15 Hilarious Steve Harrington Memes That Prove He's The Star Of 'Stranger Things 2'

After more than a year of waiting, Netflix has finally provided us with the second season of Stranger Things and it's everything we were hoping for and more! Will Byers' friends were once again forced to save him from the Upside Down, Eleven became even more powerful and there were several new couples that brought a bit of romance to the phenomenal horror-comedy series.

While we've got nothing but love for nearly every member of the show's brilliant young cast, one star absolutely stole our hearts and became our clear favorite this year—Steve Harrington! The popular jock went through some incredible character development throughout Stranger Things 2's nine epic chapters, and these hilarious memes prove exactly why Steve is the best part of the show.

15 "This is not happening"

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In the first season of Stranger Things, Steve Harrington was basically the young king of Hawkins. He was an incredibly popular jock with fantastic hair and plenty of girls eager to date him, so outside of his fear that his girlfriend Nancy was cheating on him with Jonathan Byers, he didn't have a care in the world. That all changed when he saved Nancy and Jonathan from the Demogorgon. After that traumatic event, he became a full-blown hero and one of the most genuinely awesome guys in the entire town! Nancy basically dumped him at the start of Season 2, but he still went out of his way to help protect her little brother and his friends. None of the adults in Hawkins did a great job of keeping Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Max out of trouble, so like this hilarious meme points out, Steve took it upon himself to be their adoptive mother and disapprovingly stand with his hands on his hips any time they came up with a new plan that could put their lives at risk!

14 Best faux big bro ever

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Us viewers all absolutely adore Dustin, but the girls in Hawkins unfortunately don't feel the same way. Dustin went to the Snow Ball with a Steve-approved hairdo and had all the confidence in the world walking into the big dance (thanks to an awesome pep talk from his self-appointed babysitter), but he was repeatedly, harshly shot down by every single girl that he approached. Those girls—and anyone else who treats Dustin poorly—aren't going to get away with their cruelty...not if Steve Harrington has anything to say about it! We could totally see Dustin pointing out his bullies to his "protective older brother" so Steve can give them a serious talking to. It doesn't matter if you're a human or a Demodog, nobody messes with Steve's BFF.

13 Best use of the 'Distracted BF' meme ever

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The "Distracted Boyfriend" meme has been insanely viral for the past few months, but this has to be our favorite use of it ever! In the first several episodes of Season 1, Steve was all about being a stereotypical "jock jerk." In Season 2, however, he completely abandoned the persona that made him so popular. Steve basically adopted a group of weird kids, repeatedly put himself in harm's way to protect them and became "The Actual Best." We understood Nancy choosing Jonathan over him at first because Steve used to be a fairly awful boyfriend, but now that he's such an awesome, stand-up guy (with way better hair than Jonathan)...we think she's the one that doesn't deserve Steve, not the other way around!

12 Stressed out single soccer mom

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Steve really did try his best to be a good boyfriend to Nancy in Stranger Things 2, but like she drunkenly admitted at the start of the season...she just didn't love him like he loved her. Steve would have had a much easier time protecting the young Dungeons & Dragons (plus Max) crew from the supernatural monsters of the Upside Down if Nancy has stuck by his side, but since she didn't, he was basically just a single soccer mom forced to watch over five mischievous kids all on his own. The worst part of that is...his transformation from ordinary teenager to stressed out parent took place in less than a week! You have to give him credit for ensuring that all of his adoptive kids made it out of the season without a scratch.

11 Best Hair Award goes to...

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These days, it seems like every guy either just keeps his hair short and styled or long and in a casual man bun. We don't see much experimentation anymore, and we definitely don't see anyone walking around with hair as big or wild as Steve Harrington's! While hairdos like the one he rocks in the Stranger Things series definitely aren't in style right now, in the '80s, his look was one that every dude hoped to attain. He pulls it off perfectly, and we totally agree with the Twitter user who stated "I trust Steve Harrington's hair with my life." Sure, it's a bit ridiculous, but that doesn't stop his signature coif being utterly flawless. The only thing we have more faith in than Steve's babysitting skills is his ability to make magic with a bit of Farrah Fawcett hairspray.

10 Our new OTP

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Nancy just can't seem to decide whether she should be with Jonathan or Steve. She started the series with the popular jock, traded him for the socially awkward loner (even after he took creepy stalkerazzi pictures of her undressing), went back to Steve after he saved her life and then went back to Jonathan because Steve was nervous about seeking justice for Barb. We're tired of all of her flip-flopping and we hate seeing Steve's heart break every time she leaves him, so we think it's time for the show's writers to flip the script and let Steve finally find love...with Jonathan Byers! The actors get along great behind the scenes, and at a Golden Globes after party, they jokingly made out with Nancy standing right between them. Whatever makes Steve happy makes us happy.

9 "I'm a cool mom"

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Whoever made this meme deserves some sort of award—we didn't think a Mean Girls-Stranger Things mash-up was even possible, but this one actually makes a ton of sense! Steve Harrington became a makeshift mom to Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Max this season, but like Amy Poehler's character, he's wasn't a regular mom...he was "a cool mom!" It wouldn't shock us one bit if sat in the front row of a Hawkins talent show to record his adoptive children's performance of "Jingle Bell Rock" (especially since none of their real parents can be trusted to even show up) and we could totally picture him standing up in the middle of the act to mirror their choreography. Unlike Regina George's mom, however, Steve would still look cool doing it.

