15 Hilarious Times The Internet Made The 'Avengers' Even Better

It's been almost 9 years since Iron Man was released all over the world. At that time, no one imagined how big Marvel's superheroes would turn out to be. Fast forward four years, we got the first official movie that assembled all the Avengers. Following Phase One of the Avengers, Phase Two didn't disappoint either. And now we are finally in Phase Three where not only have the superheroes increased in numbers, but so has the threat to our world. Seriously though, where do I apply?

As a huge fan, I have to admit that waiting for Infinity War has been quite difficult. But fear not! I totally understand what you are going through. Patience has never felt so punishing. So, I decided to collect the funniest posts related to the Avengers, because this is the next best thing to having the movie arrive sooner.

Here are 15 hilarious and LOL-worthy posts that will you will truly appreciate.

15 Save The City

Every Avengers fan knows one thing: when the superheroes decide to save the city, there will be some major casualties. Although we all know their intention is to do good, they still end up being responsible for destroying cities, and even bringing evil to the cities they swore to protect. For instance, Iron Man enjoyed being a superhero (Who wouldn't?) but only after creating Ultron and destroying Sokovia did he realize his mistake. It's hilarious because the Avengers have always assembled to rescue the civilians and fight the villains. However, at the end of the day, they are known for damaging the roads, blowing up the buildings, leveling a city and being indirectly responsible for a number of deaths. Nonetheless, whenever anyone is in danger, they remember that they need these superheroes to save them regardless of the outcomes.

14 Jarvis, Speed Dial Miss Pepper!

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Iron Man is a genius and a philanthropist who has everything he needs in the world. Money. Looks. Girls. Super Suits. But what does he not have? An average height. He can’t even look his fellow Avengers and Loki in the eye to intimidate them. Whether Tony Stark is being Iron Man and saving lives or being Tony Stark and sassing fellow superheroes, this is an awkward weakness for him. He doesn’t seem so happy about it either. And with the Avengers cast assembling for Infinity War in the near future, Pepper might have to hurry up with the footstool. Or alternatively, he can just suit up and fly up to their level. But one thing is for sure, he is going to find a solution.

13 Aunt May Is Getting Younger

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Back in 2002, Tobey Maguire starred in and as Spider-Man. We were introduced to his super old aunt May. I am talking white hair, retired grandmother old. Fast forward to 2012, Andrew Garfield appeared as Spider-man in The Amazing Spider-Man with a younger Aunt May. She was middle-aged and did not have any grey hair. Now, four years later, Tom Holland showed up on our screens as our favorite arachnid hero in Spider-Man: Homecoming with the hottest ever Aunt May in the Marvel Universe. Even Tony Stark couldn’t help but flirt with her. If Marvel continues making Aunt May younger and younger, I bet in 2022 she will be a teenager and Spider-Man will be a toddler. Now, that would be a movie that would break box office records.

12 Give Me A High Five!

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Steve Rogers loved his best friend Bucky Barnes. And that truly is a better love story than Twilight. He mourned his death and tried to bring him back from his emo phase (cue Winter Soldier theme music). Bucky might not have recognized Captain America at first, but he was slowly able to do so. How? Well, all our Captain wanted was for Bucky to remember his name. And so, he kept saying it out loud. Bucky may have thought Steve was trying to fight against him in Captain America: The Winter Soldier but really all he wanted to do was to give him a high five. We have photographic evidence to prove this theory. Come on Bucky, lighten up. When Captain puts his hand up, you gotta slap it back.

11 Studying For Finals

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Let’s take a moment here to talk about our unhealthy, ill-advised and absolutely crazy studying schedules. Lying around all day and all night – eating, sleeping, procrastinating and repeating the entire process. Only when you have a day left before finals, you sit down and open the books trying to learn everything as fast as you can. And guess what? You end up acing the exam because last minute studying rules! No questions asked. If people ever told you this method was wrong then let them know even Tony Stark uses it. Not only does he study last minute, but he also remembers each and every word by heart. Thermonuclear astrophysics? I could learn all the nuclear codes and technical jargon without losing a sweat in one night (eye roll).

10 We Really Need His Arm ...

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Remember Rocket? The Raccoon who won’t admit he is a raccoon? Trash Panda? Yeah, that guy is absolutely amazing. What makes him the funniest raccoon in the galaxy is the fact that he manages to win every fight with his crazy plans. Every time you need his help, he is game. But remember, he will ask you to bring other people’s mechanical body parts for the sake of a good laugh. Can you imagine what will happen once he meets Bucky in Infinity War? Well, let’s just say there is going to be a lot of talk about how a metallic arm will help them in beating Thanos. Here's hoping Peter and the other Guardians are there to stop anyone from tearing Bucky’s arm for the third time in his life.

9 After Party ft. Thor And Captain America

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“To make 'em stop and stare as I zone out … The club can't even handle me right now.” Ever wondered what happens when Thor and Captain America are not busy fighting the Chitauri and the artificially intelligent Ultron? They are busy jamming to Flo Rida and showing off their best dance moves. The world looks like it's coming to an end, there is always time to shake a leg. After all, even these guys need to catch a break. Can’t say who is winning this dance battle but Thor’s hair has certainly stolen the show. Just look at that hair slowly flying in the wind. Why are they even fighting against potential threats to mankind when they can propose a dance battle and ask the aliens to let them know who is the champion?

