15 Hilarious Tweets By Mindy Kaling That Are Just Relatable AF

We all know that Mindy Kaling is smart AF and she refuses to keep that intelligence and humor under wraps, which is good for us! As a writer and creator of her own TV show, The Mindy Project, we get to see some Mindy gems regularly. (For the record, she was also a writer for the hilarious show that put her on the map: The Office.) If you’re looking for more Mindy wisdom, you should also check out her two books, but this article is about the free Mindy genius we get to enjoy every day: Twitter!

One of the best people on Twitter ever, Mindy makes hilarious comments, states super-funny observations, and asks the really important questions we all have when we go about our daily lives. Not only is she accessible and relatable, but she is one of the funniest writers and actors out there! The kind of woman you’d want as your BFF, Mindy Kaling seems to have made it her job to speak our collective truths – these are just 15 examples!

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15 When She Was Mad At Technology

Theory: It’s a ploy set up by the major corporations who, aligned with YouTube, force us to watch commercials before getting to the video we want to watch. Then, when it continues to buffer, we, in an effort to get things running smoothly, refresh the page – only to have to watch yet another ad before making it to the video, and the cycle continues in this grand scheme! But seriously, Mindy is so right about this one. How many times do I have to watch a damn Honda commercial before finally finding that lyric video to that new song everyone is singing but I don’t know the words of, which is why I need the lyric video? This also reminds me of a quote from The Office in which Mindy’s character, Kelly, exclaims, “Since the interesting thing happened 'til now, so much time has passed. It’s like my life is buffering!”

14 When She Hated Crowds

Why does this happen?! Crowded movie theatres, malls, airports, airplanes, restaurants, parades, swimming pools – whatever. There’s always someone who takes it upon themselves to let everyone in earshot know that they have allergies, okay? It’s allergy season! The impossibly loud sound of a sneeze (also sometimes called a “dad sneeze,” for obvious reasons) is just not okay, largely because it conjures up images of flying mucus and spit and it’s just really, really gross. The rest of us do not want your germs, no matter how many times you say it’s from pollen or whatever. Use a Kleenex, muffle it in your elbow, or just don’t open your mouth so wide and, public sneezer, you will do all of us a favor. (Plus, you won’t earn the ire of Mindy Kaling!)

13 When She Gave Her Two Cents About The Weather

If you haven’t heard, Los Angeles was in a drought for quite some time, so much so that people were rationing water, forgoing their lawns, and publicly shaming celebrities who insisted on keeping their front yards green. However, they’ve recently gotten an awful lot of rain, which is really good! That being said, even when you know rain is needed or nice, sometimes it’s just a huge pain in the a**. You have to always remember an umbrella, only wear waterproof shoes and jackets, and constantly be thankful of the rain because “we really needed this.”

Don’t get me wrong, I, like Mindy, enjoy rain. But six weeks of rain? Of drizzling grossness that forces you to stay inside whether you like it or not? It definitely sucks the fun and romance out of the weather, let me tell you! (Or better yet, let Mindy.)

12 When She Was Honest About Vocabulary

100% this! Who really says the word “hip” except for out-of-touch dads or intimidatingly ironic teenagers? It, like the word “classy” (which someone mentioned in the tweeted replies) does the exact opposite of what it intends to. “Hip” is for high-waisted, pleated khaki pants and a too-tight polo shirt. “Hip” is the Amy Poehler “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” quote in Mean Girls. “Hip,” as a word, is the polar opposite of whatever hip intends to describe, which is why – yet again – Mindy hits the nail on the head with this succinct tweet that makes a statement and a point that you simply can’t argue with. Sorry, “hip,” you have to join “classy” and “rad” (among others) in the vocab graveyard.

11 When She Defined The Relationship

Yep, this about sums up modern love, doesn’t it? The whole “are we or aren’t we” game can get pretty old pretty fast, especially when it’s been a few months and you’ve been with no one else. (But have they?) Mindy is excellent at bringing up the relationship issue, both in her tweets, in her books, and on her TV show, and she really explains the whole dating thing well here. In an age of multiple dating apps, Netflix & chill, and “cuffing,” it’s cool to see that Mindy Kaling has been where we all are or were. This tweet has the kind of truth that’ll leave a lot of people shaking their heads in dismay over their past relationships, and it’s just one example of her super awesome love-related tweets - but perhaps that’s best saved for another article! (Or for your own Twitter perusal!)

10 When She Said What We Were All Thinking

Before you get all up in arms over how Mindy Kaling appears to be skinny-shaming, remember that it’s a joke and part of the internal monologue she puts out for us on Twitter! Mindy, as a crusader of body positivity and shaking what your mama gave you, also lives in LA where she’s surrounded by loads of people who talk endlessly about their juice cleanses and vegan diets and fasting periods and can you imagine how frustrating and boring that would be to deal with? Like the heading said, she’s just saying what we’re all thinking! Plus, it’s hard to believe in the skinny foodie, when said food consists of free-range avocados and organic chia seeds or whatever. Never trust a skinny foodie! Preach it, Mindy!

9 When She Was Expensively Attired

As if you needed more proof that Mindy Kaling is basically all of us, you have this tweet. While she is gorgeously dressed on the set of her TV show, The Mindy Project, it’s nice to see that she prefers to be dressed down and chilled out on her days off. There's something to be said for expensive sweatpants, too! Because, even if you feel like you’re kind of a slob, you can still point to your pants and say, “Hey, these were $100” (or whatever other price you consider to be expensive). If you’re really into wearing sweatpants and embracing your inner sloth, you probably, like me, have the sweatpants you wear around the house, but you also have fancier, expensive sweats (I call them my “dressy sweatpants”) that you can wear outside with minimal judgment. Mindy gets it.

