15 Hilarious Snapchats That Are 10 Seconds Of Pure Gold

15 Hilarious Snapchats That Are 10 Seconds Of Pure Gold

Snapchat has become a wonderful new addiction. We have so much fun with this new way to share pieces of our lives with our friends, family and fans. Not only do we take photos of all the things we eat, we also take embarrassing and hilarious snaps that deserve to last longer than 10 seconds.

Sure, Snapchat has introduced the infinity loop, but most of us still make a time limit on our snaps. This is a good thing considering that we might send some regrettable Snaps in the middle of the night after too much wine. But some Snapchats are so hilarious that we wish we could replay them over and over. Thankfully, someone screenshot these Snaps and have posted them online for all of us to enjoy more. Check out these 15 Snapchats that are 10 seconds of pure gold.

15. Playing with light refraction

Via: boredpanda.com

Sometimes the perfect moment just happens. Light can bend the way things appear, and this was just too priceless. The dog looks like he has long-ish legs and short arms, just like the famous (or perhaps infamous) T-Rex dinosaur. But a Doggosaurus Rex would be the cutest creature we had ever seen. This snap is so hilarious that we can’t stop laughing at how ridiculous this dog looks thanks to the refraction of light through the pool water. The doggo seems totally oblivious to our laughter, and he has no idea how perfect this moment had been. Even if you tell him, he wouldn’t fully understand. The Doggosaurus Rex walks among us. And we couldn’t be happier about the whole thing if we tried.

14. What a difference a few years makes

Via: reddit.com

Ain’t this the truth! Freshmen students always want to look their best when they go to parties because they want to make a good impression and get popular. But by the time they reach senior year, they know it’s all bullsh** and just show up to parties dressed in the cleanest sweatpants they own. If none of their sweats are clean, they might spray some Febreze on a pair to make sure it doesn’t stink too badly for the unfortunate people who have to be around you at the party.

The freshman girl is wearing a cute dress and high heels, while the senior college girl has on a ratty t-shirt and sweats. She doesn’t even mind scratching herself in public. Looking sloppy is a rite of passage during the college years. And after years of school, wearing whatever is the most comfortable makes more sense than trying to impress a bunch of shmucks anyway.

13. Find his effing kid already

Via: fuckjerry.com

Most people love the Finding Nemo animated film. It’s a really sad and sweet tale about a father clownfish that looks for his son Nemo. Clownfish are very recognizable, and this one looks exactly like Nemo and his dad. The creator of this snap expressed the frustration that Nemo’s dad would have been feeling while looking for his son all over the ocean.

And it might even be a little gangster with this close-up because Nemo’s dad means business about finding his child. He could have saved so much heartache and yes, screen time, if he had been able to find Nemo right away. No one would give him a clear answer, and he ended up hanging out with a sweet but empty-headed fish called Dory. Where’s his effing son Nemo? Tell us and no fin gets broken.

12. Hey, whatchu doin’ later

Via: craveonline.com

That baby has an expression that we wouldn’t expect from him until he’s at least become a teenager. The baby has a different perspective for liking boobs. To him, it’s all about the milk. Mom’s boobs give him good milk that make the gnawing hunger pangs go away. But when he gets older, boobs might take on a different connotation. He will be having other thoughts about boobs and might even develop this expression in response to seeing future boobs. Mom must have been both startled and laughing once she saw his face after she got out of the shower. This would be the way we look at chocolate candy bars or those fancy cupcakes with elaborate frosting designs. It’s also the way grown men look at boobs, albeit their reason for being so “ooohhh, yeahhh” about boobs differs from the reasons of a baby.

11. Emoji horror film

Via: boredpanda.com

Danny has a weird sense of humor. Of course, he’s also got a brilliant mind. The two little girls emoji looks downright sinister in this context. He placed the emoji in an otherwise empty hallway, enlarged it enough so that in perspective the little girls look normal-sized, and then he made that scared face with the best caption ever. No, we would not suggest going to play with the potential demon emoji little girls. That’s how every scary ghost movie begins. Danny needs to get to safety before it’s too late! Hilarious snaps like these give us hope for the future of humanity. Why? Because it’s super creative and funny as hell. Thanks, Danny, for giving us nightmares and helping us laugh through the pain.

10. Should’ve worn the blue dress

Via: craveonline.com

Nothing ruins the first day of school like wearing the same pattern as the school restroom wall. She practically disappears into the wall tiles. The lines on her dress even match up to the lines made where the tiles connect. Things like this make us wonder if the universe has played some cruel joke on us. Maybe we are in a Sims game and don’t even realize it. How does this even happen? Of all the possibilities in the world, how could an otherwise cute outfit end up matching the walls of the school restroom? It almost seems like a cosmic impossibility, but we have the proof right there in front of us. She pretty much vanishes into the wall like a chameleon because her outfit blends in so well with the restroom wall tiles.

9. Turkeys have come to revolt

Via: teamjimmyjoe.com

What would you do if your vehicle was being held hostage by a wild turkey? That’s right. You would probably scream just like this girl. Turkeys can cause some serious damage with their beaks, and they are very strong animals. Don’t mess with a turkey if you value your life. So, now she can’t get into her vehicle until the turkey decides to move on and go somewhere. We can’t have nice things when turkeys break into our garages and hold us hostage. The turkey doesn’t seem too concerned with her yet. She probably just waited the whole thing out. Maybe she even texted her boss something like: “Hey, will be late. Wild turkey blocking my car. Don’t want to make it mad.” The boss might not believe that at first until she sends a photo for proof of her situation. We can’t have nice things.

