15 Hilarious SpongeBob Memes That Will Live On Forever


SpongeBob SquarePants has been a hit cartoon for kids since its debut in 1999. The adventures of SpongeBob and his friends in Bikini Bottom have made millions laugh while teaching them valuable lessons at the same time. It's without a doubt one of the most popular cartoons to ever be produced, and will likely stay in pop culture for generations to come.

Something else most likely to stay in pop culture for generations to come? SpongeBob memes. People cannot get enough of them. It seems like there's a new one every week, like Caveman SpongeBob, Savage Patrick and Confused Mr. Krabs to name a few. Those of us who grew up watching SpongeBob just can't let him go, so we make him into memes so that we can make our loved ones laugh. Sometimes the memes are utter nonsense, and other times, they hit too close to home.

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15 When your friends judge your appetite

We've all been there. You've just eaten a meal with your friends, and they seem pretty content with what they ate. You, on the other hand...are still starving.

There's no shame in having a big appetite at all, but some of your friends may not share your hunger. They may even call you out when you suggest having a snack shortly after your meal. There's a pretty good chance that they're just teasing you, but if they're seriously judging you for it, reconsider you friendship with them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Friends don't judge friends' snacking habits.

14 The Snapchat struggle is too real

Snapchat filters are so much fun to play with. They can make you into almost anythinga puppy, a cat, royalty, etc. Some of the filters can also, admittedly, enhance your appearance (and we all know which filters those are!)

This meme perfectly sums up the struggle one may face once those filters move from their face. One minute, someone's looking like they were sculpted by the hands of a Greek god, and the next, they're looking...well, like their usual selves. Anyone who uses Snapchat has most likely used one of the "attractive filters" to boost their confidence a bit. Maybe they're sending a picture to their crush, or maybe they just wanted to look flawless for a second. No matter what the reasoning, one thing remains true: they make you feel like a million bucks when you do use them. Go ahead and rock that flower crown!

13 A real source of exercise

There should really be a class for how to put a fitted sheet on a bed. It's such a process. You get one corner of the sheet to cooperate, but then once you move on to the next corner, the previous corner suddenly comes undone. What do you do next? Fix that corner, of course. But once that one's fixed, the other corner that you just fit becomes undone.

You see the cycle that's happening here?

It's such a pain to get the fitted sheet on the bed. It's such a process that, sometimes, you can become winded after managing to finally getting in secured. Why is this such a process still? It's 2018do we really still need to be exasperated by putting a fitted sheet on a bed? I think not. If we can send a person to the moon, we can invent something that will make putting a fitted sheet on a bed less of a challenge.

12 When you're not nearly as brave as you think you are

Bugs. You can't escape them, no matter where you go. Even in the winter, when they're supposed to go away, they somehow still pop up. How?!

There are those of us who aren't afraid of bugs at all, and then there are those of us who scream bloody murder if they see an ant crawling in their kitchen. No matter how you feel about bugs, though, one fact is truewe've all killed one before. If there's one that's really annoying you and won't stop flying around your space, you may have even cornered it. You probably thought you had it at your mercy, and were about to strike, when it suddenly sprouted wings and flew right at you, causing you to run away in fear. Friggin' bugsalways one step ahead of us.

11 Throwing carelessness at work like it's...your job

Taking a break at work is a small joy in everyday life. It's a chance for someone to unwind, enjoy time to themselves and de-stress from the responsibilities of work. Breaks are often highly valued by employees, and people usually don't want to be bothered while they're taking them.

Once in a while, however, you may be taking a break at work and notice that work's picked up quite a bit since you sat down. Sure, you could cut your break short and help out...or, you could choose to turn the other cheek and enjoy your break fully. There's no shame in embracing your breakif you need the time to unwind, take it, because chances are that once you head back to work in the craziness, you're going to wish your break was just a tad bit longer.

10 Your fear come true

We've all been there. You may be in a public restroom with someone else, or you may be at a friend's house whose bathroom is right next to their living room. You're dead set on being quiet as a mouse while using the bathroom...only to have something pretty loud accidentally slip out.

Dun dun, dunnnnnn.

You may be super embarrassed and never want to show your face again. You may have even come up with a planned escape route from the bathroom so that you don't have to face anyone afterwards. But at the end of the day, you just have to shake it off and move on. Plus, even if people did hear it, are they really going to call you out on it? Chances are, they will never mention it.

9 When you've established that the shower is your new home

The shower can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on your mood. If you're exhausted, it can seem like the biggest hassle in the world to get up and just go shower. Once you do, though, it's heavenly. So heavenly, in fact, you may not want to get out.

You could be done with your shower, but still stick around a good 10-15 minutes afterwards. Who cares if you've lathered, rinsed and repeated 10 times already? That place is a sanctuary now. All the worries you had during the day are temporarily gone while you belt out your favorite songs and embrace the warmth surrounding you. Sounds pretty relaxing, right? So relaxing, in fact, that you may not want to get out. But you have to, obviouslyand then BAM, it's back to your non-shower reality. And to think it was a struggle to get in there in the first place.

8 Acting like you're going to show up when the group makes plans

Being in a group chat with your friends is one of the most convenient ways to keep in contact with them. It's so easy to shoot them all a quick text about anything, whether it's a question about your significant other, or you just want to send out a hilarious meme. It's also a really convenient way to make plans with all your friends...even if you don't plan on actually showing up.

