15 Hilarious Posts Guaranteed To Brighten Even The Toughest Of Weeks

Like the title of this article, it's no secret that society has had some darker, more serious times lately. It seems like there is an abundance of destruction and stress on the internet these days, rather than things that can potentially lift us up and make us roll on the ground with laughter. Sometimes a day, week or month might suck and all we need is a small pick-me-up to really to get us through. Laughing is good for the soul and we often forget to see the sun in the sky and to appreciate the small things.

Luckily for us, people are naturally good at making other people laugh and the proof is in the pictures below. These photos below are just a reminder that people are funny and can spread joy to the world, even if they don't know they're doing it. Finding amusement in situations is a great skill to have and that's exactly what's happening here.

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15 When the urge is too real

When we're in our personal space, we feel like we can do or say anything. Our home is our safe place and sometimes when we're out in public, we forget that other people are around. For some people, bodily functions might not work like they planned them and, in public, that's a problem. Imagine sitting in a horrid math class and having to pass gas while knowing it can't be done without consequences.

People are creative and figure out ways to make a situation work, but for this person, it was a real dud. They thought that if they timed two things right, they'd get to their goal and all would be right in the world. At the time, this might've not been funny to the perpetrator, but in the end, this embarrassed person probably found it hysterical.

We literally cannot imagine a situation more embarrassing, but knowing that other people get themselves in sticky (or stinky) situations make us realize we aren't totally failing at life. We wish the news reported more things like this to give us a good laugh rather than the depressing things they tend to focus on. This guy's classmates probably never let him forget this, but hopefully they didn't tease him too bad.

14 Gullible at best

In 2018, shopping has never been easier. Just about anything can be found online and sent to our doorsteps in less than a week. Basically, the days at the mall are over and we can lounge on the couch even longer. Not only do people shop on Amazon but they can hop on social media sites like Facebook and buy things too. In fact, people can even buy something from a friend at a reasonable price with a verifiable picture...or so they say.

In this situation, the seller is likely making a joke and seeing how many likes or comments they get. What they didn't anticipate is someone actually taking the bait and wanting to "buy" the jacket for sale. We can't possibly comprehend the type of person who actually falls for this, but we'll laugh and cheer on the seller.

All we can do is laugh because when most of us see this, we think of it as a joke; to a select few, they chomp at the bit. We sure hope the seller didn't take advantage, but it's kind of on the buyer at that point. Camouflage is all the rage right now and personally, we've never seen anything more spot on...wink wink.

13 Technologically im-purr-fect

Anyone with a pet can familiarize themselves with the odd things their furry friend can get into at any given moment. When pets are left at home alone, there's no telling what they do to fill their day. We're thinking a camera in the corner is a good idea when it comes to this cute feline. We understand that our pets have no idea what they're doing, but after seeing the photo above, we might not be so sure. At first this person probably thought their home computer was getting hacked, but luckily they have a system where they can capture a picture to see who the perpetrator is. Also, it's a good thing it was just their cat stomping on their keyboard instead of a stranger.

Who would've thought of a cat hacker?

Animals are lovable and funny in their own way and we worship them for it. The fact that they have the ability to do something like this is beyond us and we're not sure why cats are so obsessed with walking all over our technology. In this case, it's obviously because they are trying to hack their owner's files to finally escape to the outer-world. Or, the cat has no idea what it's doing and it's all a coincidence. Either way, it's still hilarious.

12 Queen of cooking

As people, we have all sorts of different skills that we hone onto. Some of us might be good at knitting, while others are better at painting. Some of us might be the cleaners of the house and others of us might be the cooks; either way, all of us want some recognition once and rightfully so. But there's one type of person that usually never gets praise for all the hard work they do, unless their kid wants something or it's a holiday about them.

Moms of the world are what keep families intact and show us the ways of the world. Fortunately for this lady, she knows when she should get respect and that's when it's time for pictures. Everyone loves a photo op at gatherings or social events and this mother's kid decided it was a good time to do so with all of this food. But Mom knew better and knew who should be rightfully in the picture: herself.

If no one helped, it's kind of true that they should put all the attention on this woman and it's a good thing she said something. She knows she did a lot of work and with all that food on the table, means that she gave up her personal time to make sure everyone else got fed. Well done, Mom.

11 Utterly unimpressed

As adults, we have learned to appreciate our parents. We understand why they do the things they do and we probably can even forgive them for grounding us so much as kids. We also remember the embarrassing things they did to us and at this point, we wonder how we didn't have any long-lasting effects. We've all probably seen this kid's mug on various websites, but do we really know why he was so unimpressed? We haven't stopped to take notice of the reason behind his famous expression and now we know: his parents mixed up two of the most important days at school. If this kid was younger, he probably wouldn't have cared, but at this age, he probably got made fun of by his classmates.

