15 Hilarious 'Teen Wolf' Memes That Every Fan Will Appreciate

Being a fan of Teen Wolf isn't something anyone ever expects to happen to them, but it inevitably will happen to you if you start watching it. The show is loosely based on the '80s movie starring Michael J. Fox. "Loosely" meaning the only things they have in common are the title and that there is a teenage werewolf involved. Actually, there are multiple teen wolves, and a whole slew of other supernatural creatures, but that's besides the point. The show draws people in with guys with perfect hair taking their shirts off, but it's more than that. It's a journey of laughs and emotions and everything in between. And like every show with a persistent fanbase, there are memes, and a lot of them.

15 The bite is a GIFT

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Season 1 Derek is probably the creepiest Derek. The directors might have been trying to go for a brooding, mysterious look by having him follow Scott around and stare at him for prolonged periods of time, but it just came off as creepy. Instead of a nice “welcome to the club” after Scott got attacked by Peter and turned into a werewolf, Derek thought it was better to just stalk him and not explain what was going on until it was too late. Sure, having werewolf powers is cool and all, you know, if you knew what was going on in the first place. Of course Derek thinks Scott's received a gift, since Derek’s lived as a werewolf his entire life, but he just doesn’t understand that obtaining moon-activated animal powers could be a little traumatic for the average teenager.

14 When Stiles became Dumbledore to tell Jackson some news

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Jackson was definitely hoping to get some big boy wolf powers after being bitten by the Alpha, but because he's got too many emotional problems to count, the bite had some other plans. Just like how Harry Potter felt he wasn't quite right in the Muggle world, Jackson started to feel like he was a little different then the others--perhaps because he was straight up turning into a lizard man and murdering people. Just because he couldn't remember doing it doesn't mean he wasn't doing it. Instead of the sweet Hagrid to tell him of his newfound powers, he gets his least favorite person, Stiles, to break the news. Honestly, Stiles, that is not a good look for you.

13 I'm the Alpha

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Nothing's worse than having to assert your dominance when you meet someone with the same name as you. For some reason, the moment you meet a name twin it's a silent competition to see which one of you is the one that will rise to the top. Unless you've got a cool first name that has no chance on being on a travel keychain, you know what it's like to have this never-ending silent competition with no real end. Too bad for Derek, his prime Alpha status has to be cut short because he's not gonna be the only Alpha in Beacon Hills for very long. And he's got nothing on the True Alpha.


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Allison's death hit us all by surprise just like the dagger that did her in. If only there was a way for actors to pursue other projects while not killing off beloved characters in the process, we wouldn't have had to deal with this tragedy. There have been a few characters who have left the show before Crystal Reed, but their characters left a little less dramatically--like when Jackson's just mentioned in passing to have gone to boarding school. Allison was one of our main squeezes and it was hard to see her go so quickly yet slowly enough to rip our hearts out again, especially when she told Scott she loves him. As fans, sometimes the best way to cope is by making insensitive memes during these trying events.

11 He's died too many times

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If only he could just stay dead for once, right? Peter’s one of those characters that always keeps you on edge because you never know what he’s going to do or whose side he’s going to be on--you can’t even tell for sure if he’s truly dead or not! He fooled all of us by first appearing as a crispy, breathing corpse of a man, only to turn into this hot dad who has nothing better to do than to hang around teenagers. It's hard to say that we hate him, since he has helped the pack in the past, but it's also hard to love him because he's just an all-around not nice fellow who just can't be trusted. And if you think he's the only one who has a problem committing to being dead, just wait--there's more.

10 Voldemort's family reunion

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Voldemort has finally found his long lost brother, and it's surprising to say that Voldemort's got the better looks in the family. Nothing like a whole family of weird bald guys with missing face parts to create terror all across town. We thought that one was bad enough but now we have two of these creeps to worry about. Since the Mute doesn't have a mouth and Voldemort doesn't have a nose, does that mean that their other siblings don't have eyes or ears? They would probably be the creepiest of the bunch, in this weird bald murderer family they've got going here. But that's a pretty scary thought, let's not think about it anymore.

9 He's worth more than $5

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When all your friends are cool supernatural beings with superpowers and you're just a normal human kid but everyone thinks you're the coolest anyways; that's how Stiles rolls. For being the one character in the show that isn't some strange mythical creature, Stiles is everyone's favorite, and for good reason. It may be his cute face or witty banter, but this guy doesn't need wolf powers or a shirtless scene to win these fans over. It might suck to be the only one in your squad without a special talent, but being the normal one pays off when all your friends have a price on their heads in a dead pool. Supernatural powers are overrated when you can be the comic relief--and not in mortal peril--instead.

