15 Hilarious Snapchat Stories You Need In Your Life

When it comes to Snapchat, some people just slay. Your best friend's cousin from high school might only snap yawn-worthy pics of their sub-par cooking skillz, but other snappers out there? They are absolutely killing it with some of the wildest adventures and most hilarious stories on the planet. Forget those ultra-attractive flower crown selfies and cutesy videos with the dog filter on, because when it comes to the best Snapchat stories of all time, that nonsense doesn't stand a chance.

A great Snapchat doesn't have to be made of pure #aesthetic—it just needs to be fun. Snapchat can be done totally wrong, but when it comes to these Snapchatters, they're doing it all right. So move over, Kylie Jenner! Your days as social media queen are numbered with these hilarious Snapchats nipping at your stilettos. Here are fifteen ultra-funny Snapchat stories that are sure to brighten up your day—because believe us, you need these in your life.

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15 This guy being so hyped about catching a rabbit

We're not gonna lie, we'd be pretty impressed with ourselves if we caught a rabbit, too. This guy's unbridled enthusiasm for his new rabbit friend is so infectious, you can't even look at his smile without smiling yourself. "It's SOOOOOOOO cute!" he exclaims, which is about the point where you realize: as he sits in his car, a cozy bunny chilling on the floorboards of his passenger side, this guy is speaking for us all. Who can even blame him? We'd be losing it, too!

We're not sure what kind of Disney princess magic this guy is working to get a wild rabbit to be so chill and calm there on his lap, but we're happy that the bunny has such a loving dad. We actually can't decide what we love more: that this guy lured the bunny into his loving care using cookies from his car, or his promise to buy the rabbit some new Jordans. Freaking adorable.

14 DJ Khaled getting lost on his jet ski

DJ Khaled has eternally proven himself to be the unrivaled king of Snapchat. But a full-length saga of his adventure being lost at sea on a jet ski? Even DJ Khaled couldn't possibly be that wild...

Except he is. He totally is.

While he keeps things cool, calm, and above all else, totally positive at first, his mantra of, "The key is to make it! The key is never give up!" quickly turns to, "The key? Is not to drive the jet ski in the dark." Wise words from a wise, wise man. But where anyone else would be losing their collective shit, DJ Khaled seems to keep his together enough that Snapchatting his way through the entire adventure seems like the only rational option. We're 100% sure that if he got stranded on an island, he would keep the world informed via Snap as he Robinson Crusoe'd his way through every danger along the way. DJ Khaled—because some heroes don't wear capes.

13 That's... not chocolate

via: buzzfeed.com

Some stories are short and sweet... or in this poor Snapchater's case, short and soapy. We went from being totally envious of whatever sweet gig this person scored to laughing our asses off at their misfortune in a matter of seconds! There are Oscar-winning films that have had less compelling storylines (and for $9 a ticket, to boot).

That's what he gets, though, for bragging. There are people in the world who only get greasy, old fries from whatever fast food joint they work at. And here this guy thought he was getting a chocolate masterpiece. That's what he gets for boasting!

12 The saga of Elizabeth, party queen

We all have that one friend—you know the one. You love them to pieces, you support them in all that they do, and you'd do anything for them... other than babysit them while they're drunk, because dammit, when they drink, they're out of control.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth probably doesn't have that one friend, because she is that one friend.

She walks along the side of the road in treacherously complicated heels, holding out for an Uber because she thinks they might have candy. She stuffs an entire bag of chips between her legs, nowhere even near concealing them beneath her tight little mini dress, and stubbornly tries to smuggle them into the club anyway. She drinks out of beer pong cups. She dances on the bar. She cries on the floor of the men's bathroom, jumps into a ball pit, and somehow manages to locate a secret underground Mario Kart circuit in a freaking nightclub.

Actually, we don't know what Elizabeth's boyfriend is so frustrated for. We'd party with this girl any day!

11 This guy getting trapped in the bathroom

This guy managed to turn what should have been a nightmare into a seriously hilarious Snapchat story for the ages. Locked in the bathroom and unable to escape, he had us from the moment he sang, "Strength and guidance!" His attempts to kick the bathroom door down might have been in vain, and though he also managed to break the door handle, he's successfully bumbled his way into our hearts.

The only thing more adorable than this dude's accent? The way he's too nervous to try to attract attention for help because he's afraid of looking creepy! There are guys out there who seem to see "looking creepy" as their sole excuse to leave the house! This story is a joy from beginning to end—it may be long, but it's totally worth it.

10 The dangers of optimism

via: buzzfeed.com

As much as we love watching a plan come together, we love it even more when we have a chance to watch someone else's plan fall apart. In retrospect, what we might have first believed to be just a cute little smiley face drawn on a coffee cup actually looks like it might be mocking this poor Snapchatter. In fact... it's almost as if... it knows. It knows that in about 2.0 seconds, after this Snapchatter has already declared to his followers that today will be a good day, tragedy will strike.

Unfortunately, looks like this coffee was cursed from the start—better grab some paper towels and be prepared for your car to smell like coffee for the next month.

9 The greatest resume of all time

We've seen some ballsy resumes in our day, and hands down, this is probably one of the bravest. A Snapchat story resume? In the digital age, anything is possible, we guess—especially if you're applying to actually work for Snapchat!

