15 Hilarious Things Men Do When They Think No One's Looking

Men are intriguing beings, and women don’t always understand the things they do. We know there are odd things here and there, but we don’t always have proof. We just suspect it. But now, there’s proof… and plenty of it! These 15 men have been caught on camera and prove that guys do embarrassing things when they don’t think anyone’s looking. Or maybe they know someone saw them and they just don’t care? They are who they are and we salute them for that! Just be careful whenever approaching a man left unattended, because there’s no telling what they might be doing. With any luck, we can all have a good laugh over it because at least these men have been caught in some very strange acts!

15 Not just for kids

Via: boredpanda.com

When you lose your man in the airport, the store or anywhere else, it can be hard to know where to look first. In this case, the woman involved needs only to look wherever the TV is. And the children, of course. Because her man is really just a big kid. It doesn’t matter that these kids aren’t watching sports, but rather some kind of cartoon. It drew him in and now he’s enthralled. Will he appreciate being caught enraptured by the latest kids movie? Maybe not. But it is pretty apparent that he can’t stop watching, even if he wants to. He’s into it! We dare his girlfriend to try to drag him away now! At least next time she’ll know where to look first.

14 The flying leap of death

Via: dumpaday.com

Leave a boy home alone with nothing to do and he’ll get creative. Parents might want their children to have imaginations, but sometimes, guys can take it too far. It looks as if this one went and ruined a t-shirt for this attempt at greatness. And what it is he’s trying to do anyway? Break his arm? We’re pretty sure he didn’t want anyone seeing him like this, even though he does seem a little too proud about what he’s doing. It’s not like this is a picture he’s going to want ending up in the school yearbook. But you can bet it pops up again at his graduation party or the first time he brings a date home. Just to prove that he is one unique individual and there’s no one else like him around!

13 A fire engine workout

Via: pinterest.com

If you have workout equipment in your basement, you might smile when your husband disappears downstairs and you hear the treadmill running. You appreciate that he takes care of himself and his body! You don’t want to disturb him, so you don’t often go to the basement when he’s down there, busy with his workout. Well, this wife took a chance on one occasion and this is what she found! No workout involved, but rather a play session that involved a toy fire engine, the treadmill and her husband! Now, every time she hears that treadmill running, she’s going to wonder. She’ll be listening for a siren to go along with it or she’ll be sneaking down the steps to try to catch him in the act again.

12 Always a kid at heart

Via: iwebstreet.com

Who says grandpa is too old or too big to ride the little bike? Not him! He’s taking this nice day and putting some fun back into life! We applaud him for this attempt, though it does look rather silly. Good for him for not letting his size or age stop him from doing what he wants to do. He does need to be careful, of course, because pictures can end up just about anywhere these days. And he may not want his doctor seeing this as he explains what happened to his hip. But at least he’s giving his life some zest and not letting anything slow him down! Except maybe his knees. They’re kind of in the way when it comes to the handlebars on this bike…

11 Just a little cat nap

Via: boredpanda.com

Isn’t it incredible how men can pass out in any position when they’re really tired? They’re like big kids, falling asleep wherever they drop! It looks as if this man has slept this way before, because he has taught the cat how to assume the position. This may be their everyday nap position. But we’re pretty sure they do it in private, not knowing someone was going to sneak in with a camera. Because manly men don’t sleep all splayed out with cats—at least, not in front of anyone else, they don't! And this man wouldn’t want to admit that he enjoys his daily nap even more than the feline. Thank goodness he’s a sound sleeper so we could all enjoy this heartwarming moment along with whoever took the picture in the first place.

10 With friends like these...

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You leave a few guys alone for a few minutes and you can expect something like this to happen. It’s just what they do! And this wasn’t exactly something they did that they’re embarrassed of. In fact, they’re so proud that they’re driving about town with their poor buddy taped to the back of the car. But no one was looking when they did it, so it’s safe to include it in this list. You just have to keep an eye on the duct tape when you have men alone together in a group or things like this are bound to happen. Why, you ask? That’s a question all of us want answered. But better safe than sorry, you could be next! Put that duct tape under lock and key.

9 Dances with cats

Via: boredpanda.com

Some men don’t have a problem showing their sensitive side, while others want to seem macho at all times. This obviously sensitive guy, apparently, dances with cats. We’re pretty sure he does it alone and on his own time. We’re curious as to what song is playing or if there is any song at all. When the man is caught, will he stop or own up to this weird behavior? At least the cat doesn’t seem to mind. Perhaps this is a ritual with them, for whatever reason. Hopefully, he’s practicing for a date or maybe even his own wedding. He wants to impress and this is the only partner he could find. Still strange, though, and he’s probably pretty embarrassed that this video is out there for the world to enjoy.

