15 Hilarious Times Ron Weasley Made Us Laugh

Ron Weasley is definitely the comic relief in the Harry Potter world. He often times acts like such a boy and is clueless when it comes to girls, which makes him funny to watch. He also has a huge fear of spiders, which is unfortunate for him but hilarious for us. Often the underdog, Ron always feels like he isn't good enough while living in Harry's shadow. Regardless of his self-doubt, Ron is a good kid and has a good heart. He is an adorable character and that's why we love him. However, we love him most when he makes us laugh. From commenting on Hermione's skin to his fear of spiders, we've compiled a list of times when everyone's favorite redhead made us chuckle.

15 When he said Hermione had nice skin

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One night when Ron and Harry were lying awake in bed, Ron was freaking out over the fact that Ginny was dating Dean Thomas. When he asked Harry why Dean was dating his sister, Harry replied and said that she was smart, funny and attractive. Ron asked, puzzled, "attractive?" Harry said "you know, she's got nice skin." Then Ron responds back, "Dean is dating my sister because she's got nice skin?" Harry says that "it could be a contributing factor." Then, out of the blue, Ron says "Hermione's got nice skin," which made everyone watching giggle. Harry says he's never really thought about Hermione's skin. Obviously; Harry thinks of Hermione as a sister. He then admits that yes, he supposes Hermione's skin is very nice. Then follows a moment of awkward silence as Ron lays there pondering about Hermione. Then Harry says he's going to go to sleep. So funny.

14 When he was under the love potion

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One day, a girl named Romilda Vane put a box of chocolates on Harry's bed that have been spiked with a love potion. Ron, Harry's roommate and someone who cannot pass up free food, eats a bunch of them and falls under the love potion's spell. Though Ron has never met Romilda Vane, he claims he's in love with her. The entire scene plays out quite hilariously, as Ron is not acting like his normal self and he's being rather silly. When he declares his love for Romilda, Harry asks if he's ever even met the girl, to which Ron replies no. He then asks Harry if he could introduce her to him, which leads to more giggles from us. What's even more funny is when Ron throws the box of chocolates at Harry and hits him with it because he's giving him a hard time about it.

13 When Ron wants to follow the butterflies

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When Harry has to follow a bunch of spiders to find Hagrid's giant pet spider, he gets Ron to come with him. Ron, who has a terrible fear of spiders, has a terrified expression on his face as he says, "why spiders? Why couldn't it be 'follow the butterflies?!'"

One of the reasons why this line was so funny is because it's highly relatable to anyone who has a fear of spiders. According to the America Psychiatric Association, one in ten people have some sort of phobia. Of those people, around 40% have a fear of bugs, including spiders. Yep, that's a lot of arachnophobes. What's even more great is that Rupert Grint himself has a fear of spiders, which no doubt helped him portray Ron's fear onscreen.

12 When Ron binges on food in the great hall

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Other than his huge fear of spiders, if there's one thing everyone knows about Ron Weasley, it's his love of food. From snacks from the trolley on the Hogwarts express, to gourmet meals in the great hall, Ron will eat as much as he can when food is placed in front of him. Just like his fear of spiders, the reason why this is so funny is because many people can relate to his love for food. Who doesn't love some great tasting comfort food? He is often seen binging on food during meals in the great hall and one time, Hermione called him out on it. She hits him repeatedly with one of her textbooks and asks "will you stop eating?!" It comes as no surprise that in the epilogue scene that takes place 19 years later, Ron has a bit of a paunch.

11 That's my girlfriend, you numpties!

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When Harry and the gang were trying to find one of the horcruxes in the room of requirement, Draco and his buddies barged in on them and tried to cause trouble. One of Draco's friends sends a killing curse towards Hermione with his wand, but she stops him with her wand. Even though Hermione defended herself and doesn't need anyone to fight for her, Ron gets angry and runs after Draco's friend with his wand out in front of him saying, "that's my girlfriend, you numpties!" This line always makes us giggle.

The reason why this moment is so hilarious is the way Ron gets so angry. Ron rarely lets his anger out like that; he's pretty passive-aggressive. So to see him completely let it all out and run after those guys, trying to act all tough was pretty darn funny.

10 If we die for them, Harry, I'm gonna kill you!

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When Ron, Harry and Hermione were escaping the room of requirement after Goyle set it on fire, Harry has a change of heart and decides to go back and save Draco and his friend. Goyle ends up dying in that fire, but Harry and the gang manage to save Draco and the other guy. Ron gets angry at Harry for going back and saving them, seeing as they are their enemies and he believes they aren't worth it. The funny moment in this scene comes when Ron says, "If we die for them, Harry, I'm gonna kill you!" Well, if they died, Ron wouldn't have to kill him, now would he? Oh, Ron. You loveable jokester!

9 When Ron wore his dress robes to the Yule ball

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During the Tri-Wizard Tournament, a ball is thrown where everyone gets dressed up and gets to dance to live music. Ron gets sent dress robes and is forced to wear them, as he has nothing else to go to the dance in. His dress robes are absolutely hideous and Ron is completely embarrassed to be seen in them. He is first seen in them while standing in front a mirror, muttering, "Bloody hell." under his breath. He's absolutely horrified by the frock and says, "Murder me, Harry." as he looks at himself in the mirror. He says the outfit is ancient and makes him look and smell like Tessie, his great aunt. Harry tries to be nice and tells Ron that his dress robes are more traditional.

