15 Hilarious Times 'Supernatural' Hijacked Tumblr Posts

We've talked about how three big fandoms call the shots on Tumblr. There's the Doctor Who fandom, creating posts that are supercharged with feels. There's the Sherlock fandom, which is basically always on fire, whether they're in hiatus or not. Finally, we have the Supernatural fandom. And, oh, what a fandom it is.

The Supernatural fandom is like if the Sherlock fandom and the Doctor Who fandom had a beautiful, but emotionally sensitive, love child who has severe daddy issues. It inherited traits from both of its parent fandoms. The Supernatural fandom is filled with feels, and everyone is always in flames. But... we like it. Make sense? Eh. Probably not. Look, just go watch the show, then come back here. Or, better yet, check out these 15 hilarious times Tumblr posts were hijacked by the Supernatural fandom.

15 Car of the living dead

Via: pinterest.com

A living dead person? That sounds dangerous. A living dead person sounds like what most people would refer to as a zombie. But, in the Supernatural fandom, we have a much more complicated term for these monsters. A living dead person is what we in the Supernatural fandom would call a zombie.

Wait. It's not just the Supernatural fandom that calls them zombies. Everybody calls them zombies. Well, whatever. The name is inconsequential. What's really important, now, is that we act fast. We've got to break out our fake FBI badges and start questioning suspects. We need to get in that dead living lady's hornet nest ridden car. We've got to find out what's behind this zombie outbreak and put a stop to it before its too late. But first! We have to watch a few episodes of Supernatural. You know. To study.

14 Wut

Via: imgrum.net

Oh, dear. This gives the songs "Rock-a-bye Baby" and "Hush, Little Baby" a whole new meaning. We never really thought about how lullabies originated. Can you blame us? What kind of adult spends their spare time pondering the origin of silly songs for infants? But, still and all, this explanation makes complete sense. Wow. To think, the Winchester brothers could have avoided a sh*t ton of trouble if John or Mary had sung a few lullabies to them when they were babies.

To be fair, though, Mary Winchester did sing to her baby boys. But she didn't sing lullabies. She sang, "Hey Jude," because it was her favorite song. Apparently, a classic song by The Beatles isn't enough to ward off Lucifer's first demon. Oh, well. Live and learn, right?

13 Yep. That's it. That's the show

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Supernatural is about a couple of brothers who go around hunting monsters and demons—and they look damn good doing it. But we would be lying if we told you that some plot points didn't get reused. For instance, Sam always wants Dean to open up, Dean denies that there's anything to open up about, they bicker, then they have beer.

We're not complaining. We like the brotherly bickering. Besides, the show must be doing something right, because you don't get renewed for 12 seasons otherwise. Anyway, one of the things that happens a lot in the show is the selling of souls to demons. This is usually done by one brother in order to save the other. So, are white people guilty of making a deal with a demon? Yep. That's it. That's the show.

12 Death and pizza

Via: tumblr.com

Death and pizza. That sounds like a novel. Maybe that's the title of Death's memoir. It's his autobiography, and in it, he documents the warm summer he spent in Venice. His discusses his brief, but sweet, affair with pizza. How he stumbled upon that sophisticated dish on a breezy night out with his fellow reapers. How the sparks flew when he met pizza for the first time.

To anyone who is not in the Supernatural fandom, Death and pizza probably sounds like the set up and/or punchline to a mediocre joke. But, to us fans, it's a fact. His main job is to collect souls, but in his spare time, Death enjoys sampling the finer things that life has to offer (which is just a tad ironic). Food is Death's obsession, and pizza is one of his favorite dishes.

11 Sam loves apples

Via: ifunny.co

If you're already in the Supernatural fandom, then you know exactly what's going on in this Tumblr post. But, if you're not in the fandom, this might leave you scratching your head. So, to help you understand just why this post is so freaking great, we're going to let you in on a little inside joke that we Supernatural fans like to make.

Anytime we see a moose—maybe it's in a picture on the internet, maybe it's in a TV commercial, maybe it's in real life—we say it's Sam Winchester. This is because Crowley referred to Sam and Dean as "Moose and Squirrel," essentially saying they were Rocky and Bullwinkle. Moose is a super appropriate nickname for Sam, so we continue to use it. Sadly, the misnomer of Squirrel never really stuck with Dean.

10 They're not wrong

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No, no, no! Don't tell them that all of the hot people are in hell! Then they'll know, and they'll go down there and take all of the hot people for themselves! Nah, we're just kidding. There are enough hot people in hell for all of us. After all, what is it, like, 1000 degrees down there? That's sweltering. The devil keeps his thermostat way too high. Everybody in hell is hot.

On Supernatural, everybody in hell is hot, but we mean that in more ways than one. Everybody in that show is hot, and since everybody in that show has been to hell at one time or another, it's safe to say that everyone in hell is also hot. As in smokin'. Because they're sexy AF. And also because they're paying for their sins.

9 The source of the daddy issues

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John Winchester. You son of a b*tch. Do you even know how much emotional baggage the Winchesters have to carry all of the time because of you? Do you appreciate how hard Dean works to pretend you actually gave AF about him or his brother? Roast in hell, you paternal failure.

On the surface, it looks like Supernatural is a show about a couple of regular guys just trying to save people from the terrifying monsters that hide in closets. But, when you delve deeper, you'll see that Supernatural is actually about a couple of broken and battered boys who were robbed of a happy life with their parents and who are just trying to stitch up their wounds as best they can. Great, now we're crying. You see what you do to us, Supernatural?