8. Let the cup Pope speak

Via: pleated-jeans.com

Going to fancy dinners can be soooo boring. This person found a way to have a good time, though. Snapchat’s drawing tools can provide endless entertainment. This person thought that the linen napkin looked like a papal hat sticking out of the wine glass and decided to draw what they were seeing in their own mind. And boy, is it hilarious AF. The character would have made us laugh out loud, which we suspect would have been inappropriate at the dinner. It could be a work dinner or even at a funeral. You don’t want to get into a laughing fit when you’re at a funeral. That tends to piss people off and make them think you are disrespecting the dead. Anyway, we really like Cup Pope. It should get its own show.

7. What a little hellion

Via: craveonline.com

Sometimes bringing the kid to work can just be a bad idea. This little boy seems to be a little hellion with the rebellious and irritating way he has his face plastered to the window. Sure, he might be a cute kid otherwise. But he has gotten his mouth and hands all over the window while this person was trying to get work done. Could this even be a metaphor for how self-absorbed and bratty the boss might even be toward his employees at this office? We can imagine this kid becoming like Sid in Toy Story, and that frightens us a little bit. No one recognizes it because he has the face of a sweet little cherub. Maybe the boss wasn’t able to get childcare for the day, so he brought his son to work with him. But he can’t watch the kid 100 percent of the time. And that’s how sticky fingerprints end up everywhere and all the employees get sick with the flu. Kid germs.

6. Not even the stick figures wanna hang out

Via: imgur.com

This person was incredibly bored. We know that because what they told us but also because they drew stick figures to be their friends when they’re home alone. Of course, as soon as it was stated, the stick figure friends decided to leave as well. You would have to be really pathetic if the stick figure friends you draw don’t even want to hang out with you.

This might even be a metaphor for our own life and that’s why it strikes us as so hilarious. Snapchat allows for plenty of creativity like this for people to show off their senses of humor or ease their boredom. And this one made us laugh so hard that we almost had to roll on the floor laughing in real life. Almost. This person went back to being really bored. Maybe they came up with even more hilarious Snaps to share.

5. Can we get an Amen

Via: boredpanda.com

This one really made us laugh! The mannequin is positioned as if it were in an excited fit of praise. And the person who sent this Snapchat got the intonation of the “Praise Jesus” down perfectly. We could almost hear the headless mannequin saying this. Maybe it’s just supposed to look as if it were stretching, but the mannequin is totally in a praise stance that you might see in a famous televised church. It was a perfect moment to take this Snap and come up with such a clever reference. Even the mannequins will bow down in the day of the great awakening. And this mannequin is all ready to give praise to her creator. Sometimes you just got to let out the praises when the time seems appropriate, even when it’s really just hilariously awkward.

4. When fakers get caught in a lie

Via: fuckjerry.com

This snap comes with some context to explain why it’s so funny. Even rich and famous celebrities will try to put up a front to make us think their lives are cooler than they actually are, and apparently Bow Wow thought he could pull one over on his fans. He has a reputation to maintain, right?

Turns out that he actually flies in a normal plane like the rest of us plebeians but lies on social media, just like the rest of us do on occasion. He just happened to get caught by someone who was on the flight with him and who saw the Instagram post at the same time. So, Bow Wow got caught in a total lie. It’s one of those lies that might make some trust issues with some of his fans. We totally get it, though. Still, it’s better not to lie. And if he didn’t want to admit he goes on regular flights, then maybe not posting anything at all about it would have better.

3. What the hell is that swaddled thing

Via: reddit.com

This cat seems a little freaked out by the little human wrapped in a blanket and wearing a knitted cap. Now the cat isn’t an only child and what the hell? Introducing your animals to your children can be a process. Pets don’t always understand babies. Like, really, what are they? Babies can’t open canned food or play with the feather toys. Babies don’t even know how to use the litter box like sophisticated felines do. Why would a human want a baby when they already have a superior being known as a cat?

Yeah, we don’t really get it either. And this cat might need to be supervised around the baby at all times. Kitty does not seem very happy about the new addition to the family. Of course, it does mean that the kitty might not get as much attention as he’s used to getting. This snap shows the beginning of sibling rivalry, but it will likely turn into friendship later on.

2. Hey, whatever

Via: reddit.com

This one ended up being a series of hilarious snaps brought to us by Reddit user Darklyte. Someone noticed that the stuffed toy shark had a pained expression and could be positioned to suggest a variety of emotions. The shark looks as if he is so distressed and has given up on life because the state of the world is so effed up. It’s just whatever. Who cares anymore, right? We can totally relate.

After reading the news or coming home from work, we fall onto the bed and give a HUGE sigh about what we have just been through. It’s really just whatever at this point. Is the world going to hell? Whatever. Have our identities been exposed in a massive data breach? Whatever. Will we get that promotion? Seriously, whatever. All is meaningless. The shark knows what’s up.

1. Don’t care about your problems

Via: justsomething.co

Why do we get so weird about our food? This Snap gets into punny territory when the Snapchat user thinks that their half eaten doughnut looks like a chair. So, they drew a stick figure to sit in the doughnut chair. That’s not all! They made a pun-tastic joke with their caption that plays on the sounds of “donut chair” and “do not care.” It works so perfectly that we are impressed, even as we rolled our eyes. And yes, this made us chuckle uncontrollably. Our cats thought we were really weird when we cracked up laughing about this. We’re also a little hungry for doughnuts after seeing this Snap. It looks like it was a really delicious doughnut that someone else got to enjoy. It’s okay to get a little silly about your food. We weren’t judging this person that badly.

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