8 Home by 8

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When we first met Steve Harrington, he was the kind of guy who'd promise a girl's father that he'd have her home from their date by 8 p.m., but that's definitely not who he is at the end of season two! He abandoned his preppy jock look for a "hands on his hips, crazed single parent" look, and now he's more concerned about you having his A.V. Club kids home before nightfall than his dating life. We secretly crushed on the Steve on the left even though he was a lousy boyfriend and bit of a bully (because come on, who doesn't pine for the charming and handsome popular jock against their better judgement), but we absolutely swoon over the sassy babysitter Steve on the right!

7 Worthy of a retweet

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The "in this house, we love and appreciate" meme has been circulating Twitter for years as a way for people to make it clear to their followers which faiths and fandoms they're a part of. We'd never really found one we related enough to to warrant a retweet, but we'll be retweeting this version for the rest of our lives! We want everyone who comes across our profiles to know that we practically worship Steve Harrington, and will only welcome people into our lives who feel the same way. If you ship Nancy with Jonathan instead of our Stranger Things 2 fave, go somewhere else—our social media profiles are reserved for people with enough common sense to know that Steve is the perfect man.

6 Proud mom Steve Harrington

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Stranger Things 2 had an insane amount of unforgettable scenes. We loved seeing Dustin with his adorable (yet totally evil) Demodog D'Artagnan, Elle's reunion with Mike was absolutely precious and her training scene with Kali looked like something we'd see in a Marvel superhero blockbuster. That being said, the scene where Steve gave Dustin a pep talk before the Snow Ball will always be our favorite. These two are the most unlikely friends ever, but their shared experiences with the monsters of the Upside Down brought them together and helped them develop an absolutely adorable bond. When Steve told Dustin that he looked great and was going to "slay" all the girls at the dance, you could really tell that he loved his little BFF and was super proud of him.

5 The next Winchester brother or just a Buzzfeed star?

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For over a decade, we've watched Sam and Dean Winchester save humanity from demons and monsters on Supernatural. It's time for a new bad*ss to enter the mix and take down the beasts that creep and crawl at night—Steve Harrington. We can totally picture him fighting off Lucifer or the Darkness with his trusty baseball bat covered in nails, but since the CW probably won't go that route, we at least need to see Steve star in the next season of Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural! We can totally see him walking around a haunted house, bat in hand, saying "Hey there demons, it's me, ya boi." He's already fought off an entire pack of demodogs, we're sure he could handle anything Buzzfeed threw his way!

4 Mother of the Year

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It seems like most kids these days don't respect their parents nearly enough, but everyone who watches Stranger Things 2 has nothing but undying love and complete respect for single mom Steve Harrington. Even though Steve barely knows them and has no real reason to be willing to die for them, he'll do absolutely anything for his kids. If putting his life on the line isn't enough, he also gives his adoptive children phenomenal hair styling tips and helps boost their self-confidence with epic pep talks! That's serious mom of the year material right there. We all deserve parents who look at us with as much love and pride as Steve displays when he looks at Dustin (or his personal collection of nail-covered baseball bats).

3 The remake we all need to see

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Hollywood has recently become obsessed with remaking popular films and, since it's been more than 14 years since Eddie Murphy's comedy Daddy Day Care hit theaters, we think it's time that popular movie gets the remake treatment. This time, instead of being about a down-on-his-luck dad who opens a day care to make some money, the film should be about a popular teenager who is forced to take care of a group of adventure-seeking misfits. And who better to star in that remake than Steve Harrington and the Stranger Things A.V. Club?! Before you decide that's a horrible idea, just check out the hilarious poster for this potential film and try to tell us that it wouldn't be awesome. We're always down to watch more babysitter Steve.

2 Most accurate description ever

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A lot of things happened in the first season of Stranger Things. Will and Barb were taken to the Upside Down, a Demogorgon terrorized the town of Hawkins and a teenage boy fell for a teenage psychic...but the main plot of the season can pretty much be broken down to "a ragtag group of nerds adopts magical girl." In the second season of the show, Will was possessed by an Upside Down monster, Nancy and Jonathan tried to seek justice for Barb and Eleven tried to find her mother and fine-tune her powers...but "single mom Steve Harrington adopts ragtag group of nerds" is a pretty solid Stranger Things 2 plot breakdown. At least, that's the part of the plot we cared the most about!

1 The spin-off we all deserve

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The Stranger Things series is supposed to take place in the '80s, which is also when the classic film Adventures in Babysitting hit theaters. Some genius took the logo for that film and perfectly edited it in front of an image of Steve Harrington, and now we have an intense need to see him star in a new Adventures in Babysitting spin-off of Stranger Things! The original Adventures followed a babysitter as she navigated her way through a big city with the kids she was paid to watch and, while that was exciting to watch at the time, it pales in comparison to seeing Steve babysit Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Max while also fending off an army of Upside Down monsters! Make this happen, Netflix.

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