15 Hilarious "Sorry, Wrong Number" Trolls Who Made Texters Think Twice

When you get a text from a complete stranger who thinks you're someone you're not, you have two options: be a good person and immediately let them know they have the wrong number, or be a complete troll and play a prank on the poor soul who accidentally typed your digits into their phone. Let's be real, trolls always have more fun, and these wrong text recipients have set the bar for clever responses by coming up with some ingenious ways to troll the strangers who dared to text them. Next time someone accidentally shoots you a text intended for someone else, see if you can top these perfect trolls!

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15 Dirty dancing

Via: tumblr.com

This poor girl just wanted to text her one-night-stand something sweet in hopes of turning him into something a bit more permanent, but clearly Josh wasn't into that and gave her the wrong number. This troll at least tried to play along in the funniest way possible to let her down easy, and followed up her "I had the time of my life" text with the rest of the lyrics from the song of the same name, known for its appearance in the movie Dirty Dancing. He may not be Josh, but he's clearly a keeper...maybe she should just cut her losses with Josh and hit up this guy! He's already serenading her, and they haven't even met! If that's not love at first text, what is?

14 Our little secret

Via: wrongnumbertexts.com

It takes a special kind of person to troll a nun. Imagine poor Sister Marie's reaction to her innocent text about a recovered book...especially nowadays, when more and more people are coming forward saying their religious leaders have taken advantage of them behind closed doors. But hey, they say all the best jokes have a hint of truth behind them! Luckily, the good Sister quickly figured out that Pastor Paul's "little secret" with the wrong number recipient wasn't true. When she said she'd pray for her troll, he responded with another shocker for sweet Marie, texting "Don't bother. I'm atheist." Sister Marie is probably going to be double—and triple—checking her numbers to avoid having to deal with wrong number trolls from now on.

13 I'm a grill

Via: buzzfeed.com

If you ask "Who's this?" in your first text to a complete stranger, you deserve to get trolled. Especially if, when inquiring about the stranger's gender, you spell the word "girl" with not one, not two, but three Ls. This lucky wrong text recipient took full advantage of the texter's stupidity and said she was a grill named George Foreman, the brand of grill designed by the former boxer of the same name. Normal people would immediately recognize that this was a joke, but not this texter... he was just confused that a girl could be named George Foreman. Hopefully he didn't keep trying to flirt with this troll, because sexting a grill is pretty weird, even if it somehow has the ability to communicate.

12 Destroying the toilet

Via: tumblr.com

This poor taxi cab driver just wanted to make some money, but instead, he got to sit around and picture his would-be passenger "destroying" a toilet with a really bad Taco Bell poop. This is bad enough as is, but the "passenger" also seemingly intended to take their cab ride completely naked. Just imagine his rush to cover his backseat with newspaper, so no residual Taco Bell poop would end up on his seat covers. After making him wait for several minutes, the troll finally revealed that he wasn't really the intended rider. A part of the driver was likely really annoyed that he waited around for nothing, but a larger part was probably relieved that he wouldn't have to deal with any taco-induced diarrhea in his car.

11 All hail Cobra

Via: tumblr.com

"The calc is done now" is just a really weird text to receive from a stranger, but this wrong number troll took complete advantage of that and responded in the most creative manner imaginable. Code-named "Mr. Black," the troll took the calc theme and ran with it like any operative of an evil organization named Cobra would. With the calculations finally finished, phase two of Cobra's evil operation could officially commence, and whatever they're planning to do involves neutered chimpanzee test subjects, a secret drop off point, exploding brains and cyanide—in case the CIA tries to put an end to their quest for world domination, of course. Hopefully Bev appreciated Mr. Black's pitch perfect response, because it is comedy gold. All hail Cobra!

10 Sorry, Melanie... you're screwed

Via: tumblr.com

Okay, there's trolling someone for texting the wrong number, and then there's absolutely ruining their lives for daring to text you. This wrong text recipient decided to go the latter route. Poor Melanie needed someone to cover her shift at Old Navy later that night, and when she thought her friend volunteered to do so, she was super appreciative. Sadly, her appreciation was misplaced. The troll waited until 4 p.m., 45 minutes before the start of Melanie's shift, to let her know that she has to cancel her evening plans and head to work ASAP, because she never actually got the shift covered. You screwed Melanie out of her night, and her "girl" out of the chance to work some extra hours and make some cash. Dick move, troll. Dick move.

9 Homie don't play that sh*t

Via: tumblr.com

Maybe this wrong number experience will help this texter learn to mind her own business in the future. When she tried uncovering the reason some guy broke up with her friend Dani, she learned a little bit more about her pal Dani than she was hoping for. Turns out, he dumped Dani's ass because she wouldn't stop trying to lick his, and "homie don't play that sh*t." The texter was practically speechless from that response, and could only respond with "Ohh. Woww. Lmao." The troll revealed that he was just kidding immediately after, but the texter will probably be stuck with the image of Dani licking her ex's butthole for some time now. That's what you get when you try butting into other people's relationships!

