15 Hilarious Times Celebs Photobombed Us Mortals

Rabid fans are always trying to get their favorite celebrities to take photos with them, often to the chagrin of stars who just want to be left alone while they're eating dinner with their family or taking a dump in a public restroom.

But sometimes it works the other way around. Sometimes, celebs are in such a good mood that they voluntarily insert themselves into photos being taken by normal, everyday people. After all, stars are people too, and if they're out for a walk and happen to stumble across someone taking pictures, they might just want to brighten that person's day by jumping into the pic. Of course, that only works if the person knows who the celeb is, or else things can get awkward real fast (see Sam Smith below).

15 Kevin Spacey

In the spring of 2013, Christina Sander was visiting Boston and decided to take a picture in front of a popular tourist landmark, the George Washington statue in the Public Garden. Unbeknownst to her, Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey was also in town, visiting victims of the recent Boston Marathon bombing, and he happened to be jogging by the George Washington statue at the moment of her photo. According to Sander, he yelled, "This is a photobomb!" as he ran by, pausing briefly in frame — much to her delight. In hindsight, it probably wasn't the best choice of words given recent events, but luckily, her friend went ahead and took the picture rather than call the FBI to report a health-conscious terrorist who looks suspiciously that that guy from American Beauty.

14 Zach Braff

13 Chris Hemsworth

Hey guys get out of my shot @lukemun @aprilmun

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Oh look, it's a nice picture of a couple hanging out by the pool, drinking alcohol and standing close to the edge — typical pre-drowning summer (or, if this is Australia, winter) activities. But wait, is that Chris Hemsworth in the back, lounging against what appears to be a fence made out of Wonder Woman's invisible jet? Yup, that's Thor himself with the shirtless photobomb, although this instance might be the most natural of any on this list because the "normal" people in front are friends of his. Ever the diva, the actor doesn't appear to be too thrilled with them hogging the camera, as he tags them with the message, "Hey guys get out of my shot." It seems the God of Thunder is so annoyed, in fact, he's conjuring a storm to give them a zap of lightning. Some friend.

12 Michael Cera

It seems actor Michael Cera is the king of celebrity photobombs, and this photo collage is irrefutable proof. I don't know what the story behind any of these pictures is (although I'm dying to know what's going on with the parrots; is this a zoo? A restaurant? A restaurant that serves zoo animals? An underground parrot fighting ring? Inquiring minds want to know!), but one thing is clear: Michael Cera is behind you. Like, right now. Don't turn around; you'll only startle him. Just put down your camera and go about your business; he'll go away eventually. He's like the Elf on the Shelf, except rather than spying on bad behavior, he sits around waiting for people to take selfies. Wherever there's a photo being taken without Michael Cera in it, there he is...in it.

11 Arnold Schwarzenegger

In May 2017, actor and sometime politician Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Paris to receive France's most prestigious medal, the Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. While in town, he decided to do a little sightseeing on a presumably very sturdy bicycle. As he rode by the Eiffel Tower, he spotted a group of tourists from Thailand lined up to take a group photo. At that point, he decided to "terminate" the staged picture and acted like a "predator" by jumping in front of the group, blocking them from the camera like a...kindergarten cop? Okay, I give up. Anyway, he rode directly into frame and photobombed the tourists with glee. Unfortunately, many of them didn't realize who he was. I guess since he wasn't carrying around a machine gun like he does in most of his movies. Only after he left did one of the group identify him so the rest of them could stop referring to him as "some foreigner on a bike."

10 Adele

Outrageous Times Celebrities Photobombed Everyday People
Via: iheart.com

Award-winning singer Adele is known for being a peachy keen person, so it's not surprising that she would delight her fans by greeting them in person at her "Live in London" concert special in early 2016. But the method in which she did so was a bit unorthodox. With the help of talk show host Graham Norton, she set up a display of the Academy Award she won for the song "Skyfall," offering fans a chance to take a pic with the statue before the concert. Little did they realize, as they were being photographed, Adele was sneaking into the shot behind them. After making a few funny gestures in the background, she walked up and surprised them. And by "surprised," I mean "sent them into near-fatal cardiac arrest." Appropriately enough, she greeted them by saying, "Hello, it's me."

9 Ed Sheeran

Another English singer, Ed Sheeran, wasn't quite as friendly as Adele in this photobomb. In fact, he was borderline obscene. The story behind the pic goes like this: in early 2017, a soccer fan named Andy Cossey attended the game between his favorite teamS, Norwich City F.C., and bitter rivals Ipswich Town F.C. Afterwards, he got a chance to take a photo with two former Norwich players that he admired, but unbeknownst to him, Sheeran, a rabid Ipswich fan, snuck into the background. Apparently, the singer thought the trio were birdwatchers, because he proceeded to flip them a double bird. Presumably, it was all in good fun, but seeing as the game ended in a 1-1 tie, you have to wonder what he would've done if his team had lost.

8 Tom Hanks

If there's one thing to learn from this list, it's that if you want to get photobombed by a celebrity, have an outdoor wedding or wedding-themed photo shoot. Case in point: this newlywed couple taking wedding photos in Central Park in the fall of 2016. Like moths to a flame, celebs can't help but be drawn to nuptials, and right on cue, up walks Tom Hanks, who, judging from his attire, was either out for some exercise or begging for change. He interrupted the photo shoot to congratulate the couple, but the photographer kept shooting and got some once-in-a-lifetime pics with Forrest Gump for their wedding album. They even got him to take a selfie with them. There's no word on whether he "ran, Forrest, ran" away with their camera.

