15 Hilarious Photobombs That Will Give You LIFE

15 Hilarious Photobombs That Will Give You LIFE

Since the process was first invented, and Victorians had to sit perfectly still for five and a half hours as the image slowly formed, photography has been a crucial aspect of our lives. Priceless memories like weddings, the birth of our children, relatives’ first visit from overseas in ten years, the time your dad tried to jump from the garden chair into the pool and failed spectacularly… all of these things need to be captured forever for prosperity. Or to be sent into America’s Funniest Home Videos to make us a little money.

With the advent of the ubiquitous smartphone, we’re all taking constant streams of pictures. We’re photographing every meal for Instagram without a second though. To keep our pictures special, then, we’ve got to get a little lucky. Fortunate photobombs can go so far in achieving this, as some of these beautiful examples will show.

15. The Little Turtle That Could (Photobomb Like A Pro)

1- The Little Turtle That Could (Photobomb Like A Pro)

Via: i.huffpost.com

We’re kicking this party off the right way, with one of the greatest and most perfect photobombs ever captured on camera. Just look at this adorably happy little gal/guy. That face says, quite clearly, “Yep, I damn well know I’m going viral, and I’m delighted about it. Look ma, I’m famous!”

As the old saying goes, never work with animals or children. In this instance, children can at least be directed for a photo (they’ll often ignore what you say, of course, but still), while animals are a complete crapshoot in that regard. It’s nothing short of miraculous when your own pet poses, but a passing turtle stealing the show like this? The odds of this happening are incredible. There’s always an element of luck involved with photobombs, but this is off the charts. Not to mention hilarious.

14. Hey, Ray, You’ve Ruined Her Day

Via: freakingnews.com

Keeping with that nautical theme we’ve got going on here, did anyone order a ray?

I’ve seen a lot of these guys at aquariums and zoos, and their shape and the way that the move has always fascinated me. I’m not a fish person, myself, but these guys have a certain appeal. Maybe it’s that odd, cute and slightly sinister at the same time face they have on their undersides. It looks like they’ve run headlong into a brick wall at high speed.

I’ve often wondered what these curious creatures would feel like. Something like donning the Invisibility Cloak from Harry Potter, and feeling the odd, shimmering weight of it wrap around your shoulders, I imagine. I guess I can ask this woman, she’ll have a good idea soon enough.

13. One Was Very Much Amused

3- One Was Very Much Amused

Via: media.tmz.com

You know how it is. You’re just taking an innocent, entirely run-of-the-mill photo, at a family barbecue or something. It doesn’t have to be the most auspicious occasion. It could be anything, from a birthday party to your neighbour getting a haircut. The important thing is, there you are taking the shot when Merry Old England’s Queen Elizabeth bombs you like a pro.

Now, there are a lot of things that good ol’ Lizzie is known for. Sporting a whole huge closet full of the same outfit in endless colors, for instance, like the badass 91-year-old fashionista she is. She isn’t known for her cheeky-to-the-paps funloving spirit. Maybe she should be, though. It’s nice to see someone as classy and stuffy-looking having a little fun.

12. Oh My God, It’s The Rock!

4- Oh my God, It's The Rock

Via: media.galaxant.com

And now for the most natural segue of all time: From Queen Elizabeth II to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? Because I can. He’s cooking up a damn hilarious response to the typical ‘whipping out our cell phones for a quick shot at the passing celebrity’ routine he’s seen a thousand times before. Good job, Dwayne.

The real question here is, did Baseball Cap Guy know that the Rock was passing at all? Was this just a standard slightly douchey thumbs up selfie for facebook, and the big man just happened to descend at the right time? Well, no. That’s about as long as shot as the turtle. Still, though, this is brilliant, and I’ll keep that fantasy.

11. Beware Of The Dog

5- Beware Of The Dog

Via: rover.com

Oh, crap on a cracker. Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to get a simple one-in-a-million action shot of your dog leaping majestically into the ocean like Free Willy, and someone’s darn child wanders into the frame in their adorable little bathing suit and ruins everything?

Snark aside, this really is a beautiful moment to behold. This is the kind of thing we need to preserve for future generations, so that our great great great great grandchildren know what pure awesome looked like. They’ll hold a blackened, ancient photo of this shot up with reverence, like Kyle Reece with that picture of Sarah Connor in Terminator, and they’ll say, man oh man, what a perfect time 2017 was. Look at this damn dog. Just look. Amazing.

10. When Giraffes Attack

6- When Giraffes Attack

Via: static.boredpanda.com

Um, dude on the left? There’s something on your face.

I don’t know about you, friends, but I’ve always been a little wary of zoos and safari parks offering that windows-down experience. My local zoo offers a huge section called Passage Through Asia, in which guests are allowed to drive their cars along a trail full of free-roaming camels and such. If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t want to have your windows open if one this big, beautiful creatures approaches you.

Animals’ unpredictability, on the other hand, is their whole charm. This is where most of the best photobombs are born, and as with this unfortunate shot, it’s utterly hilarious… as long as it’s happening to somebody else. Nice work, giraffe.

9. Funny, Or Terrifying?

7- Funny, Or Terrifying

Via: cdn6.viralscape.cpm

Earlier in this list, we heard the wise old TV presenter’s saying: never work with animals or children. This is all well and good, and the unpredictable nature of these two groups sure does make them a royal pain in the ass, but what of the forgotten third group: the demons.

Horror movies have warned us again and again. Demons can strike at any time, entirely unprovoked, and it’s never a fun time for anyone when they do. This shot is a case in point. Can we not even take harmless photos of ourselves on nights out with the girls without this happening? Who is this terrifying apparition? What does he/she want? It looks like Michael Jackson in his Thriller video. Maybe he just wants a zombie dance off.

