15 Hilarious Tweets About Kids That Will Make Anyone LOL

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15 Hilarious Tweets About Kids That Will Make Anyone LOL

Kids are the sweetest little creatures in the world. Those little rascals don’t just look cute; they can actually lighten up your mood and genuinely make anyone’s day!

But, here’s a little secret: parenting can be difficult. Yes it can…and for the same reason that it is equates with genuine fulfillment: because it deals with kids. Kids are awesome for everything that they are, but every parent knows it’s no easy task having them around! Parents talk lovingly about their kids, regardless of the challenges that they encounter and parents always overcome those obstacles because the little ones are worth it. But, sometimes, parenting is so hard it makes some parents question if they were truly prepared for it.

And here’s a better parenting tale to tell: it’s incredible how kids—being so innocent, showing their rawest emotions and speaking the most brutally honest words—elicit a hearty chuckle from us every single time! And these 15 kids do just that!

15. What are in your meatballs?

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In this day and age, parents are apparently on a struggle to make time for their children. Dinner is a great way to bond with your kids! Regardless of their age, kids need their folks to ask them how their day was or how they are, generally. Teenage kids may not exactly be a fan of family time (blame that awkward stage), but parents need to be around to check on them, nonetheless—and dinner is almost always the perfect time for this. Little kids, on the other hand, love being with mom and dad. At dinner, they are able to express themselves while enjoying food. They get to ask interesting questions that, in most cases, pleasantly surprise their parents. This kid’s the exception, though, because their intelligence definitely had their dad helplessly trapped in an awkward situation!

14. Kid = 1, Adult = 0

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What’s the worst thing a kid could do? Delete the contact list of your mobile phone? Drop said phone to pieces? Make it swim inside your aquarium? Well, you can always replace your phone. Perhaps your little one has torn important research documents that had you sleepless for days. You can always print that out again, though. You see, kids can be extremely clumsy (not to mention unapologetic about it), but there is always a way to resolve whatever problems they cause. It’s just kids being kids, as everyone would say! But, here’s a piece of advice any parent will appreciate: don’t get too comfortable with kids. You see, they can jump at you, catch you off-guard and completely ruin your ego—just like this six-year-old! Don’t say you weren’t warned!

13. Now they look angry!

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Just how conscious can people get about aging? So conscious, in fact, that they dodge conversations that lead to that unspeakable phenomenon—unless, of course, it covers a perspective on reversing it! This is true most especially to women because let’s face it—no one wants to think about the fact that one day, they will become physically unattractive in the eyes of the world. This truth is actually hard to swallow for most women, which is why they struggle with looking good, despite their age, while juggling the enormous, life-changing realities of being a parent. But, how does a mother ever deal with her sweet, innocent five-year-old who tells her—right in her face (no pun intended)—that her aging signs are showing?

12. Do not EVER make eye contact

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Just how difficult it is to get a kid to sleep? It’s a familiar scenario that every parent has to deal with: getting their kids to sleep. Parents are always caught in this tight spot. It’s usually one of the biggest complaints that can make even the most loving mom or dad helplessly frustrated. And so the experts have some advice to put an end to the struggle. You must have heard about putting sleep masks or trying blackout curtains so the kids sleep easily and don’t unnaturally wake up at the slightest ray of light. You may be advised to give them a relaxing bath or to read them a good book. Or, perhaps, to keep them busy in the day so they sleep soundly at night. When all else fails, listen to this parent, whose trick is as effective as it is funny!

11. Yeah, Jesus would like to receive a hat

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Are you having a hard time trying to figure things out? Give yourself a break and talk to a kid. Engage your little one in an interesting conversation and you’ll soon feel like loosening up. Really, it never hurts to learn a thing or two from these innocent little people because while they’re not always right, they aren’t wrong, either! Ask a kid about the best things in life and they’ll give you profound answers that blow your mind. The trick is to never underestimate a kid’s thought, but don’t overthink it either—because in most cases, it’s just plain hilarious. They have their own idea of the best places, the best toys, the best school, the best family and the best gifts—even for Jesus’ birthday.

10. When kids correct you

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Kids love playing experts. It’s hilarious how children try too hard to show they’ve got what it takes to have that level of conversation with adults! They can even tell you stories they made up and you can make a book out of it. It’s unbelievable how good they are with being creative—something a lot of grown-ups struggle with. Spend time with kids and you’ll be amazed at how intelligent they are. Regardless of their age, kids have something to offer. Ask them questions and be prepared for the most profound answers. You see, they are extremely observant little rascals, who are only too willing to tell you what they have learned. They are always excited to give you the best news: that they know what you know!

9. Dogs totally need to wear pants

via: twitter

Ask any parent and they will tell you their small children are absolutely the smartest creatures to ever grace the earth. And for every mom and dad out there, this always rings true! Kids are the most curious people that even the littlest, most irrelevant thing to grown-ups matter to them. And perhaps the best thing is that they are never afraid to ask questions. But, while not all of their questions make sense (or have sensible answers for that matter), parents ought to have a nice, adequate response that is satisfying to them; otherwise, you can bet they will never let that question go. Indeed, asking the most out-of-this-world questions is one attribute that endears kids to—and makes them reign supreme over—adults !

