15 Hilarious Times The Sims Was A Little TOO Real

The Sims are meant to be a sort of reflection on real life, only more pixelated and less expensive (assuming you don't purchase any of the extensions). It's a fun way to pass time when you're single, while also managing to remind you of all the things you don't have in life. In reality, though, The Sims is as close to real life as Keeping Up with the Kardashians is, which ought to paint a fairly clear picture for you. That said, every so often The Sims manages to feel more relatable than it has the right to be.

Now, assuming that most players don't want to stir their addiction to this game by turning it on and playing it themselves, this post will give all the examples we need to show how this game relates to real life. So, don't worry. Keep reading to check out 15 hilarious times The Sims were all too real.

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15 Go Flush Yourself

The Sims might be a game, but it understands humanity on a fairly deeper level. It seems absurd, but you wouldn't think so after taking a quick dip into the Sims pool (not literally, mind you). We've all had those days (weeks, months, years...) where it feels like nothing is going right. There are constant streaks of things not working out, of failures piling up left and right to the  point of complete congestion. And no matter what you do, nothing turns out right.

This photo gets you. And by extension, The Sims gets you. Life is crumbling all around you, and you might as well be something one flushes down the toilet.

The Sims may be a game people play to pass time, but in this case, it's a game that understands the grimness of humanity. 

14 Literal Traits

Via: BuzzFeed

In The Sims, personality is key. The characters you play as and interact with are all unique in their own ways, and the experiences you have with them depend on what sort of interests they have.

As it so happens, their experiences aren't really much different than our own. Sure, they can be motivated and courageous, but they can also be (as this photo shows) unflirty (not even a word), unlucky, over-emotional, a couch potato, and a heavy sleeper.

But why? Why are these personality trait options in a video game? Isn't life disappointing enough as it is? Can't the world just have the slightest shred of legitimate escapism?! Still, though, if The Sims is going for legitimacy, they've won. These traits are depressingly so on point. 

13 'Even Your Fake Life Has No Life'

Via: Pinterest

For some people, a daily schedule is as follows: wake up, check Tumblr, eat, check Tumblr, work, check Tumblr, and then spend the rest of the night before falling asleep after three in morning checking Tumblr. It's a lifestyle.

That said, once this "lifestyle" transcends reality and enters the world of The Sims, hope for this world is lost.

The Sims does a solid job in more or less recreating the daily grind of the average human being. However, adding an Internet pastime into a game played on a computer is just too meta to handle. It's like the real-life Inception of bored teenagers. Then again, it honestly would not come as a surprise at all if Tumblr addicts were all about having their Sims characters using Tumblr in the game as well. It actually kind of feels fitting in a way.

12 Life's Vicious Cycle

Via: BuzzFeed

Life can be mean and unforgiving, and if anyone knows this as a fact, it's characters from The Sims. These digital beings continuously go through the ringer on a daily basis, and they rarely catch a break (unless they're being led by a player who actually gives a damn about how they progress throughout their character's life). And if that sounds familiar, then chances are you've already come to the realization that life rarely takes it easy on people.

Oddly enough, though, who would've thought that The Sims would be the thing to put it all into such clear perspective?

The Sims pretty much understands the collective human plight, and is happy to mimic it for your casual pleasure. Had a bad day at work? Great. Now have an even worse day playing a video game. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

11 Killing Clones

Via: Pinterest

Even though it's just some game you play on your computer, The Sims can be incredibly cathartic. If you're having a bad day, play some of this game and enjoy the perfect life you're allowing your characters to have. Or if you're particularly upset with someone, play this game and destroy someone you once held dear, but now hate with the fire of a thousand suns.

That's exactly what this girl did, and it couldn't be more relatable. When you're younger and you have a crush on someone, you create them in The Sims. But when you're older and understand that life is a dark and unforgiving pit of despair, you destroy them in The Sims. It can be incredibly therapeutic, but at the same time, it can be incredibly troubling. If this is something that you tend to do regularly, you should probably seek some help. That'd probably do you some good.

10 'This Girl Is On Fire. Get It?'

We live in an era where everything is published on the Internet. You're eating some delicious grub, you post it online. You see something sad, you post it online. Your baby is on fire and just casually laying on the floor, you post it online. It might seem intense, but such is life consumed by social media.

Everything is publicized in some way or another, and right here, The Sims has modern life completely figured out. We don't panic anymore, we post. And when life gets serious, we do our best to find a way to entertain ourselves so that we don't have to deal with the mourning process. It's a little messed up, but such is life in the 21st century. We're a weird bunch, and even though no one would actually be this cavalier regarding a baby on fire, it still translates pretty perfectly.

9 Me At My Graduation

Via: BuzzFeed

When people are preparing for graduation, there is an awful lot of attention placed on things to come or what the future will bring. And of course that's the case. Things are changing. A new chapter is presenting itself. Tomorrow is a new day, etc. However, once you grow up, you start to realize that things like graduations are a bit romanticized. There's a level of grandeur given to them that doesn't quite translate realistically once the affair is over and done with. Basically, when all is said and done, no matter how much older you get, you're still the same person who really just wants to end up somewhere (it doesn't matter where, though bed is preferable), eating cake, unbothered.

Judging by this photo, The Sims gets it. The Sims totally gets it.

