15 Hilarious Times Dwight Schrute Was Socially Awkward AF

The Office is one of those shows we always catch ourselves re-watching no matter how recently we finished the series. Whether it's to return to the small Jim and Pam moments that made us regain hope in one day finding our soulmate or to laugh at all the crazy things Michael Scott says and does, it still ends up being just as good as the first time we clicked play.

Though most characters on the show are quirky and socially awkward in their own unique ways, there is no character more socially awkward than Dwight K. Schrute. The bear aficionado, beet farmer, Battlestar Galactica fanatic, and of course, assistant TO the regional manager as we all know and love him. If you haven't yet watched this incredible show, I think it's time that you do. Not convinced? Well, these 15 awkward Dwight moments are sure-fire way to get you started!

16 When He Misspelled The Word "Failure"

Well...this conversation escalated quickly. When we were little kids spelling a word wrong on our weekly spelling tests was always kind of embarrassing, so I can't imagine what spelling a word wrong in front of a large group of people would feel like. Now of course, like most of the situations Dwight finds himself in, this one is, uhhh let's just say "unique." It makes one scratch their head in confusion wondering how does this happen? Why does this happen? He spelled the word 'failure' wrong. Of all words to spell wrong of course it just had to be the word failure. An ironic twist to a short monologue that captures the trauma Dwight Schrute faced as a young farm boy. One that captured how much he actually failed at everything. This could be one of the factors that led to his socially awkward adulthood.

15 When He Thought Justin Bieber Was Justice Beaver

False. Beavers can't fight crime. Fact. Dwight got this one totally wrong yet again, stick to bears buddy. Okay, I'm being harsh. We can probably assume that at LEAST half the people watching the show at the time this episode aired had the same reaction Dwight did when Jim mentioned the name, "Justin Bieber." Pshh who is that guy anyways? In today's world we can also safely assume that a bunch of people STILL think Justin Bieber is actually Justice Beaver, a crime fighting beaver. Pow! Pow! Now whether that's because of Jim and the writers of The Office, we don't know but it's a thing to someone somewhere, because if you Google "Justice Beaver," you'll find plenty of beavers with Justin's famous shaggy hair holding some kind of badge or medal for justice.

14 When He Revealed His Skepticism Of The Machine

If you've watched the show, you are familiar with the fact that Dwight thinks computers can become self-aware. As someone who believes this, Dwight makes sure to take all necessary measures to hide important aspects of his life from technology. Throughout the show he has repeatedly made it clear that he cannot let a machine defeat him. In one episode he even tried to beat Dunder Mifflin's website in paper sales. Long story short, he won.

Just imagine what an amazing world we'd live in if more people were like Dwight and kept secret diaries instead of using their computers as diaries (I'm referring to personal and emotional Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram captions by the way). The next time you want to write about what you ate for breakfast on Facebook, think about Dwight, lucky for us, you'll probably lose your appetite and stop writing mid-sentence.

13 DUH

Here we have one of the rare times Dwight actually caught Jim off guard. In this episode, both frenemies were trying to come up with great ideas for Kelly Kapoor's birthday party. In order to inspire a few ideas, Jim told Dwight about one of his favorite birthday parties at the Natural History Museum in New York and the toy triceratops he got as a gift. Little did he know, he was digging his own grave because Dwight bested him with this great line.

Ugh, what was Jim thinking? It's so obvious that other dinosaurs are wayyyy cooler than the triceratops. Gosh Jim! But seriously, it's lines like these that make us wonder, why Dwight? What possesses you to say such things? But at the same time we hope he never stops.

12 When His Prankster "Friend" Left The Office

Spoiler alert! Jim leaves but don't worry he comes back and guess what, Dwight claims NOT to miss him which he makes extremely clear in this monologue. Deep down inside however, we all know that not missing Jim is, as Dwight likes to say, false.

