15 Hilarious Sheldon Cooper Memes That Never Get Old

The Big Bang Theory would not be the same if it weren’t for Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper, the super-genius with multiple degrees and poor social skills. He has no filter and will tell people exactly what he’s thinking, even if it’s completely inappropriate or hurts their feelings. Sheldon has plenty of other quirks, too, like having a favorite spot to sit and being unable to do simple tasks. Sure, he can solve a quantum equation, but can he open a toolbox? Nope, that’s not complex enough for him to solve.

Sheldon Cooper might say the darnedest things, but he’s still one of the most lovable characters in recent television history. He catches the eye of fellow genius, Amy Farrah Fowler and they fall in love, working through their mutual issues. These memes will have Sheldon Cooper fans crying and rolling on the floor with laughter.

15 Reading is fundamental

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When Sheldon gets it in his mind to solve a problem, he won’t quit until he has finished it. As the smartest man in the room (as he always reminds people), solving that math problem which takes two or three whiteboards to write out is extremely important. And that’s how you feel about reading a book. Some books are impossible to put down and things like sleep can get in the way of reaching that last page. Sheldon might fall down when he’s working on a problem and fighting sleep, but he always gets back up again. Sleep will not defeat him! So, pour yourself another cup of coffee, swig another caffeinated soda and you can reach the end of your book before sleep overtakes you. Just don’t expect to do much of anything else the next day.

14 When Rock, Paper, Scissors gets complex

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Ah, the old game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. For children, this classic game can help groups choose a leader or make important decisions. The game is so effective that it should be used to end more disputes, right? Well, it wasn’t complicated enough for Sheldon, who sees the world in convoluted equations.

Can you find a simplified way to explain Sheldon’s version? It could make your brain hurt to play this game with him, but it is a way for Sheldon to win every argument. Spock from Star Trek is an option in Sheldon’s version and a nasty lizard makes an appearance, as well. Rock, Paper, Scissors takes on a whole new meaning when the possibility of a rock crushing the lizard or of Spock vaporizing the rock is on the table. Word of advice: don’t play this version if you have something to lose.

13 Get on the atomic level

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One of the great things about The Big Bang Theory is how naturally it slips in true physics humor. This joke is based on something that most people learn about in middle school. Neutrons, protons and electrons are the building blocks of atoms. Unlike protons and electrons, the neutron doesn’t have a charge. Thus, Sheldon's joke.

Sheldon might not have a traditional sense of humor, but he can find the hilarity in scientific theory and turn certain factoids into jokes. Will these jokes be the life of the party? Not likely. Sheldon has a very dry sense of humor and makes unfunny comments that provide great belly laughs. You can also learn some physics and quantum theory while watching The Big Bang Theory. Who knew science could make for fun times? Turns out, Sheldon did.

12 Tactfulness is not his strong suit...

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Sheldon does not understand the need for tact. Why soften the truth to spare someone’s feelings? It isn’t logical in the long run. If you lie to people, then they might ask you again for the same thing. You’d have to constantly reject their offers and come up with new explanations every single time. It’s tedious. So, Sheldon gets right to the point.

He has a genius IQ of 187 and no time to follow silly social conventions like being tactful. While he has trouble reading basic social cues in most cases, he has proven to be a good and honest friend (well, he’s there for his friends in his own unique Sheldon Cooper way). Because he tends to always tell his friends what he’s REALLY thinking, it means a lot when he comes through for them on his own.

11 He's the guy you love to hate on a group project

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Yeah, yeah, Sheldon Cooper is a super genius. He makes sure that no one forgets it. Did you know that he has five degrees? Sheldon holds a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Arts, Ph.D. and a Doctor of Science. He started college at the tender age of 11 years old and never stopped going. His desire for knowledge is insatiable and he can comprehend complex theories and mathematics.

In group projects, a person like him will take charge and show off their skills in order to make sure the project is done correctly. He also doesn’t appreciate a difference of opinion and never thinks he’s wrong (and he’s rarely wrong anyway). You’ll solve that quantum equation and perhaps even the mystery of the universe if Sheldon is in your group, but you probably won’t get to contribute to the discussion.

10 Becoming the master of your own bladder....

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Being woken up from a good dream by your bladder is one of the most annoying things ever. It happens without fail. As soon as you’re warm and comfortable under the blankets, your bladder starts giving off those warning signals that you need to get up and head to the bathroom right now. Perhaps that really cool dream changes to include a running fountain or flowing river—a sign that your bladder’s needs are infiltrating your dreams. Sheldon may have a higher IQ than most people, but he is very much still a normal human being. And that means that his bladder will sometimes call the shots. Mind over matter techniques don’t work so well when your bladder is full and even Sheldon loses the fight.

9 When people tell you to smile

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Sheldon has trouble expressing emotions. He can’t read other people’s emotional states, so he relies on his own internal morality and logical view of the world. Sheldon sees no need to smile for the sake of smiling. It can be disconcerting when strangers tell you to “put on a smile” or to “smile more” (nor is it appropriate), but people do respond better to smiling.

Unfortunately, Sheldon’s smile muscles are a bit rusty, so his smiles look more like grimaces than expressions of friendliness or happiness. Is a fake smile better than none at all? Not necessarily. Sheldon’s emotionless face might put off some people, but his friends know who he is and they fully accept him, scary grimaces and all. These are the kinds of friends you want to have.