8 Exorscent

Via: tumblr.com

We like this idea! A holy water perfume. We could get Ralph Lauren in on this idea, or maybe Chanel. After all, who would want to miss out on an opportunity like this? The potential to make profit with this original idea is real, people! We mean, with an exorcist scent—an exorscent, if you will—you can kill two birds with one stone. You can ward off demons and prevent demonic possession, and you can smell alluring and sophisticated at the same time. And we'll call it "The Winchester #5 ™". Why has it taken this long for someone to come up with this?

Okay, so maybe the customer base on such a perfume would be limited. But, since the Supernatural fandom is so big, and since everyone in the fandom would buy this perfume, we think it's feasible.

7 Adam is Mr. Brightside: CONFIRMED

Via: tumblr.com

Oh, hell to the yes. We have been waiting our entire Supernatural lives for this post. It's a mashup of one of our favorite songs and one of our favorite shows. We mean, a song by The Killers and a reference to the youngest and largely forgotten Winchester brother (who is still in that cage, by the way)? What is this, Christmas? Consider our entire day made.

You know what this means, right? This means that Adam Winchester is Mr. Brightside. It's official. This Tumblr post confirms it. He's Mr. Brightside and he's gotta be down, but not because he wants it all. No. All he wants is to be set free from that cage. Let's just hope the writers see this post and finally resolve that plot line.

6 My Chemical Supernatural

Via: pinterest.com

Ha ha! Yes! The Supernatural fandom strikes again! We staked our claim to "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers, and now we're coming for you, "Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance. Oh, but, don't worry. We're not coming to, like, behead you or salt and burn you or anything. We're just going to make you a post on Tumblr. Hope that's okay.

If you needed an introduction to the series, then consider yourself introduced. These Tumblr users do a great job of covering the premise of the show, while also managing to be hilariously entertaining. Plus, Supernatural is basically a black parade all on its own, so this mashup fits seamlessly. This is exactly the kind of quality content that we expect from Tumblr. Keep up the good work, Supernatural family! You guys never let us down.

5 Okie dokie

Via: tumblr.com

We know what you're thinking. "Supernatural is just a show. Everybody says it's great, and they say that they have a GIF for everything. But they can't really have a GIF for everything. It's impossible!" Au Contraire, nos petites baguettes. When we said we had a GIF for everything, we meant we had a GIF for everything. We think this Tumblr post proof of that.

Seriously, though, this has got to be the cutest way to propose to someone if you're in the Supernatural fandom. Because then, when someone gets down on one knee and asks if you will marry them, you can just use your phone to log onto Tumblr real quick, then show them this post with the okie dokie Dean GIF. It's so romantic. That's the sort of love story you want to be able to tell your grandkids about.

4 The family business

Via: lumosnerd.wordpress.com

You know, we always just assumed that "saving people" and "hunting things" was the family business, but maybe we were wrong. Maybe the real Winchester family business is a conversation heart candy factory in a Lawrence, Kansas. That would explain this frightening weird ass conversation heart with "SAVE ME" written on it. Conversation hearts are icky, but if they had quotes from characters on Supernatural written on them, we could see buying some.

There's a good subject for a fanfic. What if Sam and Dean left the hunting business and started their own candy factory? Who wouldn't want to see the Winchester brothers as Willy Wonkas? And with Dean's love of licorice, there's really no reason to make an AU where, instead of hunters, Sam and Dean are both candy moguls. Somebody get on this, ASAP!

3 Handsome devil

Via: ifunny.co

What's that you got there? Ah. A nice little post about how the devil isn't obviously the devil. About how he's actually all the things you have always wanted. Yeah, that sure is a nice post about Lucifer you've got there. Sure, would be a shame if some diehard fan came along and... made it about Supernatural.

This picture shows why some people hate the Supernatural fandom and why others love it. It's because Supernatural will always be there to give their two cents. Some people think their contributions are annoying and dumb. They hate it when the Supernatural fans swoop in. Other people think it's hilarious (which it is), and they openly welcome the fandom to their posts. This picture also shows that the original poster was right. We mean, just look at this handsome devil.

2 Supernatural fandom, you so sassy!

Via: pinterest.com

Conjuring the Supernatural fandom is so easy. You don't even have to say "Winchester" three times in front of the mirror. All you have to do to get the Supernatural fandom to come a runnin' is mention them, or anything which might pertain to them, in a Tumblr post. Easy peasy.

Honestly, we're surprised that the people of Tumblr are so astonished by this. Like, fam. You're on Tumblr. You know how things work. Whether you're in the Supernatural fandom or not, if you're on that site, you know that fans are duty bound to respond to your posts with a GIF. It's the law. And this is especially true when you're telling us not to respond with a GIF. You're just asking for it, at that point. Supernatural fans have a tremendous amount of sass.

1 You set yourself up for that one

Via: tumblr.com

Let's be real. You seriously set yourself up for that one, fam. You can't just leave the words "not natural" in a post and then expect us to leave it alone. We don't have that kind of willpower. Plus, it would be wasting a perfectly good opportunity to use a GIF. We had no other choice.

Getting a Supernatural reference on one of your posts on Tumblr is just a fact of life. It's as well known as "the sky is blue" and "Taylor Swift really isn't that great". The Supernatural fandom is, was and shall be. Nothing we do will stop it. All we can do is sit and admire these dedicated fans. That's right. Cower in fear, you mortal peasants, at the powerful and mighty Supernatural fandom! Yeah, that's right. We have a GIF for everything. Be jealous.

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