15 Hilarious Tweets For Anyone Who Sucks At Adulting

Becoming an adult is hard. One day, you're palling around with friends, drinking on Tuesdays and eating leftover tacos for breakfast. The next day, you're thrust into the real world and told to get a job, get a partner and most importantly, get some class. Some people face this "growing up" business head on, turning their life into a Crate & Barrel catalog. Others have a bit harder of a time. Their diet isn't quite as well-rounded as it should be. Their wardrobe may still need some updating. And when trouble arises, you'll find them looking around for an adultier adult to do the adulting. Yup, it's tough being a pseudo adult. Here are 15 hilarious tweets from people who just can't seem to get adulting right.

15 Wardrobe woes

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When you’re young, it’s fun to fantasize about your older self. You probably imagine someone who always has a fully stocked fridge, always keeps their room organized and always has the time and energy to put together a week of cute outfits. Then, when you finally reach your twenties, you realize that old habits die hard. Yep, you’re 25 and every other week, you are forced to order Seamless because you ran out of food in the fridge, your room still looks like a page out of an I Spy book (the only difference is your mom is not around to tell you to clean it up) and whenever you get the chance to wear leggings, you do it. Why? Because life is already so difficult, if you can choose to wear black, stretchy pants that go with everything rather than jeans, why wouldn’t you? Maybe that makes you less of an adult. Or maybe, that makes you a g*ddamn genius.

14 Second breakfast

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Oh man, we’ve been there. Mornings are rough, and that doesn’t change when you get older. After all, who actually likes to get woken up by a blinding sun, shower, get ready, try to put together a decent outfit and prepare a nutritious, homemade breakfast? This isn’t The Donna Reed Show we’re talking about. Most people don’t have hours upon hours to do this. So, what do we do? Well…there is a perfectly good Pringles can next to the bed. Maybe we’ll just snack on these while we look at the weather for the day. And maybe let’s just peek at Instagram. Oh, cool, Dan is in Cleveland eating doughnuts, that’s awesome. Opps, that’s the bottom of the Pringles can. How time flies. Being a healthy adult is hard.

13 Party impulses

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When people are in college, they drink copious amounts of alcohol under the assumption that when they’re older, they’ll stop. That’s the plan at least. Everyone knows that it’s only alcoholism if it’s post-college. The thing is, it’s hard to just turn off your party mode. If anything, the added responsibilities of being an adult and working long days makes the desire for happy hour even stronger. Yeah, you’ve got a meeting at 9:30 the next morning and yes, your supervisor reminded you last week that she was going to overlook things, but it’s Taco Tuesday, man. Margaritas are half off and you can get three tacos for $6. Isn’t a good bargain also part of adulting? Yeah, it all seems like the right choice until your head is pulsing the next morning.

12 Totally grown up lunch

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Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, the food world has changed immensely, right down to the desk lunch. Cold cut sandwiches just don’t cut it anymore. Fast food is pretty much criminal. And if you bring a salad, it better have at least 10 ingredients or don’t even bother snapping a pic of it. Many young adults fantasize about having becoming the ultimate foodie with a never-ending supply of fresh produce, a fridge full of meal preps and all the time in the world to put together dishes that look more like works of art. While some people do actually manage to pull this off (tell us your secrets, please!), the rest of us sometimes have to make do with what we have. And sometimes, that means stooping down to tried-and-true favorites after you decided to binge-watch Stranger Things on Sunday instead of grocery shop. PB+J with milk it is!

11 Adult test

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When you were growing up, having a clean house probably seemed effortless. And that’s probably because you didn’t do jack sh*t. The furniture was always dusted, the floor vacuumed and the bathroom's sparkling. And that was all thanks to your mom and/or parents. Yep, seeing how well they kept the house probably made you think maintaining your own home one day would be a breeze. Now, we’re not saying that you live in a pig-sty. You probably do quite well for yourself. You probably have a house full of kitchen gadgets, Simple Human trash cans and tissue boxes in every room. Look at you, you freaking adult! But, let’s be real. You probably have a garbage corner in your house. You know how it starts. The garbage can is full and you have a bag full of paper scraps from working or a bag of takeout you can’t fit in your trash bag. You know you should probably go chuck this bag in the disposal now instead of procrastinating, but you’re already doing a million things as it is. Time to start a garbage corner! It’s okay, you’ll take it out eventually.

10 Shopping fail

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Sometimes, you have all the intentions of being a productive person. You get yourself ready, make a list and head out of the house with a can-do attitude. You get to the store and you’re finding everything on your list plus all of those products you’ve been curious to try since forever. You’re tasting samples and reading each and every nutrition label. You’re having a grand old time because you’re an adult and this is what adults do. You even manage to not lunge for the candy bars while on the checkout line. Doesn’t get much adultier than that. Then tragedy strikes. As the cashier is packing all of your glorious little groceries into bags, the hand you stuck into your bag a minute ago in search for a wallet is now having a full on panic attack. You keep searching and searching despite the fact that your brain already knows it’s not there; you would have bumped into that clunky thing by now. Now, there’s no choice but to excruciatingly explain to the cashier what happened and sadly walk away from your bags. Adult Fail.

