15 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About 'Supernatural' That Will Definitely Make You LOL

If you've never seen the show Supernatural, then you need to. It's a show about two brothers named Sam and Dean who hunt demons, monsters, and other creatures that are, as you would expect, supernatural. It's currently on season twelve so if you haven't started it or you started a while ago and never finished it, you have plenty to binge watch and catch up on. (You're welcome.) If you already watch and love the show, you'll probably know how many people on Tumblr are also huge fans. Not to mention the fact that they're hilarious. It doesn't matter if they're posting about Supernatural or just finding a way to turn an unrelated post into something about their show. The Supernatural fandom on Tumblr is definitely one of the funniest.

If you're all caught up and waiting for the next episode, check out this list of 15 of the funniest Tumblr posts that will make any Supernatural fan laugh.

15 Life Goals

This is honestly pretty admirable, I'm not even gonna lie. The last time I took care of a bug, I wasn't even close to this brave about it. I slid a piece of paper under it and then put a plastic cup over the top of it. Which is fine, right? That sounds like the part where you just throw it outside or in the garbage? No, no, I taped the cup down. Then put a grocery bag around it and taped that. A lot. Until it was in a little wad of plastic bag and tape and then I threw it away. Don't judge me - it was a massive bug!

While this Tumblr user is clearly prepared to become a demon hunter (or at least a bug hunter), I don't think I'm quite experienced enough.

14 This Shocker

First of all, I had no idea they even rated stuff on "supernatural themes"? I get it though, they can be pretty scary and it totally makes sense to give something a higher rating if it has monsters or ghosts that might scare the younger audiences. More importantly here, really? They actually had to put a 'supernatural warning' for a show that's literally called Supernatural?  I hope whoever was stocking the shelves with these DVD box sets had a good laugh at that sticker. I know they had to put it, but I can't imagine anyone who would go to watch Supernatural  be mad about so many demons and monsters being involved. The title gives away the entire theme. There's no imagination when it comes to this series, you guys.

13 They Always Come Through

Seriously, how does the Supernatural fandom do it? No matter what someone posts on Tumblr, somewhere out there is a Supernatural fan with a totally relevant GIF, just ready to post. I imagine they all must have an external hard drive with a GIF of every single moment on the show saved on it. And then they're sorted into folders based on what the GIF is. There's no other explanation for how they manage to always pop up with something so fitting every single time. Posting about how sad you are because your ice cream fell on the ground today? They probably have a GIF for that. Disappointed by how bad a movie was? Some Supernatural fan out there probably has a GIF for that, too.

12 This Preparation

Seriously, are they ever not prepared with a GIF? Whether it's a post that has nothing to do with Supernatural or literally a post of Supernatural GIFs, they're here. Somehow, it's always perfectly fitting, too. Like this one where the show seriously just smashed right through the fourth wall like a sheet of special effects glass by talking about being on a TV show. Then, like the geniuses they are, someone from the fandom popped in with a GIF of them literally smashing through some glass. These fans are always at least three steps ahead of every other post on Tumblr. They must all be psychic and just know when someone is about to post something regarding Supernatural so they can have their GIFs ready before the post is even up.

11 The Worst Problems

This is seriously one of the most awkward things. Whether you're a girl or a guy, there's nothing more awkward than making a reference to your favorite TV series or book and then having no one else get it. Or when your friends both watch the same thing and they're talking about it when you have no idea what it is. Then, you just have to sit there and listen awkwardly like, "I have no idea what any of these words even mean." That's honestly me whenever my friends start talking about Game of Thrones. And I know, I know, I'm probably the last person on the entire planet who hasn't seen it yet, but I don't really plan to start either. No matter how much I want to know what everyone is talking about, that show just isn't for me.

10 This Social Media Explanation

All of these descriptions of social media websites are absolutely perfect, but the one for Tumblr might just be the winner here. Tumblr's would be a really high quality picture of a donut, maybe taken with a fish eye lense, and then a clever joke in the caption. At some point after it started making its rounds around the website, a Supernatural fan would find it and add a GIF. It would either be one that totally fit the joke they put in the caption or one like this one of Dean messily eating a donut.

Tumblr really is a magical website full of some of the most creative and funniest people on the Internet. Get them all together with a common interest like a TV show and it just magnifies that. Posts like this prove it.

9 Finding Your People

The best part of meeting someone new is when they mention something that you're interested in and you're like, "Yes. My people." It's so releving to be in a class or something on the first day and you sit down next to someone and see that they have Tumblr open on their laptop and they're scrolling down, reblogging Supernatural GIFs. Then you just get to relax and feel like the class isn't going to be so bad after all. Unless, of course, they don't like your favorite character or they're really into some character you can't stand. To people who are only casually into shows or books and are not so deep into the fandom, this might seem a little silly. But for people who are really into them, it totally makes sense.

