15 Hilarious Times Mindy Kaling Was Your Favourite Celebrity

Through her portrayal of Kelly Kapoor on The Office, Mindy Kaling reminded us that there's people just as sassy, awkward and thirsty as us out there. Then we followed her Twitter and watched her as writer, creator and star of The Mindy Project and realized... woah, she is us! Despite being a big name star now, Mindy still goes out in her sweats, eats and drinks whatever she wants, pines over all of our fave celebs, struggles with adulthood, and walks the same line between insecure and badass bitch that you walk every day. She's basically your spirit animal, so next time you're out to dinner and have to choose between a salad and some chicken wings and cake, just ask yourself "what would Mindy do?"

15 She struggles with diet and exercise, just like us

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It's the beginning of a new year, which means you've probably just made your annual resolution to get in better shape and finally rock a body you're proud of by this summer. However, that means you're going to have to start going to the gym and turning down your favorite unhealthy foods and desserts, and you're not about that life. Mindy proves that that's perfectly okay! She gets judged by fashion analysts every time she walks down a red carpet, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying two of her favorite things: food and television. And while she may not be super fit, she owns her curves and is proud of her body, so you should be, too.

14 She won't let other people lower her confidence

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If you flip through a magazine, you'll see countless models and celebrities with paper-thin figures and think that you have to be that skinny to be considered beautiful by today's standards. Mindy probably isn't the first woman you think of when asked to name the hottest celebrities in Hollywood, but she's undeniably beautiful and no one can ever tell her otherwise. That's the kind of self-confidence you always wished you had, right?! Her positive remarks about her body basically echo the ones you try to tell yourself when you look in the mirror, and once you start actually believing the words you're saying, you can be as badass and motivational as she is.

13 She understands your "what am I doing with my life?" feels

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Sure, Mindy went from a supporting character in The Office to creator, writer and star of The Mindy Project, so she definitely has her life together these days. She doesn't let that success change her though, and through her tweets and portrayal of Mindy Lahiri, she's made it clear that she understands the struggles all 20 and 30-somethings go through as they try to navigate their way through adulthood and pretend they have an idea of what they're doing with their lives. Mindy Lahiri barely every has a clue what she should be doing, and struggles with finding the right guy, eating and exercising properly, pleasing her parents, dealing with her co-workers, being a mom... she's just like us, and we can't thank Mindy enough for giving us such a relatable character.

12 She has as hard a time as you do being fake with people she doesn't like

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If there's one thing you're most jealous of Mindy Lahiri for, it's probably her hilarious lack of a filter or willingness to stray beyond social norms for her own happiness. This Mindy Project quote is one we've all thought at one point or another, but we're too scared or embarrassed to actually express that thought out loud, even if it'd save us from boring conversations with acquaintances we don't even really like. Mindy Kaling is just as uncensored and perfect in real life, too. She never shys away from the chance to let people know how she really feels or tell them that she'd rather go enjoy some food than their company. Can we just be her, already?!

11 She never pretends to be all Hollywood classy

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Kelly Kapoor may have been extremely superficial and a bit too concerned with other people's opinions of her, but Mindy is pretty much the exact opposite. She dresses fabulously at premieres and everything, but in her day-to-day life, she's just a normal woman with a fondness for cheap alcohol, greasy and fattening foods, mind-numbing television shows and shirtless Avengers stars. You're the same exact way. Yeah, you look nice when you go out to a club or in the pictures you choose to post online, but when you're on your own or at home with a couple close friends, you have no problem burping, getting way too drunk, dressing down or mega-stalking your celebrity crushes. Pretending to be classy 24/7 is just way too exhausting.

10 This quote pretty much epitomizes your Friday nights, right?!

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Every millennial has to admit that they became a total hot mess at at least one party in high school or college, but you were pretty much the hot mess queen in your group of friends and like to turn up at pretty much every occasion possible. Hey, like Mindy said on The Mindy Project, if you're going to be a mess regardless, you might as well be a hot one! There's no reason not to have the most fun possible every time you go out, and if that leads to you having to walk home from the bar carrying your high heels to protect your blistered feet and throwing up in front of the nearest fast food joint before stumbling in and ordering everything on the dollar menu, so be it. Mindy gave you her blessing, and she's super rich and famous, so it has to be good advice.

9 In every role she plays, she's her own number one fan... and that's how we all should be

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Even if Mindy's character in The Office wasn't exactly the best role model, Kelly showed how much better life can be when you're your own biggest fan. That's a mentality Mindy has in her own life, and it's one she incorporated into her Mindy Project character as well. Everyone who has seen any sort of success in life has haters, so there's no point in giving yourself any hate. Your time is much better spent loving yourself, from your appearance to your intelligence. You're absolutely amazing just the way you are, and if there's something more you can be or do, that's perfectly fine because you have the drive and capability to reach that potential. If you don't quite have Mindy's level of self-confidence, just fake it 'till you make it... eventually you'll start believing your fake high opinions about yourself, and become just as positive and awesome as Mindy herself.