Without Jim, there is no Dwight. And as much as Dwight would hate hearing this, he knows it's true. In a weird way, both characters compliment each other. Jim is the absolute best at bringing out Dwight's socially awkward nature. No matter the prank, no matter the conversation, something hilarious always happens when both characters interact. If you don't believe me, you obviously haven't paid much attention to the show and are completely missing out on the key moments that make it so great!

11 When He Was Overly Intense About His Undivided Attention

Oh Dwight, there are a lot of things we can't handle about you. Mostly because those things make us feel very awkward inside. Obviously I don't mean this in a bad way, he's one of the best characters on the show by a landslide. In fact, every character on the show is so darn great that saying Dwight is one of the best is tough.

The things Dwight says come out of no where. They're like a smack to the face that make us wonder, who says this? I mean, what does Dwight's undivided attention look like anyways? What exactly would he do when his attention is undivided and why does he make it sound so threatening? I'm starting to chuckle a bit just thinking about it. Just imagine meeting someone this intense, it would make life more interesting, let me tell ya.

10 When He Planned Kelly Kapoor's Birthday Party

Birthdays, they're a statement of fact. To Dwight they aren't meant to be big fancy celebrations you are rewarded for. So in the most Dwight of ways, not only did he make a professional and dry looking birthday sign (no hint of excitement contained in the message whatsoever) but he also chose grey and brown balloons to, "match the carpet" as he put it.

Clearly, Dwight has no idea how to celebrate a birthday party or decorate for one. He could not have chosen items that represent Kelly Kapoor less. She's literally a walking embodiment of the color pink. She's all about rainbows and butterflies, not mustard colored shirts and brown suits. Dwight got this party planning thing all wrong. Where's Angela when you need her?

9 When He Confessed To Catching People In The Act

Hmmm...what kind of act are you referring to Dwight? Because I definitely don't think it's the kind you see in screenplays. Also, why is it that my mind immediately thinks of something dirty? Am I the only one thinking this way? God, I hope not.

Anyways. Learning this fact about Dwight and his favorite activity of door whipping, demonstrates how intense working with him actually is. Just when you think you have some privacy or a quiet work space to yourself, BAM! A door whips open, thunder strikes, and a flash of lightning lights his face. There he is, the one and only Dwight standing over you. You let out a scream! AHHH! Then you realize he’s harmless (that is, aside from the various weapons he has hidden throughout the office, large swords included! Office fans you know what I’m talking about). 

8 When He Told Us About The Regenerative Nature Of His Feelings

The last time I checked, feelings were not regenerative. I guess Dwight just means he gets over things quickly. For most of us, when our feelings are hurt - and I mean seriously hurt, it can take weeks, sometimes even months to fully recover. Since Dwight claims that his feelings regenerate at twice the speed of a normal man's, he should consider himself lucky. This is sort of like a superpower, a really lame superpower proudly worn by a really lame superhero, but still a superpower at that.

The most astonishing thing about this is how scientific Dwight is when he structures his sentences. Very interesting indeed. If only more people were this straightforward about their feelings getting hurt. Life would be so much simpler.

7 When He Made It Damn Clear That He IS A Survivor

One of the best lines in The Office that has stuck inside my mind for some time now (and I'm sure has also stuck in your minds) was when Pam recalled a conversation she had with Dwight about him hoarding all the spare keys to the office. She said: "What if you die Dwight? How will we get into the office?" and he said: "If I'm dead, you guys have been dead for weeks" and yes, the face he's making above is the exact face I picture when reading this.

It cannot get any more Dwight Schrute level of awkward-sauce than this. And we love it. Dwight K. Schrute is a survivor who can out-live Survivorman! Let's be real, this is the face of a man who has been prepared for the zombie apocalypse since infancy.

