15 Hilarious Times Parents Were Just Too Much

While parents are figures to be looked up to (mostly, we hope), there's no denying that they can be a little extra at times. Perhaps it's because they have been here for longer than their children and have had far more time to develop quirks. Or perhaps, it's because they have lived long enough to know that they do not care what people think. Either way, parents have a knack for doing things slightly differently than their children that often results in embarrassment for said child.

They can also be a little over-the-top when it comes to bringing snacks into a movie theater, like when they bring corn on the cob with them (because popcorn would be too easy). Other times it's their cringy ineptitude with technology, like when they attempt to print out a YouTube video. Yes, there are many ways for parents to be a little extra at times, but despite making their children cringe (often), we relish in their excessive behavior.

15 Nothing is greater than a parent's pride

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When it comes to their children, parents will go above and beyond to express how proud they are of them. This particularly rings true during graduation time when parents get to see how their efforts at raising their kid have paid off. So what can they do on graduation day to show their child how proud they are? Well, they could buy them a graduation gift, like a trip to somewhere exotic. They could take them out for a celebratory luncheon after the ceremony. They could surprise them with a small party of family and friends at the house. Or they could print out larger-than-life photos of their son's head and parade it around the school grounds so that everyone knows their kid is graduating today. Like this dad, who is super proud of his son and not afraid to show it in the most extra way possible.

14 When parents misread the fine print

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We have to hand it to parents for juggling careers, kids and a busy social calendar, all while remaining chipper. There's no denying that parents have a lot on their plate at any given moment. So it is not entirely surprising when they get invited to things on the weekends but are so distracted with everything else going on in their lives that they misread the fine print. Like the gentleman above who got invited to a sixtieth birthday party but made the honest mistake of thinking it was a 1960s-theme party. While we believe he looks fabulous, it may have been a slightly uncomfortable moment for him when he first arrived and noticed that everyone was dressed in their regular clothes. Fortunately, though, as with anything in life, fashion always comes full circle, so we have to hand it to him for reviving the sixties style. It could have been worse; he could have attempted to revive the eighties style.

13 When the little things are the most exciting

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Having been around longer than their kids, gives parents an absolute advantage when it comes to appreciating new things. They have been through so many ups and downs in life that they value the little things, often more so than most kids. So when this daughter gifted her dad with a fluffy, pink phone case, it's no wonder that he lost his cool. Just by giving her dad a phone case, this girl turned something as simple as a phone into something worth admiring. This father clearly knows how to appreciate a good thing when he sees it. He does not care if it is pink or if it is fluffy, but what he does care about is how much cooler it makes his phone look. Parents love a good conversation piece, and this phone case would definitely turn a few heads. Just look at how much fun this dad is having with his tailored case! It's making us want to order a pink fluffy phone case for ourselves.

12 When alcohol consumption is not what it used to be

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Parents have so many responsibilities in life that it can be difficult to party the way they used to. Now that does not mean that they do not party anymore, they just find other ways to entertain themselves outside of going to a night club and dancing all night. Case in point, this mother who apparently derived just as much pleasure from lining up potatoes after a few drinks as we would from boogieing at a bar. Just look at that priceless look on her face that screams, "Look how much fun I'm having!" Who says parents can not have a superb time once their kids are born? All it takes is a little creativity, and you can have the best of both worlds. Although, while lining potatoes up by their size may not be our idea of fun, we may have to try it based on how happy this mom is. She's onto something, and we want in.

11 Decorating skills change with age

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When you own your first home, you relish in decorating it as you please. Then the years go on, and eventually, maybe you have a couple of kids. And at that point, decorating takes on a different meaning. You have to style your home for practicality and for safety, so the kids don't get hurt, but fortunately once they are in their teens, you can get wild once more. After choosing more tame decor for so many years, it is expected that a parent may get slightly dramatic when it comes to redecorating the home. Like this mother who has turned the bath into a sacred shrine that's nearly impossible to get into. Perhaps it is her way of keeping the kids out of her tub, or maybe she just enjoys the over-the-top look—either way, it's extra. Do you really need all of these layers of curtains hanging over the bath? Probably not, but we bet she gets a kick out of her kids struggling to get into the tub every night.

10 When priorities shift

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With age, it's only natural that our priorities tend to change. This particularly rings true for parents as they evolve through parenthood. While they once put their kids first, eventually those same kids grow up, and with their sometimes ungrateful behavior, you become inclined to build a better bond with the family dog. At least the family dog doesn't talk back or lie to you. We totally get it. So it's not too surprising that this father places his kids and wife in the backseat to ensure that his best friend, the family pooch, has the best seat in the house. Who else will listen to him so attentively as the dog? No one. After years of parenting and marriage, this man knows better, and that's exactly why Fido gets to ride shotgun.

9 When inspiration comes from the kids

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Halloween can be a fun time to rediscover your youth by getting to dress up in whatever costume you want. So it's no wonder that this mother decided to dress up as her son. What better way to recapture the good old days when you were in your teenage years than by dressing up as your teenage son? This mother nailed the look too, which makes it all the more brilliant. In fact, we are pretty sure, she looks more like her son than her son does. We love how she nailed the look—from the outfit to the facial hair and even her posing, this mother went all out. While parents spend years raising their children and inspiring them, it's only natural that they eventually draw inspiration from their kids. Whether their children inspire them to have more patience or inspire their fashion, everything in life has a tendency to come full circle.

