes that what he thought was a good idea turned out to be a bad one. He probably thought he could chew a hole right through this padding and nobody would notice. Too bad he got his head stuck in it. When you find yourself in a situation like this, you really can’t like your way out of it. You have to face the consequences and hope your predicament is funny enough to make your owners laugh and help you out instead of get angry and put you outside in the dog house. I wonder how long his head was stuck in that before someone helped him out? Maybe that was his punishment.

2 Purrfect Innocence

Via Diply

One cat can make a pretty big mess; so imagine what two cats can do. These two cats actually look pretty innocent. They seem to be surprised that they are being blamed for the mess. In all fairness, maybe they really didn’t do it. We don’t know what other pets are in the house and these poor kitties may have just been caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. Then again, have you ever seen a cat look guilty? They live their lives with no regrets and they don’t care if they do unroll an entire roll of toilet paper, they will still stare at their owners like they have no idea what they are talking about. Ornery little scoundrels.

1 Cutest Mess Maker Ever

Via Ranker

This dog may have made a mess, but it’s a pretty impressive mess. Not many dogs can actually use a crayon to draw on the door. Most of them would just eat the whole pack and then poop rainbows for the next week. This little dog may have been trying to make something special for his owners. It looks like he may have had some help from his human brothers or sisters too. Then again, he may be completely innocent and may have been framed. Dogs can’t say when they are innocent, so they are easy to blame. Just put a crayon in his mouth and put him next to the crime scene. Mom and Dad won’t ground the dog.

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