8 It's not easy being a heartthrob

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Sheldon Cooper got a new haircut that gave him swoopy bangs in the pilot episode. The bangs reminded him of teen heartthrobs who have the kind of hair that can be flipped and played with by their admirers. What makes Sheldon’s comment even funnier is that (technically) he is the complete opposite of what a teen heartthrob is expected to be and has no interest in romantic entanglements of any kind. This meme works really well when you want to make light of a compliment or give yourself some congratulations on a job well done. You can use it when you win an argument, too. Being a teen heartthrob is all about winning the admiration of the masses, and no doubt, Sheldon deserves some admiration.

7 Sheldon's romance with Amy was epic

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Even if you’re a Twilight fan, this meme should still be able to make you laugh. The romance between Sheldon Cooper and Amy Fowler doesn’t resemble the traditional love story. In fact, their relationship seems to be based on practicality more than physical attraction or emotional connection. Amy and Sheldon are two very smart people who look at the world in the most logical way possible; in that, these two are perfect for each other. They met through a dating website and began as friends. Amy always wanted more, but Sheldon would insist that she was a “friend who is a girl but not a girlfriend.” Over time, their relationship changed and they began dating. Being in a relationship with Amy helped Sheldon to grow as a person. He learned to love.

6 Sorry, did you say something?

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No relationship is perfect and Sheldon sometimes didn’t bother with the expected niceties of dating. How many times have you wanted to tell someone that you had no intention of listening to their long, drawn-out stories? Sheldon doesn’t bother to pretend. He has a one-track mind (for physics) and listening to things he considers unimportant don’t fit well into his plans. It doesn’t matter if you’re his friend or girlfriend when he isn’t interested in the topic you’re discussing. Everyone has felt this way at some point in their life, but Sheldon has no trouble saying exactly what he’s thinking. Being a good listener matters in relationships, though. His penchant for the truth might offend some people. So, it’s a good thing that Sheldon and Amy understand each other…

5 Introverts can relate on the molecular level

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Sheldon Cooper is an introvert. While not all introverts are shy, most introverts prefer their company over the company of other people. Being around other people can be very draining for introverts. Extroverts, on the hand, thrive in large crowds and love to be the center of attention. Sometimes, introverts wish they could be extroverts—mainly because society tells them that extroverts are much better than they are. Not Sheldon, though. He believes that being an introvert is the best way to be and doesn’t understand why anyone would want to embrace an extroverted lifestyle.

Introverts can relate to Sheldon’s assessment. Dealing with other people requires too many emotional resources. Thankfully, people now recognize that being introverted is not a bad thing. Society has learned to embrace those who like to Netflix and chill all by themselves.

4 Don't take his seat

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On The Big Bang Theory, it’s a running joke that Sheldon Cooper has a specific spot where he likes to sit. No one else is allowed to sit there. Rebecca Black, who rose to infamy for her single “Friday” in 2011, became a popular meme herself with the lyrics, “Which seat shall I take?” People would splice the clip of her singing that line with scenes from shows or movies in which different characters told her that she was not welcome to sit with them. Sheldon has no intention of giving up his seat to anyone. Rebecca Black can go somewhere else to sit down, or she could remain standing forever, for all he cares. Don’t touch Sheldon’s seat! Or face the consequences if you do!

3 'Bazinga' is the ultimate catch phrase

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BAZINGA! This is Sheldon’s iconic phrase that he uses after playing a prank on someone or after he’s won an argument. You can use it to end a debate by it over and over again. Sheldon’s word can express happiness or sadness, excitement or anger. It has so many possibilities!

According to Huffington Post, the word “bazinga” originated from one of the writers, Stephen Engel, who used the word himself. The word hadn’t been written into the script but was added during taping and just kind of stuck. But the catch phrase didn’t begin with The Big Bang Theory. Apparently, it was also used in an episode of X-Files back in the day. Sheldon Cooper just made it popular during the age of internet memes and the world is forever grateful.

2 The meme that got too real

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Considering that Sheldon Cooper doesn’t make emotional attachments easily and is not interested in romance in general, it’s saying something when he begins to date Amy Farrah Fowler. What are you doing home alone and single?! It can be tough to see people who you never expected to find love out in the dating scene or happily in a relationship, while you struggle to find that one special person. It’s okay, though. Being single is not the end of the world. Even so, it should be encouraging to know that there really is someone for everyone, if you’re looking and hoping to find someone. Long-term, lasting relationships don’t happen overnight and neither did the relationship between Sheldon and Amy. It took time before they reached that level.

1 The tragedy of being too smart...

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Solving quantum equations is easy. Opening a toolbox? Not so much. Sheldon Cooper’s IQ might be 187, but he has trouble doing some basic tasks. This tends to be a common problem for extremely smart people. One theory is that their brains are used to such high-level thinking that switching gears to do things that don’t require abstract thought can be difficult.

According to the Harvard Business Review, this is a symptom of overloaded circuits. Your brain can only do so much at a time and has to prioritize what it handles. For example, this means that a genius might be able to spell complex words, yet have difficulty with more simplistic words. Low-level tasks like opening toolboxes or folding TV dinner tables take a back seat when your mind is concentrated on finding out the meaning of the universe.

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