We're really hoping he just got compliments and stares of jealously because he got to wear his cartoon pajamas to school.

There's no hilarity in a kid getting made fun of, but we can laugh at the fact that we would not like to be this kid's mother when she picked up her son from school. Pajama day and picture day are two different animals and we're sure Mom was just really busy with other things to notice this small detail. For any parents out there, we commend you.

10 Way too literal

You know, we would've totally laughed along if the only thing wrong with this picture was the cornbread comment, but it isn't. We might've just laughed because there is literally several pieces of white bread with canned corn on top of it, but there's more. It's also kind of disgusting that someone would even think of eating this, but we'll just hope this was set up for social media only. The second thing that catches our eye is how they spelled "bon appétit." Even the best speller in the world will have struggles once and a while, but we don't think this person is a professional when it comes to grammar. We're thinking no one could be that dense and make two mistakes like this in one tweet, but the way things are going lately, we wouldn't really be surprised either.

People put everything and a little more on social media and we want to thank our lucky stars they choose to do so. Everyone and their sister seems to think that food pictures are the best pictures and in this case, it is. We'll never know if they were serious or were joking for retweets, but this post is funny all the same.

9 The Christmas present that wasn't

If we want an instant laugh to brighten our mood, we know the perfect television show to turn on: America's Funniest Home Videos. It's basically a television show of people doing stupid or funny things for our viewing pleasure. Back in the day, our parents used to have camcorders to record everything under the sun and these days, we have our trusty smartphones. Nonetheless, taking a video of a special moment in time is important...like this one. As kids, we probably remember owning one of those ballerina spinners or know someone that did and they were cool. Getting one of our very own for our birthday or a holiday such as Christmas was pure gold and this girl hit the jackpot.

Of course one of her parents decided to get the big reveal on video and it was a very good idea. 

This little girl was probably horrified when it happened, but years later she'll be laughting as we are now. The big reveal was supposed to be majestic and cool and instead, it ended in fire...literally. We're thinking a piece of plastic like that burned pretty fast and we're not sure the the guy in the background was fast enough.

8 Being one with nature

Being in nature helps us clear our heads and realize the beauty that surrounds us in an otherwise hectic world. Sometimes nature can recharge us and clear our mind; other times, it can literally bite back. Everyone should know that messing with nature has its consequences and that definitely includes the animals that live in it. Unfortunately for this guy, and fortunately for us, he didn't listen to his instincts. Instead, he listened to that voice in the back of his head saying that getting closer to a squirrel would be a good idea and it was totally worth it in our opinion. OK, maybe not if he contracted some sort of disease, but we'll just go with the notion that everything turned out fine.

This guy thought an "innocent" selfie would be a good idea to show all of his friends on social media, but he was sorely mistaken. We wouldn't want to be in his position because who knows how long that squirrel tortured him, but we hope for his sake he got home in one piece. Next time, this guy will definitely admire nature from afar like everyone should. Ah, nature, what a refreshing experience to have.

7 The best anniversary

When we see people displaying their relationship all over social media, we kind of want to throw up. If you've never seen this type of behavior, you are probably the problem, but if you provided us this type of comic relief, we wouldn't mind. We can probably remember what it was like to be in a young relationship and all the butterflies and excitement that came with it. All we wanted to do was scribble our crush's name in our notebook and talk on our landline phone with them. We had no idea what life was about when we were that young and nowadays, the only thing that's different is that kids now have social media to use. If we were to hop on social media and see something like this, we would find it very amusing.

We'd expect to see a couple gushing about a monumental anniversary, but this...this doesn't count.

It kind of makes us want to go back to the simpler days of when something like this was the most important situation in our life at the moment, but also, maybe not. This makes us smile, but it also makes us realize how old we are and how important a day can be for someone.

6 Dang that Mr. Noodle

Staying overnight in a hotel used to be such a fun treat when we were little, but apparently in this situation, it's a different story. First off, we're not sure what kind of motel only gives their customers one channel, but if they do, it better be a good one. It can't be news, it can't be the weather, it has to be that one universal channel that anyone can watch. Skimping on electronics like that is pretty bad the way it is, but there has to be something besides Sesame Street. We aren't knocking the show, as it filled our mindless afternoons as children, but as a paying customer, something has got to give. This person obviously got over it and just needed some background noise, but another customer had enough. There's only so much a person can take and for this grown man down the hall, it was Mr. Noodle that finally broke him.

