15 Hilarious 'Supernatural' Memes That Will Send You Straight To The Inferno

I guess I could spend this introductory paragraph explaining the phenomenon that is the hit show Supernatural, but let's face it: no one is clicking on this article if they haven't already sold their souls to Crowley. The Supernatural Fandom is a serious commitment – people will literally waste years of their lives binging old episodes, scouring Tumblr, blowing their kid's college fund at Comic Con and searching the Internet for Supernatural-themed memes. If you're reading this then you've probably already got some life-sized cutouts of Sam and Dean in your closet, so I won't waste my breath talking down to you. You know why you're here, so there's no sense wasting your time with any preliminary "let me tell you about the show" bullshizz.

BEHOLD! Here are 15 hilarious Supernatural memes that will send you straight to the Inferno (say hi to Crowley for me).

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15 Deep Thoughts

Anyone who's ever watched Supernatural will know that Crowley has got some serious mommy issues that he should probably work on in therapy.

Before he was the King of Hell, Crowley was a 17th century tailor named Fergus who was eventually abandoned by his (literal) witch of a mother, Rowena. Apparently he didn't even know his father, who abandoned him at birth. Clearly this turned Crowley into a big ball of insecurity, because he eventually sold his soul for a few extra inches down below.

Obviously Crowley still doesn't understand why his parents abandoned him, hundreds of years later. He was attractive! He could juggle! He was worth 5 pigs, and that was nothing to sneeze at back in the day! I looked like a troll when I was a kid and I still can't juggle! If that's the true measure of value, then my parents got the short end of the stick.

14 When Fandoms Collide

If you're a Harry Potter fan, then you know that being expelled from Hogwarts is "a fate worse than death." If you're a Supernatural fan, then you know that Dean is like that hot no-good boyfriend your dad warned you about (but you just can't stay away). If being with the hotness that is Dean equals Hogwarts expulsion, then God help me, it might actually be worth it. Take my damn wand and destroy it, Ministry of Magic! Judge me all you want, but I'll cozy up to that beautiful slice of man meat for as long as I can and take my chances. Sorry, Harry Potter fandom, this is Supernatural we're talking about. Any true fan would agree with me on this. Who needs to practice magic when they can sit next to it in an Impala?

13 Like A Fine Wine...

As most of you super fans know, Supernatural premiered back in 2005, which means that Jared Padalecki was only 22 when it started and Jensen Ackles was 26. This was also the time when grown men had that shaggy Justin Bieber hair, which explains why Sam looks like he just crawled out of a crib during the entire first season.

Personally, I think hell looks good on them.

They have only gotten hotter (way hotter) with age, which is partly why I keep watching year after year. Every time they get resurrected they come back stronger, faster, smarter, and hotter. If only it worked like that.

FUN FACT! Sam and Dean have died a grand total of 117 times (combined) during their decade-long mission to carry out the family business of saving people, hunting things.

12 Castiel Is My Spirit Angel

In the premier of season 4, we were introduced to Castiel, the angel responsible for bringing Dean back from Hell. After spending three seasons staring at two hotties in a car, the fandom wasn't expecting a hilarious piece of eye-candy who would low-key steal the show, but that's exactly what happened. Castiel wasn't originally supposed to continue on the show, but the fandom fell in love with him because his character brought a good dose of comic relief to an pretty hardcore storyline. Compared to the intensity of the Winchesters, Cas is awkward, adorable, and often reminds us of ourselves. I'm pretty introverted, so watching Cas stumble through social exchanges is life-giving. Clearly we were meant to be together in another dimension.

11 Demonic Possession And Daddy Issues

If Sam and Dean sat down for a game of Cards Against Humanity, they probably wouldn't come up the usual responses to the questions on the cards.

This 2-card combination describes Sam and Dean's lives perfectly, but I'm pretty sure that only fictional characters in a sinister TV series can honestly say that (I hope). Think about it! It's not like their dad spent his time taking them to baseball games and having family game nights!

A lot of people have "daddy issues," how many people were taught to hunt demons with a bo staff once they started eating solid foods?

Not to mention demonic possession, which is just par for the course in the "family business." Sam and Dean's lives are waaaaay more messed up than a game of Cards Against Humanity.

10 50x The Pain

A lot of characters die in shows, and it's not always easy to take. Almost every single character has died in Game of Thrones, but there's nothing us mere mortals can do about it other than whine about the injustice of it all online. Supernatural is particularly painful because you have to watch your beloved characters meet their demise AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Each time you wonder, is he coming back? Is this the last time?  They almost always make you wait for a new season to find out, and you're left with nothing but memories. I swear to God, television producers are nothing but cruel sadists who probably dream up ways to torture us while on vacation. Supernatural fans have been through enough, for the love of Chuck (you'll get that if you're a true fan).

9 It's True, Though

Not everyone starts off watching Supernatural as a believer in the (actual) supernatural, but after watching season after season, you find it hard to separate fiction from reality. Suddenly bumps in the night seem ominous, flickering lights mean that black eyed demons are at the door, and howling dogs mean you probably signed your soul away to a crossroads demon and your 10 years are up.

Not only do these scenarios seem plausible, but so do the ways to combat them.