8 Parents win at the snack game

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One of the prerequisites of being a parent is that you always have to be prepared for things that other people do not even think twice about. In particular, as a mom, you alway have an assortment of items in your purse that can turn around any emergency situation. Whether your child spills something and you whip out a stack of napkins, or someone gets hungry and you have an assortment of snacks, mom always has her kids covered. This mom decided to take things to the next level with her snack game. While most people settle for popcorn or candy when they go to a movie theater, this mom decided to go the organic route. Why eat popcorn covered in butter when you can go straight to the source and eat some fresh corn on the cob? This mom's snack game is on point.

7 When parents get creative

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Just because they are parents does not mean that they do not like to have a little fun once in a while, too. Like this dad who made brunch with his daughter more entertaining by getting creative and creating art out of his food. Naturally, if one is spending time creating a beautiful piece of artwork such as this one, it's important that they garner recognition for it. Unfortunately, kids are often caught up in other things (like their phones) to notice the creative ways their parents pass the time, but this dad figured out how to get her to look. Turns out, if you stare at them long enough, eventually they will get the hint. Whether it takes five minutes or 15, you will get their attention eventually with a little bit of patience. Bravo dad, your pancake art is classic.

6 When the kids no longer want to go to Disneyland

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As a parent, you have to face the reality that your children will one day leave the nest. While some parents may take this fact of life harder than others, some parents know how to move on without wasting too much time being upset about it. After all, that's what dogs are for, right? While going to Disneyland with their kids may have been a favorite activity for these parents, they were able to improvise real quickly once their children started to decline their invitation. Children tend to complain about things anyway, but at least with a dog, you know no matter what you do they are going to have a good time. Even if that means posting them up in front of an artist for half an hour to have their portrait drawn. Just look how much fun this dog is having, and clearly, the parents are thoroughly enjoying it, too.

5 No one is as dramatic as a mother scorned

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There is arguably no one tougher than a mother. So it's no wonder that this woman is no-nonsense when it comes to moving on from failed friendships. Instead of dwelling on the past by looking back on the good old days at friendships that did not work out, this woman got straight down to business and moved on. What better way to forget about someone than by cutting them out of old photos? We do not think it gets more efficient than that. These pictures with the missing heads should also stand as a cautionary tale to everyone in this mother's life that she will cut you out of her life if you cross her. We have to hand it to her, though: we love that she held onto the photos even if hers is the only face left in them

4 When things get lost in translation

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When you have a million things to do in a day from dealing with your kids, to going to work, cooking, cleaning and running errands, things are bound to get lost in translation. Like when this mother was asked to send photos of her rear, front and side view but took the instructions quite literally. Instead of sending the automobile insurance woman pictures of the car she was trying to get insured, she misread the instructions and instead sent photos of her head. We are not sure why she thought the insurance woman would need such pictures but we suppose good for her for diving right in without asking any questions. The best part of all of this may be the insurance lady's response. "Susan you look very nice, but I need pictures of your vehicle" is how the insurance agent responded—and kudos to her for throwing out a compliment before breaking the news to Susan that that's not what she meant. Better luck next time, Sue.

3 When technology gets the best of dad

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Technology can be difficult enough to figure out for the ones who grew up with it, so imagine how challenging it must be for parents who had to learn everything at an older age. Take this dad for instance, who was probably already so in awe that he could watch whatever he wanted on YouTube that he must have thought it's not too much of a stretch to print it out. Of course, a video does not work that way, but hey, maybe he wanted to see it for himself. When you learn all of the elements of technology in a short span of time, it can begin to feel like anything is possible, so we do not blame this dad for trying. We do wish though that we were there when he saw the image printed and realized that the moving images do not translate so well on a piece of regular paper. Don't worry; you will get the hang of it eventually.

2 When dad knows best

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Despite the number of times this dad probably warned his daughter about getting a tattoo, she still went ahead and got one done. So it's basically the father's privilege then to make fun of her for it for as long as she lives. While a knife on your forearm may be an interesting choice, we do love the dad's take on his daughter's ink. No one knows how to troll better than a dad, and this guy proves just that. Look at these side by side photos; they are practically the same person! The dad is so good at imitating his daughter that you almost have to look twice to tell them apart (minus the fact that he's got a real blade on his arm, of course). The dad also makes the tattoo look a whole lot cooler by using a real knife. There's nothing particularly scary about a picture of a knife permanently inked onto your skin but walking around with a knife in the same spot—now that screams "bad boy" from a mile away.

1 When parents are not the coolest Facebook friends

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There comes a time when your parents finally figure out social media and start trying to add you on Facebook. While it may sound like fun to have your parents on the social network, you quickly learn that maybe they are not as hip as you thought they were by initially joining. Just look at this father with his riveting Facebook album: Chimneys I can see from my back garden. No offense to this dad, but we probably would not accept his friend request either with albums like this. Perhaps once he steps up his Facebook game and starts adding photos of himself from the eighties, it would be far more entertaining to have him as a Facebook friend. While it's impressive that he does see so many different chimneys from his backyard, we are not so sure anyone cares. We think someone needs to create a Facebook tutorial for what not and what to post.

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