8 Stretching or napping?

Via: funnypictures.picphotos.net

Have you ever walked by a man and thought "how can he be comfortable like that?!" They sit in strange and unusual ways, for sure. But that’s not really want this guy is doing. You can’t define this as sitting at all, but what is it, exactly? It’s a quandary. He might be stretching out after a hard game. He may be asleep. He might even be passed out. (Considering the cooler and box of Busch Light next to him, we're going to put our money on "passed out.") No matter what the circumstance, this is not a comfortable, cool look for him. It’s something he did on his own time when no one was looking and now he has to deal with the fact that someone saw him and took pictures as proof of his strangeness. Next time, he’ll do his "stretches" in the privacy of his own home. Or hopefully just wait to pass out there.

7 Washing in the rain

Via: funnypica.com

Isn’t is strange how obsessive some guys can be about their cars? They wash them even when the weather is supposed to take a turn and drop rain the next day. This guy is so concerned about the cleanliness of his vehicle that he decided to try to keep up with the water spots by washing it IN the rain. He should probably just drop the hose and go straight to the soap part. It’ll be a while before he can dry it, though. He probably didn’t really want anyone to see him doing this. After all, people probably already make fun of him for the way he treats his vehicle. It’s not a rare sports car, after all. But now we all get to laugh at his expense!

6 Getting that beauty sleep

Via: boredpanda.com

Have you ever tried to nap during the day when the sun is shining through the windows? It's tough! But this man is taking that issue to a whole new level. There are many different things he could do about his situation. He’s probably slept here before during the day. He knows the sun bothers him, and the flimsy blinds don't block out much light. So he could get black out curtains, perhaps. Or he could get an eye mask that is a bit more…suitable. He could even grab a t-shirt to throw it over his eyes. But no, he didn’t do any of those things. Instead, he used this delicate bra in order to block the sun out so he could get some shut-eye. The problem is, he got caught! And now there’s this picture proving his embarrassing situation once and for all.

5 Testing those rumors

Via: funnypica.com

We all know what happens when you stick a warm, wet tongue onto a cold pole. It’s not just a rumor! But this guy saw a pole one cold winter day and couldn’t resist. Is it really true? Does it work like it shows in the movies? He quickly found out that yes, it does. We can only hope that this embarrassing situation caught on camera was continued to be captured when the fire department arrived to release him from his plight. You just can’t leave a man alone these days! They do all sorts of dumb things and just can’t be trusted around, among other things, cold poles. With any luck, he learned his lesson and is sufficiently embarrassed by this so the next time he sees a pole, he’ll walk right on past.

4 Playing with vacuum cleaners

Via: piximus.com

Guys do dumb and weird things when girls are around. Part of it is to show off and some of it is just because that’s how they are. If they do those things when girls are there to see them, imagine what they do when they think no one is looking! And here’s a prime example. What are they doing, exactly, with the vacuum cleaner? Trying to blow him up? Or suck his nipple off? Either way, this is an embarrassing situation to have caught on camera. Not to mention they both look like they’re in diapers too. Someone please remove the vacuum from the room so they can concentrate on their wrestling moves and not things like this; they’re a distraction to their training!

3 Fun with the family dog

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Guys and their dogs have a special bond. When a dog licks himself, the guy gets it. He might not make the attempt himself, but he takes pride in the dog for, er, taking care of his body. They get along well and seem to have a personality that goes well together. When they want to have a little extra fun, they even do strange things together, like this. Who wouldn’t want to walk in and see a man/dog in their kitchen? This is great stuff! Okay, so he probably didn’t meant to get caught. This is likely one of their favorite games to play when no one else is home. Will they continue since they know that you know what they do now? It’s too soon to say, but we hope so!

2 A man and his chick

Via: opengeek.net

What a man does with his chicken is his own business, right? Except for in this case, because he was caught with a chicken as his drinking buddy. Let’s hope the chicken stuffed his head into the bottle all on his own and isn’t stuck now. That would be even more of an ordeal! But the fact that he chose the chicken for a buddy to drink with in the first place is downright strange. This isn’t something he probably openly admits, but now that there is picture evidence of his little friend, he won’t have much of a choice. Now, he just has to try not to get caught again or the evidence will be concrete against him and his drunk chicken buddy. What a strange relationship!

1 Spider cat

Via: boredpanda.com

The things men make their pets do can be rather strange, and even flat-out bizarre. Cats often have claws and they can climb things all on their own. But this cat hasn’t crossed paths with a spider. It’s not, we repeat, NOT a spider cat. And yet, this man wants to see what the cat is made of! When he gets caught with the cat on the ceiling, it might be a bit embarrassing. Did he really think his cat would be able to stick to the ceiling? Hopefully he held on and didn’t let go to find out. Because cats don’t really ALWAYS land on their feet! What does he try with the family dog? That would be interesting to know.... Catch him with that pet next and let us see for ourselves next time!

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