Leaving a little bit of salt at the door or keeping some iron at hand seems perfectly logical, right? Before you know it you've looked up grave sites and you're well on your way to burning some bones (you know, just in case). I mean, it can't hurt. You might as well be like Dean and eat a burger while doing it.

8 Relatable AF

Because Castiel is perfectly relatable, his awkward interactions make for perfect meme material. We've all walked out of a test, an interview or a date feeling completely out of our depth, but it's nice to know we're not alone. Even though angels are supposed to be strong and confident, Castiel has this sweet little dose of humanity that makes him infinitely likable. Memes are great because they touch on common human experiences, but Supernatural memes are better because they also involve super hot characters and witty one-liners. I remember when I first got into Supernatural I spent like an hour looking up Supernatural-themed memes to send to my daughter (who joined the fandom with me). These things are like Pringles- once you pop, you can't stop.

7 That's Sobering

Dean drives a 1967 hardtop Chevy Impala (nicknamed "Baby") that was given to him by his dad, and it's a pretty sweet car. They couldn't have picked a better vehicle to represent the Winchesters,

but when you think about what has gone on in there over the years...it's pretty gross.

Yes, there are sweet memories, like Sam and Dean sitting on the hood and looking at the stars, but there are also many times when "Baby" gets used as a makeshift bed by both brothers. Even their mother, Mary, talks about the good times she had with their dad in the back of the Impala! That means that literally every single Winchester has gotten busy in the backseat. I don't think there are enough car washes that can clean the "ick" off of that little detail.

6 Way Past Saving

I got into Supernatural when I had the flu, so at least I have the excuse of being too weak to turn off the television. I must have sat through 10 episodes back-to-back before I realized I had a problem (admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, btw). I eventually got better, but by that point I was well and truly addicted. This show is like that. I'm a binge-watcher in general, but this is the only show (besides Stranger Things) that would make me forget to eat. When I reach that point, it's serious. My husband started to get really worried about me, but I eventually pulled him into the rabbit hole with me and down he went. Now my entire house has seen almost every single episode, so I guess it's a shared dependency.

5 That Sums It Up

The entire Winchester family really sucks at staying alive, no matter how hard they try to keep breathing. First it's their mother, then it's their dad, then it's Dean, then it's Sam, then it's their dad (again), then it's Sam (again), then Mary wants a do-over...you get the point. It's hard to even keep up. I've never seen a family die so much. 99% of the show is spent just watching the Winchester family die in new and creative ways.

I don't even bother getting sad anymore, I just patiently wait for them to be resurrected.

It's a whole thing. If you sat around feeling sad every time a Winchester died you'd be on a lifetime of antidepressants. When you sign up to be a Supernatural fan you better have you big kid pants on, because it involves a whole lot of death. Buckle down.

4 Same

Satanic rituals are just a normal part of Supernatural life, so don't get your religious panties in a wad. Sam and Dean know pretty much everything there is to know about the occult, so nothing shocks them anymore. They are well-versed in every kind of ritual there is! Sure, if I stumbled upon two teenagers "finishing each other's satanic rituals," I'd probably cross myself and run to the nearest church, but Sam and Dean GOT THIS. Well, at least they would if they could stop dying. That would be nice.

Actually, the real authority on the occult in Supernatural is Bobby. If it weren't for Bobby and all his books, I'm pretty sure no one in that show would have any idea what they were doing. Let's hear it for Bobby!

3 Like Mother, Like Son

This is an appropriately sick burn, amiright???

Once you get really into Supernatural, you quickly learn that Sam is not always the most trustworthy character. Is he bad, is he good, is he somewhere in between? This guy tangles with the dark side all the time, so it's no wonder he randomly catches fire in the show!

Saying "like mother like son" when it happens, though? ICE. COLD.

The fandom is filled with "Team Deans" and "Team Sams," but I've never been able to pick a side. I like them both for different reasons, so let's just say I don't want either of them going up in flames. Saying that, Sam did drink demon blood, so I'm surprised God (Chuck) didn't strike him dead. Whatever, it doesn't matter. In this show, randomly catching fire isn't the worst thing that could happen.

2 True Friendship

We could all use a friend like Rufus Turner, right? Rufus is the hunter who helped Bobby when his wife was possessed by a demon, so that's a friend FOR LIFE. Sure, they get estranged for a bit (er...15 years), but after the Apocalypse begins, Rufus does Bobby another solid and helps him get his soul back. That's true friendship right there. How many friends do YOU have who would help you bury a body without asking for details? I'm guessing none because chances are your friends are actually law-abiding citizens, but you know...details.

The point is, Bobby and Rufus go through some tough times in their relationship, but in the end they are there for each other. In Supernatural, "being there for each other" involves burying bodies and burning bones without asking questions.

1 Best Movie Ever

Don't kill me, but I've never been a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Saying that, if the Harry Potter franchise joined forces with Supernatural, I would so be there for that. This would be the most epic movie of all time. TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

Sam, Dean and Cas are like the A-Team against evil, so Harry Potter fans should bow down and listen up!

I bet their first order of business would be forging those wizard wands in iron (you know, just in case). Plus Harry Potter could really use classic cars, copious amounts of alcohol, and burgers (you know, to spice it up a bit). Plus the addition of eye-candy wouldn't hurt. The point is, I've never been interested in attending Hogwarts, but if the teachers look like this, then I was there yesterday.

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