6 When He Demonstrated First Aid Techniques

*Makes tribal noises* *everyone screams*

His co-workers turned their backs for three seconds and this happened. Dwight cut the face off of a first-aid dummy during a much needed safety training session for the folks at Dunder Mifflin. Prior to this terrorizing event, he also decided to "gut" the safety dummy by stabbing a knife (one of the weapons he keeps on him at all times) into it and making a large horizontal incision from it's chest to pelvis. One word. EWW! It's not a farm animal Dwight! This is borderline serial killer behavior that almost surpasses socially awkward. If you don't watch the show, you must be so confused, is he like that all the time you ask? The answer to this is...watch to find out.

5 When He Attempted Smalltalk At A Cocktail Party

There is nothing like talking shit at a cocktail party (pun intended). This is Dwight showing off what seems to be his small-talk skills by randomly stating some not-so-fun facts about shrimp. Which in my opinion, is an already nasty piece of seafood I don't want on or near my mouth and specially not now after this gag-worthy reminder about where feces are located inside of a shrimp's body.

How does one respond to a comment like this? There really is nothing that can be said or done because what he's saying here is true. So for those of you who might have thought the little black line on top of the shrimp was a vein, I'm sorry to say but you are sorely mistaken.

4 When He Pointed Out The Obvious

I don't know about you guys, but I can definitely tell when I'm laughing and when I'm not laughing. Humor me for a second, though. Dwight does bring up an interesting point. How do we know if we look like we are laughing when we can't actually see ourselves? I mean, this would be so much easier if we had a tiny mirror we could put in front of our faces at all times. Or better yet, a clone of ourselves we could just look at.

The again, both of these things would also be pretty weird. The clone thing in particular. For now, it's best to stick to the way things are which means not being able to see what we look like at all times.

3 When His Recorder Was The Key To Healing His Heartbreak

Heartbreak. We've all been there, except not with a lime green recorder leaning against a dumpster playing a dull song. This just goes to show us all the truth behind heartbreak and sadness, and that is that different people deal with sadness in different ways. Dwight's recorder is what guitars may be to some of you, or what buckets of ice cream are to the musically un-skilled people like me - comfort.

Most, if not all of us, have somewhat of an understanding of the feelings rushing through Dwight in his current state of heartbreak. With this said, no matter how weird the sight of him playing a lime green recorder is, of course we still sympathize with our favorite Office character. Poor guy!

2 When He Bought A Wig To Impersonate Everyone In The Office

In the words of Dwight K. Schrute: "You never know when you're going to need to bear a passing resemblance to someone." This is true, I actually have no idea when I will ever need to bear a passing resemblance to someone or why I would need to bear a passing resemblance to someone in the first place. In Dwight's case, this came in handy for him while he was tricking Jim into a snowball fight. Yes, a snowball fight.

Passing as Pam in the office with his Pam wig, he ambushed poor Jim and belted him in the face with a big icy snowball. Clearly, this is a very out of the ordinary scenario that you are likely never to encounter but hey...you never know! So go buy yourself some wigs, folks.

1 When He Was So Disgusted By People

There's nothing like a good ol' plague to wipe out half the countries population. As already established, Dwight would not be worried if a plague were to strike Earth because he has implied multiple times that he is a survivor. Dwight is prepared for any disaster - whether it be a natural phenomenon like a large-scale earthquake or something out of a sci-fi movie like an alien abduction. I personally would not be surprised if I found an underground bunker on his beet farm full of supplies and loaded with more weapons.

If you disagree with Dwight, nod your heads. The last thing we all want right now is an outbreak similar to the Black Plague. With the fragile state of healthcare in some countries, who knows what could happen!

If the presence of other people makes you act weird at all times of the day you might be socially awkward. If you are so disgusted by people's presence that you wish a plague would strike Earth just to get rid of them, you might be Dwight Schrute. Though he is a mix of awkward, weird, and overly intense, he's one of the characters we truly cannot get enough of as Office fans. If you haven't watched the show yet, I hope these 15 funny and weird Dwight moments are encouraging for you. There are millions more on the show and it would be a shame for you not to see them. So get with the program! Literally!


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