15 Hilarious Text Messages That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

Every once in a while anyone will get a text that makes them sigh. Sometimes people can’t help but send texts that they know will make the recipient laugh or put their head in their hands. Be it your Mother asking what “WTF” means, an ex reminding you they exist, or someone texting the wrong number, texts are bound to frustrate even the strongest of minds. Sometimes you’re the texter, sometimes you’re the one being texted. Regardless, text message exchanges can be hilarious, whether intended to be or not. With social media at the forefront, we have been gifted with an abundance of laugh-inducing texts between friends, family, and more. When both texters are in on it, the exchanges can reach new comedic heights. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 15 text message exchanges that would drive anyone to tears.

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15 A Brilliant Mind

What do you do when you’re starving for some Taco Bell and have three family members that can drive? Twitter user @decentbirthday came up with the perfect answer. Texting three different family members to get Taco Bell on their way home allowed for maximum Taco Bell eating with minimum effort. AKA every Taco Bell lover’s dream. Anyway, their family must have been stunned when all of them came home with separate orders of Taco Bell, but hey, the plan worked! While the texts led to an unnecessary number of trips being made by the family, it also led to an abundance of delicious fast food for the texter. So how could we possibly blame them for putting the brilliant plan into action? We can’t.

14 Moms Just Don’t Get Texting

One of the truths that most learn the hard way is that parents are not good at texting. They may try, they may even look up the latest lingo and what’s going on, but all in all, their understanding of texting and how it all works is weak. This Mom was in a car accident and needed insurance help, so the insurance agent asked for “front, rear, and side view” pictures. Susan, the Mother, understood that to mean pictures of herself. Though she thought it was strange, she wanted help with her car, so she sent along the pictures. One can only imagine what the insurance agent thought when they received pictures of Susan, but the look on their face must have been priceless! Although Susan had to re-send the correct pictures, she now has over 18,000 fans on social media.

13 Dad Jokes Won’t Stop For Anything

via Buzzfeed

One of the greatest fears everyone has is being stuck in a tight space with a bug. So when a moth was flying around this texter, they begged their Dad for help. Of course, the Dad took advantage of the situation to make a classic Dad joke, striking further fear in the texter, while making us howl in laughter. The deadpan delivery of “Dad is dead, you’re next. Love, Moth” is one of the funniest texts we have seen. You know this text is still hilarious because it was clearly sent from an iPhone4, meaning the dad joke has not grown stale in a number of years. Dad jokes thrive on facepalms and “oh no” responses from those that see them, so this one reached new levels of success.

12 The Kids Fight Back

Of course kids have better knowledge of technology, meaning they can fight back in a more ruthless way. This son combined the brilliance of the Taco Bell texter with technological knowhow to trick his parents into saying yes to throwing a party. All teenagers salute you, Brendan. Brendan mischievously changed “no” in his parents’ phones to different hilarious variations of yes, changing their clear denials for his party throwing wishes to allowing him to throw one. The parents responded to their own messages with genuine confusion, making the exchange even funnier. The guess here is that the party was never thrown and Brendan got in trouble, but hey, 113,000 likes is a nice consolation prize!

11 Friends Do It To Friends, Too

When it comes to texting, no one is off limits from exchanges that can make the strongest people weak. This Twitter user manipulated her friend’s phone to switch from “hey” to the Gettysburg Address, a totally random yet totally funny switch. One can only imagine the reaction Caroline had when she went to check for a response and saw she sent back the Address rather than a chill little “hey” to her friend. When Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, he likely didn’t have texting in mind. But hey, whatever works! Perhaps four scores and seven years ago Abraham Lincoln would have been changing his friends’ phone settings as well if the technology was there!

10 Foreign Text Exchange Student

If your friend as a foreign exchange student, it has to be a fun and new experience even for you. But the opportunity to bond with that student on a different level is too good to pass up on! This Twitter user took the opportunity to send pictures of the exchange student’s native land of France conquering other lands with the follow up of “hell yeah.” Clearly it did not make their friend laugh, but the foreign exchange student loved it, and we do too. Any time a friend can simultaneously annoy their own friend and make us roll over in laughter, the text exchange is a great one. Hey, I bet the French would love it too!

9 Every Girl’s Dream and Nightmare

On the left, we have a dream text. Being told “I miss you more and more,” while being compared to a beautiful sky and being told their soul is missed would make anyone’s heart melt. On the right, however, is a much different story. The reality is an unsteady tree. Oh no! What was once the nicest text message exchanged turned into a brutal joke about someone who couldn’t stand up straight. The text on the left could make anyone cry in a nice way, the text on the right could make anyone cry from laughing, unless they received the text themselves. Regardless, the exchange is an example of expectations vs. reality, and a hilarious one at that.

