15 Hilarious Pokémon GO Screenshots

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past few weeks, then you've probably heard: augmented reality game Pokémon Go is slowly but surely taking over the world. These wacky monsters were a staple in so many childhoods, that it was no surprise when people young and old started to become addicted to catching 'em all. But the game isn't all seriousness and competition to be the very best (like no one ever was). Introducing Pokémon to our world has created some totally hilarious juxtapositions of real life and Pokémon shenanigans... and the results have been totally hilarious.

Pokémon are everywhere, and whether we like it or not, they just may be a part of our lives now. But that doesn't mean that we can't have a laugh at some of the totally wild scenarios that people have found Pokémon in... and the zany, LOL-worthy hijinks that we've inadvertently caught Pokémon in. Here are fifteen brilliant screenshots from the Pokémon Go game.

15 Cat and mouse games

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You might have heard that cats are godless killing machines with little to no regard for the sanctity of life. But while we accept that songbirds, rats, and spiders might not be safe from Mr. Kitty, we never would have dreamed our cats are capable of pursuing prey that, by all calculations, there's no freaking way they can even see.

Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we'd wake up one morning to find a freshly killed Rattata on our front step, lovingly delivered by a cat who enjoys handing out murder presents... but would you look at how terrified that little rat Pokémon is? He's one clawed paw-swipe away from becoming a one-course kitty dinner, and that's assuming that the cat isn't interested in playing with its food. Better catch this one quick—before the cat does!

14 Fight club

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Though Pokémon might be fun, there's no denying that it has its dangers. Players have been mugged, harassed, and even hit by cars while playing the game... but in a world where humans and Pokémon are presumed to be friends, who would have thought that the real danger all along would be the Pokémon themselves?

We hope this elderly couple has a few flying or psychic-types in their active party, because they're about to enter the random encounter of a lifetime. They can always try to flee, of course... but it's hard to run away from something that big with a bad hip and orthopaedic shoes.

Finally, we've discovered the real reason that we've "gotta catch 'em all." It's not for fun or the sake of friendship. It's not even for their own safety—it's for ours. Because should we fail, who knows what lengths the Pokémon menace will go to? Will they eradicate the entirety of humanity itself? Catching Pokémon is no longer just our mission, our cause—like it or not, now it's our only hope.

13 All puff'd up

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Nevermind how this somewhat menacing-looking Jigglypuff got loose (or why he was in a cage to begin with). The real question here is, how did he become a professor? What does he have his PhD in? Because if our memories serve us right, wasn't Jigglypuff that fat, annoying sing-along Pokémon with the superiority complex and the anger management issues? Surely, that alone would make it poorly suited for an academic environment—but who are we to judge?

12 Abracadabra

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The great thing about Pokémon Go is that it's encouraging people to get off their butts and go out into the world, exploring new areas and moving their feet. But in the case of this awkwardly-placed Abra, it feels like there's a different kind of movement going on here... a bowel movement.

You almost have to feel sorry for the poor Pokémon of the world, not even afforded the most basic privacies. If it's evolved enough to use a toilet, the least we can do is wait until it's done before we start tossing Pokéballs and snapping pictures, right? As long as it remembers to flush and puts the seat down when it's done, this Abra is more capable than most humans.

But man, talk about getting caught with your pants down.

11 A real knockout

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Coming across a wild Eevee is always cause for excitement. Battling it with your pet dog, though? That's just unfair. Low-level Eevees might not know many moves, but it definitely has an upper hand on poor Fido, who only knows "shake," "roll over," and "play dead." This K.O.'d puppy never stood a chance! A PSA to all you wannabe trainers out there: how about we don't make our pets battle wild Pokémon?

The cold, calculating look in this Eevee's eyes says it all. This was a deliberate defeat, and you can already see it gloating over its victory. Throw all the Pokéballs you like—when little fox-themed Pokémon start taking out household pets, you know the Poké-craze has finally gone too far.

10 Natural high

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If there was ever a stoner-type Pokémon, we all know who would be on the shortlist. Gloom, Snorlax, and especially this totally blazed Drowzee—these are the kind of Pokémon that people who celebrate 4/20 and are overly familiar with "the munchies," keep on their teams. This Drowzee in particular looks like he might be enjoying his medical marijuana card a little bit too much. C'mon, man! It's 10 a.m. on a Wednesday, get a job!

Despite what looks like a serious case of public intoxication, there's a bright side to this story. We hear that stoned Pokémon have lowered speed and agility, meaning they're probably a lot easier to catch. Just don't be surprised if you see this guy loose from his Pokéball and raiding your fridge for leftover pizza at 2 a.m. or constantly trying to get you to listen to Pink Floyd with him.

9 Fish out of water

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"No poaching or trapping," is usually solid advice to follow whether you're on public or private land. But when it comes to virtual Pokémon, the line in the sand might seem a little more blurred. Is that (c'mon, pretty much worthless) Magikarp really worth breaking the law over? And if so, are we gonna have to explain to some police officer the nuances of "catching" a Pokémon vs. "trapping" any other kind of animal? Because, that's the kind of ridiculous stuff that we've really been waiting this whole augmented reality thing to bring to life for us.

When it comes right down to it, that Magikarp is already out of water anyway... and to be fair, a Pokéball-type environment just might be the one thing that could save it before a Pidgey or Spearow comes along and makes it lunch.