8 When She Ate Healthy

Full disclosure: I like oatmeal. I like it loaded up with maple syrup and brown sugar, but yeah, I like oatmeal. But that doesn’t mean everyone does, and when it’s not done right, it has a gluey consistency and its bland color and just screams “health food” (while simultaneously making you want to avoid the hell out of it). Also, I’m not going to sit here and say oatmeal is better than an egg breakfast, or waffles, or bacon, or all the other foods that make breakfast the best meal of the day, so I do have to side with Mindy on this, despite my own small affection for the stuff. If her character, Mindy Lahiri, has the right to life, liberty, and chicken wings, then her creator, Mindy Kaling, should definitely be given something better than warm, bland oats!

7 When She Forgave Faults

Mindy Kaling has always kept her relationship status pretty private, with perhaps the most well known (and maybe only public) dalliance of hers being with her costar and longtime friend, B.J. Novak. That being said, one look at Mindy’s writing, for the screen or in her books, and you know that girl is a die-hard romantic, which is why this tweet is so relatable! Despite the faults and all the signs telling you he’s the wrong guy, bae is bae, right? Maybe Mindy’s actually channelling the doomed, dysfunctional relationship between her and B.J.’s characters, Kelly and Ryan on The Office! In this case, Ryan was very smart, kind of mean, emotionally unavailable, and regularly voted the hottest in the office. Hmmm. Mindy, are you trying to tell us something?

6 When She Was Early

Like most people in the world, Mindy hates waiting, as exhibited by this tweet. But, more than waiting, it’s the idea of waiting alone, in a restaurant, for dinner, where you have to observe etiquette and proper behavior and can’t eat until everyone else has arrived. I personally hate getting anywhere first, and will always arrive much later than I was invited, so that I am not the first person to show up. (This is easy to do, as I am chronically late.) Something tells me that Mindy is also a person who is usually late, unless I’m just conflating her with the character she plays; so this one time when she arrives before everyone else must have been mortifying, and totally worthy of over-the-top dramatics. Hey, at least she can get a head start on drinking and maybe a bread basket!

5 When She Was an Outfit Repeater

This is the best! Sometimes, it just takes so long to think up an outfit that is flattering, stylish, comfortable, and appropriate for the weather or the occasion, and when you do, it’s a pretty awesome moment. It’s nice to know that Mindy, she of the extensive wardrobe and personal stylists, gets the same satisfaction we do for being able to wear the exact same outfit the next day, but present it as a new outfit because no one saw that you already wore the same thing yesterday! It’s the little things, right? I can’t tell you how many times I have done this myself, but I’m sure you have all done the same thing with zero regret (and why should you regret a thing?) Hey, if it doesn’t smell or have an obvious stain, you have mine (and Mindy’s) seal of approval!

4 When She Expressed A Common Fear

This should simply not be allowed. It should be written into the code of friendship that you can’t text this, and you definitely can’t text this if you refuse to answer future texts and phone calls asking to elaborate. Few things can get the heart pumping and the pulse racing like a “We need to talk” text, and couldn’t you save the person some emotional distress by at least offering a clue as to what it is about? That way, we know if we need to prepare for bad family news, an exciting business opportunity that we should be a part of, a serious relationship upheaval, or the fact that we owe you for lunch and still haven’t paid up. On the rollercoaster of emotion, those things all warrant very different reactions! Mindy understands this, and everyone else should, too.

3 When She Saw Through Your Instagram Image

Mindy Kaling sees you, former party girl who now has “Live, Love, Laugh” tattooed on her inner arm. She sees you too, single mom headed for a nervous breakdown who posts misattributed Marilyn Monroe quotes against a black and white photo. And she hasn’t forgotten you, lady who has clearly right-leaning views and posts random lines from famous dead people set against the backdrop of a sunrise and other nature imagery.

The funny thing is that Mindy has probably given a lot of people their own quotes worthy of an Instagram treatment and post (I mean, this IS an article about her tweets!), but something tells me those people’s lives aren’t falling apart (although I may be a bit biased here). Mindy never holds back when it comes to giving her thoughts on what people do online – just check out the next tweet!

2 When She Had Strong Opinions About Social Media

So, all social media (and the Internet) used to be pictures of dogs and cats, and now it’s people with Snapchat filters that make their faces look like dogs and cats! (Although the dog filter is clearly the more popular of the two.) Snapchat filters are such a part of our social media culture that they were used throughout Halloween costumes this year and even showed up on a fashion runway!

Mindy’s not on Snapchat, so she has yet to experience the fun of opening the app just to see what the day’s new filters are, which might be why this tweet exists. However, you can’t deny that she has a point that it seems like almost every girl’s Facebook and Instagram is littered with photos of her and her friends sticking out their dog tongues!

1 When She Had This Universal Worry

Aw, man! Yep, this is true, and it’s nice to know that the terrifying idea of growing up doesn’t go away even when you’re in your thirties (and probably older). I have a theory that we’re all just faking being grown-ups and that no one ever feels like an adult ever, even if you run your own company or have legions of grandchildren to your name. Adulthood is effing scary, which is why no one wants to admit that they’re there yet! Even super-successful Mindy isn’t ready!

To be quite honest, growing up is overrated, and no one knows that until it’s happened, which is why we all chase our youth -  and that’s not really a bad thing! We’ll decide to grow up when we’re good and ready. If, like Mindy, that’s never, then so be it!

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