15 Hilarious Times 'We Rate Dogs' Won Twitter

One of the most interesting parts of the social media platform Twitter is seeing how some accounts take off seemingly out of nowhere with the most interesting concepts driving behind them. For example, a Twitter account that writes "meow" every half hour might get a few thousand followers because people want to be able to randomly retweet the word meow. There are Twitter accounts about everything nowadays, but the most popular are about the most popular things in real life. Anyone who knows anything knows that if there's one thing people love, it's dogs. So, whoever came up with the best Twitter account related to dogs would get all of the followers. The key is to praise the dogs rather than criticize them, as criticizing dogs would alienate a large portion of the followers. So without being able to ever criticize a dog, there's only one concept that remains.

Twitter user, WeRateDogs or @dog_rates figured this out, and executed the concept to perfection. WeRateDogs allows submissions for pictures of dogs, then rates them on a scale of 1-10. Except here's the catch: every dog gets a 10/10 or even higher, despite the scale supposed to be maxing out at a 10. So a picture of any ol' dog will get a 13/10 with a funny caption. The account has grown tremendously, and has even won some battles with Twitter trolls. Here are the best tweets from one of our favorite accounts on Twitter, WeRateDogs.

15 The Story Of Brant And We Rate Dogs

As you can see above, WeRateDogs and Twitter user @Brant really went at it over the concept of the WeRateDogs Twitter page. Brant demanded to see what some dogs that were lower than a 10 looked like, but WeRateDogs declined, arguing that all dogs deserve a 10 or above. Brant deserves some credit for not backing down, but WeRateDogs wins for their repeatedly changing the spelling of Brant's name to anger the troll. The best part? There's more to the story. Brant eventually changed his tune, and now Brant and the WeRateDogs Twitter account get along real well. Brant even bought a shirt with the famous line "they're good dogs, Brent" wearing a shirt that misspells his own name. Now that's dedication to the joke!

14 Professor Dog

One of the most clever captions WeRateDogs has come up with thus far is to a picture of a dog standing at the front of a classroom. It appears to be a college class, and the dog definitely looks like a professor to us! Of course the account gives the dog a 13/10, as remember, dogs all get 10/10 or better. The caption is the best, though. "'Good afternoon class, today we're going to learn what makes a good boy so good' 13/10." Perfect joke about the picture, and we are left in agreement that the dog definitely deserves a 13/10. We only wish that we could give the WeRateDogs account a 13/10 for their great tweets!

13 SuperDog

One of our favorite dogs as rated by WeRateDogs is Winston, a super hero-like dog given a 12/10 by the account. Winston wears goggles and looks like a fluffball with superpowers, but WeRateDogs says it best. "This is Winston. The goggles make him a superhero. Protects the entire city from criminals unless they rub his belly really well. 12/10." Honestly, if the world was in danger, we would trust Winston! We just have to hope that no one finds his kryptonite, a nice belly rub. It's another wonderful caption by the WeRateDogs team, as we didn't even think at first to call this dog a superhero! But he sure is super, and sure is a hero! Add a cape onto that pup and I think we have a TV show on our hands.

12 Another Winston

Wow, we have two Winstons in a row! Winston doesn't seem like the most common dog name to us, but we are learning here just like you! Anyway, it was Canada Day and WeRateDogs had forgotten to celebrate. Winston, a Canadian dog as you can tell by its attire, was not happy. Or as WeRateDogs wonderfully puts it, Winston was very "pupset." The full caption: "Meet Winston. He's pupset because I forgot to mention that it's Canada Day today. 11/10 please forgive me Winston." We hope that WeRateDogs was forgiven by Winston, because no one loves dogs like WeRateDogs loves dogs! We can't imagine how they would feel if any dog at all was mad at them. (And when they're dishing out 12/10's or 13/10's, no dog should be upset!)

11 Two In One Day!

The same day WeRateDogs brought us the wonderful Canadian Winston, WeRateDogs also brought us a treat we are still incredibly thankful for. This time it was a dog with what looks like a beam coming from the sky, or sunshine coming down to the dog; as if the dog is heavenly. One thing we've learned is that all dogs are heavenly, but this one is special. Just look at this sweet fluff ball! He/she is simply majestic. Let's let WeRateDogs explain. "Say hello to Divine Doggo. Must be magical af. 13/10 would be an honor to pet." We think it would be an honor to pet this dog as well! Divine Doggo is a perfect name for the dog (and this perfect ray of light shining on him/her), and we hope it's lived a magical life since going on Twitter!

10 Supreme Dog

Sometimes WeRateDogs can get a little saucy with their captions, as some dogs have some sly looks to them. This dog reminds us of the kid in high school that tries to get every girl's number, and the WeRateDogs team definitely agrees with our assessment. "This is Joshwa. He is a fuckboy supreme. He clearly relies on its owner but doesn't respect them. Dreamy eyes tho 11/10." Hey, we can't help but agree about the dreamy eyes too! Of course the WeRateDogs team could not help but give Joshwa an 11/10 despite their calling him out, as all dogs deserve high scores like that! Joshwa can't help that he was born with flawless eyes and dream fur coat. And who are we kidding, we love Joshwa a lot as well! Good dog.

9 Carrot Dog

WeRateDogs claims they only rate dogs, but they can get confused sometimes, as we will get to later on in this list. In this case, someone sent in a dog dressed up as a carrot, and the WeRateDogs team was hilariously fooled by it all! The WeRateDogs Twitter account writes, "This is a carrot. We only rate dogs. Please only send in dogs. You all really should know this by now ...11/10." Well, we were definitely fooled by the dog being a carrot as well! Look how cute the dog looks in its little carrot costume, we can't help but want to eat him up! He looks so happy in the picture on the left. Our only slight on this post is that this dog deserves better than an 11/10!