8 The Incredible Sloth

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According to Bruce Banner, he doesn’t need to get angry to turn into the Hulk. Because he is always angry. He is only scared that becoming the Hulk would mean hurting people unintentionally. In that case, I hereby declare myself a superhero because I have a superpower. It is triggered with a secret of my own. I am … the incredible sloth. Yep, I am always tired and I turn into a sloth when odds are not in my favor. Superpowers include dragging myself slowly and steadily on the floor only to realize I shouldn’t have moved in the first place. Also, sleeping is a big part of my superhero schedule. Favorite spots including hanging around trees and eating food until I get more tired. Let me know when Thanos gets here!

7 Civil War

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So, there is one issue that every Sherlock fan keeps thinking about. What will happen when Tony Stark and Doctor Strange meet up in Infinity War? For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Benedict played Sherlock in the famous British TV show Sherlock and Robert played Sherlock in the movies Sherlock Holmes. Both the actors did a tremendous job but people have been constantly divided by the question: who played it better? And it seems like the reason behind Civil War was not what they showed in the movie. Apparently, Steve decided to tell Iron Man that he was Team Benedict and that pissed him off. Just look at how hurt Robert is when Steve says that. All he wanted from you was to be on his side, Captain!

6 Sleeping Bucky

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I think we have all accepted the fact that Robert Downey Jr. is really Iron Man. He doesn’t shy away from humor and sarcasm. In a post on his official Facebook account, he shared what he thought would happen once Bucky wakes up. You can see that his face is plastered against the glass and he looks absolutely hilarious. He is extremely eager for the Winter Soldier to wake up and can’t seem to stay far away from him. Imagine the scene – the first thing Bucky is going to see how much Tony Stark has been dying to meet him again. Since, Infinity War will obviously have both these characters on screen together, we can only imagine that it would be a rough ride for them.

5 Mean Hulk

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Loki is getting Regina George vibes from Hulk. He admires him, loves him and worships him no matter how rude Hulk is to him. Remember, how Hulk threw Loki around the room like a rag doll again and again? Well, Loki remembers it differently. He thinks it was awesome and he is totally fangirling over it. To be honest, what’s not to love about Hulk? He is big, angry, a scientist in real life and fully green! After getting beaten up pretty bad, let’s see if Loki takes the wise decision of choosing Team Avengers. But if he chooses Thanos over these guys than he better be ready. Because Hulk will be there and he has not forgotten Loki and his army of the Chitauri. And we all know one thing: Hulk is always angry.

4 You Know Who I Am

Mark Ruffalo is a nice guy with a positive outlook towards life. He loves his children and his family and his Twitter Bio shows it. Even when you see Mark in interviews, he is extremely adorable and funny even when he does not intend to be. And then we have Robert Downey Jr., who is not only smug in reel life but also in real life. Instead of listing his many many achievements (nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Oscars 2009), you’d expect his Twitter bio to be overflowed. But no, Tony and Robert are one person. His bio is proof of that because the only thing he wrote is “You know who I am.” Yes, Robert we all know who you are and we love you for it. Only, he can pull off something like this in real life while managing to look extremely cool.

3 Nick Fury Sees The World

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We all admire Nick Fury because he was the one who started assembling the Avengers back in 2008. He brought them together to fight battles that would save the world from different kinds of dangers. Remember the iconic moment when the Chitauris came into the earth and the Avengers gathered around in a circle looking at those creatures and marking their targets? Ever wondered how Fury saw the entire thing? Well, a genius posted that since Fury wears an eye patch, he only sees half of the Avengers. Or the ones standing in front of his good eye. It’s a bummer really that he can’t see all of them at the same time. Because all these guys standing together can really scare the life out of some people

2 Drax Demands Answers

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Who loves Drax? I think we all do! And we are all waiting for to Drax join the Avengers and have a healthy conversation with all the other superheroes. And when I say healthy, I mean the Avengers will be giving a lot of explanations to Drax. He takes things quite literally which has resulted in some golden moments throughout the two volumes of Guardians of the Galaxy. We know that our good old Captain does not like it when people swear (It’s not nice, you guys). So, the next time someone does that in the movie (they will, believe me you), Captain will be telling them to watch their language. And Drax will demand answers for the proper way to watch one’s language. He obviously does not understand metaphors and that will make for a hilarious exchange between these two superheroes.

1 It Came To Thor

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You remember Thor? Son of Odin, the one with the long, golden hair and the hammer? Yep, well not only is he a good fighter, he is also a really funny guy. Thor’s hammer is in fact called Mjolnir and it can only be held by someone who’s worthy of it. We saw in Thor that after being banished from Asgard, Thor had to become worthy enough for his Mjolnir to come to him. So, compared to other ‘superhero accessories’, this one is probably the best one. He only has to extend his hand for it to come flying into his hand. If he ever loses it, it will come to him eventually. You get it? Come to him. Now, that is a sentence Thor would appreciate in his thundering and sexy voice.

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