This guy isn't just brave and clever and great with a selfie angle—really, he's the whole package. We all can multitask when we have to, but we can't say the same for riding a bike, spinning a basketball on one finger and videotaping it (heck, we can barely do any of those things independently of each other, let alone all at once). Is he actually qualified for the job he's applying for? Meh, who even cares? You just don't let talent like that slip through your fingers—we'd hire him, anyway.

8 Kid runs away from home after Mom deletes Pokémon GO

Out of all the reasons to run away from home, this just might be the most valid. When this little guy's mother deleted his Pokémon GO app, he did what any other reasonable, rational individual might do: he packed up all his sh*t, headed out the door, and hit the road. That'll show you, Mom! Right?

We're not sure what's more hilarious—the fact that he literally packed up everything he held dear to him, having decided that this, of all things, was truly the last straw, or the fact that his sister actually Snapchatted the entirety of his running away story, right down to the moment where they track him down to the canal that he's now chosen as his new home. Say what you want about the kid, but hey—at least he's got principals.

Until it gets cold out, anyway.

7 Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "making some friends"

via: pinterest.com

When people talk about how Snapchat is a great way to connect with old friends and make new ones, this was probably not what they were referring to. We totally understand the urge, though—who hasn't posted an incredible selfie on their story, only to realize that no one saw it but your high school math teacher and your mother? The most hilarious part of this isn't just the clever play on words—it's that even this poor sucker's imaginary friends seem to have better things to do. While this person may not have exactly created a monster, they did manage to create two pretty rude stick figures.

6 College gym safari

Some Snapchatters truly manage to transcend the genre. While the rest of us are playing around with the latest set of filters, these two made something that's so well-shot, it's almost cinematic... until, of course, some unwilling extras get involved. Really, these fearless explorers are only pointing out what we all know to be true: there are few people on the planet more genuinely douchey than the frat bros who inhabit college gyms. And now? We have all the proof we need in Snapchat form.

Anyone who has ever been to a gym has thought it at one time or another: is there just an endless supply of dudes in Bodybuilding.com T-shirts, or do these guys just never leave? Luckily, while the "frat stars" don't seem to be amused by this Snapchatter's antics, their gym-going female counterparts are happy to play along. Must be that accent, mate.

5 A really sh*tty home intruder

If this isn't the most bizarre real-life story you've ever witnessed, then you should maybe consider getting different friends. This thing is wild! When a random stranger knocks on the door of this guy's house, he doesn't know what to make of it—especially when she walks inside without a word, locks herself in the bathroom, and promptly passes out. Sound too insane to be true? Oh boy, stick around—this Snapchatter had no choice but to get the authorities involved.

After the police break into the bathroom, they find the perp passed out facedown on the bathroom floor with her pants around her ankles—and the crime scene that she's left on the toilet is totally vomit-worthy. No idea whether this woman is a psychopathic serial pooper, or if she was just that drunk, but either way—what a freaking ride!

4 Fake it 'till you make it

via: pinterest.com

Not everyone can boast Kardashian-level vacation Snapchats on a monthly basis, but just because you're not a reality television superstar doesn't mean you have to bore your followers with the same ol', same ol'! Give your Snapchat stories a burst of tropical flair... by faking that sh*t hard and never looking back.

Are you really lounging poolside in a Caribbean wonderland, or are you just at home, googling screensavers of exotic locales and binge-watching Netflix? Now, the world will never know! Just remember to shave your knuckles before you pose your fingers for that all-important fake-leg shot and slap on a little self-tanner—the devil's in the details.

3 This girl "saving" a "turtle"

There's something so deeply annoying about how hard this girl is patting herself on the back about her little rescue mission, it's almost like you're willing something bad to happen. It's not often that you see someone being so utterly smug on such a public platform... so when she carelessly just drops this poor "turtle" she rescues into a pool of water from a great height, you've got to kind of wonder how dumb she could possibly be.

Then, you realize: that's not a turtle. That's a tortoise.

Tortoises can't swim.

Oh, sh*t. Oh noooooooooo. Someone lock this woman up now, before she tries to save anything else—and keep her the hell away from our pets, thanks.

2 This guy attempting to throw a lighter into a shot glass

This shouldn't be compelling entertainment. It really shouldn't be. There are entire teams of highly paid creatives in Hollywood and abroad devoting their lives to bringing us excellent television and award-winning movies, talented actors pouring over scripts and braving the harshest conditions to keep us entertained...

And yet, here we are, watching some dude spend six minutes of his life—and ours—attempting to throw a lighter over his shoulder and land it into a shot glass.

And we have never been so enraptured in a storyline in our entire lives.

Forget Breakfast at Tiffany's. Say goodbye, Godfather. A long, rich history of cinematic masterpieces has led us, as a society, to this moment, and now that we've reached the edge of this precipice, there's no going back. Hollywood, it's time to pack up and go home—this guy nailed it.

1 Self-education

via: pinterest.com

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, and what better medium than Snapchat to transmit that? When the app's creators released our favorite photo program, we imagine moments like this were exactly what they envisioned Snapchat capturing (rather than, y'know, unsolicited dick pics).

Part of us really, truly feels for this poor little guy as he unwittingly aims a hose directly at his face and pulls the trigger. The other part of us is 100% aware that if he'd managed to point it in the other direction, he would have gleefully soaked every person he could reach with it like the maniacal little sociopath he probably is. All kids have to learn sometime... we're just glad that this particular learning experience was caught on Snap!

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