Cartoons are innocent and meant to be fun, but when someone is past the age of comprehending them without getting annoyed, it's a whole other story. This is probably a good enough example for the motel's owner trying to get a better television plan. They might want to act quickly or else that television in the man's room might be going out the window.

5 Mediocre donuts

If there's one thing the world can agree on, it's that donuts are a gift from the heavens above. Donuts bring joy to everyone's lives and maybe a little sugar rush at the same time. Donuts are light and fluffy and the perfect breakfast treat to indulge in. A lot of places claim to have the "best coffee in town" or the "best omelet you can buy," but this place isn't putting on a front. They see no reason to let their customers down by claiming to have the best donuts, or maybe they just lost a letter on the sign and never replaced it. Anything can be turned into something and when it comes to a missing letter or two, it can mean the world of a difference.

Some people might not see the humor in this company name and that just sucks for them. 

We can appreciate a sign like this that's missing a letter or two because we can marvel in the fact that it means something completely different now. Who knows if the owners even know if they are missing a letter and if they do, they should just leave it as it is and roll with it.

4 The little walking banana

Having a day at the zoo is every kid's fantasy as well as maybe even a few adults. Spending the day walking around and admiring animals we wouldn't normally see is a fun pastime to share with our friends and family. Speaking of kids, the kid above seems like the happiest person alive in that moment. There's nothing better than being able to dress yourself as a child and being able to walk out of the house just like that. It's a miracle our parents weren't more embarrassed for themselves or for us and in this situation, it's just too perfect. There is no better idea than for a child to dress as a banana and nonchalantly walk past the gorillas. This gorilla might've just been caught in the moment, but it looks like it just noticed the perfect snack.

It seems like the perfect idea to dress up in a costume and visit a zoo. Maybe it was Halloween around this time or maybe, the parents are really cool and let their kid be who they want to be...a walking banana. Hopefully, the little girl turned around and showed the gorilla she was not an afternoon snack.

3 Having his food and eating it too

As children, we can probably remember all of the rules our parents put in place for us. We probably thought it was "totally unfair"and stomped up the stairs to really make an impact when it came to how we felt. These simple little things stood in the middle of what we wanted and what we couldn't have and that was super frustrating. We eventually just gave up in our feat and tried again another day to get past our parents' rules. Now that we're older, we wish we had the thinking process of this kid because he is a genius. In fact, he might be his generation's next brilliant mastermind just because he figured this little trick out. He didn't see a rule as something he couldn't do, he saw it as an opportunity to figure his options out.

OK, maybe he just stumbled upon this great idea and didn't even know it.

There's no way a parent could ever say "no" to this because in anyone's eyes, it's pretty sly. We don't give kids enough credit for being able to figure things out on their own and now, we might be looking at them in a different way. While they sit there with a pout, they might be conjuring up a place to defeat all rules.

2 A human-cat

If we were to look back at paintings and photos in history, we'd probably find some pretty odd things. Just to pick a certain time in history, we'll go with the medieval era. If we were to flip through a book filled with these paintings, they could give us nightmares for days. Also, without a proper explanation, we may never figure out the message the artist is trying to get across. Things were different back then, but not that different. We suppose methods of sorts were a bit more harsh and certain types of people were treated differently, but there is no way cats had faces that looked eerily like ours. The person above knows this type of history, but couldn't get past this certain detail. We understand paintings are an idea of what the artist sees through their eyes, but this is all wrong.

At the same time, we have to laugh because the faces are kind of cute. We'll probably never understand why an artist went with this type of painting and we guess we really don't have to understand, but now we are definitely all on the same page: human cats were real once upon a time, apparently.

1 Working with what he has

At first, we wanted our own phone line when we were kids and then it morphed into this. This kid desperately wanted a more intimate experience when it came to viewing television and without funds from his parents, we're thinking he was kind of out of luck. Normal kids would probably just whine a bit and then get over it, but this kid improvised brilliantly. The parent in this situation probably noticed that Junior was a little quiet up in his room and decided to check things out. They probably suspected he'd be playing video games or something of the sort, but he had indeed made his own home theater.

We all want a home theater to relax in and this kid made his dream version all by himself. 

Kids do the silliest things most of the time, but this creation is pretty legit. At this point, we want to know what it's like inside and if he can see anything or if he's pretending. He probably has an iPhone strapped to the top and hey, whatever works for him. At the same time we also wonder if he's taking orders because we might be interested in the near future.

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