8 When Ron got a howler from his mother

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In Chamber of Secrets, Ron gets a howler from his mother after stealing the flying car from his parent's home. According to Harry Potter Wikia, a howler is a "magical letter in a red envelope which enchants the written message into the writer's voice, usually at a very high volume." Unfortunately for Ron, this howler from his mother comes when everyone is eating in the great hall. So yes, his mother basically scolded him through a magical letter in front of everyone at school. Talk about embarrassing. The howler yells at Ron in his mother's voice, "If you step another toe out of line, we will bring you straight home!" Yikes. Because Ron stole his father's flying car, he faced an inquiry at work, which displeased Mrs. Weasley.

7 When Mrs. Weasley said she'll put bars on Ron's window

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Molly Weasley just loved to scold her youngest son, Ron, whenever she got the chance. When Ron took the flying car to rescue Harry from the Dursley's, Molly was completely kind to Harry and offered to feed him supper, but she scolded Ron for helping him. Even though he was trying to do a good thing, Molly was being like any normal mother and was worried about what could have happened. For instance, Ron could have been seen in the flying car by muggles, which would not have been good. Ron defended his rescue of Harry by saying that the Dursley's weren't feeding him and that they put bars on his window. Molly told Ron that if he wasn't careful, she would put bars on his window. Ron's reaction is priceless. Even though Ron often got scolded by his mother, it was hilarious each time it happened because of Ron's reaction. He was often terrified of his mother when she scolded him and always had such a priceless look on his face. Never change, Ron.

6 When Ron Danced with McGonagall.

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When Professor McGonagall was attempting to teach the kids of Hogwarts how to ballroom dance for the Yule ball, she selected Ron to be her guinea pig and dance partner. What's more awkward than dancing with your teacher in front of your peers? Poor Ron, always the one having to suffer through embarrassing or awkward moments. However, in this case, he kind of brought it on himself. Before McGonagall asked him to dance with her, he was making fun of a girl in his class while McGonagall was telling the kids how they should dance. She explained that inside every girl, a swan lives, longing to burst out and take flight. Ron then whispers to Seamus Finnigan that something is going to burst out of a girl in their class, but he doesn't think it's a swan. Oh, Ronald. McGonagall then asks Ron to place his hand on her waist as a kid whistles in the background. Hilarious.

5 When Ron said him and Harry wouldn't last without Hermione.

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In the Deathly Hallows film, Ron and Harry are discussing when they should leave the Burrow to find the horcruxes. Harry suggests that they leave that night, but Ron says "and leave Hermione? We wouldn't last two days without her!" He then pauses and realizes what he's said and says, "Don't tell her I said that." Hilarious! Ron doesn't want Hermione to know that he knows they need her. Hermione knows she's the smartest out of the three of them, but that's something Ron doesn't want to admit to her face. What makes this fact even funnier is that Ron and Hermione secretly had feelings for each other at this time. Of course Ron doesn't want to admit that he wouldn't last without her; he wouldn't want to seem weak in front of his love interest, now would he?

4 When Ron hits himself with a broom.

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In their first year at Hogwarts, one of the first lessons they are taught is how to use their magic to control a broom and ride it. They start out by using their hands and saying "up" to make the broomstick move up so they can grab it with their hand. While Ron is attempting to do this, the broomstick moves up and smacks him in the face, much to the amusement of Harry, who starts laughing at him. Ron then gets embarrassed as he says, "Shut up, Harry!" Ron wasn't the best at getting his magical powers to do what he wanted. Hermione had to help him with Leviosa, after all. It's all good, though, because Ron eventually did learn how to control his broom.

3 Ron, you don't have a wife.

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When Ron, Harry and Hermione had to use polyjuice potion to make themselves look like people who worked at the Ministry of Magic, Ron discovered that he looked like a man who's wife was downstairs being questioned. When returning to the elevator at the Ministry of Magic, riding with Harry and Hermione who were still disguised as other people, Ron says, "What am I going to do? My wife is downstairs." Harry then reminds Ron that he doesn't have a wife, to which Ron responds, "Oh... right." Ha. Leave it to Ron to get so into his character, he forgot who he really was. Plus, he came back soaking wet after accidentally using the wrong spell with his wand and making it rain in someone's office. Oops!

2 When they use toilets to enter the ministry of magic.

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In Deathly Hallows, after Ron and Harry drink polyjuice potion and are disguised as other people, they proceed to enter the Ministry of Magic, Ron follows Harry into the men's room and discovers that they must enter the ministry by flushing themselves down a toilet bowl. Ron's reaction is pretty much priceless. He looks over the bathroom stall at Harry and says "we flush ourselves in? that's bloody disgusting!" Props to Ron for keeping it real and for saying what we were all thinking. Quite a strange way to go into work every morning, but that's what the wizards do. Ron gets past the grossness of it all and flushes himself into the ministry, following Harry. Would you flush yourself down a toilet to go to work?

1 Ron thinks Hermione needs to sort out her priorities.

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In their first year at Hogwarts, Hermione is pretty clearly portrayed as a bit bossy. After Ron, Harry and Hermione discover the three-headed dog named Fluffy guarding a trap door and nearly get attacked by it, the trio head back upstairs to their rooms. Hermione then tells the boys that she is going to bed before either of them comes up with another idea to get them killed or worse, expelled. Ron then says to Harry "she needs to sort out her priorities." Ha! Such a great quote, delivered fantastically by Rupert Grint. What makes the quote even more amazing is that he's saying that about his future wife. It's so silly how Ron started off being really annoyed by Hermione but then slowly started to grow feelings for her. Greatest love story ever, right?

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