8. Savage seven-year-old

via: twitter

What’s the rate of divorce these days? Does love in its pure form still even exist? What are the surest ways to end up with the person whom you can actually spend the rest of your life with, without having to deal with regret or misery? A lot of people will say it’s not always wise to get your hopes up. You see, there is no sure formula for finding true love! Even those who have been there and done that will ask you not to count on fairy tale stories. But, if you need unbiased advice on marriage, some profound words on divorce or perhaps awesome nuggets of wisdom on finding a special someone, ask a kid. Just don’t ask this seven-year-old, who gave all three of that in one savage conversation (and with dad, of all people)!

7. Not when you’re dead

via: twitter

Ever heard of a kid talking casually about the unspeakable? Do your children surprise you, in the most unpleasant ways, when they suddenly engage in adult conversations? Isn’t it amusing—and equally alarming—that your kids seem to always have a say in topics that they shouldn’t? Parents tell tales of how their little ones drive them crazy with the words they say. They’re honest, alright, but they can be mean and thoughtless. They drop the most inappropriate terms and couldn’t care less about making others unhappy! But, it all boils down to the fact that kids say things they don’t mean. This is what you should always bear in mind. But sometimes, they really go overboard. And hilarious as their choice of words can be, they hurt your feelings, don’t they?

6. How to write a letter to Santa

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Funny and innocent—these two words best describe kids and their behavior. Those words also describe how they are when answering the most ordinary questions. It’s funny how they give you that puzzling look when they do not understand a thing or two. They make you laugh at how funny they can be. It’s even funnier how absolutely clueless they are believing in, say, fairy tales and such. Take the case of the fictional, most popular Christmas guy, Santa Claus. Just how many kids (and adults, perhaps) in the world think he does exist? Moms and dads always find it amusing to talk their kids into writing Santa for gifts in exchange for good behavior. But, this time, it’s this kid’s idea of a letter that is effortlessly hysterical!

5. Shadows are too creepy

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It’s true what they say: it’s difficult to keep a straight face with the little ones! Parents sometimes laugh at things when they shouldn’t—even though they often end up looking like they’re making fun of their kids. Naive and honest, kids aren’t afraid to show (or talk about) how they feel. But, while they’re irresistibly charming and all, they can be a real pain when they don’t get what they want. This part is where the real challenge for parents begins. Your kids will test you; they will push you to your limits. Your children are made to bring out the most tolerant and the most patient in you. So, when you’re about to burst at your kid’s insufferable behavior, just burst into laughter. With this kid right here, who wouldn’t?

4. Not negotiating with a terrorist

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Oh, a kid’s tantrum is always a parent’s nightmare. Who wants to be around a little one who is crying so loud, it hurts the ears? Who wants to deal with a child whom they can barely keep under control? Parents lament how their children end up bullying them with the wild tantrums they throw just because they couldn’t have this and that. It’s heartbreaking for parents to see their kids having a hard time but hey, they need to face the fact that they simply cannot have everything. The world is not out to please them, anyway! Not all parents have a full grasp of that fact they should not give in to all their kid’s whims. Maybe all moms and dads should learn from this parent and never surrender to a kid’s terrorist act!

3. Spelling woes

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How do you reason with little kids who think they’re smarter than you? Imagine having to hear the most awkward or lame questions and scouring the corners of your brain for an answer. You want to find the right words. You want to speak something that isn’t necessarily a lie. And while you are at it, you want to make sure what you’re about to say isn’t offensive, either. You see, kids are so smart, they ask you questions that they already have answers to in their head. And they actually want to hear that from you; otherwise, they will make you regret having that conversation with them. Yes, kids are that lovely. So, let’s start all over: how do you reason with a kid? For this dad, the answer is: you don’t!

2. Decisions, decisions

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Kids are a bundle of energy. They’re unstoppable and always exploding with carelessness, clumsiness and all things destruction. At home, in school, at the park—you name it; kids cannot be stopped! But as parents, we all believe that’s how they should be. Every parent would worry if their kids were acting like they’re not having fun. No one wants their child to be hiding from the world, talking less and being by themselves—that would be weird. But you see, kids are sweet, gentle beings who understand you. When asked nicely, they will stop acting like crazy lunatics on the verge of breaking things during shopping. Well, perhaps this isn’t the case for all. Good luck to the mom of a five-year-old rascal who refuses to behave!

1. Technology expectations

via: twitter

Remember that time when technology was still in its infancy? Who would’ve thought it would be as advanced as it is now? Did you ever imagine that today, the world would have practically every kind of technology to answer most of the world’s problems? Even the littlest kitchen tool now has a technological counterpart—one that does the job better, faster and more efficiently! But, let’s face it—the kids are better than us when it comes to these products! And so, the question begs: when will some state-of-the-art gear or intelligent device ever be invented to keep kids from smashing off our less advanced devices (which keep us sane)? Because seriously, God help us if they ever get ruined by these weapons of destruction called little kids!

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