8 Yep.

Via: Pinterest

Why do so many people have this idea in their head that just because they sign up at a gym, they're going to be hardcore gym enthusiasts? Like, it's not that easy. In fact, by the time you've even convinced yourself to actually get up, get dressed, leave the house, travel to the gym, and then find the motivation buried deep inside of yourself to actually even work out, there's no way of knowing whether or not you'll even know what the heck you're doing with the equipment in the first place.

Gyms are tricky like that.

So, yeah, this photo pretty much sums up the gym-going experience for the majority of people who make the attempt, but ultimately fail. The struggle is real, and working out is the bane of most people's existences. #NoShame

7 It's Gone

Via: Dorkly

If spending the night out with friends is supposed to be a fun experience, then why does it usually end up so terribly. Why is regret and shame and disappointment so synonymous with the latter end of a weekend excursion? As if the hangover wasn't bad enough, right?

Alas, that's the cost of having fun, it seems. You drown your feelings in mixed drinks, and before you know it, you're a digital being burying your head into the garbage, knowing that, yes, perhaps you have a true place among the trash. It's not fair, but neither is life. And it's better you discover it sooner rather than later.

Then again, maybe it helps knowing that this digital being shares your pain. Eh? Maybe? No?

It was worth a shot.

6 The Sims: Real Life

Via: Imgrum

It doesn't take much for people to reach a new low in their respective life and try to find something to connect with; something to make them feel as though they aren't completely alone. In this case, that "something" is The Sims. And yes, that makes their situation all the more depressing.

The Sims promotes itself as vicarious living through elevated circumstances. You want to be an astronaut? That's totally possible (assuming you're willing to dedicate a few hours and some sincere patience). You want to have a family of eight? Good luck with keeping control of your characters, but it's possible. The thing is, though, everybody knows The Sims for what it really is: a lifestyle of lies. If The Sims represented reality, then this post would be an absolute reality — World of Warcraft and all.

5 Literally, Though

Via: Pinterest

Who hasn't had one of those days where the song from Mulan pops into their head and they suddenly relate to it more than they ever thought was possible? "Who is this girl I see / staring straight / back at me? When will my / reflection show / who I am / inside?" Yeah. This song is one continuous punch to the gut every time it pops into someone's head.

And, of course, The Sims gets it. The Sims always gets it. Its creators just understand that the people playing their game are trying to fill a void. They feel unrepresented. They feel alone, lacking, misunderstood. So, The Simgives you options. You want to be one of the plastics from Mean Girls one day and then goth princess the next? Go for it. The world (of The Sims) is your oyster.

4 It Said No...

Via: Pinterest

Wouldn't it be great if success stories were legit — especially under romantic circumstances? Too often do fairytale endings not come true, and too often is disappointment usually the follow-up feeling to high hopes when a crush or eventual ex is in the mix. Life doesn't suck, necessarily, but dammit if it isn't an SOB some of the time.

This Sim is proposing to a bed. Okay, a bed... In certain cases, this might seem totally insane, but once you've faced countless experiences with one disappointment after the next, you begin to see examples like this as being unfortunately true to life. In fact, you might even relate on a certain level in that your bed is probably the closest thing you have to a anything keeping you warm and cozy at night.

3 'Don't Call The Police'

Via: Favim

Context is so very, very important. But it depends. If you're talking to someone about how you massacred a bunch of orcs, then okay, they'll put A and B together and realize that you're referring to a video game that is something along the likes of Lord of the Rings. However, if you're casually talking about how you put your baby in the basement, sealed the door, and then casually chilled out at home while Protective Services wandered throughout your home, looking for said child... you seriously need to consider sprinkling in some context. Starting off with the simple sentence that is, "I was playing The Sims, and..." would definitely do the trick.

We live in a pretty messed up world, so really, for your sake and for the sake of any frightened soul in earshot of your conversation, just drop in some context. It definitely couldn't hurt.

2 The Walk

Via: Me.me

For some people, there is 'The Walk of Shame.' It happens after you've had sex (usually on a college campus, where pretty much everyone knows what you've been up to), and it is exactly what it sounds like: a walk of shame. You had fun the night prior, but now... you must walk with your head hung low back to your dorm (to sleep, and then later realize that you actually have nothing to be ashamed of).

For other people, though, there is a different walk. A confident walk. The post-sex walk of pride. And if you're at all familiar with this walk, then that is where the shame should really kick in. Because who the hell does this, other than characters from The Sims? If you're toting yourself along like this post-coitus, then someone needs to sit you down and have a chat. There is a level of pride on display here that would be borderline unfathomable if done in real life.

1 #MakeItHappen

Via: Pinterest

When you get desperate, you do whatever the heck it is you need to do. When life is going against you, your inner strength kicks in and you give life one hell of beatdown. For example, if you're about to give birth, and the only way to get to the hospital is atop your motorcycle, then dammit, that's what you're going to do.

Now, hopefully you've never actually had to experience something like this before, but still, this image speaks volumes. Everybody has been in that situation where they feel as though they're doing the impossible for the greater benefit. They just grin and bear it, and make whatever it is they need to make happen happen. It's the power of will, and it's a beautiful thing.

But then, who knows, maybe you have been in this exact situation. Nobody's judging.

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