8 Chipotle Doesn’t Deliver

via Twitter

Ah, another story of a text that seems to be incredibly kind, then takes a last second swerve. When Hannah got this text message, she must have thought she had a nice burrito waiting for her outside her door. A modern romantic tale with burritos and knights in shining sombreros would be funny, but what actually happened was even better. Rather than delivering a burrito to her doorstep, a note was left. “Me too” the note read, simply stating that they too like Chipotle. They went through all the trouble of going over to her house just to trick her into thinking she was getting Chipotle delivered to her door. Mean, yet too funny.

7 Sexting Attempt Gone Wrong

It’s no secret that texting can be used as a medium for flirting, so when this man tried to flirt with a girl through text, he found out the hard way she was not interested. To be fair, “I’m only looking to sext” is not the strongest pickup line, but when he delivered it he surely was not expecting to be threatened with hexting, a form of dark magic. The threat “curse you via dark magic in the form of online chat or text message” was so specific yet so scary that we find ourselves laughing and shaking from fear at the same time. He must have gotten the same vibe, as he asked kindly for that not to be done to him. That will teach him not to be so abrupt in the future, while also giving us a text exchange that we can laugh at! Or else perhaps we will be hexed….

6 Breakup Gone Right

via Twitter

How does a middle schooler break up with their boyfriend? By exchanging share-worthy texts of course! Before we get to any other part of the text, the line “ding ding ding oh yeah the elevator cause your not on my level” is funnier than most adults can come up with, whether intentional or not. Sure they may be over for real, but she was right, she did win the fight! A line like that wins any fight, though we may be the real winners for being included in the exchange. One must feel for poor Joey, though, as he said he was “just hangin” with Natalie, and reminisced about having Starbucks bought for him. One can only hope these star-crossed lovers meet again, if only for another text message exchange that brings tears to our eyes.

5 Kids These Days

When we say kids, we use the term loosely. As time has passed modern technology has taken over for a lot of old practices, which must include the library at this point. Hence this college freshman not knowing what to do in a library. “Can I just take books off the shelf?” is a question we never expected to see, but at least she asked rather than just assuming! What a turn of events that taking books out of the library is “so old school” and how odd it must have felt for the sister to see that text. Imagine being asked what to do at a library? We can’t believe it, but the proof is in the texting.

4 This Phone Isn’t Coming Back

Ever found a phone? The first thing anyone does when they find someone’s phone is look for evidence of whose it is. If they can’t find that, they’ll likely send a text to someone in the phone’s contacts, hoping that person will find them and set up a spot to meet to give the phone back. The person who found the phone did everything right, but the person they texted surely did not. They knew it was their cousin’s phone, and knew that they were getting a text from the phone saying it had been lost and they wanted to return it. So rather than finding their cousin, they simply sent the cousin a text saying their phone was found. Wait, what? You can’t send a text to someone who lost their phone! This text message mistake has us laughing and crying at the same time. What a mess!

3 OO, She In Trouble

via tumblr

Quitting your job is a scary task, but doing so and immediately sending an inappropriate meme is a nightmare. Poor Rachel thought she was ending her employment on a positive note with her boss, Sarah. Rachel describes the situation perfectly herself: “fter knowing me for almost a year and a half as a hard working and respectable employee this is the last thing i will ever say to her i can never go back to that shop again all because of this god damn cookie blunder What have i Done.” Rachel may not be able to undo the text message, nor what Sarah now thinks of her. But on the bright side, she made us all cry at her mistake. What a world.

2 Grandma's Got Beef

via Reddit

Easily the worst of all of the wrong number texts, this poor soul verbally went after someone who they thought was trying to start something with them. We've all been frustrated with people we don't know or don't like before, but it's not quite as common that the person contacting us is....Grandma! Oh no. Maddie's Grandmother did not appreciate being talked to like that, especially when she was simply trying to find out if she wanted to be involved in dinner. We wish Maddie wouldn't be like that either, Grandma. The only question that remains from this one is did Maddie ever end up getting her beef dinner from Grandma? Or did Grandma end up with real beef towards Maddie after that text exchange?

1 We've All Been There

via Tumblr

To finish off, we have the silliest mistake of them all, but one we can all relate to. Sometimes one finds themselves in the middle of conversation and completely misinterprets what the other person is saying to them. It happens, but when it does it is too funny. So when this person trying to sell a bike was asked how low they would go on it, meaning the price of course, they instead told them how low of a speed they would be able to ride on the bike. Yikes! We can't totally fault them because they weren't actually wrong, but it was so obvious that they were being asked about the price of the bike, that we can't help but shake our heads. Hopefully they still sold the bike, and hopefully the buyer is riding it faster than 2 MPH!

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