8. Bad Dog!

8- Bad Dog!

Via: jestomg.com

Ah, those priceless childhood memories. The first swing set your dad made you in your back yard. The first time mom dropped you off at nursery. The first time your tiny, inch-high dog took a dump on your head and ruined and otherwise-beautiful parent/child shot… These things stick with you. They really do.

Many of the best photobombs are quite straightforward affairs, mechanically. They’re just point and shoot, oh-look-there’s-a-giraffe-where-your-face-used-to-be lucky shots. In this one, though, we’re taking something a little more sophisticated into account: perspective.

The dog in the background is the real star of the show. It’s just doing its business on the grass, like it’s done a thousand times before. Nothing unusual there. It’s when you combine it with the baby in the foreground that the magic happens.

7. Whales: Always Attention Seeking

9- Whales- Always Attention Seeking

Via: i.huffpost.com

The thing about whales is, if you’ll excuse me getting all technical and zoological on you, they’re freaking humongous. That’s the first thing you learn in whale class.

As such, if one of these guys wants your attention, you can be sure that they’ll damn well get it. Even if you’re as blind as Mr. Magoo, you can’t miss a whale. These things are the size of the average studio apartment, and if they approached you on the street asking if you can spare a moment to hear about our lord and savior Superman, you’ve no chance of pretending you didn’t hear or see them.

This bird must be feeling pretty darn pissed, then. There it was, center of attention for a moment, and the whale in the background goes and does that.

6. The Little Girl Who Minnie Mouse Forgot

10- The Little Girl Who Minnie Mouse Forgot

Via: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

How many families around the world have treasured photos just like this? A childhood visit to Disneyland, a group photo with Mickey, Minnie, Donald or any number of other iconic Disney favorites… lots of us consider this a bit of a rite of passage.

A special moment indeed. It’s a bit of a bummer, though, that nobody actually cares in this instance. All interest in this photo is focused on the entirely irrelevant, but utterly scene-stealing, girl in the pink coat. She isn’t with the party, but she’s darn well going to make her mark on their memories nonetheless.

That’s a thoughtful expression on your face there, Pink Coat Girl, as you casually pick your nose. Who are you? What are you thinking? What have you found up there in your nostril? The world will never know the answers to these questions.

5. When Proposals Go Awry

11- When Proposals Go Awry

Via: badsentinel.com

Now, as far as things that could go wrong with a proposal go, this isn’t all that bad. A ‘no’ would put a bit more of a damper on the whole thing, after all. A sudden War of the Worlds-type alien incursion would sure suck too. Really, this newly-betrothed couple should be counting their blessings.

What we see here is a no-less funny accidental photobomb, the sort you can’t really help happening in busy cities. Engagement photos, like prom photos, can sometimes go way overboard, but this one will be marred forever by Dude in Shorts, who’s inadvertently obscuring the view of the happy couple.

In his defence, though, he is trying to get out of the shot, as is clear from the brilliant panicked expression on his face.

4. Just Horsing Around

12- Horsing Around

Via: static.boredpanda.com

Just look at this guy/gal. He/she knows exactly what they’re doing here. This was a calculated attack on an otherwise super sweet group shot.

Along the course of this list, I’ve had much to say about the unpredictability of our animal friends. Much of the glory of photobombs comes from that fact; they’re usual complete flukes and accidents by nature. This one, on the other hand, was certainly premeditated. See that face? The look of pure joy at your own a-holery? Without a shadow of a doubt, the horse had been planning this one for some time.

Often, we think of cats as the brooding, sly, pure-evil-in-adorable-furry-form demons of the animal kingdom. After seeing this image, though, I have to say that horses might be the real ones to watch.

3. Beluga Bother

13- Beluga Bother

Via: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Now, I never thought of Belugas as a particularly frightening species. These guys are known as ‘Sea Canaries’ for their high-pitched cries, and that’s hardly a name that inspires fear and bowel-loosening horror in people everywhere. It’s like a huge and hulking wrestler calling himself an animal-inspired name like One-Legged Kitten With A Limp in an attempt to intimidate his foes.

You never quite know how truly terrifying something is, though, until it’s got your child’s entire head in its mouth. Thanks to some beautiful timing and a good slice of luck, that’s exactly what we’re looking at here.

Personally, I expected much better of Finding Dory’s Bailey. Still, as we’re often told, it’s always the ones you least expect. Never turn your back on a Beluga.

2. Proud Fisherman, Concerned Dog

14- Proud Fisherman, Concerned Dog

Via: rover.com

Come on now, people. Or rather, dogs. Let’s give this dude his moment in the limelight. There he is, with the catch of the day. It must have been a hell of a battle to reel it in. You can see the pain in his eyes, that tortured expression. After an effort like that, you want to know that it wasn’t all in vain. You want to get all the praise and Facebook likes that you so richly deserve.

Sadly for this guy, that wasn’t quite how the whole thing turned out. I imagine that all of the feedback received on this photo was to the effect of, Dude, your dog looks freaking hilarious. Those huge eyes, the nose that just defies all laws of physics and nature… perfection.

1. Beach Boy(s)

15- Awesome Photobomb On A Beach

Via: quick-break.net

The original title of this image was Awesome Photobomb On A Beach. Really, my work here is done. What more could you need to know than that? We’re on a beach, there’s a guy photobombing like no photo has ever been bombed before, it’s just perfect. No false advertising here.

Where did the dude on the left come from? Where did he go? Like Cotton-Eye Joe, I’ve no idea, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is, this (presumed) stranger to the group in question saw an opportunity and he wasn’t about to let it go by.

The gangly bugger dove in as the shot was taken, and this lanky limbs-akimbo image was the result. What a proud legacy for this unnamed hero to leave behind.

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