9 All on your own

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Before you become a full-blown adult, you itch for responsibility. You want to run free, make your own decisions and fend for yourself. Then when it actually happens, it’s like getting the rug pulled out from under you. Suddenly, you have to motivate yourself out of bed in the morning, feed yourself adequately, run your own errands and guide yourself through life. Sure, the freedom can be gratifying, but every once in a while, you long for those days when someone else was at the reigns, helping you make some of life's hardest decisions. If only life was like being a dog on a walk, people help you from falling to your death and you get a treat at the end. That would be nice.

8 Pseudo clean

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Everyone knows there are two types of house cleaning. The legit kind that involves mopping, folding clothes and dusting the tops of things. And the half-ass kind that mainly consists of a lint roller, hiding things in closets and jamming things into the junk drawer. Every once in a while, the deep cleaning routine morphs into the half-ass routine. You wake up ready to attack your house, jam some music, drink a little wine. Then a little wine turns into half the bottle, the music turns into rewatching an episode of Breaking Bad, and deep cleaning turns into a quick Swiffer and getting all of the dog hair off the couch. Hey, if it looks clean, it must not be that far off from actually being clean, right? Right?

7 Going back in time

Oh, college. What a crazy time. You were pretty much invincible back then. Even after a night of funneling beers, keg stands, and shots, all you needed was a greasy bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich in the morning and you were ready to tackle the day. In fact, you were ready to go out drinking again by 6 o’clock. Oh, how quickly things change. One of the pitfalls of adulting is losing your alcohol tolerance. That’s right. Every year after your 21st your hangovers get a degree worse, your shot threshold becomes one less, and any rhymes about what order you should drink your alcohol in become irrelevant. Stick to one type of alcohol if you know what’s good for you. It can be hard to come to terms with this reality though. So, what do you do? Try to prove to yourself that you can still go as hard as you did in college, duh! Unfortunately, that doesn’t always go as planned.

6 Expensive life

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When you're a kid, it feels like the world is your oyster. There's always food around, toys are simply items to put on the wishlist and the only time you hear about paying the bills is when you're playing Monopoly. Sure, you don't have a lot of money as a kid, but when you do get your hands on some, you can spend it any way your little heart desires; your needs are already met by the adults in your life. When you're the adult though, getting your hands on some cash is not quite as exciting. Why? Because it all floats away to pay for rent, bills, food, clothes and all those other annoying things you need to live. Yup, nothing disappears quite as quickly as the last paycheck of the month. Drag.

5 Abort mission

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One of the biggest differences between being a child and being an adult is the way you solve problems. When things go wrong, children tend to lose their sh*t pretty quickly and instantly search for an adult to rectify the situation for them. Adults, on the other hand, still freak out, but are forced to figure out a solution to the problem on their own. Well, at least that’s the idea. Being a rational and put-together person is exhausting, though, especially when life keeps throwing you curve balls. Yep, sometimes life gets so stressful that you have no choice but to hang up the towel…and get a margarita instead. Just think about it. You get out of the gym and your car isn’t starting in the parking lot. What are you gonna do? Stand around waiting for people to come out of the gym, harass people until someone agrees to help you and then go through the lovely   process of jump starting your car? Naw. You buck up, call an Uber, and go get a margarita to forget the whole thing.

4 Last minute routine

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There are some habits you just never grow out of. Hoarding panty hose even though they have runs in them, forgetting to pack your toothbrush for a trip and waiting until the last minute to get ready are just a few. You know how it goes. You have an hour before you have to leave your house. That’s about how long it will take you to get yourself ready and pack up all of your things. But first, you want to look up how to do a fishtail braid on YouTube. And while you’re there, you might as well squeeze in a quick makeup tutorial, just for future reference of course. Yeah, before you know it, you’ve got 10 minutes left and your plans of delicately steaming your clothes turns into mildly burning yourself in order to iron the clothes you're wearing. Time management is hard.

3 Time flies

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Growing up is really strange. One day, your friends’ biggest concern is beating the next level of Candy Crush and getting the latest iPhone, and the next, they’re sending you a Lord & Taylor registry for their wedding and are skipping on drinks because they want to save money for a house. Talk about a 180. Even weirder, since every single one of your friends isn’t going through this transition at the same time, things can get pretty odd on social media. Facebook becomes a strange mixture of statuses from your friends who got too drunk and lost their phones and pictures of someone-you-went-to-highschool-with's new baby. All of this conflicting imagery only confuses you. Should you be congratulating the girl who just announced she's pregnant or call her to see if she's okay? What's the right protocol?!

2 Life's a game

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Life, in many ways, is a game you have to figure out on your own. You may get tips from family and friends, and you may have even picked up some Dummies books for the really hard stuff, but other than that, it's all up to you. It's basically a super realistic video game. You're just wandering around like an avatar, trying to keep your health up and get some coins, except there's no map telling you which direction to go, no manual with instructions and absolutely no warning for when enemies are nearby—or even what form the enemies will come in. Wouldn't that be nice, though? You meet someone new and suddenly, a little message pops up: "Warning, this person is dangerous, stay away." If only.

1 Avoiding responsibility

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We think it's safe to say that adulthood sucks the fun out of a lot of things. Suddenly, eating an entire plate of French fries is an immediately regrettable decision. Friends popping over randomly is now a cause for stress. And phone calls are rarely fun anymore. The latter is especially hard. Not only is there less time for ultra-long chat therapy sessions with your best friend, but everyone who calls you seems to just want things. It's doctors wanting to confirm appointments, organizations calling to ask you for money or people in your life calling you for rides to the airport. Now you need to put your phone on airplane mode for at least two hours if you're gonna truly unwind. How the times change.

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