8 Fluffy is stunned!

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Us humans might need our phones to see the latest Pokémon scampering around our living rooms and backyards, but this screenshot presents the distinct possibility that our furry friends have always been able to see the tiny invisible monsters that we've only recently become aware are living among us.

How many times have we laughed at a cat freaking out over apparently nothing, or watched a dog scramble out of a room in pursuit of something that's not there? Let's entertain the possibility that maybe, the cat wasn't being a spaz for once—maybe, it just saw Mewtwo come out of the bathroom and it was doing the reasonable thing and heading for the hills. If this is how cats react to virtual Zubats, just imagine how terrified they'd be of say, a full-sized Charizard, for example. Yikes.

7 A real stand-out Pokémon

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Some Pokémon have the art of blending in down to a science, while others just can't seem but help standing out. Unfortunately for this Doduo, it didn't exactly do the best job of choosing its company. Birds of a feather may flock together, but there's a pretty distinct difference between a pretty pink flock of flamingos and this bizarro two-headed chicken-type thing.

Exactly what kind of bird is Duduo supposed to be, anyway? Our best guess is some kind of ostrich, but then that begs the question: if it gets scared, which head does it stick in the sand? When it comes to this wacky Pokémon abomination, it seems that the old adage is really true: two heads are better than one.

6 Wardrobe malfunction

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Don't you just hate it when you head to the gym and discover that you're dressed exactly like the worst-dressed person in the room? Drowzee isn't exactly the worst dresser of the Pokémon world (looking at you, Jynx), but you've gotta admit, that yellow and brown ensemble isn't exactly a fashion win in most books. Kind of reminds us of mustard on a hot dog, or somebody who got dressed in the dark.

In the ultimate version of: "one of us is gonna have to change," it looks like this particular trainer is really regretting not going with an outfit with a little more pizzaz to it. That Drowzee, on the other hand? No one has ever looked so stoked to be emulated in their whole entire life. If imitation is the best form of flattery, then this Drowzee is so flattered, he barely knows what to do with himself. Cuuuuute.

5 Kitty litter blues

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For decades now, debates have continued in our undying quest to answer the biggest question of the Pokémon world: what the heck is Diglett, anyway? A weird brown lump growing out of the ground with the ability to multiply by three upon evolution, the theories surrounding Diglett range from the weird to the extremely bizarre. Is Diglett packing a really buff body beneath the surface that we just haven't seen yet? Or, does a Diglett's body just keep going down into the ground for miles, seemingly never ending?

And to think, all along we could have answered this question if we'd only known where to look. Brown, kind of oblong, and loves to hang out in rocky ground... yep, our theory is, Diglett is some kind of cat poop-type Pokémon that we've all been obsessing over for pretty much no reason at all. Yuck.

4 Pokémon whoops

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That's... not what a Dodrio looks like, right? If anything, it's an Arcanine, but, um, as far as we know, that's just an average dog. It probably wouldn't appreciate being stuck inside a Pokéball—forcing it to fight other animals sounds kind of illegal, and frankly, it looks kind of freaked out about the fact that people keep lobbing Pokéballs at it.

You can be the very best like no one ever was, you can train them and catch 'em all... but you can't catch your dog. That's the kind of thing that's going to have an animal rights agency breathing down our necks in no time, flat.

3 Lowering the bar

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Man, if only every "hot girl bartender" was managing on Jynx-level looks, it would be a lot easier for a girl to get a drink bought for her rather than having to compete with the stunning lady pouring them for attention. With her perpetual duck-lip pout, her bleachy blonde hair and her, frankly, totally trashy evening wear getup, Jynx is obviously trying too hard—and we're okay with that. Nevermind her coy, "Oops, are you taking a picture of me?" pose—this Jynx might think she's working the bar, but in fact, she's totally lowering it.

God help the poor drunk dude who tries to take this "lady" home at closing time. Beer goggles go a long way and we've all made bad decisions, but at least for most of us, our worst case of spray tan only turned our skin kind of orange—not funky purple. Jynx, honey, you are a hot mess.

2 Delicious exeggcute-tion

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We guess now we all know why Exeggcutes don't come in a dozen—they're too easy to mistake for other eggs! Just imagine chilling in the early morning, making breakfast with your trusty, loyal Pokémon, only to accidentally crack half of its brothers and sisters into your frying pan to eat with toast. Some of these Exeggcutes still look oblivious to their siblings' demise, but those two on the left? They know. They so know.

To be fair, it's not our fault that this eggy Pokémon looks so much like raw ingredients for a balanced, nutritious breakfast. Eggs are full of protein and keep you full all the way until lunchtime, and sometimes, you've just gotta make sacrifices to start the morning right. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs... and in this case, honestly, it looks like some of Exeggcute's family comes broken to begin with. Waste not, want not!

1 Fish fry

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We all knew that it would come to this eventually. The Pokémon television show introduced us to a world where Pokémon weren't just bizarre animals wandering around the wilderness—they were the only animals, meaning that unless the entire world was made up of vegetarians, you guessed it: people probably ate Pokémon for food.

While we'd never consider chowing down on some Charmander BBQ ribs or a side of Pikachu, you've gotta admit... that Magikarp does look kind of delicious. And if you've already got a Gyarados, y'know... you're not really going to need another oversized goldfish whose only move is splash anymore, are you? Just sayin'.

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