8 Not Sorry

The whole scare about the world maybe or maybe not ending on December 21st is obviously a few years old and not relevant anymore. Even though it clearly didn't happen since we're all still here, that doesn't make this post any less hilariousLike other random unsuspecting posts on Tumblr that are morphed into a Supernatural post, this one was kind of unexpected. It started off as a Tumblr user trying to plan a prank to scare people about the end of the world and then? Bam! Surprise Supernatural GIF. The one they picked of Dean counting on his fingers in response to the person asking how many apocalypses that user has been through is perfect.

No, no, Supernatural fandom - don't apologize for hijacking this post. That GIF has never been used better.

7 It Is Now

Honestly, when I saw this GIF at first, I thought it was from the opening for a TV show, too. Maybe not for Supernatural but it seemed like it would be the opening for some really intense drama. I've never actually seen Scandal, but if some red and black gradient letters faded after the rose exploded and said Scandal in huge font, I wouldn't be shocked. The actual opening for Scandal is probably nothing like this, but it should be. You're welcome, Shonda.

I love that a Supernatural fan came through for this person and added the Supernatural logo to this GIF. The best part is how the text just moves a little for a second in the middle, it really adds something special to it.

6 Netflix's Descriptions

Netflix's descriptions for things are absolutely crazy. What bothers me the most about them is the fact that they always spoil the next episode in the little summary. I'll be watching happily and when it comes up that the next episode is about to start, I have to remember not to read the description. It'll always say something like, "When Sally drives Bob to work, their plans are ruined when they're kidnapped and Bob has his toes cut off." Cool, Netflix. Thanks a lot, I didn't want to actually watch the episode or anything to see that Bob was about to lose his toes. While some Netflix summaries are infuriating and spoiler filled, this one for Supernatural is nothing short of hilarious. You might even say it's super hilarious.

5 So Fitting

I love that this post went from a person making fun of  Supernatural fans constantly adding weird GIFs to posts, to them actually adding a GIF to it. Although this person was obviously trying to mock their impressive collection of GIFs, they made it hilarious and did just what they were being made fun of for.

The original person wasn't wrong, that's totally what Supernatural fans do with Tumblr. They find a post, find a GIF, and then they all reblog it with comments about how they have a GIF for everything. Can you blame them? If I had so many GIFs for every situation like the Supernatural fandom on Tumblr does, I'd print them off and just hold them up in real life during conversations.

4 This Crossover

I've never seen Game of Thrones and I have no idea what's going on in this moment. But what I do know (despite that Dean is not wrong here and that Joffrey really is a dick), he looks like he's about 14 years old. But from everything I've ever seen or heard about the show, he's apparently a prince of some sort and he is a terrible person. Or may be was terrible? I also know people on Game of Thrones die a lot. I'm not really sure why he was yelling at someone to kneel or why the girl behind him decided to break the tension by yelling about pie. Still, I love that the Supernatural fandom found an opportunity and immediately come in with a GIF to improve the post.

3 True Friendship

Is it really a trip to a store with your friend if you don't do this? Whenever I go to a store with my friend, if I don't need anything, I just walk around until I find the strangest thing I can and then tell them I got them a present and show them. I'm so glad that the Supernatural fandom managed to find a GIF of Sam that fits that situation so perfectly because this is hilarious. Not only does the Supernatural fandom have a GIF for every situation in relation to posts on Tumblr, but they have them for real life situations too.

Every time I do this to my friends from now on, I'm going to be thinking about this GIF now.

2 This Truth About Tumblr

This is honestly so true! Someone could hack someone's Tumblr the way they do Facebook and post something weird and it would just get a few thousand notes of people thinking it was ironic. So many "#same" tags and Supernatural GIFs added in the comments. And then the person gets their account back and sees the weird posts the hacker posted and they're just like, "What?" But they got a lot of notes and followers from them so they can't just come out and be like, "Sorry guys! I was hacked! I don't actually do any of that stuff!"  Who would believe it anyway? Too many fake stories on Tumblr have made the users skeptical of things like that. Luckily, one thing that will never change is the abundance of Supernatural GIFs on every post, real or not.

1 This Bedtime Story

Next time you can't fall asleep, just think of this GIF of Supernatural's very own Castiel, Misha Collins, reading a bedtime story. You're welcome, I hope it helps and I hope you have sweet dreams. I hope Supernatural fans also saved this GIF for future use. You know all those weird, late night Tumblr posts people make where they think about something strange and then just can't help but post about it? And then they get a bunch of people reblogging it and adding stuff like, "WHOA!" or the ever classic, "Go to sleep"? They should just use this GIF instead.

The Supernatural fandom has found a perfect usage for every GIF they have already, so I'm sure they've thought of this. But if they haven't, you're welcome.

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