7 Amy Schumer

Beautiful engagement photo ruined by yours truly

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I'll see your Tom Hanks and raise you an Amy Schumer. A year before Hanks interrupted a Central Park wedding shoot while jogging (or panhandling; I'm still not sure), Schumer ran (literally, since she was jogging and all) into this couple's engagement photo session in Central Park. According to the photographer, she didn't even recognize the comedienne, which makes her WAY more polite than most people would be if a stranger barged into your photos, shouting, "Oh my god! Are you taking engagement photos? Let me get in one!" Only after Schumer took off her sunglasses and the photog snapped the pic did she realize this wasn't just some random crazy woman. She was a famous, PROFESSIONAL crazy woman! Which makes everything okay, of course.

6 Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans

Outrageous Times Celebrities Photobombed Everyday People
Via: YouTube

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has a whole bit called "Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb," in which he gets celebrities, including Cameron Diaz and John Hamm, to join him in photobombing unsuspecting tourists. For the Super Bowl in early 2015, he teamed up with not one, but two stars—actors Chris Pratt and Chris Evans—to prank football fans by leaping into the background of photos Fallon's crew set up. This hilarious shot is typical, as the three pranksters come together to coordinate a formation that looks like some sort of misaligned Human Centipede...with a happier ending. The football fan, meanwhile, is none the wiser, raising his fingers to say either "We're number one" or "Look, I've got two index fingers, and they can both point up!"

5 Bill Murray

Get an engagement photo with Bill Murray... Check! Photography: Fia Forever Photography www.fiaforever.com Wedding Photographers in Charleston, SC

Posted by Fia Forever Photography on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bill Murray is a quirky guy who's developed a reputation for doing quirky things, so when he showed up in this couple's engagement photos, the whole world was like, "Yup, that sounds about right." The couple, Erik and Ashley, were getting their photos taken in 2014 in Charleston, South Carolina—apparently, not far from where Murray lives—when the actor appeared, reportedly with his shirt pulled up and patting his belly in an effort to make the couple laugh. If it were anyone else, this might have resulted in a call to the police for indecent exposure, but it's Bill Freakin' Murry, so it's all good. He hopped into frame for a pic, and presumably the three of them lived happily ever after in wedded bliss. (Yes, I meant to say "the three of them.")

4 Sam Smith

Photobombing the news 😩😂

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Having just won several Grammys—including Best New Artist—a few months earlier, British singer Sam Smith was just becoming a household name in the summer of 2015, so the impact of this photobomb probably wasn't quite what he was expecting. He was scheduled to perform at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, but before his performance, he went down to the venue to scope it out, and he stumbled upon a local news report about the amphitheater. An offscreen reporter was interviewing a couple of local women on camera when Smith decided to insert himself into the shot behind them. He flashed a peace sign and mugged for the camera a bit, but he only inspired casual glances and chuckles from the women, who clearly didn't know who he was. So, yeah...awkward.

3 Justin Trudeau

Unlike the previous wedding-themed entries on this list, this photobomb actually occurs during a wedding ceremony; although it can't be much of a surprise, because if you're going to get married on a beach, you have to expect a celebrity to show up at some point. And if you're in Canada, there's a 90% chance that celebrity will be Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

In the summer of 2016, Trudeau had just finished surfing in British Columbia and was heading off the beach when a wedding arrived and, well, there went the bride. Rather than get in the way and accidentally whack the bride in the face with his surfboard, the PM lived up to his duty as a polite Canadian and stood back to let the bridal party through. As the wedding photographer snapped pictures, a shirtless Trudeau could be seen in the background, looking like a sexy extra in Point Break.

2 Prince Harry

Via: facebook

And here we have the exceedingly rare royal photobomb. This takes place at the 2014 Commonwealth Games—which are sort of like the Olympics, but for former British territories (well, except for the U.S., that is), meaning they play sports like rugby, squash, lawn bowling, and netball. In Glasgow, Scotland, this photo is of three Commonwealth Games officials attending a women's swimming event was taken, but hold on. Who's that in the background ruining this otherwise fascinating photo of bureaucrats in action? It's Prince Harry! Darn it, man, can't we just once get a nice picture of internationally renowned, paper pushing, administrative sex symbols like these three without some meddling member of the boring ol' British royalty family sticking his nose— or in this case, thumbs—where it doesn't belong?

1 Bill Clinton

Even leaders of the free world aren't above a little photobomb every now and then. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was attending a political rally in 2014 when he noticed someone taking a picture of a little girl who wasn't exactly having a great time (as is to be expected when little kids are dragged to a political rally). He tries to lighten the situation by poking his head through the crowd to squeeze into the photo behind the girl's shoulder, which no doubt would've cheered up the photographer more than the kid, who wasn't even born when Clinton was President. She seems more concerned with praying to the God of Kindle to transport her away from there. "Are you there, Kindle? It's me, Margaret. Some creepy old dude is peeking over my shoulder. What kind of pervy freak show did my parents drag me to?"

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