15 Hilarious Photoshop "Fixes" That Weren't What People Were Hoping For

Life isn't perfect, and that's pretty much why Photoshop was invented. The wildly popular photo editing software allows us to remove our unwanted blemishes, increase the size of our muscles in our gym mirror selfies, remove strangers (or most importantly, our exes) from some of our favorite memories and do a variety of other amazing things!

Unfortunately, not everyone can figure out how to use Photoshop, so they have to seek help from more technologically-savvy friends on the Internet. Some experts are happy to lend some assistance, while others simply troll people who request tiny repairs to their most beloved pictures. These "fixes" definitely weren't what people were hoping for, but sometimes in life we get what we deserve, not necessarily what we want!

15 Results not even a gym can offer

Via: tumblr.com

It's definitely not easy to get the sort of body that celebrities and fitness models have. You have to eat healthy, stay active and go to the gym for several hours at least five days a week. Who has the time, patience or money for all that?! This teenager wanted to skip a few steps and go straight to having his dream body, so he asked the Internet to Photoshop his face onto someone else's body. The Internet obliged—by haphazardly putting his face onto the model's torso in a manner that covered his abs, chest, neck and head! It's a very disturbing image and we are pretty sure his friends aren't going to believe it's real. That's what you get for trying to use editing software as a shortcut!

14 Modern day social life

Via: tumblr.com

This poor, socially-challenged guy requested for someone online to take his lonely restaurant selfie and use it Photoshop him into a party. He clearly didn't realize that socialization these days isn't exactly all that it's made out to be, and some Internet troll decided to teach him a lesson about the harsh reality of today's world. In order to give him a glimpse into the modern day social life experience, the hilarious Photoshop whiz gave him some "friends" who are way more interested in their Facebook timelines than they are in being a part of an actual conversation! This is just way too accurate, and hopefully this clever joke will show the loner that he's not really missing out on too much by eating alone.

13 Not sure that's the shape she was hoping for

Via: tumblr.com

Teenagers these days seem to have countless problems with their appearance, which leads to an endless stream of requests online from kids hoping someone will help them alter their look in some way. They want clearer skin, bigger biceps, better hair or, in this girl's case, an entirely different head shape. She was extremely dissatisfied with how round her face looks, so she asked the Internet to edit her entire head. Instead of taking a bit off of her cheeks to give her a more oval shape, some Photoshop genius figured out a way to make her head look like a box. Squares are definitely different than circles, but we have to assume that this isn't quite the result she wanted. Just goes to show that you always have to be careful what you wish for!

12 Truly dangerous waters

Via: twitter.com

These two friends went out for a relaxing kayak ride on a calm, local lake. It looks like they had a lot of fun, but they wanted their friends online to think that their lives were a bit more exciting, so they asked for some Photoshop pros to make it look like they were in more "dangerous waters." Boiling hot water is definitely pretty dangerous, so someone hilariously edited them into a pot of spaghetti sitting on top of a stove. He made sure to let the girls know that they definitely shouldn't swim in that water, unless they want to be burned alive and served with a bit of marinara sauce! We especially like the added touch of putting some noodles on one of the oars.

11 She does look like she's holding it now...

Via: twitter.com

We've spent countless hours over the course of our lives trying to take the perfect pictures. We have so many clever photo ideas, and some of them are really difficult to pull off—there's almost always someone who messes up and appears to be grounded in our group jumping pics and when we try to make it look like we're holding a mountain or the Eiffel Tower in the palm of our hand, we struggle to position our hand in the right spot! This girl wanted to appear to be holding the cliff featured in the background in her hand, but she failed and had to ask for some Photoshop help. Someone moved her arm so she definitely looks like she's holding the cliff, but now her arm appears to be coming out of her hip instead of the usual socket! Yikes.

10 Now he's staring you in the eyes!

Via: tumblr.com

Teenagers aren't the only people begging the Internet for some Photoshop help these days—some parents can't quite figure out how to use the software, so they have to ask their friends for assistance in fixing some of their family pictures. This dad really liked this picture with his wife and two kids, but he didn't quite love the guy in the striped shirt in the background staring at the back of his head. Instead of asking for the stranger to be cut out entirely, he merely asked for it to look like he was staring somewhere else. He technically got what he was asking for—now instead of glancing at the back of the dad's head, the dad has turned around so striped shirt dude is looking him straight in the eye!

9 True Love's Kiss

Via: facebook.com

Every couple who has gone to Disneyland together has taken this iconic "kiss in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle" picture. These two lovebirds just wanted to do the same, but the girlfriend in the photo still had her eyes open when the picture was taken. It's always creepy when one person stares at their significant other during a kiss, so the boyfriend understandably wanted someone to Photoshop her eyes closed. That's when the trolls came out and punished him by giving him exactly what he asked for. Now the girl's eyes are definitely closed—by a random stranger's hand! It might actually be a bit less cringe-worthy than the girlfriend's awkward staring, but we really hope some kinder soul actually hooked the couple up with what they clearly wanted so they can have a nice picture of such a great memory.