8 Uber Dog

One of our favorite parts of the WeRateDogs Twitter account is when they find creative poses by the dogs, or create funny scenarios for themselves to caption. For example, this dog looks like a totally normal human adjusting their mirrors as they go to drive their car. The WeRateDogs team is on it as we'd expect them to be! "This is Ito. He'll be your Uber driver tonight. Currently adjusting the mirrors. 13/10 incredibly h*ckin responsible." The roads are much safer in our minds now that we know Ito is around! How funny does the dog look adjusting the mirrors in the driver's seat of the car? We love that WeRateDogs knows just what to say per dog shown. We're always waiting to see what dog will be shared with next.

7 Uber Dog Part 2

One dog is the driver, another dog is the passenger! We'd love to be in this car! Bella is a responsible drinker, as after one too many drinks she knew for sure she could not drive home. Not like her good friend Winston, at least! "This is Bella. She's Ubering home after a few too many drinks. 10/10 socially conscious af." We have to admit, we never expected to read a description of a dog that included the line "socially conscious af." That may be our favorite thing yet, as we love dogs and we love when they are complimented! Bella is a good dog and we are glad she chose the safe way home, like all good dogs should do! What a fun car ride that must be - can you guys pick me up?

6 Miraculous AF

When dogs get haircuts we are always fascinated by the change in appearance, but this one may take the cake. There appears to be a deeper story behind it, and we're glad the dog is okay! Of course, dogs do not usually like getting haircuts, so all of the credit in the world deserves to go to this dog for braving out whatever they were going through and coming out with a beautiful look and a perfect rating! "This pupper had to undergo emergency haircut surgery so he could hear again. 10/10 miraculous af." Look at the "pupper's" face! How could you not love this, or any, dog? I love that WeRateDogs wrote "miraculous af." They have such a way with words. Dogs are the best.

5 Oliver The....Not So Great

Sometimes even the WeRateDogs account makes mistakes, although they pretend they don't realize it. WeRateDogs can own Twitter in a different way every once in a while, rating animals that are not dogs and giving them poor ratings. After seeing all of the dogs above, we can't help but feel the same about our non-canine candidates. "This lil pup is Oliver. Hops around. Has wings but doesn't fly (lame). Annoying chirp. Won't catch tennis balls 2/10." It's a bit harsh, but a 2/10 might be right, I mean - that's not a dog, and they only rate dogs. Look, it doesn't even have four legs! Dogs are the best animals, and this just doesn't cut it for WeRateDogs team, or for us. Sorry, Oliver, a 2/10 was deserved.

4 Almost A 10/10

WeRateDogs was not impressed with the last bird on our list, but this one almost turned the account into WeRateBirds with its original look. WeRateDogs appreciated many qualities that this bird brought to the table, even if they were confused about whether it was a dog or not. Thus, a near perfect 9/10 rating from the account that only gives dogs perfect scores. Wow! "Super rare dog. Endangered (?). Thinks it's funny. Mocks everything I say. Colorful af. Has wings (dope). 9/10." Can't argue here! It's pretty cool that parrots have such cool colors, mock everything we say, and have wings. The only thing that would be better would be if it was a dog, but we can't get everything we want. Beautiful bird though.

3 Not Quite A Dog

Like we said, WeRateDogs can make mistakes sometimes! Yet again, WeRateDogs rated something they thought was a dog, but was not quite correct about it. This one does not get the same level of appreciation that the parrot got, as it does not mock what they say, nor does it have any colorful factor or anything like that. "What a dog to start the day with. Very calm. Likes to chill by pond. Corkscrews sticking out of head. Obedient. 7/10." To be fair, WeRateDogs seemed pretty excited by the dog at the beginning! We guess they realized the errors of their ways midway through, but still appreciated the chilling factor of the non-dog. And yes, the little guy does seem obedient. Where do they come up with the stuff!

2 We Rate Fans?

Well this one we have a hard time believing at all! It's one thing to get dogs and birds confused, but a completely different thing to get dogs and fans confused. Fans can't even breathe! C'mon WeRateDogs, you're better than that! WeRateDogs redeems themselves, however, with a hilarious caption that makes it all worth it. "Never seen dog like this. Breathes heavy. Tilts head in a pattern. No bark. Shitty at fetch. Not even cordless. 1/10." We can't help but roll over in laughter at "no bark....not even cordless." Dogs are certainly supposed to be cordless! Dogs should be able to bark! We hope WeRateDogs learned from this one, although it was very funny in the long run. But in the future, I think the followers of WeRateDogs would like to see more, well, DOGS.

1 Not Quite Learning

"WOULD CONSOLE" has me dying in laughter!

One time WeRateDogs finally decided to call out someone for submitting something that wasn't a dog. Except the problem is, the one time they decided to call someone out, was when it actually was a dog! Yikes! This ball of fluff could be misunderstood by anyone, so we don't necessarily blame them for this one. But it's their job to rate dogs, and they didn't believe this ewok was a dog! "Please only send in dogs. We only rate dogs, not seemingly heartbroken ewoks. Thank you... still 10/10 would console." We're just happy they gave the dog a 10/10, as giving any dog lower than a 10/10 would be an upsetting decision. Hey, maybe they actually knew the whole time! Either way, we love WeRateDogs!

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