8 She knows what's really important in life

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Mindy can check "win a Glamour Award for Woman of the Year," "write a best-selling book," and "be a major part of an award-winning comedy" off her bucket list, but knowing her, the top two items on her list are left unchecked right now: "eat a lot of dessert" and "get a boyfriend." That's right, despite all of her money and success, she's got the same priorities as you. After coming home from a day on set or yet another awards show, she does the same stuff you do after work; get into some sweats, sprawl out on the couch, and watch The Bachelor while devouring a massive plate of chicken wings and a bowl of ice cream. Sometimes, that just really what's important in life.

7 She understands the value of some alone time every now and then

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Some tabloid-fodder celebrities are frequently spotted out at fancy nightclubs or restaurants with their equally famous and beautiful friends, but like you, Mindy is perfectly happy ditching her peers and spending some time at her place just binging on Netflix and cookies. You can tell by her many late-night musings about how The Walking Dead is misleading because it's actually about running zombies and how oatmeal will always taste disgusting regardless of how healthy people say it is, that being famous hasn't dramatically changed her social life. That doesn't make her (or you, for sitting alone in your room at night and reading all those late-night tweets of hers) any less cool. Spending the evening on your own is perfectly fine, and sometimes, socialization can be downright scary.

6 She looks up to the right people. Well... herself.

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In a world full of little girls pretending to be Kardashians and little boys pretending to be rappers or overpaid professional athletes, Mindy Kaling has one role model: Mindy Kaling. Who can blame her?! She's beautiful, funny, wealthy, successful, talented... pretty much everything you could possibly hope for in a role model. She has worked hard for everything she has, and is starting to get the life that she's always wanted, so what use does she have admiring anyone else? If we could all just get to the point Mindy is at, where the person we admire the most is ourselves, the world would probably be an infinitely better place. Until then, just idolize Mindy, because she's basically perfection.

5 Her love for food might actually rival your own

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When you look people posting pictures of their super healthy, home-cooked meals on Facebook or Instagram, or see your friends ordering salad or veggie burgers when you go out to eat, you think to yourself, "Am I the only person I know who just really, really loves food?" Don't worry, Mindy Kaling is right there with you. Every character she's ever played has made countless remarks about her intense love for sweets, and while her passion for donuts, cake, wings, ice cream and the other unhealthy treats she always talks about may have deprived her of a typical Hollywood starlet body, she's probably a lot happier than those twig-like models because she gets to actually enjoy all of her favorite flavors and satisfy her sweet tooth.

4 Her thirst is real, just like yours

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A quick browse of Mindy Kaling's Twitter account would show you that Mindy is just as crazy about Leonardo DiCaprio, the entire cast of Marvel's Avengers films and other sexy celebrities as you are. Kelly Kapoor was pretty much the thirstiest human alive, and even lied to Ryan and told him she was pregnant with his baby to try to make him date her. And Mindy Lahiri knows all about the struggle to find a guy who is both hot and doesn't drive her crazy every time he opens his mouth. So your constant internal fight with your thirstiness? Don't worry, Mindy feels that both on-screen and off. Let's be real, being single AF can be super hard with half of your friends constantly showing off their engagement rings and slut-shaming you for needing a one-night-stand every now and then. Just embrace the thirst, and forget what everyone else thinks!

3 She's totally cool with being on celebrity "fashion failure" lists

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If you look up "well-dressed celebrities" on Google, or flip through a tabloid, you're going to see the same names and pictures popping up. Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift... you're going to have to search for a long time to find Mindy Kaling on a best-dressed list. That's not to say she doesn't clean up well when she wants to, because she absolutely does. But Mindy just... doesn't care as much as other celebrities, and you have to admire her for that. In a profession where looks and style can literally make the difference between being famous and being unemployed, the fact that she can achieve all her dreams without giving in and trying to look just like everyone else is pretty much everything you want in life. She's perfectly fine throwing on some comfortable clothes and going out on the town, so think about that the next time you're too embarrassed to wear sweats to school.

2 She handles break-ups just as poorly as you do

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Some girls can handle breakups with grace, and just move on with their lives like nothing happened. Other girls act like it's the absolute end of the world, and spend the next several months drowning in tears, buried in a gigantic tub of cookie dough ice cream. Mindy is a proud member of the latter category. Just look at her Mindy Project character, who has no problem openly admitting she's not above murdering her boyfriend and his friends if he tries dumping her. You may not go to that sort of an extreme, but let's be real, you've thought about it. Some people may call you crazy for it, but just see it as being intense with all of your emotions because you feel things more strongly and passionately than anyone else.

1 Her life motto is your new life motto

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Mindy provides her fans with hilarious yet inspirational quotes in nearly every major interview, but none of her quotes encompass her mindset and personality quite as well as "If you go tit, flaunt it. If you don't got it, flaunt it." She has made it clear in several interviews that happiness has to come internally, and the best way to find it is to learn to embrace exactly who you are. Mindy knows all about her flaws, and jokes about them all the time, but she also makes sure it's clear to everyone who will listen that she loves herself no matter what. She does go to the gym and likely doesn't indulge in quite as many sweets as she'll have fans believe, but she doesn't make changing her appearance a priority and if she does change, it's for herself and not anybody else. Mindy's ability to own her body, love her curves, and always stay confident, makes her your eternal spirit animal and one of the best role models out there right now.

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