8 Miss Legs

Via: twitter.com

It's impossible to fulfill every guy's standards of beauty. A good number of dudes are only into girls with big butts, some only care about a girl's chest, while others are all about ladies with long legs. This girl's boyfriend fits into the latter category, so she asked someone to make her look like "miss legs." Unsurprisingly, a troll took her request to be "legs and nothing else" a bit too literally, and completely removed her stomach in order to make it look like her legs take up nearly 90% of her body. For an added treat, he also turned her into a beauty pageant contestant, and crowned her "Miss Legs." This will definitely blow her boyfriend's mind, but maybe not quite in the way she wanted it to.

7 Your friends may not believe this one

Via: facebook.com

We all want to meet our favorite celebrities and athletes, and thanks to Photoshop, we can at least pretend that we've had that opportunity! Everyone with the software has tried at least once to make it look like they're good friends with their favorite stars, and this innocent dude just wanted to do the same and make it look like he got to walk the red carpet of the ESPY's with his idol, Aaron Rodgers. He found a nice picture of himself in a dress shirt that matched Rodgers' suit, and some editing whiz did a great job putting him next to the quarterback in a fairly realistic way, as long as you only look at the duo from the waist up! Look any lower and you'll notice that the fan is without hands or a lower body. His friends probably aren't going to buy the story that he and Aaron are secret BFFs.

6 The stuff nightmares are made of

Via: tumblr.com

When placed in the wrong hands, Photoshop can create some absolute nightmares. A mother asked an editing professional to make a slight alteration to her daughter's picture with a bathing monkey and the picture she received will forever haunt our dreams. "Can you make the monkey look as happy as her" was apparently an invitation for James to switch the daughter's and the monkey's places and to give the monkey a smile that gives off a serious "I just pushed this little girl into the water, and now I'm going to kill her" vibe! The girl in the picture looks understandably terrified at her sudden reversal of fortune and, while the monkey does look happy now, it's undeniably an evil sort of happiness. This is just way too freaky for us.

5 At least they have options

Via: facebook.com

When Ashley's best friend's sister asked her for some help editing a random shirtless dude out of her engagement picture, she tried her best but couldn't figure out how to fulfill that request. The picture would look totally fine if the couple simply cropped it a tiny bit, but they didn't want to do that for some reason. Ashley had to ask for some assistance herself, and while she received dozens of edits, none of them were quite what she'd expected. One person added two Left Sharks (you know, the mascot from Katy Perry's Super Bowl XLIX halftime show who went super viral in 2015 because he couldn't remember any of his choreography?) on either side of the happy pair to cover up the shirtless stranger. Another troll swapped the stranger with Leonardo DiCaprio from The Great Gasby, to make it look like he's toasting them on their happy occasion. We have a feeling they won't use either option on their wedding invitations.

4 Mr. 305

Via: tumblr.com

Masculinity these days seems to be extremely fragile. Guys feel a need to have big trucks or fancy sports cars, they spends hours in the gym every day hoping to look bigger and more intimidating, and they always try to act tough or insensitive so no one can ever call them effeminate. The dude in this picture is apparently so desperate to seem manly that he wanted someone to Photoshop his absolutely adorable dog out of this picture, and swap it for a more "manly" pooch—a pit bull. We're glad someone took his request a bit too literally and made it look like he's tenderly holding Mr. 305 in his arms instead. You definitely can't look too masculine when you're cuddled up next to Pitbull!

3 This guy deserved to be trolled

Via: nextshark.com

We typically feel awful when well-intentioned people get savagely trolled for making simple and innocent Photoshop requests. We don't feel bad for this guy at all, though. He clearly knows how ridiculous attractive he is and wanted to show off his perfect abs, bulging muscles and tiny bathing suit to all of his Twitter followers by making his request to be cut out of his bathroom and edited into Miami Beach during spring break. Instead of providing him with the desired picture, the Photoshop expert simply removed him from the image entirely and supplied the model with a picture of an empty bathroom. If you want to be surrounded by hot girls, stop wasting time showing your body off to the Internet and just go to a beach!

2 Kardashian booty

Via: twitter.com

It seems like every young woman these days wants to look like one of the Kardashians or Jenners. They spend hours every day going through Kim, Kendall and Kylie's social media accounts to keep up with the latest clothing, hair and makeup trends, and they go out of their way to attempt to replicate those looks. Some obsessed fans even go as far as to get lip, breast and butt implants to try to look even more like the E! stars! This girl didn't want to pay the money or do the squats needed to acquire a Kim booty, so she asked for some Photoshop help. Someone made her butt bigger alright, but now it takes up nearly her entire body and she looks like a gigantic blueberry. Oops!

1 Thomas Strikes Back

Via: twitter.com

This funny Photoshop requester had a friend take a clever picture of herself seemingly running for her life on an empty train track, and wanted someone to edit in an image of a train behind her. It's a simple enough thing to ask for and, if done properly, would have made for an epic picture. The expert she asked for help from provided her with a train in the background, but instead of appearing to be sprinting away from an intimidating locomotive, she's now running away from the beloved animated children's character, Thomas the Tank Engine! We're genuinely not sure if this makes the picture more terrifying or simply hilarious—a murderous Thomas would be pretty scary and unexpected. We'll probably never look at him the same way again.

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