This happens to everyone once in a while.

You feel like you haven't seen your friends in a long time, so you decide to make some plans in the group chat. Everyone's on board with the plan, and you're excited to go out and socialize with your friends. But then the plans you made with them get closer...and closer...and closer. Suddenly, it's a few hours before you're supposed to meet them, and you realize that you would really rather spend the night hanging out with yourself and watching Netflix. You bail on the plans, and happily spend the night binge watching The Office...again. It's still a night well spent to you, though.

7 The pure panic that sets in when the cops show up

If you partied at all when you were underage, this meme may hit a little too close to home. Going out when you're *technically* too young to can be a thrill. It's all fun and games...until the cops show up.

Once they do show up, it's every person for themselves. People can be dancing up a storm on the dance floor one minute, and sprinting out the back door the next. In a world where someone can get into some serious hot water for partying when they're underage, it's understandable why someone would look out for themselves in that situation. If the cops are showing up, you do not want to be thereperiod. It's a mad-dash to the nearest exit, and hoping there are no cops patrolling the area once you leave the party. Once you've calmed down, you tell yourself that you're not going to party like that again...until next weekend rolls around, of course.

6 When your family is the reason you need to go to therapy

Via me.me

Ah, family. They can either be responsible for your warm, happy memories...or they can get on your last nerve. It's great when you get along with them. When you don't, though, there's nothing you want more than to just get as far away from them as possible.

There are also times you just want to be by yourself, but your family begs you to hang out with them. So you say "yes" because you love them and want to try and make an effort to see them. Once you do, however, they start roasting you, and you immediately regret your decision to be a social member of the family. This especially happens during large family holidays. Whether it's a backhanded compliment from your aunt about your clothes, or a straight up savage remark from your great-grandfather, someone ultimately says something that makes you laugh uncomfortably for a second and regret stepping out of your room in the first place.

5 Netflix and chill...and put on your pants?

In case you weren't aware, inviting someone over to "Netflix and chill" has a double meaning. It could mean inviting someone over legitimately watch Netflix and hang out, or it could mean...well, something else entirely.

You can put two and two together.

It's important that if someone uses this phrase, they are very clear about if they actually want to watch Netflix and chill. Otherwise, it could lead to a pretty awkward encounter. One of you could be expecting to hang out, watch a cool Netflix documentary and just relax, while the other person could be expecting...a lot more, to say the least.

4 The struggle of wanting McDonalds, but your mom saying no

What is it about fast food that makes it so irresistible to kids? Parents have probably been asking this question since fast food became a thing. Places like McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's have grown very popular over the last few decades, and kids have taken particular interest in the chains (most likely because of the cool toys they could get with their meals.)

Fast food places may have been irresistible to you as a kid, too. Remember going shopping with your parents, or even going to a doctor's appointment, and passing by the McDonald's golden arches? You desire for a Happy Meal probably consumed you. So you ask your parents if you can stop and get some chicken nuggets, only to have them shut you down by saying there was food at home. Dreams. Crushed. Who cared about the food at home when McDonald's was only a half mile away?!

It's a pretty safe bet that every kid has had their hopes of getting a Happy Meal crushed by their parents at some point in their lives. Looking back, it may have been for the bestthey were just looking after your health and their wallets, of course.

3 The fact that literally everything costs an arm and a leg in college

Getting into college is a huge accomplishment that people should be proud of. It takes a lot of hard work to be able to get a college education...and, as any past or present college student will tell you, it also takes a lot of money.

There's tuition, housing, meal plans, books, a parking pass...the list goes on and on. There are also additional fees that colleges may charge you for seemingly minor things, like access to the library or the athletic center on campus. Once everything is added up, the cost of a college education can be very expensive. A lot of people may feel overwhelmed by the cost, which is understandable.

If someone is feeling overwhelmed by the cost of college, they can look into things like scholarships, grants and student loans to help finance their education. They can also go through their student bill and see if there are any fees that they can drop or get waived. The expense of college shouldn't be someone's focus, though. They should focus on their future, and how their education is going to help them shape their future.

2 Asking the universe for a sign

Everyone's been in a situation where they end up begging the universe for a sign about something. Whether it's a sign about a significant other, a job or any other life-changing event, some like to think that they can get a sign from somewhere that they're making the right choice. It comes from people needing reassurance about their choices, since they usually aren't sure about it in the first place.

Some people believe they do, in fact, get these signs from the universe. The fact is, however, that sometimes these signs tell them that their choices may be wrong...so then they ignore the signs. Frustrating, right? It's like having a friend beg you for advice for such a long time, so you finally give them advice, only to have them ignore you completely. When you asked the universe for a sign and then ignore it, that's essentially what you're doing. Don't be that person. Take the universe's signs with consideration, and think about if your choice is what's really best for you.

1 When you're just trying to take fabulous selfies and get interrupted

There are days that your confidence is through the roof. You're looking good, feeling good, and you want to document how great you are by taking some selfies. You're snapping away on your phone, making sure you get the best angles, and you're in the zone...and then you hear it: your mom calling you.

Now you have to drag yourself away from your room and take a break from your selfie game. Don't worry, thoughit's only a temporary break. Soon enough, you'll be back in the zone, snapping those pictures and making yourself look fierce for the camera. You go SpongeBob, keep looking fierce!

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