8 What's his secret? L'oréal

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Stiles's hair seems to grow proportionately to how bad things are going in Beacon Hills. We first have season 1 Stiles with a nice peach fuzz. His best friend just got some wolf powers, his dad is the sheriff of the town, and he's undoubtedly a hopeless virgin. If only short hair Stiles knew what was to happen. Most people lose their hair when they undergo severe amounts of stress, but his hair does the exact opposite. That's fine, though--there's no better way to deal with a lot of bad stuff than getting a lot sexier during these traumatic times. What doesn't kill you, only makes you sexier! But don't worry, younger Stiles, we still love you no matter the length of your hair. You're still the best around.

7 I like my Hale medium rare

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If the Teen Wolf fandom does one thing right, it's that we like to make a lot of insensitive jokes about tragedies where a lot of people died. We don't know much about the Hale family at the start except for the fact that besides Derek, they're dead. And then some of them stop being dead because that isn't confusing at all. The joke gets even funnier over time since we find out that a lot of Derek's family is actually a lot less burnt to a crisp as we once thought. For an updated meme we could have Gordon Ramsey yelling, "The steak's so raw that Derek Hale's family just came back to life." No matter what, though, Derek's going to be angsty about it.

6 That is some SASS

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Nothing's more awkward than trying to one-up your romantic rival and learning some information about your dad you never wanted to know in the process. Sure, Malia probably never really wanted to know that Peter Hale was her dad in the first place, but it must be a lot worse to find out that he kissed one of your frenemies--even if it was just in a hallucination and he appeared to be a lot younger. Lydia still kissed Malia's dad on whatever plane of existence she was on and that's still kinda gross considering everything else with Peter, too. So while it might hurt Lydia that she can't have Stiles to herself at the moment (which we all know Stydia is the perfect couple), she can at least freak Malia out a little bit.

5 When is he gonna drop the new album?

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Isaac loves his scarf and will wear it at all costs, even if it's impractical. May it be winter or summer, Isaac is going to keep wearing his signature scarves. Sure, it's not the smartest or most weather-conscious fashion choice, but damn if it isn't sexy. He knows that scarves are his look and he's going to play that to his advantage. It doesn't matter if it's over sixty degrees, he's going to be faithful to his look. And if other people are going to make fun of him for being a scarf connoisseur (*ahem* Stiles), it doesn't matter because he knows that his fresh sense of style makes him look good. That, and those deep cheekbones of his.

4 Derek is the ultimate edgelord

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Derek Hale is the human version of Grumpy Cat. Always brooding, never smiling, he's super edgy and wants everyone to know that. What made him this way? Maybe it's the fact that his whole family was burned to a crisp. No matter the reason, Derek likes to act like he's a sad lone wolf type of guy, but in reality he just wants some friends. He wants them so much that he's just biting random teenagers in the woods to force them to become friends by some weird blood brother wolf pact. He is the Alpha after all--having a pack of wolf buddies is kind of the whole point. He can pretend to be angsty all he wants, but we all know he cares about his friends.

3 Truly a blessing

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Let's be honest, we all came for the shirtless guys with perfect hair and we stayed because we started to care too much about these characters. We get the best of both worlds: riveting plot and even more riveting eye candy. Though for a bunch of high schoolers, these guys are ripped. It's almost a little unsettling at how sharp Jackson's jawline is when he's supposed to be a sophomore in high school. Honestly, the werewolf part is more believable than seeing a bunch of supposed sixteen year-olds with glorious six-packs. But this is television so we have to just accept that not everything is going to be believable. That's easy for us, with eye candy like that we don't mind. Keep taking your shirts off, boys.

2 Cousin Miguel is not happy

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Even if you aren't a fan of Sterek, this is still pretty hilarious. The Cousin Miguel scene is an iconic throwback from the early days of Teen Wolf, back when Scott and Stiles were trying to hide all the werewolf stuff from their parents. There are so many reasons why Derek is mad at that moment: first of all, he's wearing bright colors and that is a definite blow to his brooding, all-black, tough guy image, and second, he's hanging out with Stiles who is annoying as hell. Even if the shirt actually fit him, which it clearly doesn't, it doesn't suit Derek at all. And let's not forget that even if he was given a dark-colored, nice-fitting shirt he'd still have a pouty face because that's just who Derek is.

1 Don't diss on 'Teen Wolf'

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Anyone who says that Teen Wolf is a bad show probably hasn't seen it. The premise is a little weird, and it does sound a little cheesy at first, but it's not what you'd expect at all. Especially for a show on MTV, it has some good stuff going on. Even though there might be plot holes and the acting may be a little funky, this show is an enjoyable experience. Like every other show (besides, like, Breaking Bad, but even then) Teen Wolf isn't perfect, but it's a good story with some awesome people in it, and an interesting story to match. Of course the eye candy just makes it better. Nobody who started Teen Wolf at the start expected it to turn out like this, but what a surprise it's been!

Keep loving Teen Wolf. We're all in this together, and we don't care about the haters.

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