8 Corey's in the house

Via: twitter.com

When this troll got a text from a stranger asking if he was her friend Corey, he went full, old-school Disney Channel on her ass. He responded with a picture of Cory Baxter, Raven-Symone's little brother on That's So Raven and the star of the character's spin-off show Cory in the House. The texter was appreciative of her troll's sense of humor, and double-checked to make sure she was texting the wrong number, and he followed up her question with an image of a smirking Cory Baxter in his finest suit and bow tie. He definitely gets bonus points for creativity and the perfect use of a character we haven't seen in over eight years, and we hope the texter saved his number because everyone can use a genius, Disney Channel-loving friend like that.

7 Soaking wet

Via: twitter.com

Ben wanted to play it cool and hold off on texting Brandy for as long as possible so he wouldn't seem too desperate, but he was too crazy about her to wait longer than a day. Brandy tragically didn't share his feelings, and gave Ben the wrong number while they were having drinks. For a few blissful minutes, Ben didn't know he wasn't talking to his dream girl, and was super turned on when he thought the mere thought of him made Brandy's panties "soaking wet"... up until the point when he learned that they were just wet because she, apparently, pees all over herself due to her urinary tract infection. Hopefully the troll never revealed she isn't really Brandy, so Ben can have his image of her shattered and never have to discover that Brandy didn't like him.

6 Just left Planned Pregnancy

Via: wrongnumbertext.com

This is another guy who was just begging to be trolled. When he asked this troll if she was ready to be picked up and threw in an "Xx" at the end, the troll knew that he was trying to get some with whoever he thought he was texting, so she tried to turn him on by revealing she was wearing her party underwear and hinting that she was pregnant with his child. The texter was too dumb to understand her joke attempt though, and just completely ignored her last text, telling her to be out front in a few minutes so they could go on their date. It can be hard to successfully troll an idiot who can't get a clue, but this girl deserves some credit for trying.

5 Mario may be getting more than just a car...

Via: weknowmemes.com

All Mario wanted was to look at a car he saw advertised online, but he may have ended up getting himself a boyfriend. The car owner must have accidentally clicked on his text thread with Mario when he meant to select his girlfriend's number, and sent the would-be car buyer some hugs and kisses and told him that he loves and misses him. Mario responded in the perfect way by making it as clear as possible that he was just interested in the car, not in the idea of being in its owner's arms at 9:31pm. Why just let someone know they texted the wrong number, when you can accuse them of trying to take a buyer-seller relationship to a new, disturbing level?


Via: pinterest.com

This "white gurl" was all amped to get "wasssted" (yes, with three Ss, so you know she means it) with her BFF, but her buzz was completely ruined by this intellectual, sober troll. The recipient claims she would have been down to "abandon [her] sobriety in the manner of a Caucasian female," but she was tragically employed and had to be at work at 8 a.m. the next day. So she turned down the invitation, but was kind enough to extend her sincerest regrets to the bizarrely named party host, "Briatney." Somehow, the texter was too drunk to realize she had the wrong number, and accused her "friend" of being even more wasted than she was. At that point, the troll realized the only way she could convey her message properly was to devolve down to the texter's level, so she said "OMG GURL U GOT DAY WRONG NUMBER KAAAY." We can only hope that was enough.

3 Best. Grandma. Ever.

Via: twitter.com

What started out as a little troll turned into the most epic "wrong number" story ever. When Jamal Hinton, a 17-year-old from Phoenix, Ariz. got a text from Wanda Dench inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner, he revealed that she had the wrong number before asking if he could still get a plate. The sweet grandma said the he was absolutely still invited because feeding everyone is just what grandmas do, and Jamal posted pictures of the exchange online. It instantly went viral, with many people saying this was "exactly what America needs right now," and led to over 650 strangers texting Wanda to ask if they too were welcome at her table. Come Thanksgiving a few days later, Jamal ended up driving all the way to the Dench residence and eating dinner with his new best friend and her family. What an impossibly heart-warming story!

2 We all know that feeling

Via: buzzfeed.com

It's happened to the best of us. You meet someone and instantly think you've hit it off with them, you exchange numbers, and when you send that first text to ask them out ... you discover that they gave you someone else's digits. This poor sap met a girl named Sophie, had an interaction with her that was positive enough to make him use a smiley face emoji in his first text attempt, and five minutes later, had his heart completely shattered. Thankfully, Sophie accidentally directed him to someone sympathetic, because that "I know that feel" hugging meme was exactly what this dude needed after being so embarrassed and let down. Sometimes, instead of hardcore trolling someone for texting your number on accident, you've just got to be a bro and send a virtual hug.

1 Sexting gone wrong

Via: buzzfeed.com

When this jacked dude texted out his shirtless mirror selfie, chances are, he wasn't hoping to receive a man nipple in response. However, sometimes in life, you get what you need instead of what you were hoping for. The recipient could have catfished the self-professed Adonis (please note the classic "I'm pretending that I'm just standing casually and grabbing my belt, but I'm totally trying to stealthily flex" pose) or just immediately let him know he had the wrong number, but he taught the guy a lesson instead and sexted him right back first. Now maybe that dude will be sure to actually, you know, talk to girls first before sending them sexy pictures, just to be sure he's showing off his body to the right person.

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